Sunday 19 May 2013

Technology update

Well, the assorted hardware has hung together quite well this weekend, only a few minor glitches for which we apologise.  Multiple computers, multiple internet feeds and new camera equipment is proving to be stable and usable.

So, the next experiment, or as we like to call it at the ChaosCentral Research Advancement Plant "product experience" will be to see if we can LiveUpdate photos to some site or another - in other words, as soon as we take it, you see it.  No waiting for the Special Delivery Elves to load LiveCommentary or, just a simple feed of RAW images in real-ish time.

Consideration of how to *actually* do this will be undertaken over the next few weeks....

And in feis-related matters, the soft shoe round of the Premiership is progressing nicely and we anticipate presentations before 1800.