Sunday 28 June 2015

All Sunday photos now available, which means that ALL photos are now online, happy (if slow) viewing :)


And that's another INDA come and gone!

What a great of the oldest in NSW if not Australia, held in a marvellous Art Deco hall and run by people with a passion.  The food was great, the atmosphere electric and the dancing fabulous.

And a big thanks to Karen Heggie, without whom there would be no results on LiveCommentary - thanks...and all is forgiven about stealing the chocolate crackle :)

Results - 21 Years & Over Intermediate/Open Premiership

1st Jonathan Daddo Walton
2nd Sally Thompson Walton
3rd Tamara Hanna Derwent
4th Moira Neasy Claddagh
5th Lauren Ward Carroll Studio
6th Ashlee Renshaw Ni Piobaire
7th Bernadette Neasy Claddagh
8th Kathleen Fletcher Walton
9th Amy Ward Carroll Studio
10th Bernadette Moloney Walton
=11th Emma Woodbury Carroll Studio
=11th Jacquelyne Broome Ni Piobaire
13th Rachel Gallagher Wollongong

Results - 19/20 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1st Marigold Cousens Dwyer Whelan
2nd Morgan Crammond Halloran
3rd Tamara Flynn Maher
4th Nicole Robinson FGMA
5th Shannon Riley Walton
6th Hayley Cannon Reilly Studio
7th Kaley Smith Broesler (USA)
8th Aislinn Podesta Maher
9th Lauren Holmes Carroll Studio
10th Alexandra Lemon Ni Piobaire
11th Sarah Birch Derwent
12th Angelica Kross Derwent

Results - 17/18 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1st Natalie O’Connor Dwyer Whelan
2nd Declan Walker Kent Simpson ACT
3rd Mollie Brennan Walton
4th Caoimhe McEnallay Dwyer Whelan
5th Jack Kearney Currie Henderson
6th Ashley Cottell Wollongong
7th Jakub Kyral Walton
8th Hannah Thomas Walton
9th Sarah Fuller Walton
10th Natalie Jones Higgins Academy
11th Samantha Whatman Gra na Rince

Results - 16 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1st Maggie Devine Maher
2nd Emily Harmon Dwyer Whelan
3rd Corinna Dwyer Bedelia Academy
4th Charlotte Fletcher Walton
5th Sinead Podesta Maher
6th Niamh Kennedy Walton
7th Mairead Cargill Dwyer Whelan
8th Jade Kyte Derwent
9th Bryanee Jarrett Bird Studio
10th Chantelle Dankers Walton
11th Kirsten Fryirs Carroll Studio

Only a few more set dances to go before results :)

Feis update - music edition

In an unexpected development, using electronic music rather than feis musicians has, surprisingly, provided a low-cost proof to an age-old physics question.  Neutrinos have been identified as a possible cause of the music player acting as if it has had one too many drinks at a ceili.  Staff from the large Hadron Collider have been informed as testing for Neutrinos at a feis for just $10 entry fee per scientist may prove more cost effective than the multi-billion Euro budget needed to dig up half of Switzerland and play with large magnets and nuclear reactors.

More news as it develops...

Set dancers having a wonderful time on stage and...we are still early!

Thanks Mary :)

And in feis-related news, assorted soft shoe rounds are underway and we hear a rumour that set dance will soon start :)

The remaining Seniors, ready to go...

And some famous faces too :)

Seniors in marshalling

And they are on stage too!

All 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Years photos now available on

16 & Over in marshalling

Results - 4, 5 & 6 Years assorted grades

5 & 6 Years Beginners Premiership
1st Natalie Petkovich Halloran
2nd Keira Chapple Halloran
3rd Ellexis Hanley Halloran
4th Olivia Higgins Higgins Academy
5th Erin Malone Halloran
6th Cara Mirco Currie Henderson
7th April Rose Hockley Spreagadh
AA Tessa Klein Dwyer-Whelan
AA Georgia Moore Carroll Studio
AA Johanna Brown Rince Le Nor
AA MacKenzie Kelly Walton
5 & 6 Years Novice Premiership
1st Talia Cronin Blackbird
2nd Kiera Rothfield Caomanach
3rd Alice Sinclair Cox Academy
4 & Under Beginners Premiership
1st Clodagh Canning Maher
=2nd Eabha Morrissey Blackbird
=2nd Owen Quinnell Derwent
5 & 6 Years Primary Premiership
1st Cadence Woelms Walton
2nd Niamh Grady Maher
3rd Isobeal Abbey Carey Academy
4th Sophie O’Brien Halloran
5th Lucy Middleton Rince Le Nor
5 & 6 Years Elementary Premiership
1st Tiahna Ross Wollongong
2nd Cassidy Grima Ni Piobaire
3rd Jacinta Garden Derwent

The 4, 5 & 6 Years are now on stage

What you do whilst waiting to dance...

Not everyone is here for the dancing... :)

Feis update!

We are still running early!  So sections need to be ready 30 minutes earlier than the advertised times :)

Results - 8 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1st Ciara Leigh Carey Carey Academy
2nd Madison O’Brien Halloran
3rd Eimear Lucey Dwyer Whelan
4th Emma Halamkova Halloran
5th Aislinn Carey Carey Academy
6th Amy Mason Wollongong
7th April Cividin Reilly Studio
8th Sophie Salvo Halloran
9th Alannah Lock Higgins Academy
AA Renae Swinkels Higgins Academy
AA Sienna Devine Halloran
AA Samantha Fayers Cox Academy
AA Caitlin Hanratty Derwent
AA Amelie Havard Blackbird
AA Julia Desaulnier Cox Academy
AA Tahlia Ruggero Cox Academy

Results - 6/7 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1st Brianna Woelms Walton
2nd Ciara Kingham-Convey Walton
3rd Niamh McDonagh Halloran
4th Isaac Bartlett Maher
5th Heidi Chapple Halloran
6th Mia Tesoriero Halloran
AA Malea Ross Wollongong
AA Jessica King Liz Gregory ACT
AA Tabitha Barwick Spreagadh
AA Leila Broadley Cox Academy

And the next age group is ready too!

And we are on to the next section...