Sunday 23 June 2013

INDA Sunday photos now available on

And that is the INDA done and dusted!!

Photos will be available on very soon!!

Results - 16 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1st Natalie O’Connor Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Nessa Salvador Halloran
3rd Cara Wiggins Halloran
4th Nicole Spinks Halloran
5th Hannah Thomas Walton
6th Sarah Fuller Walton
AA Samantha Whatman Gra Na Rince
AA Hayley Unsworth Higgins
AA Tara Somerville Gra Na Rince
AA Roisin Finnegan Ni Probaire

Results - 15 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1st Mollie Brennan Walton
2nd Caoimhe McEnallay Dwyer-Whelan
3rd Sarah Leach Creer
4th Ashley Cottell Wollongong
5th Kyra Webb Wollongong
AA Briana Dragisic Walton
AA Nicole Rood Rince Le Nor
AA Jakub Kyral Walton

Results - 15 & 16 Years Elementary Premiership

1st Natalie Jones Higgins
2nd Ellen Spasojevic Higgins

The last dancer has left the stage!

And presentations will be underway any minute now - and of course, the raffle draw!

Four sets to go....

16 Years set dancers now in marshalling

Nine set dances, then presentations.  So we should have presentations around 1745....stay tuned!

Set dances about to start!

Hall now cool and echoey - one can hear a wig drop :)

Last LiveCommentary photos for the feis

Sooooo much yellow…the tungsten lights, the yellow light shades, the walls…shooting with colour temperature set to tungsten doesn't help either.

So, 16 Years marshalling for their soft shoe round, now almost completed.

Set dances soon, then presentations and then swim home!

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Canteen fire sale!!!

No, not a reflection on the cooking.  All food now 50% off - you still get 100% of food and flavour though :)

Gourmet food update

In a just-announced development certain to bring a tear to the eyes of all fine food aficionados, Miss Bernadette's Fine Food Feisty Cafe and Salon de Dance is shutting shop in about 30 minutes; not the Salon de Dance part though!

So now is your last chance to jump into the car and motor to Petersham at high but legal speed, to pick up a supply of home made goodies.  Not only will they be good eating for you, but it will also save Miss Bernadette from having to eat the leftovers for the next two weeks.  Or force dancers to eat them until their dancing improves.  Or something like that.

In feis related news, the hard shoe round has finished and a search party has been sent out for the 15 Years doing their soft shoe round, as there are none to be seen in marshalling.

Hooray - an early mark, we can all go home as there are no dancers.  Hang on, they have arrived....

Marshalling, and other activities!

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Feis update

The hall is now only about 1/3 full so t is becoming an little chilly :(  The younger dancers have left and that is a pity as they are missing out on some sparking dancing from the older age groups.

The canteen is still doing a roaring trade in hot food, a good thing as outside the weather looks like a wet run for the Noah's Ark re-enactment.  Haven't seen the animals two by two, but have seen Irish Dancers in pairs.....

There is a strong possibility that the feis will finish early, giving us all an opportunity to rug up and swim home, after the raffle draw of course :)

Last age group of the day now on stage

15 & 16 Years are doing their hard shoe rounds

ChaosCentral is marvelling that a) the technology is working as advertised and b) the guest commentator lasted less than one shift, only two posts.  They just don't make them the way they used to :)

Results - 8 Years Intermediate/Open

1st Imogen Ryan Fenagh
2nd Leah Kingham-Convey Walton
3rd Danah Pham Halloran
4th Chloe Dyde Halloran
5th Brooke Mackenzie Cox
=6th Maddison Paine Halloran
=6th Brianna Ross Spreagadh
AA Eloise Hawse Creer
AA Caitlin Finnegan Reilly
AA Delaney Freys Creer

Results - 7 Years Intermediate/Open

1st Trinity Woelms Walton
2nd Ciara-Leigh Carey Carey
3rd Francesca Kyral Walton
4th Ryan Yeates Halloran
AA Bella Masters Higgins
AA Lily Fury Creer

Results - 7 & 8 Years Beginner/Novice/Intermediate

7 & 8 Years Novice Premiership
1st Aidan MacSweeney Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Abigail Morgan Cox
3rd Alyssa Brayshaw Cox
4th Meera Ramaswami Coamhánach
5th Cate Heath Dwyer-Whelan
AA Ellen Cooksey Rince Le Nor
AA Ruby Middleton Reilly
7 & 8 Years Beginners Premiership
1st Tilli McMahon Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Kate Sullivan Derwent
3rd Taite Serow Dwyer-Whelan
4th Sarah McPhan Wollongong
5th William Rothfield Coamhánac
6th Caitlin Maddocks Derwent
AA Katelyn Cleary Derwent
AA Cashel McKnight Dwyer-Whelan
AA Lily Jagers Rince Le Nor
7 Years Primary Premiership
1st Roisin Carey Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Lucette Caillaux Derwent
3rd Niamh Canning Maher
4th Caitlin Hogg Currie-Henderson
5th Bridget Kearney Currie-Henderson
AA Charlotte Broadley Cox
AA Sophia Nehme Rince Le Nor
8 Years Primary Premiership
1st Scarlett Pearce Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Anna Burke Reilly
3rd Scarlett Sweeney Coamhánach
4th Sofia Robinson Dwyer-Whelan
5th Isaac Fletcher Walton
6th Amy Poulton Derwent
7th Hannah Wainwright Wollongong
AA Amelia Crilly Wollongong
AA Natasha Devine Cox Academy
AA Katya Doyle Dwyer-Whelan
AA Genevieve Fisher Cox Academy
7 Years Elementary Premiership
1st Mia Thomas Halloran
2nd Bree Hayes Cox
3rd Ella Walters Reilly
4th Scarlett Appleyard Coamhánach
5th Clodagh Flynn Creer
6th Jaeda Ross Wollongong
AA Matilda-Rose Hall Halloran
AA Kate Goranic Cox Academy
AA Chiara Peluso Reilly
8 Years Elementary Premiership
1st Tara O’Connell Reilly
2nd Amoretta Rourke Spreagadh
3rd Samantha Emeish Halloran
4th Charlotte Lineen Coamhánach
AA Erin Caldwell Higgins
AA Sarah Davidson McMahon

Last set dance age group now on stage!

Traditional set dances now on stage

Presentations will follow soon

Our guest commentator :)

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Marshalling for soft shoe round

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Milton In Absentia

While Milton Baar is off frolicking with OAPs in purple, we power on through the light round for the 7 Years Elementary Premiership. Our guest commentator would like to take the opportunity to ask Milton why he hasn't a cupcake in his hand when he's so near the canteen...?

Feis Update #2

As we power on through the 8 Years Primary Premiership, one Eleanor Grose would like to formally apologise for her selfies. :-)

Feis update

All is not lost :)

ChaosCentral took the morning off and missed photographing the OAP section(s) - but -

Paddy Jessing came to the rescue :)

She has just handed over an SD card which ChaosCentral has - ahem - borrowed and taken from it all the morning presentation photos.  They will appear on along with the regular assortment of photos, later this evening.

Paddy, thanks for saving the day!!!  You are welcome to dive into our supply of chocolate crackles, any time you wish.

In other feis related news, the dancers are now on stage doing their soft shoe round and, it is possible that we will have a guest commentator joining the team in just a few minutes.

A shy retiring dancer and a shy retiring teacher - or not

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Dancers called to marshalling for their soft shoe round

This is earlier when they were excitedly gathering for their hard shoe rounds.

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