Sunday 29 August 2010

The Southern Cross Feis has come to a end

A wonderful time had by all dancers, parents and teachers.

We look forward to providing this service to you next Sunday at the NSW Ceili Championships.

Last figure dance is about to take the stage

This will be followed by presentations....then time to go home!

Teams are still underway

This is the last section of the day, presentations will follow.

Teams are now underway - and there are lots of them!!

9 & 10 Years now on stage doing their first round

After the 9 & 10 Years, there will be more presentations, followed by the teams!

Only a few more dancers to go, then presentations!!!!

Nearly at the end....

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Some more 7 & 8 Years in marshalling

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Slight delay as the dancers are sorted out in marshalling

We are now up to the 7 Years & 8 Years

Lots of happy dancers, and parents

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Back for more dancing...

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More beginners getting ready

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The future of Irish Dancing in Sydney

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The 3, 4 & 5 Years have just taken to the stage

They are so small and delicate, the hall (which is packed with people standing in all available spaces) is also completely quiet because they make so little sound.  Every group that finished gets a big round of applause and all the dancers have beaming smiles on their faces.

These dancers are the future of Irish Dancing in Sydney.

More beginners!!

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Beginners in marshalling, soooo excited!

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In marshalling...

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The 12 Years & 13 Years have been called to marshalling

welcome to Sunday at the Southern Cross Feis

Another beautiful spring day and the hall is full of younger dancers and parents.  Todays competition is mainly for the less experienced dancers at various age groups, at the schedule is as follows:

10:00 11, 12, 13 & Over Beginners, Primary & Elementary
10:30 3, 4, 5 & 6 Years Beginners, Primary & Elementary
11:45 7 & 8 Years Beginners, Primary & Elementary
12:30 Presentation
13:00 9 & 10 Years Beginners, Primary & Elementary
13:45 Presentation
14:00 Teams

The adjudicator today is Maureen Whelan ADCRG

Saturday 28 August 2010

That's all from the Southern Cross Feiss today

We will be back at around 10:00 tomorrow, and look forward to providing this service to you then.

Results - Senior age groups

17 Years Girls
1 Rhiannon Black, Walton
2 Alyssa Flynn, Maher

18 Years Girls
1 Danielle Resiak, Sullivan

18 Years Boys
1 Asher Larnach, Maher

19 Years & Over Girls
1 Moira Callanan, Walton
2 Claire Petelczyc, Gregory
3 Alex Carroll, Maher
4= Siobhan White, Wollongong
4= Alexis Tamp, Walton

Three more sets left in this section, then presentations!

Seniors set dances about to get underway

The hall is now quiet - mainly because there are so few people here to see the seniors dance.  What a missed opportunity, these dancers are at the pinacle of their form and younger dancers seeing them would have something to which they could aspire.....maybe another time?

Hard shoe round is over

Search parties are being sent out to find them for the soft shoe round....

17 Years & over age groups are now dancing

They are doing their hard shoe steps - various aged groups as noted in an earlier post :)

Results - 13, 14, 15 & 16 Years

13 Years Girls
1 Jenaya Little, Ku Ring Gai
2 Courtney Robinson, Currie-Henderson
3 Lucinda Petchall, Carey
4 Emma Grant, Currie-Henderson
5 Corine Tucker, Carey
6 Erin O'Callaghan, Carey
7 Erin O'Toole, Maher

14 Years Boys
1 Shaun Cameron, Maher
2 Thomas Hughes, Currie-Henderson
3 Jack Kearney, Currie-Henderson

14 Years Girls
1 Laura Meredith, Simpson
2 Hayley Cannon, Reilly
3 Morgan Crammond, Ku Ring Gai
4 Tamara Flynn, Maher
5 Lauren Maddock, Maher

15 Years Girls
1 Jade Goodwin, Simpson
2 Emily Stinten, Maher
3 Erin Moore, Carey
4 Brittany Fowler, Currie-Henderson
5 Carly Chittendon, Carey
6 Kayla Little, Ku Ring Gai

16 Years Girls
1 Zoe Thompson, Simpson
2 Amy Longstone, Carey
3 Rachael Larnach, Maher
4 Dianna Resiak, Simpson
5 Cloddagh O'Doherty, Currie-Henderson

Last 16 Years set dance now on stage, presentations to follow.

The end of the marshalling queue!

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15 Years set dances now underway

Afternoon dancing

In the 13 Years Girls, eight dancers are competing for the Seamus Miller Challenge Trophy.

In the 13 Years Boys, one dancer in competing for the Hanrahan Perpetual Trophy.

In the 14 Years Girls, seven dancers are competing for the O'Brien Trophy.

In the 14 Years Boys, two dancers are competing for the Hanrahan Perpetua Trophy.

In the 15 Years Girls, six dancers are competing for the Michelle Williams Trophy.

In the 15 & 16 Years Boys, one dancer is competing for the Mathews School Trophy.

In the 16 Years Girls, five dancers are competing for the Kathleen Harte Trophy.

In the 17 Years, three dancers are competing for the Henshaw Family Trophy.

In the 18 Years Girls, three dancers are competing for the Haley Family Trophy.

In the 19 Years & Over Girls, five dancers are competing for the Maureen Smyth Memorial Trophy.

16 Years in marshalling

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15 Years & 16 Years are doing their soft shoe round

15 Years & 16 Years in marshalling

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14 Years ready for their sets

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