Sunday 31 May 2015

Sunday night presentation photos now available on, that means ALL the photos are now online :)

The final results for the weekend

Senior Cup

1. Madeleine Howe-Cosgriff
2. Georgia Carrolan-Christine Ayres
3. Sarah Jane Watson-Christine Ayres
4. Julia Tsutsulov-Cosgriff
5. Liliana Adorno-Cosgriff
6. Vienna Willaims-Christine Ayres
=7. Siobhan Hicks-O'Connor and Emma Schmidt-O'Connor
9. Emily Cassidy-Christine Ayres 
10. Paris Bishop-O'Connor
11. Lisa Anderson-O'Connor
12. Sofia Howard-Mayne
13. Rebecca Voake-O'Connor
14. Orlaith McAlinden-Hall
15. Zoe Howard-Palmer, TAS
16. Bonnie Krisohos-O'Connor
17. Natasha Wallace-Coughlan

15-17 Years Open Premiership

1. Sarah Jane Watson-Christine Ayres
2. Liliana Adorno-Cosgriff
3. Georgia Carolan-Christine Ayres
4. Vienna Williams-Christine Ayres
5. Emily Cassidy-Christine Ayres
6. Paris Bishop-O'Connor
7. Sofia Howard-Mayne
8. Bonnie Krisohos-O'Connor

18 Years and Over Open Premiership

1. Siobhan Hicks-O'Connor
2. Emma Schmidt-O'Connor
3. Xuan Luu-Rince Le Nor, NSW
4. Kathryn Young-Rince Le Nor, NSW
5. Hannah Callow-Hall
6. Orlaith McAlinden-Hall
7. Ella Roberts-Rince Le Nor, NSW
8. Lisa Anderson-O'Connor
9. Natasha Wallace-Coughlan
10. Rebecca Voake-O'Connor

The dancing is finished!

And that completes our dancing for the weekend! The results will commence shortly #pacbelt


After some very exciting raffle results we are back to the dancing. We are now watching the last two Premierships of the weekend #pacbelt

Sunday raffle winners

Last sections of the competition thinking about marshalling soonish...

Senior Cup

We are now commencing the Senior Cup with Competitor 79 who is dancing The Blackthorn Stick at 69 #pacbelt

Sunday afternoon presentation photos now available on


Junior Cup

1. Sinead Doherty-Christine Ayres
2. Niamh Marsden-Coisceim, NSW
3. Bridget Ferris-Mayne
4. Sophie Ginnivan-Walker Kick, QLD
5. Patrick Byrne-Christine Ayres
=6. Madailein Ferguson-Trinity, WA and Katie Bella Kelly-Vaccaro-Christine Ayres
8. Brydie Smith-McAleer
9. Tierney Masterson-Walker Kick, QLD
10. Amelia Baillie-McAleer
11. Niamh Holt-Hoyle-Trinity, WA
12. Grace Byrne-Christine Ayres
13. Claudia Reddan-Mayne
14. Rachael White-Christine Ayres
15. Grace McGimpsey-Coisceim, NSW
16. Conor Haigh-Cosgriff

10 Years and Under Open Premiership

1. Bridget Brunacci-Melbourne Academy
2. Tierney Masterson-Walker Kick, QLD
3. Anna Cossum-Melbourne Academy
=4. Sienna Slater-Hall and Conor Haigh-Cosgriff
6. Eloise Leahy-Hall
7. Grace Byrne-Christine Ayres
8. Niamh Holt-Hoyle-Trinity, WA

11 and 12 Years Open Premiership

1. Bridget Ferris-Mayne
2. Grace Layton-O'Connor
3. Niamh Marsden-Coisceim, NSW
4. Erin O'Connor-Cosgriff
5. Patrick Byrne-Christine Ayres
6. Amelia Baillie-McAleer
7. Madailein Ferguson-Trinity, WA
8. Anthea Weber-Mayne
9. Rachel White-Christine Ayres
10. Claudia Reddan-Mayne
11. Grace McGimpsey-Coisceim, NSW
12. Brodie Smith-McAleer

13 and 14 Years Open Premiership

1. Madeleine Howe-Cosgriff
2. Julia Tsutulov-Cosgriff
3. Sinead Doherty-Christine Ayres
4. Ciara Maney-McAleer
=5. Sophie Ginnivan-Walker Kick, QLD and Katie Bella Kelly-Vaccaro-Christine Ayres
7. Amelia Cimo-Bilton
8. Zoe Howard-Palmer, TAS
9. Bethany Thomas-Richards-Moran Kelly

Some more results

After some more fabulous dancing, we are now watching some Premiership results. We will also have the result of the Junior Cup #pacbelt

Sunday lunchtime presentation photos now available on

Premiership dancers in marshalling

Premiership Results

9 and 10 Years Tus Premiership

1. Zoe Elliott-Melbourne Academy
2. Dara O'Connor-Cosgirff
3. Jessica Vernall-Melbourne Academy
4. Teagan Chambers-Cosgirff
5. Maddison Mitchell-McAleer

8 Years and Under Tus Premiership

1. Amelia Timothy-McAleer
2. Zac Elliott-Melbourne Academy
3. Caitlin McAuley-Cosgriff
4. Orla McMahon-Christine Ayres
5. Georgia Crewes-McAleer
6. Ella Power-Scoil Rince Kilmurray
7. Mai Nguyen-Christine Ayres
8. Sophie Baxter-Cosgriff
9. Brigid Burston-Cosgriff
10. Ella Butler-Mayne
11. Jane Humohreys-Mayne

11 Years and Over Tus Premiership

1. Kaede Kiriyama-Orpen-Christine Ayres
2. Madbh O'Connor-Cosgriff
3. Ella Hodges-Cosgriff
4. Aoife Haigh-Cosgriff
5. Alannah O'Farrell-Christine Ayres
6. Kirsten Chambers-Cosgriff
7. Mairead Foley-Melbourne Academy
8. Phoebe Parker-Moran Kelly
9. Mietta Cheevers-Cosgriff


We have just finished lunch. We are now watching some results from the Premierships held before lunch #pacbelt

Junior Cup

We are now watching The Junior Cup. These dancers are competing for The John Raymond Carroll Memorial Cup. We are currently watching Competitor 88 who is dancing The Vanishing Lake at 69 #pacbelt

Feis scenes

9 Years and over-Tus Warm Up

1. Jessica Vernell-Melbourne Academy
2. Anthea Webber-Mayne
3. Kaede Kiriyama-Orpen-Christine Ayres
4. Alannah O'Farrell-Christine Ayres
5. Maddison Mitchell-McAleer
6. Alana Hrehorsen-Christine Ayres
7. Phoebe Parker-Moran Kelly
8. Maeve Hicks-Christine Ayres
9. Mairead Foley-Melbourne Academy

10 Years and Over-Bun Premiership

1. Alannah Howe-Cosgriff
2. Imogen Burg-Cosgriff
3. Sophie Kent-Christine Ayres
4. Alana Hrehorsen-Christine Ayres
5. Ayla Hoskins-Moran Kelly
6. Lauren Kelly-Christine Ayres
7. Amy Clayton-Scoil Rince Kilmurray
8. Caroline Houlihan-Cosgriff
9. Abaigeal Sargent-Cosgriff
10. Jessica Wheeler-Mayne

9 Years Bun Premiership

1. Kaysi Deppeler-McAleer
2. Ella Pittock-Cosgriff
3. Abbie O'Neill-Moran Kelly
4. Gabrielle Clinton-Bilton
5. Maeve Hicks-Christine Ayres
6. Tara Emily Philips-Melbourne Academy
7. Sabine Squeo-Rawlinson-Mayne
8. Anika Williams-Mayne
9. Maya Somberre-Christine Ayres

8 Years Bun Premiership

1. Gia Choi-Christine Ayres
2. Grace Henderson-Cosgriff
=3. Ethan Stephenson-Christine Ayres and Erin McCulloch-Mayne
5. Camille Brunacci-Melbourne Academy
6. Amelia Rogerson-McAleer
7. Rebecca Browne-Christine Ayres
8. Caitlin Budd-Scoil Rince Kilmurray
9. Isobel Frankish-Cosgriff
10. Aoife O'Connor-Christine Ayres
11. Erin Hrehorsen-Christine Ayres
12. Jamie-Lee Donoghue-McAleer
13. Lilian Carroll-Mayne
14. Alyson Rasmussen-McAleer

7 Years and Under-Bun Premiership

1. Niamh Nelson-Mayne
2. Tara Forster-Christine Ayres
3. Alexandra Williams-Christine Ayres
4. Maddison Budd-Scoil Rince Kilmurray
5. Elise Koenig-Christine Ayres
6. Bianca Torco-Moran Kelly
=7. Kayla Colyer-Chrsitine Ayres and Niamh Kelly Anderson-Moran Kelly
=9. Veronica Ryan-Mayne and Lilli Scarcella-Mayne

Around the feis...

9 Years and Over-Bun Warm Up

1. Kaysi Deppeler-McAleer
2. Sophie Kent-Christine Ayres
=3. Maya Sombekke-Christine Ayres and Jessica Wheeler-Mayne
5. Anika Williams-Mayne
6. Tara Emily Phillips-Melbourne Academy

8 Years and Under Bun-Warm Up

1. Erin McCulloch-Mayne
2. Tara Forster-Christine Ayres
3. Bianca Turco-Moran Kelly
=4. Elise Koenig-Christine Ayres and Amelia Rogerson-McAleer
=6. Erin Hrehorsen-Christine Ayres, Lillian Carroll-Mayne and Camille Brunacci-Melbourne Academy
9. Jamie Lee Donoghue-McAleer
10. Niamh Kelly Anderson-Moran Kelly
=11. Lilli Scarcella-Mayne and Alyson Rasmusen-McAleer
13. Layla Colyer-Christine Ayres

Sunday morning presentation photos now available on

Novice Warm Up

1. Ayla Hoskins-Moran Kelly
2. Lauren Kelly-Christine Ayres
3. Veronika Ryan-Mayne
4. Sabine Squeo-Rawlinson-Mayne


The dancing for the morning session is now complete. The results are going to commence shortly #pacbelt

More marshalling moments...

Having fun :)

Pacific Belt Premiership

We have moved on to the Premiership sections. This morning are beginning with 4 Bun Premierships - 7 Years and Under, 8 Years, 9 Years and 10 Years and Over #pacbelt

Marshalling the smaller ones...