Saturday 4 May 2013

11 & 12 Years are dancing their Premiership rounds

It is also possible that the 13 Years are doing theirs, but ChaosCentral is somewhat lost...

The hall is now filling with the 14 Years and Over who are expecting to start at 1530 and expectations are a fine thing.  We are running somewhat late...say between 60 and 90 minutes....but at least there is a large and appreciative crown in the venue.

Gourmet Food update
The Rex has certainly done  wonderful job supplying food and drinks at a very moderate price.  On is a photo of the prices, very reasonable and the serving sizes are very large - we have seen several parents and dancers debating if the serving is for two people!  And the cappuccinos are great, they have been available since the venue opened and look as if they will be here all day....and it may be a long day followed by a long drive to Sydney for a few of us.