Sunday, 3 March 2019

Results - 9 & 10 Years Premiership

9 Years Premiership
1st Cadence Woelms Walton Studio
2nd Matilda Gold Walton Studio
3rd Molly Van Der Weegen Walton Studio
4th Keira Chapple Halloran Academy
5th Luca Bella  Solomons Walton Studio
6th Chloe OBrien FGMA
7th Adela Chrostowski FGMA
8th Amelia Smith Higgins
10 Years Premiership
1st Penelope Armbruster Walton Studio
2nd Niamh McDonagh Halloran Academy
3rd Cara Mirco FGMA
4th Poppy Stirrat McBrearty Academy
5th Ellexis Hanley Halloran Academy

Last section for the day about to start...

Here are some photos from earlier :) . And we are running early!!!

Results - 6 Years Premiership

6 Years Premiership
1st Maisie Brown Higgins
2nd Ruby Masters Higgins
3rd Eili Considine Sheard Academy
4th Molly LeMaire Penrith Gaels Maher
5th Scarlett Horne Higgins
6th Evelyn Bickerstaff Spreagadh na Rince
7th Isla Behrens Walton Studio

Results - 7 & 8 Years Premiership

7 Years Premiership
1st Sheena King Halloran Academy
2nd Ailie McDonagh Halloran Academy
3rd Rose Montgomery Higgins
4th Olivia Hogben Sydney Academy
5th Isabel Li Rince Le Nor
8 Years Premiership
1st Indigo  Hawkins Halloran Academy
2nd Piper Hough Halloran Academy
3rd Keira  O'Dwyer Dwyer Whelan Studio
4th Aoibhe Carty Dwyer Whelan Studio
=5th Eabha Morrissey Sheard Academy
=5th Clodagh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
7th Claire Turner Reilly Studio

Technology update

ChaosCentral is experimenting with a Canon EOS M50 ( to explore its capabilities when using the EF lenses used on the DSLRs we usually use.  Key learnings so far:

  • using the larger EF lenses with a tiny camera body feels very strange;
  • using face-detect for the presentation shots makes focusing more simple, but causes "image in the frame" centering problems as we adapt to having the focus point move around rather than being fixed;
  • EVF v OVF increases visual lag, minimal but noticeable;
  • AI Servo tracking with multi-shot and face detection works extremely well once a target face is acquired, works less well when multiple faces are in a group or moving in and out of a group, it tries to select the "best" face rather than the one the photographer may want;
  • image quality is excellent at f2.8, 1/400, ISO 100 up to ISO 1600;
  • with all the detection/focus-tracking options set on, battery life is not good, probably 300 shots, that means one battery per section!
There is no intention of using the M50 for action shots, but it does an exceptional job for presentation shots when used with EF lenses.  More details as the experimentation continues...

Welcome to Sunday at the AIDA Graded & St Patrick's Day Premiership

A beautiful sunny day greets us as we enjoy the dancing from the younger age groups.

In breaking fashion news, ChaosCentral and Gerry Ellerby both arrived in the same outfit - one of will have to leave the Ball!!!