Sunday 20 June 2021

Results - 9 & 10 Years, and Dance of Champions

9 Years Novice Championship

1st Emily  Rose Cole Higgins 

2nd Jamie Thomas Cole Higgins 

9 & 10 Years Beginners/Primary Championship

1st Anthony Stapleton Walton

2nd Jenny Welsh Kennedy Dance School

3rd Erin Hyland Derwent

4th Lydia Liu Scoil Rince Creer

5th Amelia Russo Cox Academy

6th Alexa Garcia McCabe Scoil Rince Creer

AA Millicent Cargill Dwyer-Whelan

AA Siheli Godapola Scoil Rince Creer

9 Years Elementary Championship

1st Stella Turner Cox Academy

2nd Annabelle Leggott Higgins 

3rd Saoirse Ryan Kennedy Dance School

4th Emma Lilley Cox Academy

5th Emily  Browne Spreagadh na Rince

10 Years Elementary Championship

1st Ava Bradbury Walton

2nd William Kemp McBrearty School

3rd Issei Byrne Scoil Rince Creer

4th Leah Wallace Scoil Rince Creer

5th Natalie Blazevic Scoil Rince Creer

6th Chloe Gates Scoil Rince Creer

7th Lauren Gavin Higgins 

8th Penelope Corish Dwyer-Whelan

AA Ellie Whittaker Cox Academy

AA Alex Thomson-Frain Scoil Rince Creer

AA Mio Foley Cox Academy

9  Years Intermediate/Open Girls Championship

1st Sheena King Halloran

2nd Holly Sinnott Cox Academy

3rd Scarlett Honan Halloran

4th Ailie McDonagh Halloran

5th Rose Montgomery Higgins 

6th Emma Lilley Cox Academy

10  Years Intermediate/Open Girls Championship

1st Piper Hough Halloran

2nd Aoibhe Carty Dwyer-Whelan

3rd Indigo Hawkins Halloran

4th Keira O'Dwyer Dwyer-Whelan

5th Bethany Taufer Halloran

6th Niamh Canadas FGMA

7th Eabha Morrissey Sheard Academy

8th Clodagh Canning Brosnan

AA Hazel Eades Dwyer-Whelan

AA Natalie Williams Higgins 

AA Charlotte Thompson Higgins  

Dance of Champions

  1. Sheena King
  2. Indigo Hawkins
  3. Grace Thomas

Feis update

 We are still running on IDST so last age groups, now on stage, may have presentations around ...?

While the dancers on stage are on fire, the gourmet canteen is in the process of packing-up and going home for a cup of tea and a good rest.  Many thanks to them for providing tea, coffee, chocolate crackles and gourmet breakfasts and lunches; already looking forward to the Maureen Wheeler Memorial Feis :)

Special Ceremony and Special Performance!

What a treat that was!  A special ceremony to mark the 65th anniversary of the INDA Championships, with a wonderful presentation to the INA Teachers on stage.

Following that was an amazing dance performance blending contemporary tap and Irish Dance, there are photographs of this performance but as I was standing up and had no idea what they were doing, the photos aren't up to my preferred standard.  But they will be online tonight :)

Well done to the INDA and the INA Teachers!

Results - 6 Years & Under

  6 Years & Under Championship

1st Trasa King Halloran

2nd Caoimhe McAtamney Kennedy Dance School

3rd Charlotte Priestland Halloran

4th Keela Devine FGMA

5th Lilly Green Higgins 

6th Sadbh Sheridan Penrith Gaels Maher

7th Chloe Davies Halloran

8th Gloria Duffy Cox Academy

AA Nneka Fashoyin-Champion Walton

AA Priya Irwin Higgins 

AA Madeleine Eager Callanan Academy

4 Years & Under Championship

1st Madeleine Eager Callanan Academy

2nd Beibhinn Bourke Kennedy Dance School

3rd Rayden Tee Scoil Rince Creer

4th Marley Klinkenberg Scoil Rince Creer

5th Kiera Irwin Higgins 

6th Luke Lincoln Higgins 

5 & 6 Years Novice Championship

1st Jacinta Barber Cox Academy

2nd Bronte Grose Walton

3rd Tyghe Jessing Dwyer-Whelan

4th Isla Laugesen Spreagadh na Rince

=5th Bonnie Harford Higgins 

=5th Mikaela Piper Higgins 

7th Chloe Sheary Dwyer-Whelan

AA Louisa Catt Higgins 

AA Mary-Rose Vale Spreagadh na Rince

5 & 6 Years  Beginners Championship

1st Karina Tsoi Derwent

2nd Abigail Dutton Derwent

3rd Zara Reid Walton

4th Liam Masters Higgins 

5th Summer Steers Spreagadh na Rince

6th Iris Xu Spreagadh na Rince

AA Eabha Connolly Cox Academy

AA Nora Rogers Walton

Irish Dancing Time update

Due to COVID-safe procedures, the Championships are running to Irish Dancing Standard Time (IDST), which is about an hour late...

That means the Dance to the Music scheduled at 1245 is likely to be closer to 1330 and the 1315 Presentations will follow that.  Then, another mass gassing and cleaning and the final age groups for the day, the 9 & 10 Years, will follow that.

Expect final presentations around 1800...

Feis update

 As the hall is being gassed and cleaned as part of the COVID-safe procedures, dancers, teachers, support crew and virii have been seen scuttling from the hall...

And now, we are starting the 6 Years & Under sections... and the gourmet canteen is waiting for your lunch orders :)

Results - 7 & 8 Years

  7  & 8 Years Novice  Championship

1st Margaret Marriott Reilly Studio

2nd Maeve Gisz Kennedy Dance School

3rd Ruby Hogan Reilly Studio

4th Jaxon Sheey Halloran

5th Kate McKeever Higgins 

7  Years Beginners Championship

1st Olivia Dutton Derwent

2nd Ryan McGinty Derwent

3rd Ruby Griffiths Kennedy Dance School

4th Saoirse Bean Derwent

5th Oisin Connolly Cox Academy

6th Boh Handisides Callanan Academy

AA Grace Gould Derwent

AA Sienna Glass Higgins 

8 Years Beginners Championship

1st Celeste Gardiner Brosnan

2nd Brendan Russo Cox Academy

3rd Jade Taylor Brosnan

4th Bryce Gorman Reilly Studio

5th Jonathan Smirniotis Cox Academy

6th Imogen Catt Higgins 

7th Zoe Tsang Rince Le Nor

AA Leah Garvan Brosnan

AA Louann Revel Callanan Academy

7  & Under Primary Championship

1st Rosheen Newson Carey South West Academy

2nd Avery Johnston Scoil Rince Creer

3rd Ailish O'Reilly Callanan Academy

4th Bronagh Stapleton Walton

5th Vanessa Tee Scoil Rince Creer

6th Gloria Duffy Cox Academy

7th Hayden Howells Scoil Rince Creer

8th Sayaka Foley Cox Academy

9th Elin Kochar Rince Le Nor

10th Evie Gorman Scoil Rince Creer

AA Ella Bryant Carey South West Academy

AA Mikaela Chenlu Scoil Rince Creer

AA Phoebe Mitford Carey South West Academy

AA Sophie Shi Rince Le Nor

8  Years Primary Championship

1st Akina Tsoi Derwent

2nd Victoria Wulff Callanan Academy

3rd Natalie Higson Cox Academy

4th Althea Chan Derwent

5th Brendan Russo Cox Academy

6th Eloise Atkinson Scoil Rince Creer

7th Sophie Roberts Kennedy Dance School

8th Noemie Leddet Cox Academy

AA Amy De Rider Derwent

AA Arthur Mitford Carey South West Academy

AA Hamish Smith Higgins 

7 & 8   Years Elementary Championship

1st Maisie Brown Higgins 

2nd Arlena Duffy Cox Academy

3rd Caitlin Farlow Higgins 

4th Jane Wallace Scoil Rince Creer

5th Mikayla Mackney Carey South West Academy

6th Claire Lorraine Penrith Gaels Maher

7th Lydia Chang Rince Le Nor

8th Mackenzie Godsir Higgins 

AA Evie Bickerstaff Spreagadh na Rince

AA Tiffany Zhang Rince Le Nor

AA Harper Gleig Higgins 

7 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship

1st Ruby Masters Higgins 

2nd Grace Thomas Halloran

3rd Audrey-Grace Bartl Halloran

4th Maisie Brown Higgins 

5th Arlena Duffy Cox Academy

AA Mackenzie Godsir Higgins 

AA Harper Gleig Higgins 

8 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship

1st Chloe Halloran Halloran

2nd Nuala Fashoyin-Champion Walton

3rd Isla Behrens Walton

=4th Eilj Considine Sheard Academy

=4th Leon Russell Scoil Rince Creer

=4th Alannah Petkovich Brosnan

AA Emmerson Bishop Halloran

AA Caitlin Farlow Higgins 

Welcome to Sunday at the INDA Championships

Winter has arrived, possibly only for a guest appearance as we approach the Winter Solstice.  And speaking of that event, this is the weekend on which Scoil Rince Aisling's Winter Feis Championships was held in the past... which brings back all sorts of memories to ChaosCentral, and also others...

The hall is filling and starting to warm up, the canteen has a wonderful range of gourmet comestibles and we can report that, based on yesterday's delivery, the ChocolateCracke Index is 8.87Pink.

Saturday 19 June 2021

Results - Parade of Champions

 Cash prize sponsored by the INA

  1. Taylah Attwell-Gill
  2. Senior runner-up: Isaac Bartlett
  3. Junior runner-up: Alanna Chaumont

Results - 15 Yers & Over

  15 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship

1st Trinity Woelms Walton

2nd Rachel French Halloran

3rd Bella Masters Higgins 

4th Angus Limbrey Brosnan

5th Tara King Halloran

6th Jade Dacey Sydney Academy

7th Erin Duncan McGrath Irish Dance

8th Hannah Dale Scoil Rince Creer

9th Niamh Canning Brosnan

16 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship

1st Danah Pham Halloran

2nd Brooke MacKenzie FGMA

3rd Brianna Ross Spreagadh na Rince

4th Jorja Lisle McGrath Irish Dance

17 & 18  Years Intermediate/Open  Championship

1st Claudia Balough Simpson Academy

2nd Connie Sutton Walton

3rd Ashleigh Kelly Carey South West

4th Roisin Hayes FGMA

5th Sally McGavock McGrath Irish Dance

6th Ellie Stobidis FGMA

7th Hannah Duck Cox Academy

8th Erin Fenwick McGrath Irish Dance

19 & 20  Years Intermediate/Open  Championship

1st Will Limbrey Brosnan

2nd Taylah Attwell-Gill Miller

3rd Michaela Mason Walton

4th Roisin McHale Cox Academy

5th Madeline Carroll Brosnan

21  Years & Over Intermediate/Open  Championship

1st Morgan Crammond Halloran

2nd Alanna Chaumont Walton

3rd Annie Devine Brosnan

4th Emily Harmon Dwyer-Whelan

5th Sarah Neasy Carey South West

6th Jonathan Daddo Walton

7th Tamara Hanna Derwent

8th Jacqueline Beanland Gregory Academy

9th Bernadette Neasy Carey South West

10th Amy Tingle Spreagadh na Rince

11th Lucy Stafford Spreagadh na Rince

Feis update

The hall has been evacuated, COVID-cleaned and we are back in for the final session of the day, the 15 Years & Over.  There are 15 dancers in this section and it is sure to be fun for the viewing audience.

Results - 13 & 14 Years, and 15 Years Elementary

13, 14 & 15  Years Elementary Championship
1st Mackinley Canning Brosnan
2nd Isabel Hawkins Rince Le Nor
3rd Kiedis Huhndorf Scoil Rince Creer
4th Indiana Huhndorf Scoil Rince Creer
13 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship
1st Isaac Bartlett Brosnan
2nd Ciara Kingham-Convey Walton
3rd Emily O'Grady Simpson Academy
4th Heidi Chapple Halloran
5th Kyle Faber Walton
6th Cara Britton Kennedy Dance School
7th Ruby Travers Simpson Academy
8th Milla Costin Higgins 
AA Leila Broadley Cox Academy
AA Eloise Smith Higgins 
AA Olivia Agostino Carey South West Academy
14 Years Intermediate/Open Championship
1st Amy Mason Walton
2nd April Cividin Brosnan
3rd Mia Robinson Halloran
4th Alannah Lock Higgins 
5th Sienna Devine Brosnan
6th Hannah Cole Higgins 
7th Sophie Salvo Halloran
8th Abbey Hanscombe McGrath Irish Dance
AA Ebony Beddoe FGMA
AA Tiernan Cargill Dwyer-Whelan

There is a suggestion that it may be slightly cool in the hall...


And in breaking gourmet food news, ChaosCentral has just been delivered some chocolate crackles, and wonderful they are too :)

Adjudicators hard at work in the 13 & 14 Years


Feis update

 After emptying the hall and giving it a thorough clean, the 14 & 14 Years and Elementary 15 Years are now on stage.

As part of the COVID-safe practices, with the hall emptied of all people, every seat in the hall is cleaned between sections.  So if you are staying for more than one section, bring something warm to wear as it is now cold, windy and wet outside (but you will be undercover)/

Results - 11 & 12 Years

11  & 12 Years Primary/Elementary Championship
1st Charlotte Hughes Brosnan
2nd Cora Tully Tir an Oir
3rd April Rose Hockley Spreagadh na Rince
4th Annabelle Ho Rince Le Nor
5th Zoe Taylor Kennedy Dance School
6th Jasmine Gregory Walton
7th Charlize Main Carroll
8th Zara Gorman Reilly Studio
AA Samara Khan Scoil Rince Creer
AA Katrina French Scoil Rince Creer
11  Years Intermediate/Open Girls Championship
1st Aleira Grey McGrath Irish Dance
2nd Cadence Woelms Walton
3rd Keira Chapple Halloran
4th Matilda Gold Walton
5th Amelia Smith Higgins 
AA Molly Van der Weegan Brosnan
AA Ashling Considine Sheard Academy
AA Abby Cameron Higgins 
12 Years Intermediate/Open Girls Championship
1st Niamh McDonagh Halloran
=2nd Cinta Devlin McGrath Irish Dance
=2nd Natalie Petkovich Brosnan
4th Penelope Armbruster Walton
5th Makayla Bradbury Walton
6th Ellexis Hanley Halloran
7th Iris Hanscombe McGrath Irish Dance
AA Georgina Corish Dwyer-Whelan
AA Olivia Higgins Higgins 
11 & 12  Years Intermediate/Open Boys Championship
1st Finn Canadas FGMA
2nd Kai Robinson Halloran

Feis update

 This morning's dancing has almost finished and presentations are about to start.  Photographs of presentations will be available tonight on but, due to COVID-safe behaviours, it is unlikely that there will be group photos of on-stage presentations ad the podia have to be spaced further part than usual.  ChaosCentral will try its best, but it is a bear with limited brain resources :)

You can get professionally made-up, AND have gourmet food :)


More feis photos...


Around the feis...


Dancing schedule

 This weekend's dancing schedule is as follows:


  • 0900 11 & 12 Years
  • 1100 Presentations
  • 1145 13, 14 & 15 years (elementary only for 15 Years)
  • 1315 Presentations
  • 1415 15 Years & Over
  • 1715 Presentations
  • 1745 Parade of Champions
  • 0900 7 & 8 Years
  • 1100 Presentations
  • 1145 6 Years & Under
  • 1245 Dance to the Music
  • 1315 Presentations
  • 1330 9 & 10 Years
  • 1645 Presentations

Welcome to the 2021 INDA Chmpionship

Sydney has turned-on a crisp, clear winter's day for the first day of this wonderful competition. Under COVID-safe conditions, the hall is filling with competitors, teacher and support crew. 

We are at Pacific Hills Christian College at Dural, in the main auditorium, and it is a great venue with practice rooms, main stage and plenty of seating. This is the 65th anniversary of the Championships and we are in for a great weekend of dancing. As always, the amazing gourmet food canteen will be operating and ChaosCentral may be spending considerable time sampling the goodies :) 

Our adjudicators are: 

Janice Currie-Henderson SDCRG OAM (NSW) 
Elizabeth Lewis SDCRG (NSW) 
Donna Reilly ADCRG (NSW)