Sunday, 27 May 2012

See you all at the McAleer Feis!

Results - 12 Years

1st Caitlin Kersivien Maher
2nd Annie Devine Maher
3rd Oisin Braddock Hanratty Walton
4th Anastasia Stinten Maher
5th Isabelle Geeves Ni Piobaire
6th Christian Wardini Halloran
7th Caragh Hayes Halloran
8th Holly Smith Wollongong
9th Isabelle Shelley Halloran

Results - 11 Years

1st Niamh Gallagher Halloran
2nd Millie Jones Derwent
3rd Michaela Mason Wollongong
4th Rachel White Halloran
5th Erin Burt Creer-Harvey
6th Ysabel Hardge Maher
=7th Sian Hamilton Creer-Harvey
=7th Niamh Mack Carey
9th Chanel Wardini Halloran
10th Renee Doughty Creer-Harvey
11th Nicholas Bapopoulas-Cook Currie-Henderson
12th Katherine Wakeling Maher
13th Madeline Carroll Halloran
14th Bridget Kirwan Dwyer-Whelan
15th Alannah Frawley Wollongong
16th Evie Norris Maher

And so the dancing comes to an end

A great competition in a great venue.  Presentations are about to start and the photos from today will be available on some time after 20:00.

Results will be online as soon as the presentations finish.

12 Years now doing their Premiership soft shoe round

Dancing two at a time on the stage - which means we can expect presentations in about 10 minutes or so...

ChaosCentral has no idea what they were looking at when this was published, it was either the 11 Years or something else, because the 12 Years are now in marshalling.....perhaps in the excitement to get the photos ready, we misheard another sections.  They 11 Years only just finished.

Oh well, consider the first comment accurate now and not 20 minutes ago, and ChaosCentral will check on their supply of medication for later....

11 Years Premiership is now finished

The 12 Years are lined up and ready to go!

11 Years called to marshalling for their soft shoe dances

At this rate, we will finish early :)

And we are off and dancing

Three at a time on the stage

Feis update

Heaters now switched on, dancing paused for .....well, not really sure....stay tuned!

12 Years called to marshalling for their Premiership hard shoe dance

And now the hall is becoming dark and cooler - although it is almost completely full as this is the largest section of the competition.  Perhaps the weather is good practice for the McAleer feis in a few weeks time?

Premiership hard shoe round underway

They are dancing on stage three at a time, except we just had a small false start with some confusion between a hornpipe and a jig - but we are going again!

Premiership dancers are in marshalling

Raring to go :)

Feis update

Only another 20 soft shoe dances to go, but in three different sections.  Then, on to the Premiership dances - remembering that there are around 45 dancers in the 11/12 Years Premierships :)

Gourmet food update

The canteen has just announced a wide range of discounts on all hot food - rush here now to take advantage.  That means you too, Kate :)

Dancers have returned in their soft shoes

There will be reels and slip jigs and ........ dancing.

Feis update

We are now moving into the hornpipe dances, which will be followed by the traditional sets, before progressing to the soft shoe dances.

The sun has just set behind the building so natural sunlight and warmth is gone for the day.  The hall is cooling and I will have to use a flash for the last section's photos.

Lots of happy people in the hall, watching the dancers on stage two at a time, and enjoying the last of the canteen's hot food.  The last of the chocolate crackles have disappeared and, as they were available all day, ChaosCentral is beginning to wonder if the interest in them is becoming obsessional?

Probably. Not.  One of the two.....

11 & 12 Years in marshalling for their hard shoe dances

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We are back from lunch...

And the 11 & 12 Years are in marshalling, ready for the last sections of the day.

And now it is lunch....

A well deserved break for the adjudicators and organisers, as a sumptuous silver service lunch is enjoyed in the grand dining room of the Memorial Hall, with waiters in full regalia.

Or perhaps, just some take-away from the RSL cafe....much more likely, but less exotic :)

Results - 16 Years

1st Tamara Flynn Maher
2nd Hayley Cannon Reilly
3rd Kate Lynch Halloran
4th Aislinn Podesta Maher
5th Vanessa Hild Creer-Harvey
6th Brandon Sutton Ni Piobaire
7th Alistair Bennett Aisling
8th Rohan Mason Wollongong
9th Erin Steer Creer-Harvey
10th Angelica Kross Derwent

Results, 15 Years

1st Emily Palmer Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Cara Wiggins Aisling
3rd Zoe Thornthwaite Creer-Harvey
=4th Ciara Cummins Fenagh
=4th Sarah Fuller Walton
6th Erin O’Callaghan Carey
7th Nora Bakalla Fenagh
8th Ciara Joyce Ku-Ring-Gai
9th Hannah Thomas Walton
10th Shannon Browne Halloran
11th Jack Kearney Currie-Henderson
12th Alex Broome Ni Piobaire
13th Samantha Whatman Gra na Rince
14th Tara Somerville Gra na Rince

Presentations and lunch now!

16 Years called to marshalling for their Premiership soft shoe round

Presentations and lunch will follow....and the hall is now buzzing with the 11 & 12 Years getting ready for their moment in the sun.  Better be quick, the sun will disappear behind the next door building in about another 90 minutes, and the hall will once again cool down...

16 Years in marshalling for their hard shoe round

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16 Years Premiership dancers called to marshalling

15 Years in marshalling for their Premiership hard shoe round

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15 & 16 years in marshalling

 Soft shoe dances have now finished and we are rolling into the Premiership dances - then lunch and presentations.

The final section of the day, the 11 & 12 Years will follow and it looks as if we will be finished on time :)
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Feis update

Traditional set dances have finished, we are now moving into the soft shoe round and then the Premiership dances.  Lunch is scheduled for 1345 and it looks as if we will easily make that.  Now all we need is some more people in the audience, Facebook suggests that too many are finding other things to do rather than be here :)

15 & 16 Years in marshalling

 Hall is still only about 1/3 full, but when the 11 & 12 Years arrive, the cutomary mayhem should ensue :)
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15 & 16 Years now on stage....

Results - 14 Years

1st Kyra Webb Wollongong
2nd Holly Seldon Walton
3rd Madelaine Yeaman Creer-Harvey
4th Renee O’Connor Halloran
5th Jakub Kyral Walton

Results - 13 Years

1st Charlotte Fletcher Walton
2nd Caitlin Pellizzon Maher
3rd Emily Harmon Dwyer-Whelan
4th Niamh Kennedy Walton
5th Sinead Podesta Maher
6th Megan Donnelly Wollongong
7th Erin Kavanagh Creer-Harvey

Presentations on now!

Two-hand own choreography

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Getting ready is a demanding process...

 And the last of the Premiership dancers have been called to marshalling.

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13 & 14 Years are now on stage doing their soft shoe round of the Premiership

Presentations will follow and - joy oh joy - we are still running early :)

The hall is about half full and being warmed by glorious winter sunshine, the earlier clouds having made good their escape.  Canteen food abounds and its aroma mixes interestingly with the wafting hairspray and deodorant - must be approaching lunchtime.

15 & 16 Years are in the hall and getting ready

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A message to a beloved best friend

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Feis update

The adjudicators are taking a short break for tea, scones with jam and cream, and perhaps a break from the music and the feet :)

As we are running a little early, a sanity break for all of us seems a good idea.

Premiership dancers called to marshalling

13 & 14 Years marshalling for their soft shoe dances

 Looking very relaxed….
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Reel-y making progress now

Powering through the soft shoe dances on our way to the Premiership round :)

Gourmet food update

ChaosCentral was just delivered a fresh cappuccino by a PandA :)  Thanks!!!!

Dancers have been called to marshalling for their set dances

The marshalling queue is growing...

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13 & 14 Years in marshalling for their hard shoe dances

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Welcome to a beautiful Sunday at the AIDA Graded & Reserve Feis

Overcast and cool weather greets travellers to Hornsby this morning, but the warm reception given by the feis organisers is sure to warm people up.  The first section of the day is the 13 & 14 Years and they are a little tardy getting into marshalling - could be the metabolism is a little slow due to the weather :)

The canteen is fired up and ready and they will probably do a roaring trade today as the hall is only about a quarter full, leading to a slight chill in the air than can only be addressed by hot food and drink!

They have just taken the stage for their hard shoe round, dancing two at a time.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Results - 20 Years & Over

=1st Lauren Ward Carroll
=1st Siobhan White Wollongong
=3rd Tegan Horwood McMahon
=3rd Signe Peitersen McMahon
5th Sarah Healey McMahon

Results - 18 & 19 Years

1st Adrian Sutton Ni Piobaire
2nd Katie Giles Carroll
3rd Sally Thompson Ku-Ring-Gai
4th Bernadette Neasy Claddagh
5th Rhiannon Jones Maher

Results - 17 Years

=1st Jordan Molloy Walton
=1st Emily Stinten Maher
3rd Jess Carruthers Maher
4th Lauren Holmes Carroll
5th Carly Chittendon Carey
6th Alexandra Lemon Higgins


Premiership hard shoe dances almost finished

The senior dancers are now looking for where they last put their soft shoes, then sauntering back to marshalling for their final dances.  We should be ready for presentations around 1945.

Feis update

Traditional sets have finished and the 17 Years and over are in marshalling for their soft shoe rounds - very soon we will be into the Premiership dances....

ChaosCentral's intern of the day

 Actually, the only intern all day :)
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17 Years & Over in marshalling

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17 Years & Over in marshalling

Results - 10 Years

=1st Alexandra Hennings Carey
=1st Elliot Sutton Aisling
3rd Sophie Liang Halloran
4th Emma Farrell Reilly
5th Charlotte Smith Wollongong
6th Holly Cividin Reilly
7th Molly Kingham-Convey Derwent
8th Mackenzie Lawler Reilly

Results - 9 Years

1st Caitlin Hickey Fenagh
2nd Kaitlin Weeks Ni Piobaire
=3rd Alexandra Vujevic Maher
=3rd Georgia Herbert Wollongong
5th Roisin Hayes Halloran
6th Mikayla White Halloran
7th Niamh Marsden Ku-Ring-Gai
8th Natahni Lonergan Walton
9th Bethany Evans Maher
10th Veronica Lynch Maher
11th Ryan Barlow Maher

Last Premiership dancers on stage....

Presentations next, then the 17 Years and Over....only running about 15 minutes late....

Feis update

We are having a brief pause between Premierships - normal service will resume very soon..And we are now running about 15 minutes late :)

Soft shoe round of the Premiership is now on stage

And once these dancers have finished, presentations will start.  We still seem to be running on time, or close to it, and the 17 Years and over probably don't mind :)

Feis Update

After a small delay due to technical difficulties, the 10 years Premiership hard shoe round is underway.

9 & 10 Years Premiership in marshalling

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And the dancing is rolling along...

The last few soft shoe dancers are on stage and we are about to start the Premiership rounds for the 9 & 10 Years.  It is becoming dark outside and also much cooler, the hall is quite full so the combined body heat will work for a while...

The 17 Years and over are yet to make an appearance en masse, but when they arrive and this section leaves, the hall will probably empty considerably...which is a pity as there are so many good dancers to see in these age groups.

Gourmet food update
The canteen is doing a roaring trade in cakes, drinks and toasted sandwiches - chocolate crackles have also been spotted.

9 & 10 Years in marshalling

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Feis update

Hornpipes are nearing completion whilst the hall cools down.  Outside, the cloud cover is increasing but the wind has abated - this weather report brought to you courtesy of boredom :)

We are still running on time, so if you are in the last section of the day and reading this, come on down to enjoy the fun!

Jig and hornpipe sections have just been called to marshalling

9 & 10 Years now on stage

Lunch was wonderful, you should have been here!

Feis update

As it is lunchtime, the LiveCam audio is muted

Results - 6 Years & Under

1st Trinity Woelms Walton
2nd Madison O’Brien Halloran
3rd Isabella Masters Higgins
4th Jaeda Ross Wollongong
5th Ryan Yeates Halloran

Premiership dancers now on stage

Lunch and presentations will follow - and - we are running on time!!

Feis update

The dancers are on stage doing their assorted soft shoe rounds and the hall is not quite as full as before.  A very appreciative audience, but with lots of background noise which makes it difficult for the very young dancers to hear the music.

Still cool and windy outside and inside the hall the temperature is dropping.  If you are attending the later sections of the day, prepare to rug up!

And now the 4, 5 & 6 Years are on stage

The feis is running on time, the hall is warm and all is well :)

Results - 8 Years

1st Rose Hanratty Halloran
2nd Alana Loveridge Halloran
=3rd Mitchell Carroll Halloran
=3rd Georgie Purcell Maher
5th Connie Sutton Aisling
6th Eleftheria Stoubidis Halloran
7th Grace Stevens Halloran
8th Sophie Rollason Creer-Harvey
9th Olivia Byrne Creer-Harvey
10th Alana Curran-Jones Halloran
11th Phoebe Liang Halloran
12th Erin Browne Halloran

Results - 7 Years

=1st Danah Pham Halloran
=1st Imogen Ryan Fenagh
=3rd Caitlin Finnegan Reilly
=3rd Eloise Hawse Creer-Harvey
=5th Leah Kingham-Convey Derwent
=5th Jack Wardini Halloran

7 & 8 Years presentations now on!

It's true!!!!

 Gourmet chocolate crackles from the Ku-Ring-Gai school!!!

And the 7 & 8 Years are now in marshalling for their soft shoe Premiership dances.

Seating is at a premium in the hall, we have noticed that unoccupied chairs are being "relocated" by people without a seat - so make sure you remain seated at all times!
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7 & 8 Years Premierships are underway

First round dances are on stage now, dancing three at a time.  Some have returned to marshalling in their soft shoes, ready to go!

7 & 8 years in marshalling for their Premiership dances

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Premiership dancers called to marshalling

Feis update

Visitors to the feis are advised to rug-up warmly and to bring a kite!  The wind has picked-up and although there is heating in the hall and seating for over 200, it becomes chilly and one is likely to be blown off-course when entering and leaving the hall.

Gourmet Food update
The Ku-Ring-Gai school is running a canteen that contains a fantastic range of hot and cold food and, of course, the obligatory sweets to keep us all going and top provide a sugar boost to the dancers.  And we have been informed that there may be chocolate crackles available as well - oh joy :)

Soft shoe rounds now on stage

Last few dancers in the 7 & 8 years traditional set

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