Sunday 19 May 2013

Feis update

The 11 & 12 Years are dancing up a storm as the late afternoon sun finally fades from the northern windows of the hall.  The temperature will one again drop as the strip heaters are continuing their sulk from yesterday.  The vendors are packing up, but the canteen is still providing all sorts of hot and cold foods and a staggering array of home-made slices and cakes - really home made, not in some factory "home"!

The feis is running on time, a fact appreciated but not vocalised by the very full hall.  It is, once again, standing room only, which can only mean that Irish Dancing is still strong in NSW, especially as there are many beginner and primary sections with good numbers.

More updates as they come to hand, except this one; the warm-up dances are still underway :)