Sunday 3 October 2010

Farewell from the Nationals

ChaosCentral, in full flight at the Ceili (some members of ChaosCentral would be unable to drive a car for 12 hours or fly a plane for 36 hours) would like to bid all our Gentle Readers a fond farewell, and hope that in future the LiveCam will also be available at Nationals as it is in every other country.

Liz, Eleanor, Kerry, Amanda, Marcus and the phantom contributor had great pleasure in bringing you results, commentary and boring you silly with the other minutiae that makes up a National Championship. Chocolate crackles still not sighted, but perhaps if we venture to NZ we may have better luck :)


Senior Figure

1st Simpson ACT
2nd Watkins Qld
3rd Christine Ayres Vic
4th Currie Henderson NSW
5th Scoil Ard Rince Qld
6th Liz Gregory ACT
7th Adelaide Acad SA
8th O'Connor Vic
9th Bilton Vic
10th Derwent NSW Woo Hoo!
11th Scoil Rince Tir An Oir ACT

Senior Mixed 4 Hand Choreography

1st Christine Ayres Vic
2nd Walton NSW
3rd Rabusin Vic
4th Scoil Ard Rince Qld
5th Watkins Acad Qld

Senior Girls 4 Hand Choreography

1st Scoil Rince Kilmurray Vic
2nd Halloran NSW
3rd Mulcahy Hayes Vic
4th Christine Ayres Vic
5th Howe SA
6th Cosgriff Vic
7th Dwyer Whelan NSW
8th Newry SA
9th Scoil Rince Qld
10th Watkins Qld
11th Walker Qld
12th Carey Acad NSW
13th Bilton Vic
14th Miller SA

Open Age Mixed 8 Hand

1st Rabusin Vic
2nd Scoil Ard Rince Qld
3rd Simpson ACT
4th Dwyer-Whelan NSW
5th Christine Ayres Vic
6th Currie Henderson NSW
7th Watkins Qld
8th McAleer Vic
9th Walton NSW
10th Scoil Rince Ni Muchu SA

Open Age Girls 8 Hand Ceili

1st Christine Ayres B Vic
2nd Halloran NSW
3rd Scoil Rince Kilmurray Vic
4th Mulcahy Hayes Vic
5th Simpson Acad ACT
6th Cosgriff B Vic
7th Rabusin Vic
8th Miller SA
9th Liz Gregory ACT
10th Cosgriff Vic
11th McAleer Vic
12th Christine Ayres C Vic
=13th Howe SA
=13th Scoil Ard Rince Qld
15th Christine Ayres Vic

Open Age Mixed 4 Hand Ceili

1st Walton NSW
2nd Simpson Acad ACT
3rd Christine Ayres Vic
4th Currie Henderson NSW
5th Watkins Acad. Qld
6th Scoil Ard Rince B Qld
7th Aisling NSW
8th Maher NSW
9th Rabusin Vic
10th Dwyer-Whelan NSW
11th Adelaide Acad SA

Open 4 Hand Girls Ceili

1st Halloran B NSW
2nd Scoil Rince Kilmurray B Vic
3rd McAleer B Vic
4th Halloran A NSW
5th Christine Ayres F Vic
6th Cosgriff C Vic
7th Cosgriff A Vic
8th Christine Ayres B Vic
9th Cosgriff B Vic
10th Mulchay Hayes B Vic
11th Mulchay Hayes A Vic
12th Scoil Ard Rince Qld
13th Walton A NSW
14th Scoil Ard Rince B Qld
15th Christine Ayres A Vic
16th Walton B NSW
17th Simpson B ACT
18th Christine Ayres B Vic
19th Watkins Acad B Qld
20th Liz Gregory B ACT
21th Scoil Rince Ni Ceide/Upton
22nd MCAleer Vic
23rd Scoil Rince Cashel SA
24th Adelaide Acad SA
25th Christine Ayres C Vic
26th Maher NSW
27th Rabusin Vic
28th Kavanagh WA
29th Newry SA
30th Scoil Rince Ni Murchu SA
31st Crocker Qld
32nd Currie Henderson NSW
33rd Miller B SA
34th Christine Ayres D Vic
35th Bilton Vic
36th Walker B Qld
37th Liz Gregory ACT
38th Trinity WA
39th Miller SA
40th Roberts SA

A little word of thanks. Then Prizes!

Presents all round for the judges and musos. Speeches by Judges and AIDA. And we've all been invited to Ireland!!!!!

But either that is Santa's sleigh or there are three thousand dangling medals backstage ready to be given out.

The Over 2 3s are over

The last of the Figure dancers have left the stage and the results are about to start.

That was funny and you weren't here!

Senior Figures aren't always as serious as you might think. The hall just rocked with laughter as the dancers formed scrums and played baseball and had a thoroughly good time. I didn't know Clive James could dance!

Can the person eating hot chips near me please share or go away.

Four More Senior Figures to go.

Very exciting work from very talented dancers. These figures look like a lot of hard work, much easier to sit back and just enjoy.

Senior Figures Underway

With a bass beat that could kill a brown dog the fabulous figures are underway.

The adjudicators are back, the Senior Figure will start any moment

Almost there.....

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Are we there yet?

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Gourmet food update

Whilst we wait for the Senior Figures to get their act together, it is worthwhile recapping on the Gourmet Food highlights of the week......there was the home-made rocky road from Jennifer and Anne (thank you, very nice and it disappeared very quickly), then there was.............well, that was about it, not a chocolate crackle sighted, despite search parties and co-opting resources from the NASA Lunar Mapping project satellites.

So, another Nationals passes without any vendors realising the commercial value of the chocolate crackle (although they are better in bunches).

Choreographies have all finished!

The Senior Figure is getting organised back stage and we expect the performances/competition to get underway very soon.....


The Buzz is building in the main arena as more people come in to watch the Senior Figure. Chaos Central has been joined by one of Australia's leading dressmakers and designers, and she is pointing out the finer points of the choreography, as well as discussing evolving dress trends, sub-editing this post, and generally making a nuisance of herself.

ChaosCentral is contributing to her knowledge by pointing out that they don't understand a word she is talking about.

Mixed 4 Hand Choreography about to hit the stage

The Senior Figure, followed by results and presentations

Senior choreography about to start

A search party has been sent out to find the musicians, who are AWOL. Try the bar, then the food shop across the road, then check behind screens in case they are having a nap......if all else fails, someone could hum the tune while they dance.

But wait, there's more.....

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Feis faces

Having a break between sections, still running 30 minutes early....

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8 Hand Ceili almost finished

The 4 Hand Choreography dancers are assembling in the marshalling area, and the football ground adjacent to the stadium is putting up a big screen, so that the thousands of St George supporters outside can watch the Dance of the Champions. We may be mistaken and they may watch the football, but we don't think that is likely.......

Feis update

We are running ahead of time!!!! The Open Age Mixed 8 Hand is underway and the competition may finish early in the last day - more time to prepare for the Dance of Champions and the following Ceili.

Hard at work on the dance floor

So, there is life outside Irish Dancing......

8 Hand Mixed Ceili about to hit the stage.
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More feis faces

Sunday, teams, five long hard days of dancing......the thousand mile stare is starting to show on many will all be over soon :)
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8 Hand Ceili now dancing

Open Age Girls 8 Hand Ceili called to marshalling

Feis scenes

Open Age 4 Hand Mixed now on stage, 8 Hand Ceili to follow. It seems we are running eary, what a wonderful experience at a competition :)
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Feis faces

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Girls 4 Hand has finished

The musicians, all four of them today, are taking a break from playing the same piece of music over and over and over and over and over again for 79 teams, and are now dreaming of playing chopsticks, or perhaps Chopin Etudes, or perhaps just thinking about the Ceile later tonight.

Tickets for the Ceili are on sale now, they will NOT be on sale at the door tonight, so buy them now rather than risk becoming the subject of derision from your peers at the door later tonight.
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Feis update

The teams are dancing there way towards completion, we are not up to #164, so only another 15 teams to go - then more teams, followed by..........more teams.

Queenslanders have expressed great pleasure at being able to enjoy daylight saving for one day, returning to the past, tomorrow, when the clocks go back for them again! Next year at Nationals there will be no daylight saving - it's just a Queensland thing.

NEWS FLASH!! Discounts discovered at an Irish Dancing competition!!!!!

As shocking as this may sound to the gentle readers, there are items for sale at a discount at the venue, specifically - Nationals Programs now $15, reduced by 40%

Get in now, they may become collector's items after St George wins today!

Life Support Systems

Just a word. The cafe is not dispensing in real time and there is a 15 min lag on delivery. If you are truly desperate try McCafe on your way here.

Relax Folks

The keyboard has been wrestled away from someone who last dealt with figure B on a Physics exam.

In one of the wonders of modern life 200 teenagers and above are dressed and ready on a Sunday morning at 8am. However there have been some withdrawals.- that snooze button can be dangerous.

Ceili draw

The teams have drawn figure B - ChaosCentral had no idea that a raffle was on or that the prize was a portrait. On the other hand, if there is some other meaning related to dancing that the readers can divine, please do so :)

sunday!! Sunday!! SUNDAY!!!

And so here we are, the last day of competition at Nationals. It is, once again, perfect dancing weather in Sydney. ChaosCentral donned flippers and a wetsuit to travel the final 200m from the car park to the venue. Just as well we travel by 4WD and have a boat license - we may need the latter to get to the former once the day is over :)

"And what about the dancing?" I hear you cry in your ceaseless search for knowledge....well, the solo dresses have either been packed away until March next year, or are already for sale on, so today it is teams dresses only - the schedule is as follows:


Recall Hall



Open Age Ceili

Dance Extravaganza

Remember daylight savings starts Today. Make sure you set your clocks one hour forward. That applies to Queenslanders too!!


Senior Girls 4 Hand Choreography

Senior Mixed 4 Hand Choreography


Senior Figure Dance




Open Age Girls 4 Hand Ceili are competing for the Sue Beaton Memorial Trophy donated by Elizabeth Gregory ADCRG & Fiona Dunn TCRG ACT, there are 79 teams in this section which is sponsored by Liz Gregory & Canberra Rex Hotel.

Open Age Mixed 4 Hand Ceili are competing for the Bartolo Perpetual Trophy donated by Mr J Bartolo VIC and there are 22 teams in this section.

Open Age Girls 8 Hand Ceili are competing for the Culchulainn Perpetual Trophy donated by Tomas O Faircheallaigh (dec) Ireland and the Paddy Daly Trophy, donated by Paddy Daly NSW, there are 29 teams in this section which is sponsored by Ann Truman TMRF.

Open Age Mixed 8 Hand Ceili are competing for the Erin O'Daly Shield donated by Erin O'Daly ADCRG (dec) and there are 19 teams in this section.

Senior Girls 4 Hand Choreography are competing for the Joanne Langshaw Memorial Trophy, donated by Mr & Mrs Langshaw NSW and there are 27 teams in this section.

Senior Mixed 4 Hand Choreography are competing for the Jackie Miller Perpetual Trophy donated by Jackie Miller TCRG SA and there are 10 teams in this section.

Senior Figure are competing for the Harry McCaffrey Memorial Trophy donated by IDTA NSW and the Patricia Anne Kiernan Memorial Trophy donated by Denneny Family & Newry Studio SA, there are 11 teams in this section which is sponsored by AIDA Victoria Branch.

Saturday 2 October 2010

ChaosCentral is done for the day!!

The Fabulous Flying Finnerans put in the quality work to provide you with the results, and gifts of to them would be greatly appreciated - without them, ChaosCentral would be a greater shambles than it is.

We look forward to providing some semblance of information tomorrow from 0800 and remember, if you are in the civilised parts of Australia, set your clocks FORWARD on hour tonight for daylight savings!!

Photos of the 18 Years will be on after midnight - or later :)

18 Year Old Girls

1st Olivia Ciciulla - Rabusin Vic
2nd Siobhan Fitzpatrick - Aisling NSW
3rd Crystal Becerra - Scoil Rince Kilmurray Vic
4th Kaia Lang - Scoil Rince Kilmurray Vic
5th Kate Foley - Walker Qld
6th Caitlin Ironside - Simpson ACT
7th Celia Shawcross - Scoil Ard Rince Qld
8th Rosa Lindon - Howe SA
9th Laura Corkhill - Simpson ACT
10th Taryn Priadko - Halloran NSW
11th Catherine Musgrove - Liz Gregory ACT
12th Katie Maloney - Scoil Ard Rince Qld
13th Adele Hay - Newry Studio SA
14th Danielle Bigwood - Trinity WA
15th Aisling McGing - Cosgriff Vic
16th Judith Keys - Watkins Qld
17th Natalie Gin - Aisling NSW

Results - 18 Year old Junior Men

1st James McEvoy - Scoil Rince Ni Murchu SA
2nd Brent Pace-Rabusin - Rabusin Vic
3rd Asher Larnach - Maher NSW
4th Geordie Costello - Dwyer-Whelan NSW

The last dancer is now on stage

The last solo dancer of the Nationals for 2010 has just left the stage - so solo dancing is over for the year!!!!

We now await the calculation of the results and will bring those to you as soon as possible.....the PM photos will not be available until after midnight - ChaosCentral is ging out for dinner - again!

I understand that the dear Readers will be shocked by this extravagance, but sometimes one must just throw caution to the wind.

18 Years set dances just started

Recall numbers - 18 Year Ladies

101, 103, 105, 106, 110, 112, 113, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 125, 128, 129, 132, 133

Feis update

Apparently there is a local sports event in Melbourne today and some very few ID families has shown a slight passing interest in it - unlike the major football event in Sydney tomorrow, where St George will decimate the other team, whose name escapes me at the moment.

Having partaken of a medicinal drink, ChaosCentral feels revived and refreshed and ready for the 18 years recalls, the last event of the solo dancing calendar for the Nationals this year. Much celebration will be had after dancing finishes - there may be some sore heads and feet tomorrow at senior teams - but they are strong and will make the effort to perform at their peak, possibly aided by Red Bull and Berocca (not to be taken at the same time, or possibly even at all).

18 Years second round has finished

Recall numbers as soon as they are announced...

Hi !!!

18 Years second round noew dancing - ChaosCentral now having a drink, so it is on autopilot for 30 minutes or so...
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18 Years first round has finished

The floor is being swept and the second round will start soon...

18 Years called to marshalling for their second round

18 Years Junior Ladies' first round has commenced.

Starting with 101, dancing the Jig.

18 Years Section in marshalling

The adjudicators and musicians are being announced, results are being entered into ChaosCentral by the Fabulous Flying Finnerans, and photos are on their way to

Now, all we need are chocolate crackles and some champagne to celebrate!!

Results - 16 Years Girls

1st Erin McArthur - Scoil Rince Kilmurray - Vic
2nd Zoe Thomson - Simpson ACT
3rd Fiona McGing - Cosgriff Vic
4th Amy Longstone - Carey NSW
5th Sally-Anne Ryan - Rabusin Vic
6th Chelsey Priadko - Halloran NSW
7th Teagan McGregor - Cosgriff Vic
8th Theresa Shaw - Crocker Qld
9th Stephanie Harders - Rabusin Vic
10th Samantha Murphy - Rabusin Vic
11th Hannah O'Connor - Mulcahy-Hayes Vic
12th Fiona Thomas - Kavanagh WA
= 13th Sinead McGuire - Scoil Ni Ceide/Upton WA
= 13th Molly Rafferty - Scoil Ard Rince Qld
= 15th Madeleine Walsh - Crocker Qld
= 15th Anne-Louise Bennett - Aisling NSW
17th Caitlin O'Connor - Dwyer-Whelan NSW
18th Dianna Resiak - Simpson ACT
19th Shea Bilton-Gough - Bilton Vic
20th Ashlene O'Gorman - Walton NSW
21st Olivia Romeo - Scoil Ni Ceide/Upton WA
22nd Megan Purdy - Watkins Qld
23rd Natasha Rangachari - Liz Gregory ACT
24th Rachael Lanarch - Maher NSW
25th Shona Peddell - Lahl Tas
26th Erin Lenders - McAleer Vic
27th Olivia McKenzie - Carey NSW
28th Dylan-Lee Chidgey - Breen-Kerr Vic
29th Amy Minnikin - Kick Studio Qld
30th Lauren Dowsett - O'Connor Vic
31st Caitlin Roberts - Cosgriff Vic

Results - 16 Years Boys

1st Jeremy Heggie - Walton NSW
2nd Andrew Van Nieukerk - Rabusin Vic
3rd Kain Howden - Adelaide Acad. SA

Results 17 Years Boys

1st Stewart McWhinnie - Dwyer-Whelan NSW
2nd Kieran Harvey - McAleer Vic
3rd Kieran Peirce - Scoil Ard Rince Qld
4th Xander Cross - Ku-Ring-Gai NSW
5th Adrian Sutton - Aisling NSW

ARM Gannon Cuneo - Aisling NSW
ARM Ian Petelczyc - Liz Gregory ACT

Results - 17 Years Girls

1st Jessica Manuel - Simpson ACT
2nd Natasia Petracic - Halloran NSW
= 3rd Madelyne Glover - Scoil Ni Ceide/Upton WA
= 3rd Julia Baar - Aisling NSW
5th Gabrielle Harrington - Halloran NSW
6th Natasha Forrester - Rabusin Vic
7th Sophie Parfitt - Simpson ACT
8th Hayley Delaney - McAleer Vic
9th Johanna Daly - McAleer Vic
10th Hannah Jackel - Christine Ayres Vic
11th Jacqueline Blake - Christine Ayres Vic
12th Christine Fuller - McAleer Vic
13th Laura Bittner - Watkins Qld
14th Alicia Dunne - Walton NSW
15th Molly Clarris - Walker Qld
16th Jacinta McKenzie - Howe SA
17th Georgia Alfonso - Christine Ayres Vic
18th Rebecca McGrath - Walton NSW
19th Rhiannon Black - Walton NSW
20th Carina Baker - Scoil Rince Cashel SA
21st Laura McBride - McAleer Vic
22nd Georgina Watson - Adelaide Acad. SA
23rd Elena Barrett-Hough - Creer-Harvey NSW
24th Emilie Helbig - Newry SA

16 Years sets have finished

The stage is now being prepared for presentations.

ChaosCentral will call in all its resources to ensure that the results are entered ASAP, whilst other parts are attempting to photograph dancers whilst being nervous and shaking.... :)

Four sets to go.....

Only 8 more sets in the 16 Years, then presentations

The hall is about half full (which is a lot of people) and quite warm....the stage is checked for debris after every couple of dancers and the bird from yesterday hasn't put in an appearance today :)

Feis faces

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Feis scenes

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The things you see...

Photo face

Real face

Irish Dancing health food dispenser
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Recall numbers - 16 Year Girls

101, 102, 103, 104, 106, 107, 108, 113, 115, 116, 118, 122, 124, 126, 127, 134, 135, 139, 140, 143, 147, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 155, 156, 158, 161, 162

16 Years Boys Have Started

And nearly finished as there are only three of them. Recalls are in the main hall and only one set of musicians to dance to.

Last 16 years dancers have just finished

We are awaiting the recall numbers, then the sets will be danced, followed by results and presentations. Sets are being danced in the main arena - so, no musical chairs which is a pity, because there are plenty of people and chairs, and the music just stopped.....perhaps Irish Dancing musical chairs is just different? When the music is playing, people sit down, when it stops, they get up and move around :)

Miss you lots Gabrielle! Wish you were here! Lots of love, Maddie and Laura xxxx

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