Sunday, 8 March 2020

Results - 7 Years & Under and 8 Years Premierships

7 Years & Under Premiership
1stGraceThomasHalloran Academy
2ndRubyMastersHiggins Academy
3rdEiliConsidineSheard Academy
4thIslaBehrensWalton Studio
8 Years  Premiership
1stSheenaKingHalloran Academy
2ndHollySinnottCox Academy
3rdRoseMontgomeryHiggins Academy
4thDainaCareyCarey South West
5thOlivia HogbenSydney Academy
6thBonnieDoorey McBrearty

Results - 6 Years Premiership

6 Years Beginners Premiership
=1stArlena DuffyCox Academy
=1stMaisieBrownHiggins Academy
3rdRosheenNewsonCarey South West
4thMackenzieGoodsirHiggins Academy
5thEllaBryantCarey South West
6thBronaghStapletonWalton Studio
HCAilishO'ReillyCallanan Academy
HCHayleyHollandHiggins Academy
HCLillyGreenHiggins Academy

Results - 9 & 10 Years Premiership

9 Years Premiership
1stPiperHoughHalloran Academy
2ndIndigoHawkinsHalloran Academy
3rdKeiraO'DwyerDwyer Whelan
4thNatalieWilliamsHiggins Academy
=5thLilyTaylorSheard Academy
=5thMiyaKingCarey South West
10 Years Premiership
1stCadenceWoelmsWalton Studio
2ndMatildaGoldWalton Studio
=3rdKaiRobinsonHalloran Academy
=3rdKeiraChappleHalloran Academy
5thAdela ChrostowskiFGMA
7thAmeliaSmithHiggins Academy
Chloe O'BrienFGMA

Welcome to Sunday!

ChaosCentral had a lazy start to the day, the first presentations are due at 1130 so we instead spent time doing some real-world things rather than feis-world things :)

Sunday at the feis is... overcast and damp, much like a summer's day in Birmingham :)

The room is filled with happy and expectant younger dancers and parents and the potential highlight of the day will be the "dance to the music" section just before lunch.  Typically comprising dancers under 4 years of age, they can already dance better than ChaosCentral was ever able to do.

Results and updates will continue through the day, we are now off in search of a latte :)