Sunday 29 July 2018

And that's a wrap!

Another wonderful feis that ran on time and had lots of happy families.

A massive thanks to Karen Heggie, without whom you would have no results on this LiveCommentary.

ChaosCentral will next be at the QLD and NSW State Championships, where will will provide LiveCommentary and free dancing and presentation photos, and our last engagement of the year, Feis Lunasa in September.

At Nationals in Cairns, you will be able to purchase your dancing and presentation photos from WinkiPop, who have been appointed the Official Photographers by AIDA Australia.

Results - All ages Beginner, Primary & Pre-school; and 6 Years Championship

8  Years & Under Primary Premiership
1st Hailey Chan Scoil Rince Creer
2nd Holly Sinnott Dwyer-Whelan
3rd Daina Carey Carey SW
4th Annabelle Ho Rince Le Nor
5th Jade Curraey Cox Academy
6th Leah Wallace Scoil Rince Creer
7th Neve Miranda Carey SW
AA Iona Duguid Carey SW
AA Siobhan McKervey Penrith Gael Maher
AA Alex Thomson-Frain Scoil Rince Creer
AA Bronte Wildman Penrith Gael Maher
AA Sophia Macri Rince Le Nor
9 & 10  Years Primary Premiership
1st Clodagh Danillo Carey SW
=2nd Harriet Leung Morrow Ryan Academy
=2nd Emily Sawyers Carroll Studio
=2nd Isabel Hawkins Rince Le Nor
=5th Rhianna Downes Penrith Gael Maher
=5th Eloise Smith Rince Le Nor
AA Lisa Connolly Carey SW
AA Allegra Mineeff Bird
AA Bronwyn Kerr Carroll Studio
AA Abigail Smyth McMahon
11 Years & Over Primary Premiership
1st Mary Rowe Carroll Studio
2nd Caitlin Calvert Carroll Studio
3rd Peri Le Dain McMahon
4th Kira Le Dain McMahon
4 Years & Under Beginners Premiership
1st Ruby Masters Higgins
2nd Maisie Brown Higgins
=3rd Alannah Cole Dwyer-Whelan
=3rd Audrey-Grace Bartl Halloran
5th Heidi Chan Scoil Rince Creer
6th Emily Stewart Kennedy
AA Lydia Chang Rince Le Nor
AA Sophie Gulaboski Halloran
AA Rosheen Newson Carey SW
AA Lily Green Higgins
5 & 6 Years Beginners Premiership
1st Holly Sinnott Dwyer-Whelan
=2nd Niamh Martin Cox Academy
=2nd Katie O'Loughlin Higgins
4th Scarlett Horne Higgins
5th Stella Turner Cox
6th Niamh O'Rourke Higgins
7th Claire Lorraine Penrith Gael Maher
8th Annabelle Leggott Higgins
9th Ruby O'Brien Penrith Gael Maher
10th Harry Parsons Penrith Gael Maher
AA Charlotte Sawyers Carroll Studio
AA Nuala Fashoyin Walton
AA Mikayla Mackney Carey SW
AA Eloise Atkinson Scoil Rince Creer
AA Ruby McCallister Higgins
AA Liam Hughes Penrith Gael Maher
AA Sofie Carroll Carey SW
7 & 8 Years Beginners Premiership
1st Hannah Teichert Sydney Academy
2nd Annabel Glengarry Kennedy
3rd Evelyn Smith Carroll Studio
4th Lauren Gavin Halloran
9 & 10 Years Beginners Premiership
1st Cody Faber Carey SW
2nd Georgia Moore Carroll Studio
3rd Elsie Glengarry Kennedy

6 Years & Under Mixed Championship
1st Sheena King Halloran
2nd Daina Carey Carey SW
3rd Rose Montgomery Higgins
4th Ailie McDonagh Halloran
5th Bonnie Doorey McBrearty
6th Ruby Masters Higgins
7th Holly Sinnott Dwyer-Whelan
AA Saoirse Ryan Kennedy
AA Jane Wallace Scoil Rince Creer
AA Emma Lilley Cox Academy
AA Molly LeMaire Penrith Gael Maher

Feis update!

Gourmet food and drinks arrived, courtesy of the feis organisers; Karen Heggie and ChaosCentral are now replenished and just enjoyed a fabulous dancing display from the under 4 years uncategorised group - all dancers performed so well, they tied for first place!

Photos will be available tonight on

And now, dancers are marshalling for more spectacular competition...

Apparently, lunch is over...

ChaosCentral didn't even hear the whooshing noise of lunch passing by, but we are now marshalling for this afternoon's remaining sections.

Karen Heggie is flat out, like a lizard drinking, collating and entering results, selling the marks and providing ChaosCentral with the placing information that you see on these pages...she also didn't hear the sound of lunch breaking.

ChaosCentral, after some more photos, will go on a hunter/gathering expedition, gourmet food not being a defining characteristic of the Camden Civic Centre...although their hot chips are very crispy and nice :)

Results - All ages Elementary and 7-10 Years Intermediate/Open

8  Years & Under Elementary Premierships
1st Aoibhe Carty Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Isabella Moore Simpson
3rd Natalie Williams Higgins
4th Kiera Rothfield Sydney Academy
5th Charlotte Thompson Higgins
6th Eabha Morrissey Sheard Academy
7th Amelia Smith Higgins
AA Emily Hawke Cox Academy
AA Madeleine McGimpsey Sydney
AA Abby Cameron Higgins
AA Zara Gorman Reilly
AA Charlotte Hughes Penrith Gael Maher
9 & 10  Years & Under Elementary Premierships
1st Mary Kearns McGrath
2nd Milla Costin Higgins
3rd Cora Tully Tir an Oir
4th Amelia Chenhall Claddagh
5th Mackinley Canning Penrith Gael Maher
6th Alex Sacco Claddagh Academy
7th Maria Keis Dwyer-Whelan
AA Olivia Higgins Higgins
AA April Rose Hockley Spreagadh Na Rince
AA Jade Sibbick Kennedy
AA MacKenzie Kelly Walton
11 Years & Over Elementary Premierships
1st Mairead Drain Carey SW
2nd Isaac Fletcher Walton
3rd Macy Werfel Carey SW
4th Charlotte Teichert Sydney Academy
5th Emma Sacco Claddagh Academy
AA Jade O'Kelly McMahon
AA Lauren Moore Carroll Studio
7 Years Intermediate/Open Championship
1st Indigo Hawkins Halloran
2nd Piper Hough Halloran
3rd Clodagh Canning Penrith Gael Maher
4th Aoibhe Carty Dwyer-Whelan
8 Years Intermediate/Open Championship
1st Neala Chaston Carey SW
2nd Kai Robinson Halloran
3rd Tiahna Ross Carey SW
4th Aleira Grey McGrath
5th Keira Chapple Halloran
6th Samantha Lloyd McGrath
AA Luca Bella Solomons Walton
AA Molly Van Der Weegen Walton
AA Isabella Moore Simpson
9 Years Intermediate/Open Championship
1st Niamh McDonagh Halloran
2nd Penelope Armbruster Walton
3rd Alexia Cusbert Scoil Rince Creer
4th Iris Hanscombe McGrath
5th Poppy Stirrat McBrearty
6th Tabitha Barwick Spreagadh Na Rince
7th Eric Lawonski Scoil Rince Creer
AA Cassidy Grima Sydney Academy
AA Imagine Smith McGrath
AA Cora Tully Tir an Oir
AA Ava O'Brien Dwyer Whelan
AA Ellexis Hanley Halloran
10 Years Intermediate/Open Championship
1st Emily O'Grady Simpson
2nd Malea Ross Carey SW
3rd Kyle Faber Carey SW
4th Heidi Chapple Halloran
5th Ruby Travers Simpson
6th Leila Broadley Cox Academy
7th Olivia Agostino Carey SW
8th Sienna Diamond Rince Le Nor
9th Gabrielle Rothfield Sydney Academy
AA Braiden Hanley Halloran
AA Isla Lucchitti Carey SW
AA Mary Kearns McGrath
AA Cara Britton Kennedy
AA Ava Diamond Rince Le Nor

Feis life...

Set dancers have been called to marshalling


NEW dresses for sale :)

Dresses for sale!

Still dancing...and waiting :)

More marshalling memories...