Sunday 26 July 2015

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Results - Senior Ladies 20 Years & Over

1st Nicole Robinson FGMA
2nd Jasmine Morata Halloran
3rd Marie Sweeney Maher
4th Ann Louise Bennett McBrearty
5th Hannah Eve Walton
6th Jessica Carruthers Maher
7th Elena Barrett-Hough Creer
8th Sally Thompson Walton
9th Alyssa Flynn Maher
10th Tamara Hannah Derwent
11th Rachael Larnach Maher
12th Moira Neasy Claddagh
13th Lauren Ward Carroll
14th Kathleen  Fletcher Walton
15th Siobhan Ingall Le Nor
=16th Brittany Fowler Currie Henderson
=16th Kathryn Young Le Nor
18th Carly Chittendon Carey
19th Ashlee Renshaw Ni Piobaire
20th Amy Ward Carroll
21st Alexandra Lemon Ni Piobaire
22nd Lauren Holmes Carroll
23rd Jenny Croft Maher
24th Bernadette Neasy Claddagh
=25th Ellen Parker Halloran
=25th Sarah  Birch Derwent
27th Ella Roberts Le Nor
28th Emma Woodbury Carroll
29th Jacquelyne Broome Ni Piobaire
30th Bernadette Moloney Walton
31st Rhiannon Jones Maher
32nd Rachel Gallagher Wollongong

Results - Ladies 19 Years

1st Morgan Crammond Halloran
2nd Caitlin Devine Maher
3rd Tamara Flynn Maher
4th Shannon Riley Walton
5th Hayley Cannon Reilly
6th Aislinn  Podesta Maher
7th Betheny Thomson Gra na Rince
8th Sinead Kyral Walton
9th Angelica Kross Derwent

Results - Senior Men 20 Years & Over

1st Jonathan Daddo Walton
2nd Joseph Castro Maher
3rd Xuan Luu Le Nor
4th Adrian Sutton Currie Henderson

Results - Junior Men 19 Years

1st Thomas Hughes Maher
2nd Shaun Cameron Maher

Feis update: - adjudicator edition

The adjudicators have made good their escape, perhaps only temporarily, part way through the Senior Ladies Set Dances.  In the interim, the second-hand sequin shop stock is being increased as a teacher-led sweep across the stage discovers new finds :)

Rested, relaxed and comfortable, we expect regular transmission to resume shortly...

Feis update

Only another 30 set dances to go...

Soft shoe rounds almost finished...on to the sets we go!

Feis update

All the hard shoe rounds have finished and we are about to start the soft shoe rounds.

The auditorium is still quite full, but the younger dancers and their families have left; that is a shame as they are missing come great dancing, as well as the opportunity to see where their dancing careers may take them...

Waiting for their first round...

Seniors in marshalling

ALL Sunday photos will be online later tonight...sorry for the delay but I am more busy than I imagined :)

And the Seniors are now on stage!

Competition details for the remainder of the day...

The Junior Mens 19 Years have 2 competitors.

The Ladies 19 Years are competing for the AIDA Teachers Trophy & the Hamilton Family Tiara; there are 10 dancers in this section.

The Senior Mens 20 Years are competing for the Jill & Bob Struthers Perpetual Trophy; there are 4 dancers in this section.

The Senior Ladies 20 Years & Over Years are competing for the AIDA NSW Trophy & the Janice Currie-Henderson Tiara; there are 36 dancers in this section.

Results - Sub Minor Girls 8 Years

1st Ciara-Leigh Carey Carey
2nd Mia Robinson FGMA
3rd Madison    O’Brien Halloran
4th Eimear Lucey Dwyer Whelan
5th Ella Kennedy McBrearty
6th Jemima Atkins Halloran
7th Emma  Halamkova Halloran
8th Jenna Murphy McBrearty
9th Rose Lynch Maher
10th Amy Mason Wollongong
11th April  Cividin Reilly
12th Alannah  Lock Higgins
13th Sophie      Salvo Halloran
14th Arianna  Mulligan Coisceim
15th Emily Guerrera McBrearty
16th Julia  Desaulnier  Cox
17th Renae  Swinkels Higgins
18th Aislinn Carey Carey
19th Harriet Hogben Caomhanach
20th Isobel Munns Halloran
21st Sienna Devine Halloran
22nd Samantha  Fayers Cox
23rd Olivia Wishart Wollongong
24th Angela  Nicholson Halloran
25th Kayla Lee Creer
=26th Caitlin Hanratty Derwent
=26th Tahlia  Ruggero Cox
28th Jenna Baker Creer
AA Jasmine Croft Halloran
AA Amelie  Havard Blackbird
AA Charli Jones Higgins
AA Kyra  Lau Halloran
AA Elena  Speirs Bird
AA Jade Dixon Creer
AA Chelsea Kim Creer
AA Julia Matthews Gra na Rince
AA Poppy Tomczynski Gra na Rince
AA Hannah  Cole Currie Henderson
AA Jemma Riordan Halloran
AA Tayissa Buchanan Gra na Rince
AA Ruby Tyler Le Nor

Results - Sub Minor Girls 7 Years

1st Brianna Woelms Walton
2nd Niamh  McDonagh Halloran
3rd Ciara Kingham Convey Walton
4th Heidi Hanson Spreagadh
5th Mia Tesoriero Halloran
6th Tabitha Niamh Barwick Spreagadh
7th Heidi   Chapple Halloran
8th Yarra Jackson McBrearty
9th Malea Ross Wollongong
10th Medeea Pandrea Halloran
11th Leila  Broadley  Cox
12th Erin Doyle Reilly
13th Tiahna Ross Wollongong
14th Gabrielle Rothfield Caomhanach
15th Mary-Anne Ball Carey
AA Cassidy Grima Ni Piobaire
AA Isla Lucchitti Wollongong
AA Sienna Diamond Le Nor
AA Chiara Penna Maher
AA Mina Choi Creer
AA Nevaeh McDonagh Maher
AA Hannah Singh Blackbird
AA Jacinta  Garden Derwent

Results - 6 Years & Under Mixed

1st Natalie     Petkovich Halloran
2nd Cadence Woelms Walton
3rd Sophie  O’Brien Halloran
4th April Rose Hockley Spreagadh
5th Niamh Grady Maher
6th Kiera       Chapple Halloran
7th Matilda Gold Walton
8th Roisin O’Connell Reilly
9th Ellexis Hanley Halloran
10th Isibeal Abbey Carey
11th Charlotte Whyburn  Cox
AA Cara Mirco Currie Henderson
AA Olivia Higgins Higgins
AA Alexis Cusbert Creer
AA River Hodge Maher
AA Erin Malone Halloran

Results - Junior Boys 12 Years

1st Liam Costello Creer
2nd Andy Carter Carey

Results - Junior Boys 11 Years

1st Liam McWeeney Walton
2nd Liam      Fitzgerald Halloran
3rd Gabriel Garcia Halloran
4th Mitchell    Carroll Halloran

Results - Minor Boys 10 Years

1st Jack Carey Carey
2nd Liam McClafferty Carey
3rd Patrick Wakeling Maher

Results - Minor Boys 9 Years

1st Ryan Jackson Yeates Halloran
2nd Angus Limbrey Carroll
3rd Corey     White Halloran
4th Oliver King Creer

Results - Sub Minor Boys 8 Years

1st Shae      Munro Halloran

Results - Sub Minor Boys 7 Years

1st Isaac Bartlett Maher
2nd Kyle Faber Carey

Presentations about to start - LiveCam is running!

7 Years Traditional Set dancers now on stage

On the 19 Years and OAP dancers have started to filter into the auditorium...which is already full :)

Around the feis...

The 8 Years have finished their first round and the 7 Years & Under are in marshalling, ready for their second round.

No sign of the Seniors and OAPs yet :)

Sub Minor Girls 8 Years now on stage

The Sub Minor Girls 8 Years are competing for the Brennan Trophy, and the Myrl Matthews Memorial Tiara, sponsored by Claddagh International; there are 42 dancers in this section.

Sub Minor Girls 7 Years & Under now on stage

The dancers are competing for the Cathy Lea TCRG Perpetual Trophy and a tiara donated by Geraldine French ADCRG; there are 23 dancers in this section.

We have a very full house!

And the 6 & Under aren't doing Traditional Sets, they are dancing a reel - never rely on ChaosCentral for accurate ID information!

6 Years & Under about to dance their second round

They will then do their traditional set dances....and then the 7 & 8 Years will follow, dancing their sections interleaved...

The anticipation of their first State Championship...

The 6 & Under Mixed Championship dancers are competing for the Bennett Family Trophy; there are 17 dancers in this section.

It is their first State Championships :)