Wednesday 14 October 2009

Live Commentary is on holiday - sort of

Within the area that we operate (QLD, NSW, ACT), there are no more competitions until about, say February 2010. That means there is nothing upon which we can comment or report.

So, your team wishes you a pleasant break from competition and trusts that you get all you want for Christmas, plenty of time off to celebrate the new year, and that you get in plenty of practice for the Worlds in 2010!!

Sunday 4 October 2009

Dance of Champions - UPDATE

Dancers must assemble in marshalling at 1730 (that's 5:30PM old style) for practice.

The Dance of Champions will be held at 1900 (7PM), not the time advertised in the program.

Please let everyone know of the change of details, we wouldn't want anyone to miss out.

Chillin' out

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The colour of the day is.........rainbow!

No correct guesses today either, which means that in four day, nobody has correctly guessed the next day's colour. So, no prizes awarded - wait until next Nationals and see if you can do better, perhaps ther will even be better competitions?
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Dance of Champions

The Dance of Champions will be held prior to the Dance Extravaganza. Your team has no details of the location for the Dance of Champions, hopefully it is the main stage. More details as they come to hand. The participants in the Dance of Champions, and hence 2009 Australian National Champions, are:

Sub Minor Boys 7 Years William Limbrey, Carroll NSW
Sub Minor Girls 7 Years Danae Moore, Scoil Rince Aisling NSW
Sub Minor Boys 8 Years Harry Elkin-Purses, WA Academy WA
Sub Minor Girls 8 Years Roisin Bolwell, Halloran NSW
Minor Boys 9 Years Callum McGregor, Cosgriff VIC
Minor Girls 9 Years= Bridie O'Niell, Carey NSW
Minor Girls 9 Years= Isabella Fitzpatrick, Halloran NSW
Minor Boys 10 Years Jonty Moore, Scoil Rince Aisling NSW
Minor Girls 10 Years Jordan Walter, Halloran NSW
Junior Boys 11 Years Sean McKenna, Halloran NSW
Junior Girls 11 Years Chloe Pierce, Scoil Ard Rince QLD
Junior Boys 12 Years Thomas Wilson, Christine Ayres VIC
Junior Girls 12 Years Natalie O'Connor, Dwyer-Whelan NSW
Intermediate Boys 13 Years Shaun Cameron, Maher NSW
Intermediate Girls 13 Years Holly Makin, Scoil Rince Aisling NSW
Intermediate Boys 14 Years Conor Simpson, Simpson Academy ACT
Intermediate Girls 14 Years Marigold Cousens, Scoil Rince Aisling NSW
Senior Boys 15 Years Jeremy Heggie, Walton NSW
Senior Girls 15 Years Samantha Murphy, Rabusin VIC
Senior Boys 16 Years Stewart McWhinnie, Dwyer-Whelan NSW
Senior Girls 16 Years Natasia Petracic, Halloran NSW
Junior Men 17 Years Brent Pace-Rabusin, Rabusin VIC
Junior Ladies 17 Years= Laura Corkhill, Simpson Academy ACT
Junior Ladies 17 Years= Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Scoil Rince Aisling NSW
Junior Men 18 Years Dylan Uchtman, Scoil Rince Ni Ceide/Upton WA
Junior Ladies 18 Years Laura Hannon, Simpson Academy ACT
Men 19 & 20 Chris Murphy, Simpson Academy ACT
Ladies 19 & 20 Tara Dunn, Liz Gregory Academy ACT
Senior Men 21 & Over David Folan, Watkins QLD
Senior Ladies 21 & Over Janelle Knowles, Walton NSW

This may be the last post

An announcement was just made that everyone/everything must be moved out of the practice area NOW as it is being dismantled, to later re-emerge as the Dance Extravaganza site. This means that rumour central (as we have been (un)kindly called) will need to move and will therefore lose its sumptuous office space complete with luxury fittings (the power point).

So, the least we can do is tell you that they are dancing the last teams of the 8 Hand Girls and will shortly start the mixed. Where they intend to put all the dancers, parents and all the teams equipment for the remaining 4 hours has not been described in the aforementioned announcement.

Don't forget Mary Skotnicki's dress sale - finishes at 1200

50% off all dresses by Mary Skotnicki or Kathryn Trenholme - only 25 minutes left - RUSH!!!

The venue is now in wind-down mode

Vendors and dancers must vacate the warm-up hall by 1500 as it will be the location of the Dance Extravaganza. So, parts of this area are being dismantled around us and the live commentary nerve centre is at serious risk of being deprived of its sumptuous fittings and we may have to resort to sitting on the floor by a power point.....hang on, that is what we do now.

In the recall hall, the carpet squares covering the wood playing surface are being removed and the seating is stacked into columns. In an almost surreal scene, Simpson dancers are practising their dance drama weaving in and out of the columns of chairs as if they were dancing in an Irish forest.

The live commentary team will be closing for the day, and the whole competition, around lunchtime. It has been a long but enjoyable competition and, in reality, there is little to say about the teams other than they are dancing. So rather than bore you with smalltalk, we will take the opportunity to enjoy the sun, see the sights of Geelong and be back in time to photograph the presentations and the Dance of Champions.

Open Age Girls 8 Hand about to hit the stage!

Mixed teams #11 and #12 now dancing

Happy Aislings

Apparently still hungover...

Nice pyjamas too....anything to keep warm!
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Now dancing teams #56 and #57

Only 10 more to go!

Practice makes...........warm

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Choc chip muffins - powering Irish Dancers since 1873

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Special of the day from Mary Skotnicki

Until 1200 today, all dresses made by Mary Skotnicki or Kathryn Trenholme are 50% off. Thats right, HALF PRICE!!!!! But only until 1200.

So rush in or email her before they all disappear.

On stage at 0905, off stage at 0908, presentations at 1645

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Teams getting ready

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And they are off and dancing....

The festival has commenced and teams #11 and #12 are on stage now...

Welcome to Serene Sunday at the Nationals

Sunday morning has dawned, bright and sunny and, for some, much earlier than expected. Daylight saving started this morning at 0200, so if you are relaxing in bed whilst reading this, GET UP - YOU ARE LATE!!!!!

Today we are serene as we have teams - lots of teams, more teams than you could shake a shillelagh at. At 0900 we start with Open Age Girls 4 Hand Ceili (67 teams), then Mixed (16 teams), then 8 Hand Girls (29 teams), then mixed (12 teams), then Intermediate Figure Dance (5 teaqms), then Senior Girls 4 Hand Choreography (16 teams), then mixed (6 teams) and finishing with Senior Figure (7 teams).

So, as the icicles slowly defrost in the poorly named warm-up hall and the temperature crawls upwards towards double digits, we welcome you to the final day of the live commentary. Please all give a virtual round of applause and thanks to Liz Davis who yesterday, single-handedly, kept the live commentaty going all day whilst your regular correspondent was in meltdown with his daughter's dancing day!

And a small administrative note - there will be no live commentary of either the Dance of Champions or the Dance Extravaganza (previously known as the Ceili), but there will be photos at at sometime during the following 12 hours.....

So, settle back and relax for teams day!

Saturday 3 October 2009

Day 5 over

and a warning has been given to all - Don't forget daylight saving!

GOODNIGHT AUSTRALIA... and goodmorning Buffalo NY.

Senior Ladies Results

1st Janelle Knowles - Walton School NSW (Bless Her white cotton socks)
2nd Meghan Allen
3rd Tai Lei Benson
4th Aisling O'Brien
5th Caitlin Ehrich
6th Brighid Cox
7th Emily Kilner
8th Lorin Grey
9th Catherine Poulton
10th Christine O'Donnell
11th Janet Pogarelc
12th Jessica Mitchell
13th Melanie Gore
14th Jacqueline Gregory
15th Katherine Travers
16th Rebecca Greenwood
17th Jessie Knight
18th Eleanor Finneran
19th Moira Callanan
=20th Martine Micklem & Louise Lenihan
22nd Claire Earl
23rd Bridget Bazzo
24th Eilis Melino
25th Elsa Larsen
26th Shannon O'Brien
27th Lauren McSorley
28th Corinne Kirry
29th Tamsyn Connolly

Senior Mens Results

1st Davis Folan
2nd Ashley Miller
3rd Kienan Melino

Results - Ladies 19 & 20 Years

1st Tara Dunn
2nd Marlise Newell
3rd Kathleen Soalheira
4th Brianna Lang
5th Carina Young
6th Emma Ryan
7th Mairead Johnson
8th Laura Barry
=9th Alison Johnson & Rochelle Melino
11th Rebecca O'Donovan
12th Elise Ryan
13th Jessica Gagliardi
14th Leanne McCall
15th Sinead Watkins
16th Jessica Denford
=17th Laura Wawryk & Sarah Timmins
19th Alex Bond Lauren Bearman Rebecca Boulton
22nd Alexandra Carroll
23rd Emma Gawthorne

Results - Men 19 & 20 years.

1st Chris Murphy
2nd Danny Jackson
3rd Peter O'Gorman
4th Liam Sheils


The blocks, trophies and sashes are being sorted for the 19 & 20 years presentation.

Final competitor

And the crowd has just given the final solo competitor a rousing applause.


7 to go!


wertyuilo;kmnjbhvgcfdxcvbm , just wiping the chocolate from Milton's keyboard. OOPS


The countdown is now on! 20 Senior Ladies remain to complete their set dances. Solo competition is drawing to an end.


Senior Mens sets are complete. Dancer #37 starts the Senior Ladies sets.

Senior Ladies recall numbers

1 2 3 4 8 9 11 12 15 17 18 19 20 21 24 28 31 32 34 37 39 40 41 43 46 49 51 52 and 55

Best Wishes

Best wishes to Lance and Tracey who are getting married today. Sorry I can't be there, I tried extra hard, to make it worth missing your special day. Love Eleanor xx

This is part of the live commentary team

As you can see, when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
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Hi Zac!!

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Feis faces

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Senior Ladies 2nd round

The final 2 competitors of this round are about to dance.

Senior Men

Senior Mens second round has just started and is nearing completion and the boss has just bribed us to stay longer with gifts of Cadbury chocolate.

Round 1

Round one of the Senior Ladies in over !

Senior ladies first round

Dancers 47 & 48 are currently onstage. 6 dancers remain. Dancers 17 to 44 have been called backstage for the second round.

19 & 20 Years

Dancers in the 19 & 20 years have commenced their sets in the recall hall.

Senior Ladies

Senior ladies are currently dancing their first round.

Recall numbers for 19 & 20 years.

2 3 4 7 10 11 12 13 14 17 18 20 22 26 30 31 33 34 35 36 37 43 46

Senior Men

Senior Men are dancing their first round.

No news on recall numbers.

another update

Senior Ladies have been called to the marshalling area. There has been a long pause in proceedings, maybe we are about to be advised recall numbers for the 19 & 20 years... just my guess.


Senior ladies have been called to the marshalling area.

2nd round Ladies 19 & 20 years

Dancers 32 & 33 have just completed their reel, we are nearly finished this round. 5 dancers to go.

Saturday AM presentation photos now available at

and an update......... Ladies 19 & 20 years are midway through their second round.

Ladies 19 & 20 Years first round finished

Progress report

The live commentary team has sent out a minion for potato gems (2 serves, one with vinegar, one without) and some water. Have also scanned the area for chocolate crackles....nothing sighted. However, a message from Darwin suggested they were perfecting chocolate crackles, honey joys and white christmas in time for their next feis.

In non food-related matters, dancers #10 & 11 are now on stage, and the morning's presentation photos should be available by 1600.

Ladies 19 & 20 Years are starting their first dance

Mens 19 & 20 Years have just started their first dance - and also just finished, there are only four!

Junior Ladies 17 Years Results

=1st Tie = = Siobhan Fitzpatrick & Laura Corkill
3rd Kaia Lang
4th Taryn Priadko
5th Crystal Becarra
6th Celia Shawcross
7th Kathleen O'Kane
8th Kate Foley
9th Katherine Fitzgerald
10th Sinead Aylmer
11th Emily Brown
12th Katherine Musgrove
13th Caitlin Ironside
14th Katie Weier
15th Katie Moloney
16th Roisin Myers
17th Rosa Lindon
18th Christina Lorich
19th Mia Donatello
20th Caitlin Costello
21st Eloise Bell
22nd Judith Keys

Junior Men 17 Years Results

1st Brent Pace-Rabusin
2nd James McEvoy
3rd Aidan O'Brien
4th Geordie Costello
5th Asher Larnach

Senior Girls 16 Years

and the winner is . . . . . .
1st Natasia Petracic
2nd Sophie Parfitt
3rd Julia Baar
4th Johanna Daly
5th Samara Symons
6th Jessica Manual
7th Laura Bittner
8th Alicia Dunne
= 9th Natasha Forester & Ashleigh Smith

11th Gabrielle Harrington
12th Jacqueline Blake
13th Gabrielle Aitken
14th Carmel Rafter
15th Hayley Delaney
16th Jodie Smith
17th Christine Fuller
18th Jacinta Mackenzie
=19th Adele Storch, Hannah Jackel & Emily Helbig
22nd Rebecca McGrath
23rd Georgia Alfonso
24th Clara McHarg
25th Elena Barrett-Hough
26th Laura McBride
27th Tessa Lincoln
28th Alice Ferguson

16 years boys.

1st- Stewart McWhinnie
2nd - Kieran Harvey
3rd - Adrian Sutton
4th - Xander Cross
=5th - Kieran Peirce
=5th - Gannon Cuneo

Results are on

Stand by..

Set dance update

The final dancer #41 dancing Planxty Drury at speed 71 has left the stage.

17 years Ladies sets

We are now a little over half way through the 3rd round with competitor #33 dancing The Drunken Gauger at speed 69.

Live Blog

I am feeling a little like a thorn amongst the roses as I have been surrounded by the beautiful young ladies from the Halloran School.


Competitor #8 is dancing her set wearing purple with lots of sparkle.


16 years girls and boys sets are now complete in the recall hall.

17 years junior men are currently doing their sets and the main hall and the 3rd round of the ladies 17 years will start with competitor #4 in the main hall.

And the colour of the day pink

And again, there are no winners today - so tomorrow is the last day. Guess what colour Amy will wear as eye-shadow and hair and win the three day prize! Send your guess to media-images at swoose dot com dot au.
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The two faces of senior Irish Dancers

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Recall numbers - Junior Ladies 17 Years

4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 27, 28, 33, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 41

Stewards confirm all numbers and weights correct!

waiting on recall numbers

The hall is buzzing with people waiting for recall numbers. The ladies 17 years recall will be announced soon.

2 unused Sunday passes

The live commentary team have 2 unused and in very good condition, Sunday passes to give away to a good home. Seek and you shall receive!

Chocolate Crackle request

And URGENT request has been made for sustenance for Milton and his blog team. Chocolate Crackles and Honey Joys would be greatly appreciated. Crackers, cheese and wine for happy hour at 5.


Dancer will re-dance after losing 2 soft shoes.

2nd round Ladies 17 years

Competitor # 32 & 33 have started round 2.

Sadly one dancer has been carried from the stage. This dancer was NOT #32 or #33.

Final dancer 17 Years

The final dancer is getting a solo opportunity to complete the first round of the 17 years ladies.

The men are about to start their second round and all ladies have been called back to marshalling for their second round.

Feis scenes

This happened last night, she was supposed to dance today...
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Happy people

Before the stressful event!

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Hi Pam & Chanel!!!

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Ladies 17 years

Competitors 38 & 39 are dancing their hornpipe. There are 43 dancers in this section which started with competitor #17.

Junior Mens 17 Years & Junior Ladies 17 Years.

First Round of the 17 Years Mens now complete. Those boys dance too fast for this blog!

Junior Ladies 17 years is about to commence. 17 & 19 are about the dance their hornpipe.

ALERT ALERT ALERT - Recall numbers have been corrected

Recall numbers for the Girls 16 years are as follows.

2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 12, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23, 24, 26, 29, 30, 33, 36, 37, 42, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 52, 54
AND 56!

Getting ready

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