Saturday 24 April 2010

The last dancer is now on stage

And presentations will follow.

Thanks for following the LiveCommentary today and we will be bringing this service to you next Sunday, 2nd May, at the Easter Feis at Penrith Gaels Club

LiveCam has not much to show as there are only a few dancers in this section, they are not in marshalling and I can't show you them dancing!!!

Moving along in the feis

Only a few more sections to go - so a projected finish around 1930 perhaps?

17y & over in marshalling - most are already backstage!

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Hi Mum!!

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Now dancing the last two sections of the 15y & 16y

Then straight on to the 17y & over....


As we are running a little behind time, the 17y & over will dance immediately after the 15y & 16y section finishes - so no more presentations until the end of all dancing.  Conor needs to escape from Sydney :)

Section 91, set dances now on

Presentations after section 96 - now the hall is very empty compared with this morning.  By the time we get to the last age groups, 17y and over, there will probably be fewer than ten families here - very sad when the older age groups have so much to offer for the younger ones to see.

After, and before....

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15y & 16y in marshalling

We are now running aproximately 45 minutes late

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Section 85 on stage now - not long for results...

The 13y & 14y sections are preparing in the practice areas (the halls outside) and will be on soon.

Now dancing section 83 - presentations after section 86

Could be quite a few new dresses here today, have a look later at

The competitor from Darwin has arrived!

Must be the most distance travelled for this feis!

Stage has just been swept and there are enough diamantes for a reasonable size top - stronger glue people!

We are up to section 74, presentations are after section 86, so the timing is still good

Carb loading before the competition

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More marshalling photos

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13y & 14y in marshalling

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13y & 14y now dancing

AND - someone has, anonymously, placed two chocolate crackles on my laptop.  Thank you for such a kind gift - I will eat them now to protect your anonymity!

There was just a small collision on stage!

Not four bars into the dance, they gently coalesced and stopped, giggled at each other and wondered what to do.  The adjudicator rang the bell and they are now re-dancing, no injury and no embarrassment.

11y & 12y section almost finished!

Dancers have been called back to marshalling to prepare for results - almost back on time!

Feis update

The number of people in the hall and the corresponding buzz has decreased with the departure of the 9y & 10y age groups.  Following the 11y & 12y groups who are dancing now, the remaining age groups have far fewer competitors.

Plenty of empty seats available now and the canteen has lots of goodies on offer.

11y & 12y in marshalling - looking very relaxed

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Gourmet chef in action - see the tress on his face, makes MasterChef look like a sausage sizzle....

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11y & 12y sections run from no 52 through to 58

11y & 12y sections have just started, we are running about 30 minutes late

Which in ID terms means we are on time!

A study in concentration

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Only ten more dancers to go before presentations!!

Chocolate crackles have run out - disaster!!!!

Final sections for this age group have been called to marshalling

And a competitor just slipped on stage, not hurt at all.  They will re-dance later - that was the first slip of the day.  The stage is very good - it is four rolls deep and uses a full roll across the width, so their is plenty of room for all the dancers.

More 9y & 10y in marshalling

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Sections 41 & 42 now in marshalling

The 9y & 10y dancers are doing their own choice set dances

Around the practice areas

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Feis update

The dancers are dancing, the hall is full once again and LiveCam is having a wonderful time.  If you haven't tried LiveCam yet, go to and try it - don't forget to vote in the online poll!

Parking update - the council rangers have probably gone home, as there is now unlimited parking.  Hope they didn't get too many of the ID community.

Sections 34-37 in marshalling, 9y & 10y

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9y & 10y now dancing, starting with section 28 and presentations after section 51

9y & 10y in marshalling

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