Saturday 31 August 2013

All Saturday photos now on

Results - 19 Years Ladies

1 Theresa Shaw, Shaw QLD
2 Rachael Larnach, Maher
3 Rachael Gallagher, Wollongong

Results - 15 & 16 Years

1 Meg Shortland, Currie-henderson
2 Natalie Jones, Higgins
3 Roisin Finnegan, Coil Rince Ni Piobaire

1 Jack Kearney, Currie-Henderson

Dancing for Saturday is over

Presentations are next...then we will get the remaining photos online for your viewing pleasure :)

Three more set dances, then presentations :)

Southern Cross Feis photos now available on

The remainder will be up after their presentations

Set dancers now on stage

So we should have presentations around 1545!

All dancers called to marshalling for their soft shoe round

15 & 16 Years no on stage for their hard shoe round

The remaining dancers will follow...and we will have results early :)

Results - 13 Years Girls

1 Bridie O'Neill, Carey
2 Charlotte Fletcher, Walton
3 Caitlin Kersivien, Maher
4 Rebecca Miller, Wollongong
5 Sarah Neasey, Claddagh

15 & 16 Years in marshalling for their hard shoe round

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What do you think of the fit?

And the Senior Men's Two-Hand
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All sections being told to get ready

We are running early and will finish early - Craig runs a tight feis!

13 Years sets now on stage

The Happy Couple :)

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The afternoon sections are now on stage

We have the 13 Years on stage now, to be followed by the 16 & 16 Years, then the 17 & 18 Years and finally the 19 Years.

Next section getting ready...

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Look at the cupcakes...

Making a comeback?
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Craig Henderson and Mary-Anne Germanos have announced their engagement at the feis.

More details to come from the happy soon as we can track them down :)

Lunch break

But stay tuned for breaking news....

Lunch break

But stay tuned for breaking news....

Results - 8 Years Girls

1 Imogen Ryan, McBrearty
2 Belle Bland de Chalain,
3 Ireland Everett, Carey
4 Danijela Hader, Currie-Henderson
5 Scarlett Sweeney, Caomhanagh

Results - 7 Years

1 Jack Carey, Carey
2 Denzel Liddle, Jackson Williams QLD
3 Ryan Yeates, Halloran
4 Corey White, Halloran

1 Trinity Woelms, Walton
2 Ella Walters, Reilly
3 Clodgh Flynn, Creer
4 Niamh Canning, Maher
5 Kaitlyn Holland, Carey
6 Bridget Kearnery, Currie-Henderson

Results - 6 Years Girls

1 Ciara-Leigh Carey, Carey
2 Brianna Woelms, Walton
3 Aislinn Carey, Carey
4 Gabrielle Rothfield, Caomhanach

Set dances are underway for the 7 & 8 Years

And ChaosCentral has just been given some chocolate crackles - heaven :)

6, 7 & 8 Years are back in marshalling for their soft shoe dances

6, 7 & 8 Years in marshalling

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Results - 10 Years Girls

1 Melina Liddle, Jackson Williams QLD
2 Kahli Gilchrist, McBrearty
3 Mikayla White, Halloran
4 Alexandra Vujevic, Maher
5 Bethany Evans, Maher
6 Genevieve Price, Currie-Henderson
7 Georgina Jelovic, Currie-Henderson
8 Claudia Balough, Simpson

Results - 9 Years Girls

1 Olivia Kennedy, Halloran
2 Rose Hanratty, Halloran
3 Georgie Purcell, Maher
4 Annelise Juriansz, Currie-Henderson
5 Niamh D'Arcy, Cox
6 Alannah Hader, Currie-Henderson

Results - 20 Years & Over

1 Jacqueline Gregory, Gregory ACT
2 Tamara Hanna, Derwent
3 Erin Wagner, Carroll
4 Lauren Ward, Carroll
5 Ondine Kennard-King, Higgins

20 Years & Over and 9 & 10 Years results now being presented

10 Years in marshalling for their set dances

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Gourmet food update

They have chocolate crackles!!!!!

And home made (really, not commercial) florentines, cupcakes (super and gluten free), scones, all sorts of interesting slices and tea and coffee.

And the RSL, faced with a room full of people wanting cappuccinos, won't open the bistro doing the cappuccinos until 1145 - certainly in business to make money - or NOT :)

In feis related news, the 9 & 10 Years dancers are now finishing their set dances.

Around the feis...

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The soft shoe rounds are now dancing

The 20 Years & Over and the 9 Years have done their hard shoe rounds and are now doing their soft shoe rounds.  We will be into the set dances in no time :)

There are some wonderful trophies with many years history, it is sad that there are so few competitors her to dance for them....

Both ends of the dancing spectrum...

 20 Years & Over

9 Years
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Sections, trophies and numbers

  • In the 6 Years Girls Premiership, four dancers are competing for the Kathryn Trenholme Trophy
  • In the 7 Years Girls Premiership, seven dancers are competing for the Baar Family Trophy
  • In the 7 & 8 Years Boys Premiership, four dancers are competing for the Daly Family Trophy
  • In the 8 Years Girls Premiership, five dancers are competing for the Trish & Tony Williams Trophy
  • In the 9 Years Girls Premiership, seven dancers are competing for the Henderson Family Trophy
  • In the 9 & 10 Years Boys Premiership, one dancer is competing for the JW & MK Currie Memorial Trophy
  • In the 10 Years Girls Premiership, eight dancers are competing for the Trish & Tony Williams Shield
  • In the 11 Years Girls Premiership, ten dancers are competing for the Hall-Struthers Perpetual Trophy
  • In the 11 & 12 Years Boy Premiership, two dancers are competing for the Henderson Belt
  • In the 12 Years Girls Premiership, six dancers are competing for the Henderson Family Trophy
  • In the 13 Years Girls Premiership, four dancers are competing for the Seamus Millar Challenge Trophy
  • In the 15 & 16 Years Girls Premiership, five dancers are competing for the Michelle Williams Trophy
  • In the 16 Years Boys Premiership, one dancer is competing for the Mathews School Trophy
  • In the 17 & 18 Years Ladies Premiership, two dancers are competing for the Maureen Smyth Memorial Trophy
  • In the 19 Years Ladies Premiership, four dancers are competing.
  • In the 20 Years & Over Years Ladies Premiership, five dancers are competing for the Burrow Perpetual Trophy
  • Welcome to the 2013 Southern Cross Feis

    What a glorious Sydney day!!

    Clearly the weather hasn't received the memo about it still being winter, today's expected temperature is around 27C and even interstate visitors from QLD are impressed :)

    We are at the Concord RSL Club, a venue that has plenty of food, parking and a very large dance floor.  We are all set-up and ready to go, so stay tuned.  There is no LiveCam today for operational reasons but LiveCommentary will be happy to keep you up-to-date.

    Our adjudicator is Mary McElroy ADCRG (Dublin) and music is by iPod.

    This year, the feis is being run by the Henderson boys....all of them.  We should have a great weekend's dancing :)

    Sunday 18 August 2013


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    It has been an amazing weekend, and although the wonderful google decided to make our lives difficult, we (think we) managed, and the weekend was a huge success with amazing dancing :)

    The Sunday Photos will hopefully be on Swoose sometime by midnight, and the Dance of Champions video uploaded to YouTube tomorrow. Until next year! Or maybe just the next comp...

    RESULTS- Intermediate Boys 13 Years

    1- Luke Chaumont WALTON
    2- Oisin Braddock-Hanratty WALTON
    3- Matthew Lambert CARROLL

    RESULTS- Intermediate Boys 14 Years

    1- Jonty Moore FIONA-GAYE MOORE
    2- Kieran Bryant HALLORAN

    RESULTS- Intermediate Girls 13 Years

    1- Isabella Fitzpatrick HALLORAN
    2- Bridie O'Neill CAREY
    3- Annie Devine MAHER
    4- Isabelle Geeves NI PIOBAIRE
    5- Jade McMartin HALLORAN
    6- Holly Gibson HALLORAN
    7- Alana Chapman WALTON
    8- Caitlin Kersivien MAHER
    9- Caragh Hayes HALLORAN
    10- Stephanie Baker KU-RING-GAI
    11- Anastasia Stinten MAHER
    12- Naoise Champion WALTON
    SRM- Laura Barrett-Hough CREER
    SRM- Isabelle Shelley HALLORAN
    SRM- Sarah Neasy CLADDAGH
    SRM- Georgia Butler CREER
    SRM- Clare Sultana NI PIOBAIRE
    SRM- Holly Smith WOLLONGONG

    RESULTS- Intermediate Girls 14 Years

    1- Maggie Devine MAHER
    2- Jordan Walter HALLORAN
    3- Catherine Lynch MAHER
    4- Emily Harmon DWYER-WHELAN
    5- Caitlin Pellizzon MAHER
    6- Alex Makin HALLORAN
    7- Charlotte Fletcher WALTON
    8- Sinead Podesta MAHER
    9- Niamh Kennedy WALTON
    10- Erin Kavanagh CREER
    11- Naomi Mason WOLLONGONG
    12- Catherine Hughes MAHER
    13- Mairead Cargill DWYER-WHELAN
    14- Abbie Tierney MCLOUGHLIN-O'BRIEN
    SRM- Chantelle Dankers WALTON
    SRM- Rebecca Miller WOLLONGONG
    SRM- Megan Donnelly WOLLONGONG
    SRM- Bryanne Jarrett  BIRD
    SRM- Jade Kyte DERWENT

    Status update

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    Feis update, Google Blogger is broken!!!!

     Back to old-style communications.  We still blame our Minion….
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    A happy camper….and 14 Years in marshalling

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