Saturday, 22 March 2014

ALL Tara Feis photos now available on

And so the Tara Feis draws to and end for another year...

A little late, but lots of fun!

Thanks to my Minion, Theapatra, who transcribed results and took photos as well.

ChaosCentral will be in London the Worlds...look out for photos...

Presentations now on LiveCam

Feis update

Only a few more sections to dance and then presentations - the last for the day!

Afternoon photos now available on

And now, the final age groups of the day are on stage...

Results- Open Premiership 11 & 12 yrs

1- Ashling Munro, Halloran
2- Danae Moore, FGM
3- Angelique Shaw, Shaw
=4- Sally McGavock, Gregory
=4- Genevieve Shaw, Shaw
=6- Jonathan Shaw, Shaw
=6- Liam Costello, Scoil Rince Creer
8- McCawley Jordan, Gregory
=9- Shannon gerrard, Tir an Oir
=9- Hannah Walker-Kent, Simpson
11- Natasha Ross, McBrearty
12- Erin Burke, Simpson

Results- Open Premiership 9 & 10 yrs

1- Olivia Kennedy, Halloran
2- Danah Pham, Halloran
3- Olivia Maljevic, Dwyer-Whelan
4- Breana O'Toole, Gregory
5- Ruby McGavock, Gregory
6- Chloe Johnstone, Simpson
7- Jack Carey, Carey
8- Brooke MacKenzie, Cox
9- Ella Borgo, Simpson
10- Bronwyn Kneeshaw, McGrath

Results- Intermediate Premiership 11 yrs and over

1- Erin Burke, Simpson
2- Lauren King, Simpson
3- Alana Smith, Simpson
4- Phoebe Ellis, McGrath
5- Siena Harvie, Tir an Oir
=6- Jessica Woods, Simpson
=6- Isabella McCann, Tir an Oir
8- Jackie Beanland, Simpson
9- Niamh Marsden, Coisceim

Results- Intermediate Premiership 9 & 10 yrs

1- Olivia Maljevac, Dwyer-Whelan
2- Ruby McGavock, Gregory
3- Chloe Johnstone, Simpson
4- Michelle Tulk-Nguyen, Dimmock
5- Iva Puskarica, Gregory
6- Aimee Barker, Gregory
=7- Alysha Surtees, Halloran
=7- Genevieve Wade, Gregory
9- Naomi Fifield, Tir an Oir

Presentations now on LiveCam

More Minion's Mugshots

The Great Fire of Tara

The Great Fire of Tara

Those of you watching and listening to LiveCam during the last presentations will have heard an alarm going off.  Eventually, it was decided to be a "good thing" that we evacuate the building, on the off-chance that a real fire had taken hold.  Gently ambling towards the general direction of the exits, people wondered exactly what was happening.  Almost as soon as a substantial portion of the audience had marshalled outside, the alarm stopped.  Was it a "hall overfull" alarm?  Did someone burn the sausages?

No, it was a security alarm, possibly, to quote Led Zeppelin, someone had tried to go "In through the out door" or something similar.

And now, we return you to the feis...

Results- Open Worlds Set 10-14 yrs

1- Bridie O'Neill, Carey
2- Jonathan Shaw, Shaw
3- Liam Costello, Scoil Rince Creer
4- Isobel Kanaley, Dwyer-Whelan
5- Danae Moore, FGM
6- Ashling Munro, Halloran
7- Olivia Kennedy, Halloran

Results- Open Worlds Set 15-17 yrs

1- Connor Costello, Simpson
2- Jonty Moore, FGM
3- Declan Walker-Kent, Simpson

Results- Open Worlds Set 18yrs and over

1- Conor Simpson, Carson-Kennedy
2- Theresa Shaw, Shaw
3- Jessica Manuel, Simpson
4- Tara Dunn, Tir an Oir
5- Zoe Thomson, Simpson

Presentations now on LiveCam

Things that happen during Worlds' practice

Worlds Dancers are practising on stage

So the next section is yet to start

13 Years & Over photos now on

Feis update

And many thanks to the Minion who transcribed the results!  We are running quite late, so everyone should make a cup of tea, sit back and relax :)

Results - 13 & 14 Years

1 Bridie O'Neill, Carey
2 Lara Haynes, Simpson
3 Isobel Kanaley, Dwyer-Whelan
4 Kelanney Davy, Simpson
5 Sophie Kelly, Simpson
=6 Holly Gibson, Halloran
=6 Michaela Mason, Wollongong
8 Sarah Cunneen, Simpson
9 Fiona Ballard, Tir an Oir
10 Stephanie Baker, Coisceim

Results - 15 & 16 Years

1 Declan Walker-Kent, Simpson
2 Jonty Moore, FGM
3 Sarah Robinson, FGM
4 Connor Costello, Simpson
5 Emily Harmon, Dwyer-Whelan
6 Catherine Back, Simpson
7 Huw Radcliffe, Liz Gregory
=9 Liam Clark, Walker-Kick
=9 Kiana Main, Simpson
10 Naomi Mason, Wollongong
11 Corinna Dwyer, Simpson
12 Sinead Podesta, Maher

Results - 17, 18 & 19 Years

1 Connor Simpson, Carson Kennedy
2 Marigold Cousens, Dwyer-Whelan
3 Natasha Singh, Liz Gregory
4 Ceridwen Radcliffe, Liz Gregory
5 Lauren Meredith, Simpson
6 Jordan Fisher, Liz Gregory
=7 Nicole Robinson, FGM
=7 Megan Palmer, Liz Gregory
9 Megan Paterson, Liz Gregory
10 Chloe Wheeler, Rabusin
11 Brooke Haling, Simpson
12 Emily Bell, Liz Gregory

Results - Open Premiership 20 yrs & Over

1 Jessica Manuel, Simpson
2 Theresa Shaw, Shaw
3 Tara Dunn, Tir an Oir
4 Zoe Thompson, Simpson
5 Leah Gerrard, Tir an Oir
6 Chelsey Priadko, Halloran
7 Jess Roberts, Roberts
8 Gabrielle Dinn, Liz Gregory

Presentations on LiveCam!

The Minion is in the house!!

And we are near presentations for the senior dancers...

Feis faces again...

Still dancing....