Thursday 30 September 2010

That's all for tonight from ChaosCentral

Many thanks to the impressed slaves who also work silently (don't listen to the complaints) behind the scenes. Without the help of Liz Davis (results, typing, chocolate and abuse) , Amanda Finneran (ID knowledge, typing, results and the occasional drink) and several others from time to time, LiveCommentary would not function at the Nationals.

It is physically impossible for one person to do this alone - so thanks to the helpers who do this to bring LiveCommentary to everyone in the ID community.

Results - Senior Girls 15 Years

1st Ceili Moore - Aisling NSW
2nd Marigold Cousens - Aisling NSW
3rd Roisin Colgan - Scoil Ni Ceide
4th Chloe Skrjl - Howe SA
5th Jasmine Morata - Halloran NSW
6th Shauna Olsen - Rabusin VIC
7th Kelsey Burns - Simpson Academy ACT
=8th Nicole Robinson - Aisling NSW
=8th Teneale Ryder - Scoil Ard Rince QLD
10th Emma Reid - Mulcahy-Hayes VIC
11th Jade Goodwin - Simpson Academy ACT
12th Emily Brough - Carey Academy NSW
13th Madelyn Burke - Scoil Ard Rince QLD
14th Shannen Krupa, WA Academy WA
15th Chloe Wheeler, Rabusin VIC
16th Roisin Theodorou, Scoil Ni Ceidi/Upton WA
17th Hannah King, Scoil Ard Rince QLD
18th Roisin Rafferty, Scoil Ard Rince QLD
19th Farran Ward, Crocker QLD
20th Jordan Molloy, Walton NSW
21st Shannan White, Mulcahy-Hayes VIC
22nd Lucy Edmont, Fenagh NSW
23rd Kimberley Anastasiou, Newry SA
24th Chelsea Keane, Simpson Academy ACT
25th Meagan Carter, Halloran NSW
26th Michelle Byrgiotis, Christine Ayres VIC
27th Jess Carruthers, Maher NSW
28th Georgia Brander, Cosgriff VIC
29th Blaze Montgomery, Scoil Ard Rince QLD
30th Brooke Haling, Simpson Academy ACT
31st Ellen Parker, Halloran NSW
32nd Emily Stinten, Maher NSW
33rd Sarah Campion, Scoil Ni Ceide/Upton WA
34th Moriah Moylan, O'Hare WA
35th Josie Creighton, Walton NSW
36th Alessia Simpson, Simpson Academy ACT
37th Kaitlyn Lewis, Simspon Academy ACT
38th Madeleine Finchett, Rabusin VIC
39th= Jordan Alligan, Trinity Studio WA
39th= Julia Wyatt, Kick Dance Studio QLD
39th= Madeline Mugg, Miller SA
42nd Casey Rogan, McAleer VIC
43rd Sarah Mudgway, Cosgriff VIC

Results - Senior Boys 15 Years

1st Conor Simpson - Simpson Academy ACT
2nd Nathan Elliott - Rabusin VIC
3rd William Bryant - Halloran NSW
4th Edmund Hallissey - Liz Gregory ACT
5th Riordan Cuneo - Aisling NSW
Ardal McMahon - QIA Dancers QLD
Nicholas Dunn-Hill - Breen-Kerr VIC
Jacob Bilotta - Halloran NSW
Daniel McNamara - Wollongong Academy NSW

Senior Girls 15 Years Australian Champion

Ceili Moore - Aisling NSW

Senior Boys 15 Years Australian Champion

Conor Simpson - Simpson Academy ACT

Famous feis faces

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Feis scenes

After the Junior Figure dance

And the parental papparazzi!
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Junior Figure dances have finished

So now the recall arena will have complete control of the aural environment!!

Following the recalls, results and presentations wil be held in the main arena. #131 is dancing in the recall arena, meaning there are another 16 dancers to go.

Junior Figure dances have just taken to the stage in the main arena

In the recall arena, #107 has just taken the stage. There are five Junior Figure dances at around five minutes each, and there are 27 more set dances for the 15 Years.

So, dancing will finish in the main arena around 1945 and in the recall arena around 2100 - it seems the program was correct after all - we will be here late tonight!

All Choreographies have now finished

In the main arena, we are awaiting the Junior Figure Dances, whilst in the recall arena, the set dances for Senior 15 Years are progressing.

Feis update

In the recall arena, the Senior Girls 15 Years recalls paused briefly to wait for the music in the main arena to finish. The girl who started was asked by an adjudicator to return and wait for some quiet.

Recall numbers - Senior Girls 15 Years

103, 107, 110, 112, 114, 115, 117, 118, 124, 125, 127, 128, 131, 132, 133, 134, 136, 137, 139, 140, 143, 144, 146, 147, 148, 151, 153, 154, 157, 159, 161, 167, 168, 171, 172, 174, 176, 177, 178, 180, 181, 182, 186

15 Years second round has finished

The boys have been called to marshalling for their set dances, recall numbers for the girls will be up as soon as they are announced. The main arena is still dancing the 3 Hand Choreographies, now the 13 Years.

To minimise disruption between the two halls, there are requests to minimise applause and to not cheer at the end of dances.

Feis update

Back in the renovated and rejuvenated main arena, the 3 Hand Choreography is progressing, although an announcement just made asked that screaming after a dance completes be stopped as it is disturbing to the halls - applause is fine.

Senior Girls 15 Years now on stage

They are dancing two at a time.

ABC3 documentary activity

The film crews are very active for this age group - they are probably following a number of the dancers and are active side and front of stage.

The Under 13 3 hand Choreography dancers have been called back to the main arena - hopefully that means that the repairs are finished.

Gourmet food update
ChaosCentral took the opportunity of having lunch today - one now understands why it is so popular! The chicken establishment across the road was the venue and produced an excellent and inexpensive lunch. No chocolate crackles sighted :(

15 Years soft shoe round is about to start

The boys are in marshalling, the girls have been called to marshalling and there is a lot of movement in the recall arena as friends and family change places and go to help their dancers.

The recall arena is very full, much more so that the main arena has been - it is also much darker although the stage is well lit.

The 15 Years frist round is almost over - just a few more dancers to go...

The 15 Years frist round is almost over - just a few more dancers to go...

Results - Under 13 Mixed 8 Hand Ceili

1 Simpson Academy A, ACT
2 Crocker A, QLD
3 Halloran A, NSW
4 QIA Dancers A, QLD
5 Cosgriff A, VIC
6 Christine Ayres A, VIC
7 Walton A, NSW

Results - Under 13 Girls 8 Hand Ceili

1 Scoil Ard Rince A, QLD
2 Halloran A, NSW
3 McAleer A, VIC
4 Cosgriff A, VIC

Results - Under 13 Mixed 4 Hand Ceili

1 Halloran A, NSW
2 QIA Dancers A, QLD
3 Christine Ayres A, QLD
4 Simpson Academy A, ACT
5 Scoil Rince Kilmurray A, VIC
6 Aisling A, NSW
7 Liz Gregory A, ACT
8 Crocker A, QLD
9 Miller A, SA

Results - Under 13 Girls 4 Hand Ceili

1 McAleer A, VIC
2 Cosgriff A, VIC
3 Halloran A, NSW
4= Simpson Academy A, ACT
4= Scoil Ard Rince A, QLD
6 Scoil Ni Ceide/Upton C, WA
7 Creer-Harvey B, NSW
8 QIA Dancers A, QLD
9 Currie Henderson A, NSW
10 Kick Dance Studio B, QLD
11 Cosgriff C, VIC
12 Cosgriff A, VIC
13 Christine Ayres A, VIC
14 O'Connor A, VIC
15 Hearn A, QLD
16 Scoil Ard Rince A, QLD
17 Maher A, NSW
18 Creer-Harvey A, NSW

15 Years now on stage in the recall arena, doing their first round

Results - Under 11 Mixed 8 Hand Ceili

1 Cosgriff A, VIC
2 McAleer A, VIC
3 Carey Academy A, NSW
4 Halloran A, NSW
5 Currie Henderson A, NSW

Results - Under 11 Girls 8 Hand Ceili

1 Halloran A, NSW
2 Miller A, SA
3 O'Connor A, VIC
4 Moran A, VIC
5 Liz Gregory A, ACT

Results - Under 11 Mixed 4 Hand Ceili

1 Walton B, NSW
2 Cosgriff A, VIC
3 Cosgriff B, VIC
4 Currie Henderson A, NSW
5 Halloran A, NSW
6 Rabusin A, VIC
7 Adelaide Academy A, SA
8 WA Academy A, WA
9 McAleer A, VIC
10 Kick Dance Studio A, QLD
11 Creer-Harvey A, NSW
12 Carey Academy A, NSW
13 Crocker A, QLD

Results - Under 11 Girls 4 Hand Ceili

1 Halloran A, NSW
2 Halloran B, NSW
3 Miller A, SA
4 Cosgriff A, VIC
5 Miller B, SA
6 Simpson Academy A, ACT
7 Liz Gregory A, ACT
8 Maher A, NSW
9 Creer-Harvey A, NSW
10 Rabusin A, VIC
11 O'Connor B, VIC
12 Scoil Ard Rince A, QLD
13 McAleer B, VIC
14 McAleer A, VIC
15 Adelaide Academy A, SA
16 Moran A, VIC
17 Liz Gregory B, ACT
18 Simpson Academy A, ACT (well, they listed A as both numbers in the program!)
19 Halloran C, NSW
20 Walker A, QLD


Due to some re-rigging requirements at the stadium, the 15 Years Championship has been relocated, along with all teachers, parents and supporters, to the recall arena. When work within the main arena is completed, it is anticipated that the remainder of the competition will return to the main hall.

Results for teams is being entered now - stay tuned.

Now the Reel Royalty

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Under 13 Mixed 8 Hand now dancing

This is the last section of the morning, so results and presentations for all Under 11 and Under 13 teams should follow shortly. We are still running approximately 45 minutes early - YAY!!!!

More feis scenes

Hair by the quiff

Happy dancers

And even happier vendors, now surrounded by potential customers
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Some more messages

just competed in ceili (4 hand ) thought we did great !!!! luv u all xoxo madi

Hey, Aunty Kris and Family and Zia and Family, Just did our ceili (4 hand) and we did really good. Mum will tell you the results when we get them. Love you all and missing you so much, Emily xoxoxox
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The Royalty has arrived!

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Short pause in the procedings

Waiting for the Under 13 8 Hands to start.....

Under 13 Mixed 4 Hand about to hit the stage

And in a gourmet (?) food update, ChaosCentral has been plied with Gummy Bears and Mini Timeout bars by a dancing father, concerned that we are not keeping up our intake of junk food - thanks!!

Still no chocolate crackles sighted, the search continues!

Feis scenes

And the Under 13 teams are now dancing - 4 Hand Girls on stage now.
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Feis update

The program shows the competition to finish tonight at 9PM. However, at 5:15PM the Under 13 Teams dance (35 of them) and the Junior Figures dance (5 of them) - at 5:30PM the 15 Years recalls are on in the recall arena (48 of them), so by ChaosCentral's poor estimation, it should only take a maximum of 2 hours for all the team dances and recall dancers to complete - so perhaps the correct presentation time should be somewhere around 7PM?

Under 11 teams have finished

Under 13 teams are now preparing to dance, having been called to marshalling. The competition is running about 30 minutes early and they have announced that results may also be held early - stay tuned!

Teams action - even offstage!

And the vendors are on the move - look out for great specials from them.
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Feis faces

And the Under 11 8 Hand Ceili dancers are wowing them on stage right now
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Feis update

The dress vendors have at last been allowed to move from the sales backwater where they were placed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, to the area next to the program sales - that is the main passageway through which all dancers, parents and friends pass to get to the dancing halls. Makes so much more sense to have the vendors where the people are!
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The Canberra Connection

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Very proud of new teams dresses!

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Under 11 4 Hand Girls section has finished

GPS to the main arena please!!

Just now, a team dancer completed the dance and then, rather than exit the stage by the stairs at the side, mistook the trophy table beside the stage for the first step off the stage :)

It was a long step down and, as she took it and was on the trophy table, she noticed the remainder of her team heading off in the correct direction - a quick jump back onto the stage and she hurried off with the remainder of her team, to smiles and applause from the auditorium.

Maybe teams should be fitted with a GPS? Might help with the steps as well :)

The 4 Hands are on stage

My goodness - they are moving their arms!!!!!

Of course, it is teams :) The younger age groups are dancing with great energy and in very colourful team costumes. The hall is very well populated and the musicians are clear as a bell.

For those not in attendance or who may have never attended a Nationals competition, the stage announcements are usually made by a select few teachers and senior members of the ID community. All have wonderfully modulated speaking voices and have been doing the announcements for as long as I can remember, and probably for many years before that.

The point is, one hears the same voices at every Nationals and, despite the changes of venues, dancers and dresses, the voices provide a wonderful continuity - like a thread that holds the tradition together in Australia.

Gourmet food update
Coffee from the cafe adjacent to the main arena is excellent and they are open from 0700 - if only coffee was available like that when we have other competitions! Sadly, after a brief scouting expedition, not a chocolate crackle was to be found.

Here we are at half-way Thursday at the Nationals

After a brief cool, windy shower yesterday afternoon, Thursday has dawned bright and full of promise - and sunshine!

Today is the first appearance of the teams, and the hall is buzzing with the sounds of arms moving!

Our schedule for today is as follows:


Recall Hall



Under 11 Years Ceili


Under 13 Years Ceili


Results Ceili


Senior Boys 15 Years

Senior Girls 15 Years


Under 13 Girls 3 Hand Choreography


Recall Senior Boys & Girls 15 Years

Under 13 Mixed 3 Hand Choreography

Junior Figure Dance



Under 11 Girls 4 Hand Ceili are competing for the Gaelic Football & Hurling Association Trophy, donated by G.A.A SA and there are 40 teams in this section, which is sponsored by AIDA Western Australia Branch.

Under 11 Mixed 4 Hand Ceili are competing for the Colleen Kirby Perpetual Trophy and there are 26 teams in this section, which is sponsored by O'Neill Civil Pty Ltd.

Under 11 Girls 8 Hand Ceili are competing for the Doyle Family Trophy, donated by Carmel Doyle ADCRG SA.

Under 11 Mixed 8 Hand Ceile are competing for the Peter David Dowd Memorial Trophy, donated by Carmel Griffiths ADCRG and Peter Dowd and there are nine teams in this section, which is sponsored by Kathleen McAleer ADCRG.

Under 13 Girls 4 Hand Ceili are competing for the Harold, Eileen & Kate Jones Perpetual Trophy donated by Mr & Mrs Jones NSW and there are 36 teams in this section, which is sponsored by AIDA Victoria Branch.

Under 13 Mixed 4 Hand Ceili are competing for the AIDA Queensland Perpetual Trophy donated by AIDA QLD and there are 18 teams in this section, which is sponsored by Scoil Rince Tir an Oir.

Under 13 Mixed 8 Hand Ceili are competing for the William, Sarah & Liam Monks Memorial Trophy donated by Frances Stokes TCRG & Margaret Monks SA.

Senior Boys 15 Years are competing for the Sean Gilroy Memorial Trophy and there are nine dancers in this section.
1st round starts with competitor 101

2nd round starts with competitor 104

3rd round starts with competitor 107

Sashes are donated by Trophy Traders International.

Winner’s Gift donated by NorthWest Designs.

Senior Girls 15 Years are competing for the Cec Cocking Perpetual Trophy and the Hilda Therese Walton Tiara (1st Place) and the Felix "Rocky" Burns Memorial Trophy (2nd Place) and there are 86 dancers in this section.
1st round starts with competitor 101

2nd round starts with competitor 129

3rd round starts with competitor 157

Sashes are donated by Trophy Traders International.

Winner’s Gift donated by NorthWest Designs.

Under 13 Girls 3 Hand Choreography are competing for the Celtic Musicians Club Perpetual Trophy donated by the Celtic Musicians Club SA and there are 26 teams in this section.

Under 13 Mixed 3 Hand Choreography are competing for the Melino Family Perpetual Trophy donated by Dierdre Murphy ADCRG SA and there are 19 teams in this section.

Junior Figure Dance are competing for the Tom & Maura Finn Perpetual Trophy donated by Elizabeth Howe ADCRG SA and there are five teams in this section.

Not long to go now!! ChaosCentral is heading off in search of coffee and chocolate crackles :)

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Results - 13 Years Girls

1st Natalie O'Connor - Dwyer-Whelan NSW
2nd Adele McEleavey - Trish Williams Qld
3rd Brittany McBride - McAleer Vic
4th Alanna Chaumont - Walton NSW
5th Chloe Lenders - McAleer Vic
6th Emily McCredie - Aisling NSW
7th Harriet Ogilvie - Fenagh NSW
8th Emily Palmer - Dwyer-Whelan NSW
9th Tyler Watkins - Watkins Acad. Qld
10th Lauren Stals - Liz Gregory ACT
11th Carrie Vaughey - Crocker Qld
11th Brittany Gore - WA Acad. WA
13th Natasha Singh - Liz Gregory ACT
14th Melanie Heidke - Scoil Ni Ceide/Upton WA
15th Kelsey Tonkin - Adelaide Acad. SA
16th Lauren Hurst - Fenagh NSW
17th Nora Bakalla - Fenagh NSW
18th Elyse McDonough - Creer-Harvey NSW
19th Harriet Clayton - Adelaide Acad. SA
20th Xartiese Holdsworth - Crocker Qld
21st Nessa Salvador - Halloran NSW
22nd Casey Cahlin - Walton NSW
23rd Annie Donelly - Christine Ayres Vic
24th Erin O'Callaghan - Carey Acad. NSW
25th Ella Bilton-Gough - Bilton Vic
26th Hannah Wass - Walker Qld
27th Ciara Cummins - Fenagh NSW
28th Juliet Pritchard - Lahl Tas
= 29th Orlagh Whelan - Cosgriff Vic
= 29th Michayla O'Malley - Rabusin Vic
= 29th Alannah Dair - Walker Qld
= 29th Sapphire McBride - Roberts Acad. SA
33rd Siobhan Murphy - McAleer Vic
34th Taylor Perkins - Walker Qld
35th Nicole Spinks - Halloran NSW
36th Chloe Tabone - Scoil Rince Kilmurray Vic
37th Maggie Hawkins - Scoil Ard Rince Qld
38th Cailtin Bilogrevic - Dempsey Qld
= 39th Bronte Sadlier - Cosgriff Vic
= 39th Courtney Robinson - Currie-Henderson NSW
= 39th Isobel Featherston - Creer-Harvey NSW
42nd Zoe Thornthwaite - Creer-Harvey NSW
43rd Lucinda Petchell - Carey Acad. NSW
44th Rachael McConochie - Munro Qld
44th Jenaya Little - Ku-Ring-Gai Acad. NSW
46th Sophie Steele - Kavanagh WA

Results - 11 Years Girls

1st Niamh Molloy - McAleer Vic
2nd Catherine Back - Simpson ACT
3rd Ellen Rafferty - Scoil Ard Rince Qld
4th Alexandra Makin - Aisling NSW
5th Alexandra King - Cosgriff Vic
6th Matilda Finchett - Rabusin Vic
7th Ashlyn Stevens - WA Acad. WA
8th Maggie Devine - Maher NSW
9th Jordan Walter - Halloran NSW
10th Isabella Richards - Kick Qld
11th Tahlia Berry - McAleer Vic
12th Kiana Main - Simpson Acad. ACT
13th Taillah McLoughlin - Liz Gregory ACT
14th Aoife Hegarty - Scoil Ni Ceide/Upton WA
15th Olivia Jolicoeur - McAleer Vic
16th Emmah McKeown - Creer-Harvey NSW
17th Ruby Garrett - Howe SA
18th Emily Harmon - Dwyer-Whelan NSW
= 19th Dakota Courtney - O'Brien WA
= 19th Stephanie Phillips
21st Tori Burgess - Scoil Ard Rince Qld
22nd Keiva Young - WA Acad. WA
23rd Corinna Dwyer - Simpson ACT
24th Kaitlyn Page - Howe SA
25th Cailtlin Pellizzon - Maher NSW
26th Cassie Posthumus - Cosgriff Vic
27th Katie Fries - McAleer Vic
28th Catherine Lynch - Carey Acad. NSW
29th Madeline Fitzgerald - Scoil Rince Kilmurray Vic
30th Sinead Podesta - Maher NSW
31st Kiriana McKay - QIA Dancers Qld
32nd Taylor Carty - Scoil Rince Tir An Oir ACT
33rd Zoe Swan - Liz Gregory ACT
34th Aishia Xavier - Watkins Acad. Qld
35th Loren Blundell - Creer-Harvey NSW

Results - 11 Years Boys

1st Jonty Moore - Aisling NSW
2nd Breandan Henderson - Christine Ayres Vic
3rd Kieran Bryant - Halloran NSW
4th Callum Jordan - Liz Gregory ACT
5th Kieran Attwell-Gill - Miller SA

ARM Liam Clark - Watkins Acad. Qld
ARM Benjamin Blake - Dempsey Vic
ARM Callum Chaplin - Scoil Rince Kilmurray Vic

Results - 13 Years Boys

1st Cameron Henderson - Christine Ayres Vic
2nd Kristian Ciciulla - Rabusin Vic
3rd Thomas Wilson - Mulcahy-Hayes Vic
4th Jordan Fisher - Liz Gregory ACT
5th Kieran Ayres - Christine Ayres Vic

ARM Haiden Clark - Watkins Acad. Qld
ARM Jack Kearney - Currie-Henderson NSW
ARM Rodney Bailey - Simpson ACT

Results - 14 Years Girls

1st Lauren Meredith - Simpson ACT
2nd Amy Von Gneisenau – Scoil Ard Rince Qld
3rd Brianna Gardoni – Halloran NSW
4th Shelby Aylett – Scoil Ni Ceide/Upton WA
5th Eileen Wallace – Wollongong Acad. NSW
6th Cailtin Devine – Maher NSW
7th Georgia Hogan – McAleer Vic
8th Emma Pike – Mulcahy-Hayes Vic
9th Elizabeth Lynch – Christine Ayres Vic
10th Olivia Lloyd – Lynagh Studio Qld
11th Chelsea Rafter – Aisling NSW
12th Ceridwen Radcliffe – Liz Gregory ACT
13th Megan Palmer – Liz Gregory ACT
14th Elleanor Purser – WA Acad. WA
15th Hayley Morris – Halloran NSW
16th Kimberley Millward – Scoil Ni Ceide/Upton WA
17th Shaelli Kelly – Mulcahy-Hayes Vic
18th Lauren Von Gneisenau – Scoil Ard Rince Qld
19th Megan Paterson – Liz Gregory ACT
20th Tamara Flynn – Maher NSW
= 21st Emily Convery – Watkins Acad. Qld
= 21st Catherine Keys – Watkins Acad. Qld
23rd Hayley Cannon – Reilly Studio NSW
24th Lucy Earle – Watkins Acad. Qld
25th Aislinn Podesta – Maher NSW
26th Jessica Pitts – Scoil Ard Rince Qld
27th Jacque Smith – Cosgriff Vic
28th Megan Bittner – Watkins Qld
29th Jacqueline Mendes – Dempsey Vic
30th Megg Mayger – Newry Studio SA
31st Monique Mahoney – Oxenham Qld
32nd Kate Lynch – Halloran NSW
33rd Nicole Cunningham – Scoil Rince Cashel SA
34th Sinead Kyral – Aisling NSW

Results - 14 Years Boys

1st Joshua Taylor - Dwyer-Whelan NSW
2nd Shaun Cameron - Maher NSW
3rd Conor Barkway - Howe SA
= 4th Thomas Hughes - Currie Henderson NSW
= 4th Alistair Bennett - Aisling NSW
6th Brett Osborne - Christine Ayres Vic

ARM Brandon Sutton - Aisling NSW
ARM Rohan Mason - Wollongong Acad. NSW
ARM Liam Howden - Adelaide Academy SA
ARM Patrick Watt - Watkins Acad. Qld
ARM Ciaran Courtney - O'Brien WA
ARM Braden Craven-Griffiths - Watkins Academy Qld

Naughty QLD Mum, hiding from Trish

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Dancing's Done

The results for the 14s will be presented first.

Three to go. Not that I'm hungry or anything.

Ranga power!!!

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11 to go - excited much

Hi to everyone back home!

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Random photos - or photos of randoms?

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