Sunday 30 August 2009

Good night and Good Luck in Geelong

Farewell from the commentary box. My brain is fried and my eyes are tired. Thank you for following our competition.

All Results are in and final. Dance of Champions will be commencing as soon as possible/probable

Open Age Four Hand Own Choreography- Results

1. Claddagh
2. Higgins
3. Gra Na Rince

Open Age - Eight Hand Girls and Mixed

1. Walton A
2. Halloran A
3. Currie


1. Walton
2. Maher
3. Aisling

Open Age - 4 Hand - Girls Results

1. Halloran B
2. Walton B
3. Walton A
4. Halloran A
5. Maher A
6. Aisling A
7. Aisling C
8.Aisling B
9.Currie A
10.Maher B


1. Walton
2. Maher B
3. ailsing
4. Currie
5. Maher A

Under 16 Six-Hand Girls & Mixed plus 2 Hands

1. Halloran
2. Maher A
3. Creer-Harvey

1. Currie
2. Maher

Girls Two Hand OC
1. Aisling
2. Creer-Harvey
3. Currie

Mixed Two Hand OC

1. Walton
2. Wollongong
3. Aisling
4. Currie

Under 16 8Hand Girls and Mixed

1. Halloran A
2. Walton A
3. Aisling
4. Bird


1. Aisling
2. Walton
3. Halloran

Under 16 Four Hand Girls and Mixed Results

1. Halloran c
2. Maher A
3. Currie A
4. Halloran A
5. Aisling A
6. Walton A
7. Walton B
8. Aisling C
9. Carey A
10. Aisling B


1. Maher A
2. Halloran
3. Aisling
4. Walton
5. Currie A.

Under 16 Four Hand Girls and Mixed Results

1. Halloran c
2. Maher A
3. Currie A
4. Halloran A
5. Aisling A
6. Walton A
7. Walton B
8. Aisling C
9. Carey A
10. Aisling B


1. Maher A
2. Halloran
3. Aisling
4. Walton
5. Currie A.

Raffle Prizes are being drawn

Marigold Cousens has won the beautiful dancing dress donated by the very generous dressmaking team in Queensland.

Breaking news

A group of senior dancers and teachers from various schools have created an impromptu and badly dressed eight hand. The crowd goes wild.

Milton has now climbed into his shiny suit for the presentations.

Crowds of dancers are gathering at the judging table. Charmaine May is addressing the hall. Eileen Mulcahy has a plane to catch so we are having our thankyous now.

3 Open Age OC Four Hands to go

Then results, raffles, packing up and then Sunday night TV and scrambled eggs on toast.

Open Age - Eight Hands are all complete.

Breaking News

The Maher 8 hand is redancing the last 8 bars of music after a minor incident centre stage. It was completed safely.

They're still dancing . . . and it's getting later.

8 lots of music to go. Then results

The two hands are being danced now. Then back to the open age.

The two hands are being danced now. Then back to the open age.

Open Age - 4 Hand - Girls

We have skipped the U16 two hands for programming reasons and are dancing the open age four hand girls. Then the two hands will be danced prior to the OA 4 Hand mixed.

Under 16 Six Hands have commenced and Milton has a huge hot dog with cheese.

Standby with the Defib.

Slight change to schedule

They are now going to dance the Open Age after the current section, which is the under 16 six hand mixed.

More canteen updates!

Now serving hot dogs with cheese...

Canteen update...

The mandatory canteen is out of hot food and sandwiches. There are over 500 people in the hall and environs and the regulations, now enforced by uniformed council staff, now leave us in the situation where they have no food to sell and will berate you if try to bring in food for athletes who are performing at State level.

Please do not abuse the serving staff, they did not make the rules. However, feel free to email or write to the council and let them know your opinion.

Eight Hands

In the under 16 eight hands, teams can nominate which dance they perform. Choices are tunes like the Sweets of May and The Cross Reel.

Eight Hand - Under 16

There are 6 girls teams and 5 mixed teams.

Under 16 Four Hands are now completed

The eight hands are about to start.

Under 16 Four Hand - Girls

There are 15 entries from nine schools. They are dancing the Four-Hand Reel.

Under 16 Teams are now Commencing.

Under 11 Eight Hnd Mixed

1. Halloran
2. Currie A

Junior Figure Results

1. Creer- Harvey

Under 13 Three Hand Mixed - Results

1. Aisling

Under 13 Three Hand Girls- results

1. Halloran B
2. Creer-Harvey A
3. Halloran A
4. Maher A
4. Currie
6. Ku-Ring-Gai
7. Currie A
8. Derwent
9. Gra Na Rince B
10. Bird A
11. Gra Na Rince A

Under 13 Eight Hand Mixed

1. Aisling
2. Walton
3. Currie

Under 13 Eight Hand Girls

1. Halloran
2. Carey
3. Aisling
4. Creer-Harvey

Under 11 Eight Hand Girls

1. Maher

Under 13 Four Hand Mixed

1. Walton
2. Aisling

Under 13 Four Hand Girls

1. Halloran B
2. Aisling A
3. Creer- Harvey A
4. Currie A
5. Halloran C
6. Maher A
7. Creer-Harvey c
8.Halloran A
9. Maher B.
10. Ku-ring-gai A

Under 11 four hand mixed

1. Walton A
2. Halloran B
3. Aisling A
4. Currie A.

Under 11 Four Hand - Girls

1. Halloran B
2. Maher A
3. Currie A.
4. Carey B
5. Carey A
6. Aisling A
7. Creer- Harvey A

Prize Giving

The prize giving is about the commence for the first 11 sections. Under 11 and Under 13s - they are just calling the placing teams. The first excited winners are running for the side of the stage.

Junior Figure

Creer Harvey is the only entry. They are dancing the Legend of the Shamrock.

Under 13 three hand mixed

Two entries from Currie and Aisling.

3 Hand Under 13 Girls

Well it is just finishing up now and was a lovely section, real hair made a pretty comeback, a little Spanish crept into another number (obviously harking back to remnants the Armada being wrecked on the west coast of Ireland in the 16th century.) O wait another entry, that makes 11 entries.

Under 13 Three Hand Girls

There are ten teams in this section from 8 different schools.

Today's live commentary team

Returning to the commentary box by popular request, someone who actually knows something about Irish Dancing and can provide useful and meaningful comments. And also Amanda Finneran.


and don't forget the queue for the gourmet food and coffee!

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People are *still* happy!

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Now dancing under 10 three hand girls

There are ten teams in this section

The real hard working team

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Kate, you can keep up to date by watching the stage...

Happy people...

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Now dancing under 13 eight hand mixed

Three teams in this section

More feis scenes

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Now dancing the under 13 eight hand girls

Six team in this section


The under 13 four hand mixed are about to dance, there are three teams in this section

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Mixed two hand?

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More feis scenes

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Now dancing under 13 four hand girls

There are 15 teams in this section

Feis scenes

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Now dancing under 11 eight hand mixed

One team in this section

Under 11 eight hand girls about to start

Two teams in this section

The hall is packed!

Under 11 four hand mixed are now dancing, six teams in this section, and a big round of applause and cheers for each team as they finish.
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Under 11 four hand girls in marshalling

And we have started on time!

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Good morning and welcome to Sunday at the NSW Championships - Teams Day!

The hall is positively abuzz with excitement, wigs and frocks everywhere and teams practising all their steps up and down all the open spaces. The hall and foyer is a riot of colour and flashing feet!

It is a cool morning in Sydney, with strong winds overnight clearing the cloud and dropping the temperatures. One can see the mountains and southern highlands clearly - and almost all the way to Canberra (hope your car is better, Sophie).

Sean O'Brien is here and ready - do you know he has a new CD available for purchase? "Next in Line" is available for purchase here and Sean will be one of the musicians at this years Nationals.

Saturday 29 August 2009


Senior Boys 15 Years
1. Jeremy Heggie, Walton
2. Troy Podesta, Maher

Senior Girls 15 Years
1. Chelsea Priadko, Halloran
2. Amy Longstone, Carey
3. Jordyn Bradford, Aisling
4. Caitlin O'Connor, Dwyer Whelan
5. Tammi Curtis, Walton
6. Rachael Larnach, Maher
7. Loretta Morris, Halloran
8. Eilish Palacios, Halloran
9. Anne-Louise Bennett, Aisling
10. Elise McCredie, Aisling
11. Olivia McKenzie, Carey
12. Emily Marks, Maher
13. Ashleen O'Gorman
14. Hannah Eve, Walton
15. Shani-Maree Souvrieris, Walton
16. Monique Hearn, Creer-Harvey
17. Isabella Moran, Dwyer Whelan
SRM Clodagh O'Doherty, Currie Henderson
SRM Clare McDonough, Derwent
SRM Tra Mi Dinh, McGlinchy
SRM Courtney Blair, Wollongong
SRM Emma Woodbury, Carroll
SRM Bernadette Neasy, Claddagh
SRM Caitlin Wheeler, Higgins

Senior Boys 16 Years
1. Stewart McWhinnie, Dwyer Whelan
2= Xander Cross, Ku-Ring-Gai
2= Gannon Cuneo, Aisling
4. Adrian Sutton, Aisling

Senior Girls 16 Years
1. Natasia Petracic, Halloran
2. Julia Baar, Aisling
3. Alicia Dunne, Walton
4. Gabrielle Harrington, Halloran
5. Rhiannon Black, Walton
6. Carmel Rafter, Aisling
7. Elena Barret-Hough, Creer-Harvey
8. Clara McHarg, maher
9. Rebecca McGrath, Walton
10. Felicity Robinson, Aisling
11. Caoimhe MacCarthy, Aisling
12. Lauren Gray, Dwer Whelan
13. Daniella Alloggia, Halloran
14= Carina Rice, Aisling
14= Caitlin Boyd, Reilly
SRM Cara Hemsley, Maher
SRM Laura Parr, Dwyer Whelan
SRM kate Hooper, Currie Henderson
SRM Kristen Wademan, Halloran
SRM Bernadette Moloney, Claddagh
SRM Jessica Brooks, Maher

Dancing has finished for the day!!!

The solo section of the NSW State Championships is over - we are just waiting for the results and presentations of the 15 years and 16 years.

Tomorrow, the teams will start at 1030 and the live commentary will start about 1000.

Only 4 sets to go!!!!!

16 Years set dances have started

This is the final section of the championships and there are 25 dancers.

Set dance update

They are half way through the set dances for the 15 years - the hall has become quiet as people become weary.

All second round dances have finished

They are now marshalling for the sets - 15 Years first and there are 26, followed by 16 years of which there are 25. The certificate presentation will be held now.


The 15 Years have finished their second round and the 16 Years are marshalled ready to go for theirs. Canteen is open, people are happy and the hall has several hundred people watching these age groups.

The 15y & 16y have completed their first dance

They are now marshalling for their second dance.

Final two sections of the championships have started

Senior Girls 15 Years, there are 26 dancers competing for the Currie & Byrne Memorial Trophy & The Dwyer Whelan Tiara, sponsored by Rhythm of Ireland.

Senior Boys 16 Years, there are four dancers competing for the Darcy Franklin Memorial Trophy sponsored by The Catholic Weekly.

Senior Girls 16 Years, there are 21 dancers competing for the Aisling Society Trophy and the Leanne Ney Tiara, and the Elizabeth "Lily" Claro Memorial Trophy, sponsored by the Catholic Weekly.

17 years & over results

Junior Mens 17 Years
1. Geordie Costello, Dwyer Whelan
2. Asher Larnach, Maher

Junior Ladies 17 Years
1. Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Aisling
2. Sinead Aylmer, Aisling
3= Taryn Priadko, Halloran
3= Kathleen O'Kane, Carey
5. Eloise Bell, Carey
SRM Moira Neasy, Claddagh
SRM Roisin Myers, Dwyer Whelan

Junior Mens 18 Years
1. Kris Jackson, Carroll
2. Jonathon Daddo, McGlinchy
3. Xuan Luu, Halloran

Junior Ladies 18 Years
1. Ashlyn Palacios, Halloran
2. Emma Connell, Aisling
3. Kate McCue, Carey
4. Alexis Temp, Walton
5. Marie Sweeney, Maher
SRM Jenny Croft, Maher
SRM Ondine Kennard-King, Higgins
SRM Aimee Westcott, Bird

Mens 19 & 20 Years
1. Peter O'Gorman, Walton

Ladies 19 & 20 Years
1. Laura Barry, Walton
2. Kristen Piper, Aisling
3. Emma Ryan, Halloran
4. Emma Gawthorne, Walton
5. Lauren Bearman, Walton
6. Siobhan White, Wollongong
7. Siobhan Myers, Dwyer Whelan
8. Jessica Denford, Carey
9. Alexandra Carroll, Maher
SRM Shelly Franklin, Walton
SRM Imogen Cruchley, Walton
SRM Siobhan Friis, Walton

Senior Ladies
1. Janelle Knowles, Walton
2. Tai Lei Benson, Halloran
3= Louise Lenihan, Currie Henderson
3= Eleanor Finneran, Halloran
5. Moira Callanan, Walton
6. Jennifer Claro, Aisling

One o fthe Senior Ladies is injured

Just before starting her set dance, a Senior Lady has apparently rolled her ankle and won't complete her set. She has been attended to by St Johns.

Change of plan for results!

Results of the 17 & over sections will be given immediately after the last dancer in those sections finishes - before the 15 & 16 years start.

Senior Ladies Set Dances about to start

They will be followed immediately by the 15 Years and 16 Years sections. There are 26 in the 15 Years and 25 in the 16 Years. We are still running aproximately 90 minutes late - plenty of time to rush out here to watch

Now stating the Ladies 19 & 20 sets

Thirteen dancers in this section, followed by eight in Senior Ladies.

Even teachers get tired

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More feis faces....

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