Sunday 30 September 2012

Dance of Champions update

ChaosCentral will stream and record the Dance of Champions.  However, there will be a break in both because the winning Figure Dances will be performing and we are not allowed to record or stream them.

What will happen is that when the figures are on, the lens cap will go on LiveCam and the audio will be muted.  When they are finished, all will be back on :)

Results- Senior Figure Dance

1 Team A Christine Ayres : VIC
2 Team A McAleer : VIC
3 Team A Miller School : SA
4 Team A Scoil Rince Ni Kelly : TAS
5 Team A Adelaide Academy : SA
6 Team A Scoil Rince Kilmurray : VIC
7 Team A Currie-Henderson : NSW
8 Team A Scoil Rince Cashel : SA
9 Team A O’Connor : VIC

Dancing finished, LiveCam online, presentations soon

Two more figures to dance, then presentations on LiveCam

ChaosCentral has returned!!!

This is probably a bad thing, as our guest commentator has done such a fabulous job on Twitter and Facebook.

Figures are now on stage, batteries are charging and things are happening.....must find out what they are:

Saturday 29 September 2012

Results - Open Age Girls 4 Hand Own Choreography

1 Team A Mulcahy-Hayes : VIC
2 Team A Scoil Rince Ni Kelly : TAS
3 Team A Scoil Rince Ni Ceide-Upton : WA
4 Team A Christine Ayres : VIC
5 Team A Scoil Rince Kilmurray : VIC
6 Team A Howe : SA
7 Team A Halloran : NSW
8 Team A Miller School : SA
9 Team A Newry Studio : SA
10 Team A Cosgriff : VIC
11 Team A Scoil Ard Rince : QLD
12 Team A McAleer : VIC

Results - Open Age Mixed 4 Hand Own Choreography

1 Team A Watkins : QLD
2 Team A Dwyer-Whelan : NSW
3 Team A Walton : NSW
4 Team A McAleer : VIC
5 Team A Scoil Rince Ni Murchu : SA
7 Team A Adelaide Academy : SA

And of course, the US server stops responding....

Just after the first 4 Hand presentation.  As I am not allowed to bring the dances to you on LiveCam we (sadly) only missed the mixed presentation....hopefully the server will be talking tomorrow?

Final team on stage, presentations very soon

Stay tuned to LiveCam for all the excitement!

Dance of Champions news!!

ChaosCentral is proud (and surprised) to announce that they will attempt to record and LiveStream the Dance of Champions tomorrow.  LiveCam will carry one part and hopefully it will also be recorded and become available later on AIDA IDTV - there may, of course, be far better versions available online elsewhere :)

Teams almost over

Final 4 Hand Ladies team just finished, a few mixed teams then presentations!

Feis update - delayed :(

ChaosCentral has excelled itself in reaching a new high (or should that be low?) in confusion, multitasking and general mayhem.  After the completion of the presentations for the final solo sections of the competition, there were interview to be done (appearing on AIDA IDTV any time now), photo opportunities and the small matter of entering the results.

Having paused to breathe and enjoy the smouldering wreck of the previous plan for the afternoon, we can now report that the Senior 4 Hand Choreography is on stage.  Presentations for same will be around 1830CST.  In the interim, viewers should rely on the AIDA Twitter feed and Facebook page for updates as ChaosCentral will try to scam a free massage from the Body, Mind & Spirit show next door.  They may detect a spirit in need of maintenance :)

Tomorrow morning, ChaosCentral intends to sleep in (at least past 0600), have breakfast (once a week seems OK) and will arrive some time in the early afternoon.  Once again, your source of updates will be the AIDA Twitter feed and the AIDA Facebook page :)

Results - 18 & 19 Years Junior Men

1 Jeremy Heggie, Walton NSW
2 Kieran Harvey, McAleer VIC
3 Alexander Cross, Halloran NSW
4 Ian Petelczyc, Liz Gregory ACT
5 Adrian Sutton, Scoil Rince ni Piobaire NSW
CA Kain Howden, Adelaide Academy ACT

Results - 18 Years


1 Erin McArthur Scoil Rince Kilmurray : VIC
2 Zoe Thomson Simpson Academy : ACT
3 Fiona McGing Cosgriff : VIC
4 Amy Longstone Carey : NSW
5 Teagan McGregor Cosgriff : VIC
6 Sarah Cornell-Farrow Miller School : SA
7 Fiona Thomas Kavanagh : WA
8 Sinead McGuire Scoil Rince Ni Ceide-Upton : WA
9 Chelsey Priadko Halloran : NSW
10 Madeleine Walsh Lynagh : QLD
11 Emily Erickson Newry Studio : SA
12 Shona Peddell Scoil Rince Ni Kelly : TAS
13 Anne Louise Bennett Aisling : NSW
14 Emily Marks Halloran : NSW
15 Theresa-Marie Shaw Shaw : QLD
15 Samantha Dennis Palmer : TAS
17 Stephanie Howard WA Academy : WA
18 Erin Lenders McAleer : VIC
19 Rachael Larnach Maher : NSW
20 Olivia Romeo Scoil Rince Ni Ceide-Upton : WA
21 Jacqueline Scheiwe Walker/Kick : QLD
22 Tammi Curtis Walton : NSW

Results - 16 Years


1 Shelby Aylett Scoil Rince Ni Ceide-Upton : WA
2 Eileen Wallace Wollongong : NSW
3 Morgan Crammond Halloran : NSW
4 Olivia Lloyd Lynagh : QLD
5 Shaelli Kelly Mulcahy-Hayes : VIC
6 Caitlin Devine Maher : NSW
7 Lauren Meredith Simpson Academy : ACT
8 Ceridwen Radcliffe Liz Gregory : ACT
9 Amy Von Gneisenau Scoil Ard Rince : QLD
10 Emma Pike Mulcahy-Hayes : VIC
11 Georgia Hogan McAleer : VIC
12 Tamara Flynn Maher : NSW
13 Kristyn Rice McDonald Walker/Kick : QLD
14 Megan Bittner Watkins : QLD
15 Elleanor Purser WA Academy : WA
16 Hayley Morris Halloran : NSW
17 Catherine Keys Watkins : QLD
18 Aislinn Podesta Maher : NSW
19 Megan Paterson Liz Gregory : ACT
20 Hannah Hayes Scoil Rince Ni Piobaire : NSW
21 Emma McCormack Adelaide Academy : SA
22 Caitlin Murphy Scoil Rince Ni Murchu : SA


1 Shaun Cameron Maher : NSW
2 Brett Osborne Christine Ayres : VIC
3 Thomas Hughes Maher : NSW
4 Patrick Watt Watkins : QLD
5 Alistair Bennett Aisling : NSW
CA Braden Craven-Griffiths Watkins : QLD
CA Liam Howden Adelaide Academy : SA
CA Rohan Mason Wollongong : NSW
CA Brandon Sutton Scoil Rince Ni Piobaire : NSW

Results - 17 Years

1 Ceili Moore Aisling : NSW
2 Jasmine Morata Halloran : NSW
3 Chloe Skrlj Howe : SA
4 Marigold Cousens Dwyer-Whelan : NSW
5 Kelsey Burns Simpson Academy : ACT
6 Roisin Colgan Scoil Rince Ni Ceide-Upton : WA
7 Faran Ward Linda Browne : QLD
8 Shauna Olsen Scoil Rince Kilmurray : VIC
9 Teneale Ryder Scoil Ard Rince : QLD
10 Shannan White Mulcahy-Hayes : VIC
11 Jordan Molloy Walton : NSW
12 Jessica Carruthers Maher : NSW
13 Nicole Robinson Aisling : NSW
14 Chloe Wheeler Eire Rabusin Studios : VIC
15 Emma Reid Mulcahy-Hayes : VIC
16 Claudia Alfonso Christine Ayres : VIC
17 Sian Fitzgerald Trinity Studio : WA
18 Meagan Carrington Cosgriff : VIC
19 Madelyn Burke Scoil Ard Rince : QLD
20 Elizabeth Wilson Scoil Rince Ni Ceide-Upton : WA
20 Michelle Byrgiotis Scoil Rince Ni Kelly : TAS
22 Moriah Moylan O’Hare : WA
23 Shona Clark Scoil Ard Rince : QLD


1 Conor Simpson Simpson ACT
2 William Bryant Halloran (NSW)
3 Riordan Cuneo Aisling NSW

17 Years marshalling for their sets

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Presentations now on in Goyder South

Unfortunately, 17 Years sets still on in Goyder North....LiveCam now online again :)

Two halls with set dances, lots of happy people around the place...

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Recalls - Junior Ladies 17 Years

101 102 104 106 108 109 110 111 115 116 120 127 129 131 133 136 138 140 141 142 143 144 145

ChaosCentral - now doing shout outs!

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The competition is having a snooze...

Having scanned the horizon, ChaosCentral has noted that, in addition to there being no music, there are also no adjudicators.  There is possibly a link between these two, something reinforced by the fact there are no dancers to be seen either.

The are now people huddled in groups around the auditorium, already showing the signs of feis withdrawal syndrome.  This is, of course, commonly cured by either music and dancing, or chocolate crackles; the lack of the latter has been identified so the resumption of the former is the only likely solution.

Emergency Feis Response Teams are circulating around the groups, each team comprising a dancer and an iPod holder, the iPod playing the music aloud so that the groups can hear it and get their music and dancing fix.  It is a sad sight....

Of course, it could all just be a figment of the deranged imagination of ChaosCentral....

Recall numbers - 16 Years Girls

Recall # Senior Girls 16 Years 

101, 103, 106, 107, 108, 110, 111, 113, 114, 115 117, 119, 121, 122, 126, 131, 132, 133, 135, 137, 138, 139

Around and about...

 16 Years recalls about to start, waiting fo rthe announcement of other recalls.

AIDA Twitter feed finally alive again!

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