Sunday 11 March 2012

Results - 16 Years

1st 241 Eileen Wallace Wollongong
=2nd 25 Shaun Cameron Maher
=2nd 54 Caitlin Devine Maher
4th 67 Tamara Flynn Maher
=5th 186 Aislinn Podesta Maher
=5th 95 Hannah Hayes Aisling
7th 225 Brandon Sutton Ni Piobaire
AA 139 Lauren Maddock Maher
AA 146 Rohan Mason Wollongong
AA 117 Angelica Kross Derwent

Results - 15 Years

1st 176 Natalie O'Connor Dwyer-Whelan
2nd 38 Alanna Chaumont Walton
3rd 22 Casey Cahlin Walton
4th 103 Lauren Hurst Fenagh
5th 180 Emily Palmer Dwyer-Whelan
6th 149 Emily McCredie Aisling
7th 255 Cara Wiggins Aisling
AA 232 Hannah Thomas Walton
AA 215 Tara Somerville Gra na Rince
AA 234 Hayley Unsworth Higgins
AA 217 Emma Steele Gra na Rince
AA 250 Samantha Whatman Gra na Rince
AA 233 Corrine Tucker Carey

Feis is over, results on now....

Premiership dancers almost finished

YAY!!!  So on to the results and presentations, after which LiveCam and LiveCommentary will shut for an autumn sleep....coming back to you come time after the Worlds.

Don't forget, tickets to Celtic Illusion at the Crown Casino in Melbourne on Saturday 14th April are on sale now - don't miss out on fabulous Irish Dancing in a non-competition environment.

Premiership dancers are going strong!

Almost through their hard shoe round, soft shoe round to follow....

Also, the Debutante Ball practice is on after the feis, if you are supposed to be doing it, you need to get out here now!

Feis update

Soft shoe round of the warm-up dances are powering through, with only another 24 dances to go, two at a time, about thirty minutes or so....followed by the Premiership dances.  It looks like we are running almost on time....

Gourmet news update!!

The canteen will close in ten minutes, so all cupcakes are now 2 for $1 - get in early before they all disappear.  Those of you who are not here could always "phone a friend" to organise purchase and delivery :)

On the competition front, dancers are now doing their traditional set dances which will be followed by reels, slip jigs and their Premiership dances.

15 & 16 Years dancers relaxing and in marshalling

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15 & 16 Years have been called to marshalling

They will be doing their warm-up dances.

Lunch break

So the LiveCam audio will be off for a while....

Results - 20 Years & Over

1st 19 Alicia Bryant Halloran
2nd 36 Niamh Champion Walton
3rd 24 Moira Callanan Walton
4th 122 Asher Larnach Maher
5th 189 Taryn Priadko Halloran
=6th 150 Kate McCue Carey
=6th 85 Tamara Hanna Derwant
8th 45 Jenny Croft Maher
AA 111 Ondine Kennard-King Higgins
AA 102 Tegan Horwood McMahon
AA 97 Sarah Healey McMahon

Results - 19 Years

=1st 4 Julia Baar Aisling
=1st 46 Alexander Cross Halloran
3rd 66 Alyssa Flynn Maher
4th 151 Clara McHarg Maher
AA 224 Adrian Sutton Ni Piobaire
AA 7 Elana Barrett-Hough Creer-Harvey

Results - 18 Years

1st 98 Jeremy Heggie Walton
2nd 137 Amy Longstone Carey
3rd 188 Chelsey Priadko Halloran
4th 61 Hannah Eve Walton
AA 12 Anne Louise Bennett Aisling
AA 123 Racheal Larnach Maher
AA 49 Tammi Curtis Walton

Results - 17 Years

1st 162 Ceili Moore Aisling
2nd 43 Marigold Cousens Dwyer-Whelan
3rd 48 Riordan Cuneo Aisling
4th 165 Jasmine Morata Halloran
5th 197 Nicole Robinson Aisling
6th 154 Daniel McNamara Wollongong
7th 161 Jordan Molloy Walton
8th 32 Jess Carruthers Maher
9th 262 Josie Creighton Walton
AA 40 Carly Chittendon Carey
AA 126 Alexandra Lemon Higgins
AA 236 Zoe Vesey Gra na Rince

Results and presentations any moment now!

Feis update

Although the 17 Years & Over section has finished, around six dancers competing at the Worlds are taking the opportunity of dancing their set in front of (non-marking) adjudicators for the last time before they leave.

So, lunch, results and presentations will follow these fine dancers.

Final soft shoe dancers on stage

Lunch, results and presentations will follow, and we are still early!

17 & Over soft shoe round is off and running

Figuratively speaking :)

Lunch, results and presentations will follow.

Mixed emotions in the seniors….

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18 Years in marshalling for their Premiership hard shoe round

For some, the excitement is indescribable….
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17 Years Premiership dancers

On their way to the hard shoe round - they are dancing two at a time on stage.

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Warm-up dances have finished

The Premiership is about to start!!

Dancers called to marshalling for all remaining warm-up dances

The Premiership round will follow with the age groups 17, 18, 19 and 20 Years & Over dancing interleaved.

Gourmet food update

Shock news!!  The canteen has sold out of chocolate crackles - there is probably little truth in the rumour that agents of ChaosCentral purchased them all to cause a run in the CFM (Crackle Futures Market) and therefore influence their desirability at future competitions :)

Back in the real (ID) world, the seniors are now doing their soft shoe warm-up dances.

The seniors are cool, calm and relaxed...

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Of course, not everyone watches the dancers….

Perhaps they are following LiveCam and LiveCommentary?
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17 Years & Over are now doing their warm-up dances

They are doing jigs and hornpipes, two at a time on stage.  And they are loud.  And fast.  And talented!

Senior sections called to marshalling

And it is they are slowly getting dressed and ambling towards the general direction of marshalling, perhaps with the intent of dancing :)

Alliteratively speaking, senior sections starting soon :)

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Feis update

We are running 30 minutes early and, and the next age groups are the more senior and some may be a little sluggish so early in the morning (!), we are having a short break to allow the adjudicators o have a nice cup of tea and so that the senior dancers can rehydrate themselves and generally just get ready.

Results - 6 Years

1st 259 Trinity Woelms Walton
2nd 110 Jessica Kelly Walton
3rd 147 Bella Masters Higgins
4th 174 Madison O'Brien Halloran

Feis update

Hard shoe round for the Premiership is now dancing, so results and presentations will follow in a few moments - we are running early!!

Feis update

We are now dancing reels, slip jigs and extra jigs (does that mean they dance again after they have stopped?)  That will be followed by the 6 Year Premiership and then results and presentations.

The future is dancing on stage now!

The 6 & Under age groups are on stage now - the hall is hushed, the music is quieter than usual and the dancers are so small and light that they make no perceptible sound on stage at all....literally, like Miss Jan would say, faeries dancing on stage.

When they finish, the hall erupts in applause.

Feis faces

 The spikes are out and the effort was worth it :)

Some serious practice

More serious practice!
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New dancers and "old hands"!

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Sunday at the NSW AIDA St Patrick's Day Premiership and Graded Feis

 The canteen is ready, a new batch of chocolate crackles have arrived - and been quality tested by ChaosCentral - and the day will be underway in another 30 minutes.

This morning we have the smallest and youngest memners of the Irish Dancing community, many in their first competition, while others are old hands, having competed last year!

As I keep saying, it is these age groups that are the future or Irish Dancing in Australia and it is important that all of us support them, their parents and teachers to ensure that they enjoy the dancing and keep going.

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