Sunday 4 November 2012

And so the Tasmanian Festival draws to an end

A big thank-you to all the organisers, especially Bronwyn and her able assistants, Catherine and Colbee, who supplied coffee, sugar and results - and all with a sense of humour and a smile!!

Next year, more people from the mainland should be here - a great competition, wonderful venue, fabulous city.  Everything going for it, so come on down and have some fun next year.

Photos from today will be on some time after 20:00....

Results - Sunday

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And now.....presentations

And the screams of the dancers as they rush for the doors to get to the stage can be heard throughout the hall!!

Final section now on stage

Presentations will follow!!

The Open dancers are still going!

Only a few more sections to go, then the presentations will reveal the wonderful surprise trophies!

The canteen is down to its last few items, so now id the time to drive here to pick up a bargain...there are also second hand dresses on display.  Not as tasty as the canteen food, but much easier to dance in them :)

Open dancers are now on stage

A little out of competition order, so the LiveCam is once again showing the audience enjoying themselves.  LiveCam will return to the stage when the Novice/Beginners return, and then at presentations which are about 90 minutes away.

Rumours starting to circulate that the Melbourne International Invitation Feis may contain a Competition Cooking Component, the latest in alliterative challenges and a wonderful counterpoint to the dancing :)

Feis update - shoes!

Well that was interesting in an unusual way....a novice dancer had their soft shoe come undone so they retired to the back of the stage;  the adjudicator signalled for them to dance again once the shoe malfunction was corrected.

They returned and part way through the re-dance, the other shoe came undone and they again retired to the back of the stage with a very apologetic look on their face :)

No updates on the Melbourne International Invitation Feis - we are beginning to think that the strain must be getting to the organisers as there have been no new ideas or announcement since lunchtime...?

And now that Novice and Beginners are dancing again....

LiveCam is showing them on stage

Feis scenes….

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A belated feis update

We are enjoying many rounds of hard shoe dances as we meander towards the Premiership dances - the recipe for the Premiership is steeped in time and lost in legend - and certainly lost on ChaosCentral who completely got it wrong yesterday; or always :(

At some point the dancers will do their Premiership rounds, which will consist of a soft shoe dance and a set dance - or not - and then they will receive their results.  All we actually know is that there is a posse of stuffed animals hiding under the trophy table and the talk of the 12 Years & Under is that they are highly sought after.

Our guest commentator(s) appear to be lost to us, possibly seduced by the cake and cheese, too busy doing scrutineer type things or just too scared to put finger to keyboard (being the modern equivalent of quill to parchment or the later pen to paper).

And as we enter this information, we have moved into the set dances...

Happy campers at lunch

 Unconfirmed rumours suggest they also smuggled cake and a cheese plate back to the feis commentary position and are demolishing both as the afternoon progresses!
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Preparing for the Light Shoe step about

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And we are back from lunch!!

This afternoon, we start with Intermediate and Open dancers, so LiveCam will be showing the audience and other subject matter.

The Festival oganisers produced a a wonderful lunch full of local delicacies and it appears the chocolate cake and chocolate-dipped strawberries were very popular, they disappeared very quickly :)

Back in feisland, the dancers are on stage and clearly enjoying themselves.

And a belated thank-you to the parent who must have read of ChaosCentral's distress at the lack of real coffee, and delivered a couple of Robert Timms coffee bags to us :)
The feis is on time and we are all having fun, see how much on LiveCam

Feis update - Dance to the Music next

Dance to the music is starting in a few minutes, here is your opportunity to see the very newest and youngest members of the Irish Dancing community get on stage for possibly their first time!  Also on LiveCam for your entertainment pleasure :)

Little people everywhere!

Guest commentator here..

Coming up next is the Dance to the Music section where we have little people as young as 3! They are all very excited to show everyone what they can do.

Bronwyn Kelly is taking a black and white attitude to today's festival. (See photos below)

There are additions to the 1st place prizes in the Premiership sections today. They are very cute and soft... Look out for photos.

The Melbourne International Invitation feis has moved past the concept stage and into the financial planning stage which is dependent on next week's lotto draw. Invitation list is growing....

P.S Hi Julia (Goolia)

Guest commentator update

Missing in action, threatened to come to help yesterday with insightful and entertaining comments, but hasn't been seen since - apart from delivering lattes, tea, lolly bowls and Melbourne International Invitation Feis updates :)

So you are stuck with ChaosCentral!

Practice, marshalling and waiting….

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Feis update

The Novice and Beginner dancers are on stages, so small but so enthusiastic.  The hall is now quite full as, clearly, most of the dancers didn't drive themselves here!  So the parents, families and supporters are treated to a feast of fine dancing from the future of Irish Dancing in Australia :)

We knew there was no new news about the Melbourne International Invitation Feis, but couldn't resist the tortuous construct of the sentence beginning!

Results - morning teams

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Sadly, not in use this weekend :(

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Beginners, getting ready for the big day!

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