Saturday 13 March 2010

The final competitors have danced!!

The Tara Feis is over for another year.  What a great time, with a wide range of dancers from the "littlies" this afternoon all the way up to the Seniors just before them.

With a fabulous range of real homemade food and a great stage, it has been a great success.

And so, we look forward to providing this service to you at the next feis, hopefully with a working LiveCam!

And also look on for St Patrick's Day parade photos.

Part of the way through the 8 & under Charity Reel now

Not too many dancers left to go and then - presentations!

Photos from today will be up after 2300 - I have to drive back to Sydney first!

Only 7 sections left to dance

We are in the final sections of the 8 and under age groups, it has been a long day and we are running a little bit late.

Still, everyone is having a great time and lots of new parents are getting some exposure to a feis and the circus-like atmosphere that goes with it.  They are also learning the concept of SIDT (Standard Irish Dancing Time), something special where the temporal environment that we all know and love exhibits a degree of elasticity.  Or perhaps better expressed as "Dancing will extend to take all the time available to it".

We are having a little break between the 8 years and under sections

Simpson Academy are performing their Dance Drama

8 years & under are now on stage

So small and for many, their first feis!

13 & over results now, followed by 6/7/8 years

Taking it easy.....

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17 & over in marshalling for the Charity Reel

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Now dancing the Charity Reel

The 13 years and over are lined up on stage and they are dancing it similar to a step-about.

The presentations will be held after this.

17 years & over

In marshalling for the Open Slip Jig
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Last few sections starting to get ready

14, 15 and 16 years sections in marshalling

The audience is glued to the stage - the dancing is wonderful
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18 & over warming up in marshalling

Life imitating art?
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There is a short break

The dancers are starting their reels and slip jigs, which will be followed by the Charity Reel.  The latter raised $900 last year and it appears that will be surpassed this year.

Waiting for their turn

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LiveCam is back!!

And this Mac we be rebuilt tonight after the feis, because when an Adobe product breaks, it usually completely trashes your operating system environment, Windows, OSX or Linux!

Now dancing set dances for the 13 years and over age groups.

Adobe Flash killed the LiveCam!!

So, despite a stern talking to and several executions by firing squad (that means rebooting the machine several times), Adobe Flash remains corrupted!  LiveCam won't be available until I think of something clever....or not.

The older age groups have finished their Hornpipe - there were a couple of slips but everyone is OK.  The 13 & 14 years are now doing their Hornpipe.

13-17 years are dancing their hornpipe

LiveCam is off the air for a while

Adobe Flash is broken, perhaps the application has broken it?  Without it, no LiveCam - sorry.

Some 15 & 16years in marshalling

They are waiting to dance the Open Jig, two at a time on stage.
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Early afternooin session is now starting

13 years and over dancing in this session, followed by 8 years and under around 1600.

There were beautiful sausages available for lunch,with caramelised onions and a range of sauces.

LiveCam is back!!

Hello!! (LiveCam is on lunch break)

Hello to Finland

Hello to Israel

Hello to our friends

Hello to the audience!
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Feis scenes

Senior Figure practice

Getting ready for the presentations!

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Lunch time!!

Presentations are now over for the 12 years and under and we are having a very pleasant lunch break.  I think I can smell BBQ sausages - I may be wrong - but I'm off to investigate!

Results for the morning section are about to take place

But just before that, the Simpson Senior Figure Dancers are doing the dance they are taking to the Worlds.  This will not be on LiveCam - but it is spectacular!

Raffles and things!

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More dresses for sale

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Dresses for sale

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Gourmet food report

Raffle ticket sales "enforced" by "friendly" fathers - including fast Eddie (on the right), famous organiser of the Secret Mens Business night held the night before Nationals competition starts.

There really is gourmet food here. Just had two fabulous home made (not in a factory) bacon and egg quiches, and the range of biscuits, cakes and slices is quite remarkable!
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