Sunday, 8 July 2018

Results - 16 Years & Over

16 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

  1. Elliot Sutton Walton
  2. Christina O’Connor Dwyer Whelan
  3. Hannah Walker Kent Simpson Academy
  4. Holly Cividin Reilly Studio
  5. Madeline Osbon McBrearty
  6. Meg Van-Ingen Piper-Hunt 
17 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

  1. Lara Haynes Simpson Academy
  2. Liam Thorne Halloran
  3. Roisin Bolwell FGMA
  4. Brendan Tracey Carroll Studio
  5. Abbey Fisher Rince Le Nor
18 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership
  1. Tanya Ojala FGMA
  2. Sophie Kelly Simpson Academy
  3. Ben Seal FGMA
  4. Sarah Neasy Claddagh Academy
  5. Jacqueline Beanland Gregory Academy
  6. Daniel Kross Derwent School
19 Years & Over Intermediate/Open Premiership
  1. Natalie O’Connor Dwyer Whelan
  2. Lauren Hurst McBrearty
  3. Bryanee Jarret Bird Studio
  4. Kyra Webb FGMA
  5. Bernadette Neasy Claddagh Academy
  6. Angelica Kross Derwent School
  7. Alison Fisher Piper-Hunt 
  8. Hayley Unsworth Rince Le Nor
  9. Louise Poleweski Spreagadh na Rince
  10. Lucy Stafford Spreagadh na Rince

16 & Over now on stage

We are running about 45 minutes late...

Results - 11 & 12 Years

11 & 12 Years Elementary Premiership

  1. Ellie Gammell Scoil Rince Creer
  2. Jenna Baker Cox Academy
  3. Roger Lawonski Scoil Rince Creer
  4. Caitlyn Chen Ryan Academy
  5. Olivia Radford Scoil Rince Creer
  6. Georgia Briggs Spreagadh na Rince
  7. Lachlan Hockley Spreagadh na Rince
  8. Indiana Huhndorf Scoil Rince Creer
  9. Tylar Rumble Spreagadh na Rince
11 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

  1. Ella Kennedy McBrearty
  2. Eimear Lucey Dwyer Whelan
  3. Jenna Murphy McBrearty
  4. April Cividin Reilly Studio
  5. Harriet Hogben Sydney Academy
  6. Emily Guerrera McBrearty
  7. Alannah Lock Higgins Academy
  8. Hannah Cole Higgins Academy
  9. Amelie Havard Dwyer Whelan
  10. Tiernan Cargill Dwyer Whelan
12 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership
1 . Francesca Kyral Walton
2 . Roisin Carey Dwyer Whelan
3= Chelsea Lindsell Gregory Academy
3= Ruby Kelly Simpson Academy
5  Sienna Castillo Carey South West
6 . Ella Walters Reilly Studio
7 . Bella Masters Higgins Academy
8= Hannah Dale Scoil Rince Creer
8= Kate Goranic Cox Academy
10= Saoirse Zabakly Dwyer Whelan
10= Jade Dacey Sydney Academy
12 Tara King Gregory Academy
13 Charlotte Broadley Cox Academy
14 Niamh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
15 Ciara Evans Sheard Academy
16 Rose Collyer Dwyer Whelan
17 William Rothfield Sydney Academy

Last of the 11 & 12 Years now on stage, presentations soon

11 & 12 Years starting now - we are on time!

Results - 9 & 10 Years

9 Years Elementary Premiership

1 . Eric Lawonski Scoil Rince Creer
2 . Lucy Middleton Rince Le Nor
3 . Sophia Parsons Rince Le Nor
4 . Olivia Higgins Higgins Academy
5= Maddison Lamrock Reilly Studio
5= April Rose Hockley Spreagadh na Rince

10 Years Elementary Premiership

1 . Sienna Diamond Rince Le Nor
2 . Cara Britton Kennedy School
3 . Amelia Chenhall Claddagh Academy
4= Maria Keis Dwyer Whelan
4= Jade Sibbick Kennedy School
6 . Mackinley Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
7 . Kiedis Huhndorf Scoil Rince Creer
8 . Ava Diamond Rince Le Nor

9 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1 . Penelope Armbruster Walton
2 . Cara Mirco FGMA
3 . Kaliyah Castillo Carey South West
4 . Poppy Stirrat McBrearty
5 . Tabitha Barwick Spreagadh na Rince
6= Lucy Middleton Rince Le Nor
6= Georgie Corish Dwyer Whelan
8 . Sophia Parsons Rince Le Nor
9 . Ava O’Brien Dwyer Whelan

10 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1= Ciara Kingham-Convey Walton
1= Emily O’Grady Simpson Academy
3 . Erin Doyle Reilly Studio
4  Leila Broadley Cox Academy
5 . Orla Turner Reilly Studio
6= Ruby Travers Simpson Academy
6= Heidi Chapple Halloran
8 . Milla Costin Higgins Academy
9= Zoe Sgubin McBrearty
9= Holly Simpson Halloran

Welcome to a chilly Sunday at the Reilly Feis

Winter has certainly arrived, the hall is full of people wearing coats, scarves and Ugg boots.  As noted yesterday, it is quite cool inside, despite the "heaters" that are running.

Of course, our Canberra-based World Champion, Connor Simpson, thinks that it is quite balmy but we suspect that there is a different spelling of the word required :)

Still no internet connectivity to speak of, so just text updates of the results...

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Results - 13, 14 & 15 Years

13 Years Elementary Premiership

  1. Isaac Fletcher Walton
  2. Saoirse Hickey Spreagadh na Rince
  3. Kristy Walsh Spreagadh na Rince
  4. Taylah Kellermeier Spreagadh na Rince
13 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

  1. Imogen Ryan McBrearty
  2. Anna Burke Reilly Studio
  3. Brianna Ross Spreagadh na Rince
  4. Brooke MacKenzie Cox Studio
  5. Sophie Dart McBrearty
  6. Amoretta Rourke Spreagadh na Rince
  7. Christina English Rince Le Nor
  8. Eloise Hawse Scoil Rince Creer
14 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership
1  Ailie Russell McBrearty
2 . Aidee Doyle Reilly Studio
3 . Connie Sutton Walton
4 . Isobel Chambers Cox Academy
5= Hannah Duck Cox Academy
5= Natalie Bebek Tir an Oir ACT
7  Ethan Costello Scoil Rince Creer

15 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership
  1. Liam Costello McGahan Lees Creer
  2. Niamh Marsden Sydney Academy
  3. Roisin Hayes FGMA
  4. Lucy Hopkins Cox Academy
  5. Lucy McLaughlin McBrearty
  6. Mia McJarrow Walton
  7. Finn McCloy Piper-Hunt

Results - 6 Years & Under

6 & Under Mixed Premiership

  1. Rose Montgomery Higgins Academy
  2. Isabel Li Rince Le Nor
  3. Olivia Hogben Sydney Academy
  4. Emma Lilley Cox Academy
  5. Ruby Masters Higgins Academy
  6. Saoirse Ryan Kennedy School
  7. Alira Castillo Carey South West
  8. Evelyn Bickerstaff Spreagadh na Rince

Results - 7 & 8 Years

7 Years Elementary Premiership

  1. Aoibhe Carty Dwyer Whelan
  2. Charlotte Thomspon Higgins Academy
  3. Sarah Conroy Reilly Studio
  4. Natalie Williams Higgins Academy
  5. Keira O’Dwyer Dwyer Whelan
  6. Claire Turner Reilly Studio
  7. Emily Hawke Cox Academy
  8. Clodagh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
8 Years Elementary Premiership

  1. Molly Van Der Weegen Walton
  2. Chloe O’Brien FGMA
  3. Kiera Rothfield Sydney Academy
  4. Hannah Van Reyk Piper-Hunt
  5. Abbey Cameron Higgins Academy
  6. Zara Gorman Reilly Studio
  7. Amelia Smith Higgins Academy
7 & 8 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership
  1. Keira Chapple Halloran
  2. Emma Hill Simpson Academy
  3. Indigo Hawkins Halloran
  4. Aoibhe Carty Dwyer Whelan
  5. Hannah Van Reyk Piper-Hunt
  6. Chloe O’Brien FGMA

Welcome to the Reilly Feis 2018

A very late start for LiveCommentary, although ChaosCentral has been in attendance since 0830 :)

Today, and probably tomorrow, there will be no photos on LiveCommentary as the internet here is extremely slow and flaky...

We are, once again, at the Marist Sisters College at Woolwich for the 8th Reilly Feis; it is a wonderful location with plenty of seating...but parking is a bit of a trial.  The hall is quite cool, the heaters a putting up a valiant fight but struggling.

There is a wonderful canteen with home made delicacies and hot BBQ this year.

Out adjudicator is Kelli-Rai Howden ADCRG (SA) and music is by iDevice.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

And that's all folks!

Thanks to Gerry, Sinead, Bernadette Neasy (without whom you would have no marks online)  and the whole Claddagh family for an amazing first Fleadh Cheoil.

Results - 13 & 14 Years

13 & 14 Years Elementary Premiership

  1. Isaac Fletcher Walton
  2. Saoirse Hickey Spreagadh na Rince
  3. Lauren Moore Carroll 
  4. Emma Sacco Claddagh Academy
13 & 14 Years Intermediate / Open Premiership

  1. Isobel Chambers Cox Academy
  2. Brooke Mackenzie Cox Academy
  3. Ashleigh Kelly Carey South West
  4. Connie Sutton Walton
  5. Anna Burke Reilly Studio
  6. Liam McClafferty Carey South West
  7. Hannah Duck Cox Academy
  8. Ethan Costello Scoil Rince Creer
  9. Amoretta Rourke Spreagadh na Rince
  10. Natalie Bebek Tir an Oir
  11. Cassandra Steenbeeke Penrith Gaels Maher

13 & 14 Years are on stage

Dancing through their various rounds but sadly, the hall is missing the large crowds of earlier in the day.

It is a pity the younger dancers don't stay to see the older ones, but I suppose that other commitments clash with the opportunity to see their more experienced peers...

Final round dancing is now starting.

Results - 9, 10, 11 & 12 Years

9 & 10 Years Beginners Premiership

  1. Charlotte McDonagh Penrith Gaels Maher
  2. Georgia Moore Carroll
9 Years Primary Premiership

  1. Siena Irwin Derwent
  2. Orlaith Browne Claddagh Academy 
  3. Rhianna Downes Penrith Gaels Maher
  4. Emily Sawyers Carroll
  5. Breanna Kerr Carroll
11 Years Primary Premiership
  1. Caitlin Calvert Carroll
  2. Mary Rowe Carroll
9 & 10 Years Elementary Premiership
  1. Olivia Higgins Higgins
  2. Cara Britton Kennedy 
  3. April Rose Hockley Spreagadh na Rince
  4. Alex Sacco Claddagh Academy
  5. Mackenzie Kelly Walton
  6. Mackinley Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
  7. Amelia Chenhall Claddagh Academy
11 & 12 Years Elementary Premiership
  1. Charlotte Teichert Sydney Academy
  2. Riadh Bowler Sheard Academy
  3. Lachlan Hockely Spreagadh na Rince
  4. Kayla Barnett Bird 
9 & 10 Years Intermediate / Open Premiership
  1. Leila Broadley Cox Academy
  2. Olivia Agostino Carey South West
  3. Kyle Faber Carey South West
  4. Mila Costin Higgins
  5. Phoenix Cooper FGMA
  6. Cassidy Grima Sydney Academy
  7. Holly Simpson Halloran
  8. Olivia Hayes Halloran
11 & 12 Years Intermediate / Open Premiership
1   Amy Mason Carey South West
=2 Ciara-Leigh Carey Carey South West
=2 Clarissa Gallagher Halloran
4   Bella Masters Higgins
5   Hannah Cole Higgins
6   Tara King Gregory ACT
7   Charli Jones Higgins
8   Kate Goranic Cox Academy
9   Jemma Riordan Halloran
10  Niamh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
11  Lucette Cailaux Derwent
12  Charlotte Broadley Cox Academy

Adjudicator update

Today, we have two trainee adjudicators, Sarah Hockley and Jenny Bird...honing their skills for the ADCRG exams in November.

Presentations about to start!

All Saturday photos now available on

Fleadh update!

9, 10, 11 & 12 Years are finishing their dancing for the morning and presentations are expected soon.

ChaosCentral has been beavering away at getting yesterday's photos online...stay tuned for updates.

Welcome to Sunday at Fleadh Cheoil

The hall is buzzing with excitement and the sound of hard shoe practice as we start the Sunday competition.

Many competitors have travelled up from Canberra and they have brought the weather with them - it is very cold in the hall and we have received reports of penguins lining up at the vendor stalls, trying to purchase scarves :)

To help everyone keep warm, the canteen is producing gourmet burgers, tea and coffee, Irish scones (we have no idea how they differ from regular scones, but intend to find out!), lasagne and all sorts of other delectable delights.

And apologies for the delay in getting yesterday's 15 & Over results online, we received the results a little later in the evening and by that time, we were distracted by other tasks.  That also means that yesterday's presentation photos are not yet on, but yesterday's and today's will be online later tonight.

Results - 15 Years & Over

16 Years Elementary Premiership 

  1. Jade O’Kelly McMahon
15 & 16 Years Int/Open Premiership 

  1. Liam Costello McGahan Lees Creer 
  2. Niamh Marsden Sydney Academy
  3. Roisin Hayes FGMA
  4. Kaitlin Weeks Penrith Gaels Maher
  5. Andy Carter Carroll
  6. Lauren Bowmer Carroll
  7. Amber Baillie Derwent
17 & 18 Years Int/Open Premiership 
  1. Michaela Mason Carey South West
  2. Tanya Ojala FGMA
  3. Sarah Neasy Claddagh Academy
  4. Ysabel Hardge Penrith Gaels Maher
  5. Paige Bowmer Carroll
19 & 20 Years Open Premiership 
  1. Kyra Webb FGMA
  2. Naomi Mason Carey South West
  3. Bryanee Jarrett Bird Academy
21 Years and over Open Premiership
  1. Bernadette Neasy Claddagh Academy
  2. Rhiannon Black Walton
  3. Caitlin Apcar Sydney Academy

Saturday, 30 June 2018

And the 15 Years & Over have taken to the stage

The little jiggers have left the building and the big end of town are now making themselves comfortable on the stage.

The gourmet food has been excellent and ChaosCentral had been well fed and watered!

The competition is running smoothly, on-time or early and the hall is now almost warm...the heaters have been switched off, so that must be a good sign :)

Results - 8 Years & Under

7 & 8 Years Beginners Premiership 

  1. Sienna Barclay Sheard Academy
  2. Evelyn Smith Carroll
  3. Myra McCann Claddagh Academy
4 Years and under beginners Premiership 

  1. Ruby Masters Higgins
  2. Masie Brown Higgins
  3. Harper Glieg Higgins
  4. Lilly Green Higgins 
5 & 6 Years Beginners Premiership 
  1. Daina Carey Carey South West
  2. Katie O’Loughlin Higgins
  3. Eili Considine Sheard Academy
  4. Jane Wallace Scoil Rince Creer
  5. Scarlette Horne Higgins
  6. Emma Lilley Cox Academy
  7. Ruby Alveras Scoil Rince Creer
  8. Molly LeMaire Penrith Gaels Maher
  9. Charlotte Sawyers Carroll
7 & 8 Years Primary Premiership 
1  Charlotte Hughes Penrith Gaels Maher
2  Leah Wallace Scoil Rince Creer
3  Maeve Joyce Sheard 
4  Iona Duguid Carey South West
5  Jade Curraey Cox Academy
=6 Alex Thomson-Frain Scoil Rince Creer
=6 Nicole Alveras Scoil Rince Creer
8 Dawn Yeates Claddagh Academy 

6 Years Primary Premiership 
  1. Rose Montgomery Higgins
  2. Daina Carey Carey South West
7 & 8 Years Elementary Premiership 
  1. Natalie Williams Higgins
  2. Keira Rothfield Sydney Academy
  3. Amelia Smith Higgins
  4. Hannah VanReyk 
  5. Charlotte Thompson Higgins
  6. Ashling Considine Sheard Academy
  7. Tara Goldsbury Sheard Academy
  8. Emily Hawke Cox Academy
  9. Sienna Knight Sheard Academy
  10. Clodagh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
8 Years Open Premiership 
  1. Neala Chaston Carey South West
  2. Indigo Hawkins Hallaron 
  3. Hannah Vanreyk Piper-Hunt Academy

Little Jiggers on stage before the presentations :)

Around the feis...