Monday, 30 July 2012

Teams results!!

Under 9 - 4 Hand
1 Reilly Team A  
2 Ku-Ring-Gai Academy of Irish Dancing  
Under 11 - 4 Hand
1 Reilly Team B   
2 Reilly Team A  
3 Ku-Ring-Gai Academy of Irish Dancing  
Under 13 - 4 Hand
1 Ku-Ring-Gai Academy of Irish Dancing  
Under 16 - 4 Hand
1 Creer School of Irish Dancing Team B  
2 Ku-Ring-Gai Academy of Irish Dancing  
3 Creer School of Irish Dancing Team A  
Under 11 - 8 Hand
1 Reilly Team A  
Under 13 - 8 Hand
1 Ku-Ring-Gai Academy of Irish Dancing  
Under 16 - 8 Hand
1 Creer School of Irish Dancing  
Under 13 - 6 Hand
1 Ku-Ring-Gai Academy of Irish Dancing  
Under 16 - Couples
1 Creer School of Irish Dancing Team 3  
2 Creer School of Irish Dancing Team 1  
3 Creer School of Irish Dancing Team 2  
1 Ku-Ring-Gai Academy of Irish Dancing  

Sunday, 29 July 2012

LiveCam is now going off-air, but the teams results will be photographed and also put on LiveCommentary.

And for those possibly interested, 1 days LiveCam on a single camera is about 1Gb multi-cameras increases the data usage by about 70%/camera.  The joy of testing new configurations :)

So....the teams are still dancing...

And photos will be available on after 20:00

Many thanks to Mrs Finnegan from the Riley School who has supplied ChaosCentral with the marks, including finding the HC/AA places that make such a difference when the marks are posted....

Results - 14 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Madeleine Byrne Creer
2 Stephanie Wu Creer
3 Jakub Kyral Walton
4 Huw Radcliffe Liz Gregory ACT
5 Sarah Leach Creer
6 Maria Lynch Maher
7 Madeleine Yeaman Creer
8 Siobhan Vanooi Dwyer-Whelan

Results - 13 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Jonty Moore Aisling
2 Jordan Walter Halloran
3 Maggie Devine Maher
4 Alex Makin Halloran
5 Emily Harmon Dwyer-Whelan
6 Charlotte Fletcher Walton
7 Catherine Lynch Maher
8 Sinead Podesta Maher
9 Taylor Carty Tir an Oir
10 Erin Kavanagh Creer

Results - 13 & 14 Years Elementary

1 Catherine Hughes Maher
2 Sinead Considine Ku-Ring-Gai
3 Miranda Smith Creer
4 Natalie Jones Higgins Academy
5 Murray Skye Creer

And now the teams take to the stage

Not quite sure what to say here.....

13 & 14 Years presentations now on stage

13 Years set dancers finished

14 Years now on stage, another eight to go, then presentations....then teams!

Set dancers lined up in marshalling

Ready to still about 1 hour late, which is on time :)

Results - 19 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Natasia Petracic Halloran
2 Sally Thompson Ku-Ring-Gai
3 Tahleasin Parker Tir an Oir
4 Amy Ward Carroll Studio
5 Katie Giles Carroll Studio
6 Signe Peitersen McMahon
7 Tegan Horwood McMahon
8 Sarah Healy McMahon

Results - 17 & 18 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Ceili Moore Aisling
2 Jordan Molloy Walton
3 Anne Louise Bennett Aisling
4 Lauren Holmes Carroll Studio
5 Alexandra Lemon Higgins Academy
6 Caitlin Wheeler Higgins

Feis update

Soft shoe dancers are now on stage, and ChaosCentral's mobile technical vehicle and limousine has now started making funny noises from the power steering :(

Feis update

We are now dancing the last solo section of the day; after these dancers there will be teams.  This will be their last chance to practice on stage before the State Championships, so there could be some nerves....

Senior dancers are now taking their goodies (trophies containing all sorts of sweets) and leaving the hall.  Photographic evidence exists of one Senior Dancer who is visibly sad, not having received a strawberry Freddo Frog in her trophy.  Perhaps some negotiation with other dancers, or maybe the strawberry Freddos are only for first place :) ?

13 & 14 Years in marshalling for their hard shoe round

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13 & 14 Years now on stage

17 & Over presentations now on stage!

Set dance music being sorted out…..

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Set dances a going nicely....

Another eight to go, then presentations, so we have made up some time.  The hall is still quite empty and unlikely to fill much more, so warm clothing, hot food and hot drinks are the order of the day.

Chocolate crackles and hot chocolate - what a great combination :)

17 Years & Over about to start their set dances

My, they must have read LiveCommentary because they are powering through their section so that we can make up time!!

Seniors marshalling for their soft shoe round

Some ring-ins - they will be Seniors one day :)
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Results - 12 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Annie Devine Maher
2 Caragh Hayes Halloran
3 Matthew Lambert Carroll Studio
4 Bridie O'Neill Carey Academy
4 Naoise Champion Walton
6 Isabelle Shelley Halloran
7 Tanya Ojala Halloran
8 Alana Chapman Walton
9 Oisin Braddock-Hanratty Walton
10 Kelanney Davy Simpson Academy
11 Anastasia Stinten Maher
AA Stephanie Baker Ku-Ring-Gai
AA Georgia Butler Creer
AA Sasha Kendall Cox Academy

Results - 11 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Rόisín Bolwell Halloran
1 Niamh Gallagher Halloran
3 Rachel White Halloran
4 Madeline Carroll Halloran
5 Niamh Mack Carey Academy
5 Georgia Robinson Carey Academy
7 Jade Abbey Carey Academy
8 Sian Hamilton Creer
9 Renee Doughty Creer
10 Amy Mountford Creer
11 Ellie Borg Carey Academy
AA Isobel Kanaley Dwyer-Whelan
AA Gabrielle Irving Creer
AA Erin Burt Creer
AA Bridget Kirwan Dwyer-Whelan
AA Georgia Jose Carey Academy
AA Thomas Kearney Currie-Henderson

Results - 11 & 12 Years Elementary

1 Ciara-Lee Wood Ku-Ring-Gai
2 Belinda Clover Ku-Ring-Gai
3 Niamh McKervey Maher


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The Seniors getting ready...

And some excited Juniors :)
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17 Years & Over about to hit the stage!

We are running 45 minutes late....but we will catch it up if the Senior Dancers get their act together :)

11 & 12 Years presentations now on stage!!!

Only four more sets, then presentations!

12 Years in marshalling for their set dances

And a special visitor, Leppy McMahon, even has his own Facebook page :)
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11 Years set dances have finished

Now, on to the 12 Years....then about 1 hour late at the moment.  And mainly because there were so many late entries - a good thing as it means dancers are interested in practicing before the State Championships!!

Feis update

Small stumble on stage by a dancer in the set dances, but they are OK and the next dancer has taken the stage.

Soft shoe dances have finished

Set dances about to start - there are approximately 30 dancers, so the feis will *definitely* be running late as they won't finish their sets by 12:00 !!

11 Years in marshalling for their soft shoe round

12 Years have finished their hard shoe round and are now changing shoes, ready for their soft shoe round.

More 11 & 12 Years…..

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11 & 12 Years in marshalling

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Technology update

After being so pleased with the 4G connection, ChaosCentral made the silly mistake of not keeping an eye on the data usage....and we ran out just a few minites ago!  A quick top-up from the $ reserves has brought us back online :)

11 & 12 Years now on stage

The feis has started, fairly small sections this morning so the hall is rather empty.  It is good to see so many ACT competitors have come to this competition, as they do for most of the NSW competitions.  It seems a pity that more NSW dancers don't go to the ACT competitions, they usually don't clash and certainly provide great practice opportunities, as well as great friendship and fun times......

Welcome to Sunday at the Reilly Feis

What a cracker of a day!!!  The sun is out, the hall is warm(ish) and there is a cappuccino cart out the front of the venue!!  All is well in the ID world :)

A wonderful day of dancing awaits us, the adjudicator has just walked past with a broad smile and a cappuccino in hand, and the dancers are warming up on the stage.

Yesterday's technology trial was 100% successful, meaning that a better, faster, more stable service when we are in a 4G zone.  So, now ChaosCentral will use three separate broadband mobile services to cope with the outbound video streams!

We are due to start at 10:00 this morning, and the day will finish with teams - what a treat for all :)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Results - 16 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Morgan Crammond Halloran
2 Caitlin Devine Maher
3 Ceridwen Radcliffe Liz Gregory ACT
4 Tara Fitzgerald Halloran
5 Lauren Maddock Maher
6 Hayley Cannon Reilly
6 Thomas Hughes Maher

Results - 15 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Nessa Salvadore Halloran
2 Cara Wiggins Aisling
3 Lauren Stals Liz Gregory ACT
4 Elyse McDonough Creer
5 Erin O'Callaghan Carey Academy
6 Jack Kearney Currie-Henderson
7 Jennifer Murray Halloran
8 Nina Kendall Cox Academy

Results - 15 Years Elementary

1 Erin Steer Creer

Last dancer for the day is on stage

Presentations any minute now....

And photos on some time after 2030

Results - 9 & 10 Years Graded

1 Hannah Bartlett Maher
1 Mackenzie Lawler Reilly
3 Noirin Finnegan Reilly
4 Niamh Marsden Ku-Ring-Gai
4 Emma Farrell Reilly
6 Camilla Kelgren Ku-Ring-Gai
HC Dusana Barker Reilly
HC Jemima Barwick McMahon

Results - 10 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Danae Moore Aisling
2 Will Limbrey Carroll Studio
3 Kyra Atherton Fenagh
4 Holly Cividin Reilly
5 Sophie Liang Halloran
6 Aisling Salvadore Halloran
HC Elliot Sutton Aisling
HC Madeleine Osbon Fenagh

Results - 9 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Liam Costello Creer
2 Grace Reid Halloran
3 Mikayla White Halloran
4 Veronica Lynch Maher
5 Alexandra Vujevic Maher
6 Roisin Hayes Halloran
7 Saskia Mulligan Ku-Ring-Gai
8 Teresa Lynch Maher
HC Nathani Lonergan Walton
HC Kahli Gilchrist Fenagh

15 Years sets are finished

Now, only six 16 Years to go, then presentations!

15 & 16 Years soft shoe rounds have finished

The set dancers are about to take the stage and in about 45 minutes we should be somewhere nere presentations and results :)

9 & 10 Years results....not ready yet

Still sorting out places and highly commended....

15 & 16 Years soft shoe round now underway

Dancing to at a time on stage....can almost hear the crickets during the breaks between dances.

15 & 16 Years in marshalling

 Now about 90 minutes late, but lots of great humour….although the hall has emptied considerably.  Pity, there are some of the country's top dancers here today...
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15 & 16 Years now on stage

Graded section first, then the Premierships...

9 & 10 Years presentations now on stage :)

Only a few more sets to go

The on to the presentations :)

9 Years set dances have finished

The 10 Years are in marshalling, ready to go....and then we will have results and presentations, followed by the 15 & 16 Years.

9 Years called to marshalling for their set dances

Not too long to go before results and presentation, still around one hour late, but that is still on-time for Irish Dancing :)

Technology update

Testing the higher-resolution video stream this morning was successful, and frightening at the same time.  ChaosCentral can burn through 1Gb/hour at hi-res if we broadcast all day, it would be approximately 15Gb data per mobile broadband rates :(

We may have to consider some more clever options to maximise the quality but minimise the cost!

On a rather more disappointing note, LiveCam has peaked at 5 viewers today, with typically only two or three connected.  So, it appears that nobody is interested this weekend - I wonder why?

Is there some other sports carnival on somewhere else that is attracting their attention?

A small slip on the stage

But the dancer is OK and the competition continues.....

9 & 10 Years Elementary have finished their first round of dances

The Intermediate/Open are in marshalling and ready to go!

Feis update

The dancers are now doing their traditional sets as part of the graded competition and will soon return to attack the Premiership dances.  The hall is now only about half full, with the crush of the morning replaced by the more laid-back attitude of the soon to be teenagers and their following group, the Alpha teenagers :)

Hot food is still available from both the canteen and the amazing sausage sizzle in front of the hall.  The latter is certainly the place to be as it combines food with a heat source!  And to correct an error in an earlier gourmet food update, the canteen has a small selection of chocolate crackles - so it certainly does get the A1 grade rating from ChaosCentral.

9 & 10 Years in marshalling

 Doing their graded dances, soft shoe round

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And now the 9 & 10 Years are on stage

Graded dances now underway, and still about one hour late....

Results - 6 Years & Under Intermediate/Open

1 Trinity Woelms Walton
2 Francesca Kyral Walton
3 Bella Masters Higgins Academy

Results - 6 Years & Under Elementary

1 Jessica Kelly Walton
2 Ciara-Leigh Carey Carey Academy

Feis update

Lunch is being had by most of the feis attendees (is there an Irish word for this?  Feislethetes? Feisinaists?  Suggestions from Irish Gaelic speakers appreciated here :)

And the 9 & 10 Years and the 15 & 16 Years are beginning to filter into the hall...we are running about one hour there is plenty of time for people to get here.  The Premiership dances for the 5 & 6 Years wil start soon.

Results - 8 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Liam Fitzgerald Halloran
2 Olivia Kennedy Halloran
3 Ashleigh Kelly Walton
4 Alana Loveridge Halloran
5 Mitchell Carroll Halloran
6 Connie Sutton Aisling
7 Alana Curran-Jones Halloran
8 Erin Stinten Maher
9 Erin Browne Halloran
10 Olivia Byrne Creer
11 Olivia Maljevac Dwyer-Whelan
12 Isobel Chambers Aisling
13 Grace Stevens Halloran
14 Georgie Purcell Maher
HC Michelle Hamilton Creer
HC Ellise Gray Halloran
HC Phoebe Liang Halloran
HC Jordyn Elliott Creer
HC Jazmin Cleary Halloran

Results - 7 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Danah Pham Halloran
2 Imogen Ryan Fenagh
3 Caitlin Finnegan Reilly
4 Eloise Hawse Creer

Results - 7 & 8 Years Elementary

1 Chloe Dyde Halloran
2 Maddison Paine Halloran
3 Brianna Ross McMahon
4 Lindsay Chang Reilly
5 Bellé Blandin de Chalain Maher
HC Aidee Doyle Maher
HC Sienna Pallone Halloran

3 & 4 Years dancers now on stage

They seem so small, that a slight breeze could blow them away :)

Photography update

As CLRG announced a change to the photography rules earlier this years, Beginner and Primary dancers may now be photographed and videoed whilst dancing.  This has brought out the paparazzi in many parents (in a good way) and today is a fine example.

The organisers have provided five seats at the front of the audience for parents to photograph/video their own children.  Once their child has danced, they vacate the seats for the next group of interested parents.  Additionally, parents are doing this from the side of the audience, without causing any interference.

And some of the equipment being used puts ChaosCentral to shame!!  We think that, at the end of this year, it may be time to retire as there are plenty of parents with excellent cameras taking great photos and posting them using social media.  ChaosCentral's role may be over - at last :)

PS still no sign of chocolate crackles!

Feis update - 5 & 6 Years now on stage

And results for the 6 & 7 Years will be a little longer, electronically we have the places but not the Highly Commended places.  So, to ensure accuracy, the results will be posted once the places are fully documented.

7 & 8 Years Presentations now on!

7 & 8 Years soft shoe rounds are over

They are changing shoes and returning for their Premiership set dances.  Presentations will follow and perhaps a spot of lunch?

Feis update

We are running a little late, but at the end of this section, about 15 minutes from now, we will have results and presentations.

More dancers….!

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Gourmet food round-up

 But not a chocolate crackle in sight :(

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