Sunday 19 May 2013

Results - 11 & 12 Years

11 Years Premiership
1st Rachel  Vella Maher
2nd Charlotte  Smith Wollongong
3rd Holly  Cividen Reilly
4th Sophie  Liang Halloran
5th Cait Roche Halloran
6th Madeline  Osborn Fenagh
7th Emma Farrell Reilly
8th Molly Kingham Convey Walton
9th Tara  Slowey Maher
10th Brodie Billotta Halloran
12 Years Premiership
1st Rachel White Halloran
=2nd Michaela  Mason Wollongong
=2nd Erin Burt Creer
4th Jade  Abbey Carey
5th Sian Hamilton Creer
=6th Ashleigh Rollason Creer
=6th Kate  Wakeling Maher
=8th Ellie  Borg Carey
=8th Gabi Irving Creer
10th Alannah  Frawley Wollongong
11th Any Mountford Creer
12th Ysabel  Hardge Maher
13th Elizabeth  Wakeling Maher
=14th Bridget Kirwin Dwyer-Whelan
=14th Georgia  Jose Creer
16th Christina Miralles Walton
17th Chloe  Schulze Wollongong

Dancing for the day has finished, and so has the feis!

Presentations will start soon and later, some time after 20:00, photos will be available on

Many thanks to Karen Heggie, our inscrutable scrutineer, who supplied ChaosCentral with the results that meant you, dear viewer, could see them more quickly :)

Technology update

Well, the assorted hardware has hung together quite well this weekend, only a few minor glitches for which we apologise.  Multiple computers, multiple internet feeds and new camera equipment is proving to be stable and usable.

So, the next experiment, or as we like to call it at the ChaosCentral Research Advancement Plant "product experience" will be to see if we can LiveUpdate photos to some site or another - in other words, as soon as we take it, you see it.  No waiting for the Special Delivery Elves to load LiveCommentary or, just a simple feed of RAW images in real-ish time.

Consideration of how to *actually* do this will be undertaken over the next few weeks....

And in feis-related matters, the soft shoe round of the Premiership is progressing nicely and we anticipate presentations before 1800.

We are nearly there!!

Dancers are milling around in marshalling, resplendent in their soft shoes.  This can only mean one thing, that we are marching steadily to the end of the feis and then onto presentations!!

Also to go home and rejoin the real world, leaving the reel world behind for another few weeks... :)

11 Years called to marshalling for their soft shoe round

12 Years Premiership first round now on stage

They are dancing two at a time and; it is becoming dark outside and the lights are feeble inside, so ots just as well the dresses have lots of bling!

Friends…..and marshalling for the Premiership rounds

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Premiership rounds about to start - we are early!!!

Feis update

The 11 & 12 Years are dancing up a storm as the late afternoon sun finally fades from the northern windows of the hall.  The temperature will one again drop as the strip heaters are continuing their sulk from yesterday.  The vendors are packing up, but the canteen is still providing all sorts of hot and cold foods and a staggering array of home-made slices and cakes - really home made, not in some factory "home"!

The feis is running on time, a fact appreciated but not vocalised by the very full hall.  It is, once again, standing room only, which can only mean that Irish Dancing is still strong in NSW, especially as there are many beginner and primary sections with good numbers.

More updates as they come to hand, except this one; the warm-up dances are still underway :)

11 & 12 Years in marshalling

This is the last age section of the day, and we are running on time!

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Lunch break, but the 11 & 12 Years are ready in marshalling!

 We will start as soon as the adjudicators return from their repast :)

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Results - 13 & 14 Years

13 Years Premiership
1st Annie  Devine Maher
2nd Naoise Champion Walton
3rd Oisin Braddock-Hanratty Walton
4th Holly Gibson Halloran
=5th Alana Chapman Walton
=5th Matt  Lambert Carroll
7th Isabelle Shelley Halloran
8th Caragh Hayes Halloran
9th Isabelle  Geeves Ni Piobaire
10th Clare  Sultana Ni Piobaire
14 Years Premiership
1st Sinead Podesta Maher
2nd Niamh Kennedy Walton
3rd Caitlin  Pellizzon Maher
4th Erin Kavanagh Creer
5th Megan  Donnelly Wollongong
6th Bryanee Jarrett Bird
7th Jade Kyte Derwent

13 & 14 Years presentations now!!

Soooooo cute…will be on stage soon!

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14 Years in marshalling - presentations next!

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