Sunday 27 June 2010

That's all folks!!

LiveCam and LiveCommentary will be on a winter break until the Claddagh Feis on 24/25 July.

Photos from today will be on some time after 19:00 as your correspondent lives in the far distant diagonal corner of Sydney from where this feis is held.

Results - 14 Years Boys

1 Joshua Taylor
2= Shaun Cameron
2= Alistair Bennett

Results - 14 Years Girls

1 Caitlin Divine
2 Chelsea Rafter
3 Lauren Meredith
4 Eilen Wallace
5 Tamara Flynn
6 Hayley Morris
7 Megan Paterson
HC Michaela Went
HC Aislin Podesta
HC Vanessa Hild
HC Laura O'Brien

Results - 13 Years Girls

1 Natalie O'Conner
2 Emily Palmer
3 Emily McCredie
4 Elyse McDonough
5 Casey Cahlin
6 Nessa Salvadore
7 Zoe Thornthwaite
8 Saoirse Ward
9 Ellen Davies
10 Corinne Tucker
HC Lucinda Petchell
HC Isobel Featherstone
HC Erin O'Callaghan
HC Shannon Browne
HC Hannah Thomas
HC Sarah Fuller
HC Raelene Carter

Dancing has finished for the feis!!

We are now just waiting for results and presentations.

14 Years Girls sets are finished, three 14 Years Boys sets to go!

Its getting cold in here :(

There are not enough people in the hall to generate some heat, and even the adjudicator is now fashionably attired in a jumper, scarf and coat over the top of the lot.  Makes quite a change from warm QLD!

14 Years Premiership set dances now underway

This is the final section of the day and there are approximately 14 dancers in the Boys & Girls sections.

Only five more sets to go in the 13 Years!

13 Years are about to start the set dances

Looks like today will run on time!

14 Years Premiership soft shoe round now underway

13 Years Premiership are now doing their soft shoe round

13 Years hard shoe has finished

The stage is now being inspected for any items that may have fallen, such as sequins, bobby pins, arches etc.

14 Years Girls hard shoe will be next, followed by the 14 Years Boys.

Premiership sections now on stage

They will be dancing the 13 & 14 Years Boys & Girls interleaved - that means that I won't be announcing each section each time, otherwise we will all become confused - or in the case of your correspondent, more confused.

13 & 14 Years Premierships have now started

In the 13 Years Premiership, 17 dancers are competing for a trophy.

In the 14 Years Girls Premiership, 11 dancers are competing for the A Carolan Perpetual Trophy.

In the 14 Years Boys Premiership, three dancers are competing for the Edward Wade Memorial Trophy, donated by the Baar Family.

We are back from lunch

The 13 & 14 Years have been called to marshalling for the warm-up dances and the Primary, Intermediate and Elementary sections.

Lunch break!!

While the lunch break is on, LiveCam will be running but without audio.

Results - 12 Years Girls

1 Ashleigh Blake, Simpson ACT
2 Rosie O'Neil, Carey
3 Thea Ross, Aisling
4 Madeliene Byrne, Creer-Harvey
5 Mollie Brennan, Walton
6 Siobhan Hamilton, Maher
7 Briana Dragisic, Walton
8 Roisin Ward, Aisling
9 Maria Lynch, Carey
HC Sarah Leach, Creer-Harvey
HC Madeliene Yeaman, Creer-Harvey

Results - 11 Years Girls

1 Catherine Back, Simpson ACT
2 Jordan Walter, Halloran
3 Tailliah McLoughen, Gregory ACT
4 Loren Blundell, Creer-Harvey
5 Emily Harmon, Dwyer-Whelan
6 Maggie Divine, Maher
7 Emmah McKeown, Creer-Harvey
8 Catherine Lynch, Carey
9 Kiana Main, Simpson ACT
10= Corinna Dwyer, Simpson ACT
10= Niamh Kennedy, Walton
12 Erin Kavanagh, Creer-Harvey
HC Charlotte Fletcher, Walton
HC Sinead Podesta, Maher
HC Emma O'Brien, Maher

Results - Boys 11 & 12 Years

1 Jonty Moore, Aisling
2 Declan Walker-Kent, Simpaon ACT
3 Ronald Rice, Aisling
4 Calum Jordan, Gregory ACT

12 Years Girls now doing their set dances

After this section, there will be results and presentations, followed by a lunch break.

11 & 12 Years Boys now doing their set dances

ChaosCentral has just received a wonderful gift!!!

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11 Years Girls sets are almost finished

Only three more dancers to go, then the four 11 & 12 Years Boys.

11 Years Girls are now doing their set dances

Those of you watching and listening to LiveCam will notice that the hall is strangely quiet - possibly as there are fewer people here than yesterday - and the sense of anticipation for the presentations to come?

11 & 12 Years Boys have been called to marshalling for their set dances.

11 & 12 Years girls now dancing their soft shoe round

The 11 Years Girls have been called to marshalling for their set dances.

In the hall today, there are fewer people compared to yesterday; there is not so much "atmosphere" although there is good support and applause for each of the dancers.  Outside, it is cool but sunny and some families are taking the opportunity to enjoy the warmth while it is there.

11 Years in marshalling

Waiting for their soft shoe round....they are on stage now.
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12 Years Girls now doing their hard shoe round

11 Years Boys now doing their hard shoe round

The 11 & 12 Years are into their soft shoe warm-ups

There were also a couple of slips on stage - one following another - and the dancers are fine.

The 11 Years have just been called to marshalling for their Premiership hard shoe round.

11 & 12 Years Premiership has started

The 11 Years Girls are competing for the Ron Mathews Memorial Trophy, donated by the Baar family, and there are 14 dancers in this section.

The 11 & 12 Years Boys are competing for the Baar Family Trophy, and there are four dancers in this section.

The 12 Years Girls are competing for the T & G Normoyle Perpetual Trophy, and there are 14 dancers in this section.

Welcome to Sunday at the Fisher's Ghost Feis!!

Another cool morning in Sydney, but today the skies are clear and we are starting at the very civilised time of 10:00.  Todays dancing program is as follows:

10:00-13:00 11 & 12 Years
14:00-16:30 13 & 14 Years

The adjudicator is Cheryl Young ADCRG from QLD and we hope she is enjoying the change of weather - somewhat cooler!

In the interim, your correspondent is going to get a cup of tea and to survey the wonderful range of breakfast offerings, made fresh in the canteen.

Saturday 26 June 2010

Results - 19 Years & Over

1 Laura Harmon, Dwyer-Whelan
2 Niamh Champion, Walton
3 Claire Petelczyc, Gregory
4 Eleanor Finneran, Halloran
5 Lauren Ward, Carroll
6 Jessica Denford, Carey

Results - 18 Years

1 Asher Larnach, Maher
2 Laura Corkhill, Simpson ACT
3 Kathleen O'Kane, Carey
4 Moira Neasy, Claddagh
5 Tamara Hanna, Derwent

Results - 17 Years

1 Julia Baar, Aisling
2 Jessica Manuel, Simpson ACT
3 Gannon Cuneo, Aisling
4 Rebecca McGrath, Walton
5 Lauren Gray, Dwyer-Whelan
6= Felicity Robinson, Aisling
6= Rhiannon Black, Walton
8 Alyssa Flynn, Maher
9 Amy Ward, Carroll

Results - 16 Years

1 Jeremy Heggie, Walton

2 Zoe Thomson, Simpson ACT
3 Amy Longstone, Carey
4 Anne-Louise Bennet, Aisling
5 Rachael Larnach, Maher
6 Caitlin O'Connor, Dwyer-Whelan

7 Dianne Resiak, Simpson ACT
8 Monique Hearn, Creer-Harvey
9= Tammi Curtis, Walton
9= Olivia McKenzie, Carey
11 Ashlene O'Gorman, Walton
12 Bernadette Neasy, Claddagh

Results - 15 Years

1 Ceili Moore, Aisling
2 Brooke Haling, Simpson ACT
3 Erin Moore, Carey
4 Ellen Parker, Halloran
5= Kelsey Burns, Simpson ACT
5= Riordan Cuneo, Aisling
7 Melinda Bearman, Walton
8= Carly Chittenden, Carey
8= Jade Goodwin, Simpson ACT
10 Megan Carter, Halloran
11 Jess Carruthers, Maher
12= Emily Brough, Carey
12= Ellen O'Neill, Creer-Harvey
14 Josie Creighton, Walton
15 Caeslin Ward, Aisling
16 Lauren Holmes, Carroll

Please contact me if these results are wrong - they were not written down for me correctly :(

19 Years & Over are now dancing their sets

This is the final section for the day - presentations will follow immediately and results will be put on LiveCommentary after I take photos of the presentations.

Tomorrow, we will be online from around 1000, so we all get a sleep in!

18 Years set dances about to start

17 Years sets now dancing

New ETA for presentations - 2130!!

17 Years Premiership have been called to marshalling for their sets

There are still around four sets to go in the 16 Years

16 years sets about to start

They have been called into marshalling

Still working our way through the sets...

About another eight dancers in the 15 Years sets, then on to the 16 Years......

19 Years & Over Premiership are now dancing their soft shoe round

And then there will be around 60 set dances.....

The excitement is too much for some...

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18 Years Premiership soft shoe now dancing

17 Years Premiership now doing their soft shoe round

10 dancers in the section.

Feis update

A mathematically gifted correspondent has suggested that we all get into comfy clothes, rug up and settle in with a warm drink; at the current rate of progress, tonight's dancing - and therefore presentations - will finish around 2300, or 11PM in the old currency....

16 Years Premiership have just been called to marshalling for their soft shoe round.

15 Years are now doing their soft shoe round

And later age groups are drifting into the marshalling area....

19 Years & Over Premiership are now dancing their hard shoe round

The other sections are getting into their soft shoes and hanging around in marshalling...

18 Years Premiership hard shoe now dancing

19 Years & Over have been called to marshalling.

17 Years Premiership now doing their hard shoe round

Half way through the 16 Years hard shoe round...

Feis update

The 15 Years and over sections are dancing their warm-up dances and, because there are several age groups grouped prior to the final presentations, the hall is quite full.

Everywhere that one looks, people are enjoying home-baked cakes and other delicacies - and not a beer to be seen :)

LiveCam doesn't have a great deal to show as few dancers are in the marshalling area, they just go straight to the back of the stage.

The 15 Years premiership dancers have just been called to marshalling for their hard shoe dance.

For the remainder of the day...

16 Years Boys are competing for a trophy donated by Janelle Knowles and Family, and there is one competitor in this section; there are 11 Girls competing in the 16 Years Girls section.

There are 11 dancers competing in the 17 Years, 7 dancers competing in the 18 Years and 8 dancers competing in the 19 & Over section.

They are al dancing now, sections are interleaved to save time.  Presentations are expected around 19:30.

Results 9 and 10 Years


1 Roisin Bolwell
2 Siobhan Lo
3 Isobel Kanaley
4 Niamh Mack
5 Amy Mountford
6 Ebony Mc Martin
7 Mairead Ward
8 Jade Abby
9 * Gabrielle Irving
9* Lara Hanes
11 Channel Wardini
12 Bridget Kirwan
13 Ellie Borg
14 Erin Burt
15 Sian Hamilton
16 Millie Jones
17 Madeline Carroll
HC Chelsea Moutia
HC Christina Moralles
HC Kate Woodbury
HC Renee Doughty
HC Sarah Cuneen
HC Tara Rice


1 Bridie O’Neil
2 Alison Manuel
3 Naoise Champion
4 Sophie Kelly
5 Kelanney Davy
6 Annie Divine
7 Jade McMartin
8 Abbie Spajic
9 Alana Chapman
10 Isabelle Shelly
HC Fiona Ballard
HC Georgia Butler
HC Alanah Chapman
HC Anastacia Stinten
HC Oisin Braddock-Hanratty


The 9s and 10s are on stage.

The 15 Years have commenced dancing

The first two dancers have taken the stage - and danced - and that's the end of the section.  That was quick.

9 & 10 Years presentations delayed!!

The feis is approximately 40 minutes late, so the 15 Years will start now, presentations will be made once they are available.

In the 15 Years section, 20 dancers are competing for the Kathleen Wade Memorial Trophy, donated by the Baar family.

Last 10 Years dancer is now on stage

And the Open 15 Years have been called to marshalling.

Sets - only three to go

A Blue -Eyed rascal in a green dress.

sets are finishing up

The 15 years have been called as the 10 years sets are finishing up.

10 years Premiership now dancing their sets

We are starting with king of the faeries and 14 more fairies to go.

The set dances are progressing

Around another 10 in the 9 Years, followed by 15 in the 10 Years - this means we are running around 45 minutes late.

9 Years Set Dances are now underway

And, for those watching the LiveCam, the sun is now streaming in across the adjudicator's table, so a shield has been erected so that she may see the stage without being blinded.  The late afternoon light, a feature of St Gregory's Hall, also produces some interesting light patterns across the marshalling area, also visible on LiveCam.

10 years Premiership now dancing their soft shoe round

We are running on time it seems, with presentations due at 15:30.

Gourmet food update

Earlier this morning I was given some lovingly hand-crafted "special" chocolate crackles - and they were absolutely divine!  As some of the LiveCommentary photos show, they other home-made baked goods are being devoured by young and old alike - quite a few old in fact - and are one of the highlights of this feis!

The 10 Years are coming to an end of their hard shoe round and the 9 Years are now in marshalling for their soft shoe round.

10 Years have been called to marshalling for their hard shoe round

The 9 & 10 Years are now dancing their Premiership hard shoe dances

The food is really good!!!

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More feis scenes

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Feis scenes

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9 & 10 Years soft shoe round underway

And this morning's photos are now available on

9 & 10 Years are continuing their warm up dances

Also dancing Primary, Elementary and Intermediate sections hard shoe rounds.

Lunch is over!!

9 & 10 Years have been called to marshalling.

The 9 Years are dancing for the Deans Family Perpetual Trophy and there are 25 dancers in this section.

The 10 Years are dancing for the Campbelltown Irish Association Trophy and there are 15 dancers in this section.

Beautification MkII

And the behind-the scenes workers, without them there would be no feis!

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The beautification process!

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Results - 6 Years Premiership

The following dancers were competing for the Campbelltown Irish Association Trophy.

1 Rose Hanratty, Halloran
2 Imogen Rose Ryan, Fenagh
3 Ashleigh Kelly, Walton
4 Erin Stinten, Maher
5 Elise Gray, Aisling
HC Keira Hill, Walton
HC Mitchell Carroll, Halloran
HC Natalie Miralles, Walton

And now there is a lunch break, dancers in the 9 & 10 Years have been advised to be ready 30 minutes early.  This may be good advice for the 15 Years and over as well!!

Presentations for 6 Years and under will be next

We are running approximately 30 minutes early!!!!  After the presentations, we will have a lunch break until approximately 1300.

6 Years Premiership now on stage doing their hard shoe round

The 6 Years & under are continuing their dances....

6 Years & under are now on stage

They are so small that the music has been turned down for some so that they can be heard!

There is a very appreciative audience clapping for each of the competitors and for many, this is their first feis.  Lots of beautiful and simple dresses on stage and lots of beaming faces too - and in the crowd.

Gourmet food update:
First chocolate crackle of the day has been delivered and I am savouring its mystic beauty and aroma - and the canteen has a fabulous range of cakes, pies and all sorts of home-made goodies.  In this case, home-made really is - Margie Brennan and other Walton parents have been up all night baking a wide range of cakes, cupcakes, slices and all things wonderful.

Results - 8 Years Premiership

1 Danae Moore, Aisling
2 Daniel Brennan, Walton
3 McCawley Jordan, Gregory ACT
4 Bridie Bilotta, Halloran
5= Kyra Atherton, Fenagh
5= Christina O'Connor, Dwyer-Whelan
7Hannah Walker-Kent, Simpson ACT
8= Sophie Lang, Simpson ACT
8= Alexandra Hennings, Carey
HC Jessica Coleman, Dwyer-Whelan
HC Madeline Osbon, Fenagh

Results - 7 Years Premiership

1 Sal McGavock, Gregory ACT
2 Liam Costello, Creer-Harvey
3 Grace Reid, Halloran
4 Veronica Lynch, Carey
HC Teresa Lynch, Carey
HC Noirin Finnegan, Reilly

The 8 Years are about to start their Traditional Sets

Presentations will follow

7 & 8 years Premiership have finished their preliminary dances

They are now marshalling for their Traditional Set Daces, which should be followed by presentations around 10:00.

8 years Premiership are doing their soft shoe round

The 7 Years are getting ready to come back to do their Traditional Set Dance.

The last three 8 Years Premiership dancers are doing their hard shoe

They will be followed by the 7 Years Premiership doing their soft shoe round.

Feis Update
Damien Champion, one of the stalwarts of the Campbelltown Irish Association, who are the organisers of this feis, has become an unexpected casualty due to an ID-related accident.  His is sporting a natty white cast on his right arm, the result of having a roll of tarquett/tarkett/dancing-flooring dropping on his arm on Wednesday.  We wish him well in gaining a speedy recovery and look forward with great interest to his eating skills with chopsticks tonight!

7 Years Premiership are now doing their hard shoe round

They are dancing three at a time on stage and there appears to be six competitors in this age group.

LiveCam is pointed towards marshalling which is, at the moment, empty......

8 Years Premiership dancers have just been called to marshalling, and they are interleaving the 7 & 8 Years Premierships.

The canteen is open!!!!

Delights available now..

Including the most amazing chocolate crackles....

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7 & 8 Years beginners are now doing their first dance

For many, this is their first feis and we are now working our way through the Beginners, Primary & Elementary.

Welcome to the Fisher's Ghost Feis

What a fantastic morning we have for the first day of competition!!  It is a cool, crisp Sydney winter morning (that is code for freezing cold with showers), but here at St Gregory's College, it is warm and dry, the stage is set, the adjudicator is on her way - AND - we are at the home of chocolate crackles!!!!

Today's schedule is projected to be as follows:

0830-1000 - 7 & 8 Years
1000-1200 - 3, 4, 5 & 6 Years
Lunch and chocolate crackle break
1300-1530 - 9 & 10 Years
1530-1900 - 15 Years & Over

The adjudicator for this feis is Cheryl Young ADCRG.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Final Goodbye from the McAleer Championship 2010!

AND the Senior Champion of Champions is ERIN MCARTHUR, KILMURRAY

The organisers and families from the McAleer school would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has attended the 2010 McAleer Championship!!

A very big thank you to the amazing judges Des Bailey, Brendan Tiernan and John Cunniffe, and of course the fantastic muscian Sean O'Brien!!

A special thank you to the amazing sponsors and everyone who helped make this possible!

We hope you all have a safe trip home and the very best of luck to all in the upcoming State and National titles! See you all in Wollongong!!

Signing off, Chaos Central!
(Who may or may not be Milton Baar, Clare McAleer and Bianca Nicholls :-)!!!)

Champions of Champions is coming up!!

Stay tuned for the amazing show!!!!

Final Results

Ladies 19 & 20 Years

1st Emma Ryan, Halloran
2nd Shannon Kennedy, Kavanagh
3rd Laura Downie, Dempsey
4th Briana Lang, Kilmurray
5h Brianna Travers, Christine Ayres
6th Colbee Mifsud, Kennedy IRE
7th Rebecca Warrington, Kay Hallissey NZ
8th Jacquie Bigby, Christine Ayres
9th Emma Jenninngs, McAleer
10th Leanne McCall, McAleer

Ladies 19 & 20 Years Traditional Set Section

1st Bridget Kovacevic, Christine Ayres
2nd Rebecca Bolton, Cosgriff
3rd Molly Dalziel, O'Connor

Senior Ladies 21 & over

1st Caitlin Ehrich, Lynagh
2nd Alison Johnson, Ceide
3rd Jessica Mitchell, Mulchay Hayes
4th Jessie Knight, Roberts
5th Eilise Ryan, Christine Ayres
6th Moira Callanan, Walton
7th Charmayne Dulley, Rabusin
8th Kathleen Delaney, Mulchay Hayes
=9th Kristina Craig, Kerry NZ / Taryn Evans, Trinity
11th Melanie King, O'Connor
12th Laura Moylon, Hall

Ladies and Gentlemen, Thats a wrap!

The Senior Ladies have just completed their final round and that means.... The McAleer Championship for 2010 comes to a wrap!

Stay tuned for the results of our final two sections and the Champion of Champions step about section!

Champion of Champions...

The Champion of Champions exhibition will be available to view on live streaming at approx 7.30 pm (straight after results). Tune in for a great display of dancing from today's winners (15 years and over).

PS - Hi Milton we can see yoooouuuuu!!!

The 19 & 20 years sets have been completed...

The Senior Ladies sets are on stage now!

We're almost done!!

Stay tuned for results.

Recalls are in

Recall numbers for the 19 & 20 Years are...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15

Senior Ladies to come....


The lovely ladies..

The 19 and 20 years have just completed round 2! We are now commencing round 2 for the Senior ladies :)

(PS - Cath and Jen, Ceili says HI!!)

Good luck everyone - great sections to watch!

The Senior Ladies have just commenced round 1

Good luck ladies :-)

Moving on with the show..

The 19 and 20 years ladies have just commenced round 1!!

Good luck ladies! And enjoy :-)

15 & Over Men Results

Results for our Supermen :)

15 & Over Men

1st Brent Pace-Rabusin, Rabusin
2nd Kieran Harvey, McAleer
3rd Asher Lancarch, Maher
4th Nathan Elliot, Rabusin
5th William Bryant, Halloran
6th Andrew VanNieukerk, Rabusin
7th Nicholas Dunhill, Breen Kerr

15 Years girls Results

Here you GO :):):)

15 Years Girls

1st Ceili Moore, Aisling
2nd Shauna Olsen, Rabusin
3rd Shannon White, Mulchay Hayes
4th Emma Reid, Mulchay Hayes
5th Ellen Parker, Halloran
6th Georgia Brander, Cosgriff
7th Madeliene Mugg, Miller
8th Erin Moore, Carey
9th Chloe Wheeler, Rabusin
10th Madeleine Finchett, Rabusin
11th Chelsea Tabone, Kilmurray
12th Casey Rogan, McAleer
13th Michelle Byrgiotis, Christine Ayres
14th Claudia Alfonso, Christine Ayres
15th Ashley Healey, Breen Kerr / Caitlin ODonnell, Breen Kerr / Hannah Heilbeg, Newry

15 Years traditional set section

1st Imogen Ross, Lahl TAS
2nd Orlaith McAlinden, Hall
3rd Madeleine Clayton, Cosgriff
= 4th Laura Wilson, McAleer / Courtney Ryan, O'Connor
6th Gemma Sargeant, McAleer
7th Lauren Ratcliffe, McAleer
= 8th Megan Carrington, Cosgriff / Lauren Thomalson, Moran


Change of plans :) We are going to do the results for the 15 Years & over men and the 15 Years girls now!

Then we will move on with the remaining sections!

15 Years finished - get ready for more!

The 15 Years girls are now officially finished!

The 19 & 20 ladies and the Senior Ladies are all busily getting themselves ready for what is guaranteed to be a fantastic afternoon of dancing!

Stay tuned!

Recall numbers for the 15 Years Girls

Recalls are:

3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28

And the men have nearly finished the set dance round :)

Soft rounds over...

Men's sets are about to begin and the recalls for the 15 years girls will follow shortly :)

Hard shoe down, soft shoe to come...

The first rounds are complete and the men are now on for their soft shoe round :)

15 & Over Men / 15 Years Girls

The 15 & over men are about to begin.

There are 8 men in this section dancing for the Luke Purcell Memorial Trophy.

The 15 years girls will follow hot on their tails...

The young ladies are dancing for the Pollock family trophy. There are 28 in the section :)

Good luck to all!

Results from this morning...

16 Years Girls Championship

1st. Erin McArthur, Kilmurray
2nd Zoe Thomas, Simpson
3rd. Samantha Murphy, Rabusin
4th. Tegan McGregor, Cosgriff
5th. SallyAnne Ryan, Rabusin
6th. Anna O'Connor, Mulchay Hayes
7th. Amy Longstone, Carey
8th. Rachel Lanarch, Maher
9th. Madeleine Walsh, Crocker
10th. Dianna Resiak, Simpson
11th. Sinead Maguire, Ceide
12th. Fiona Thomas, Kavannagh
13th. Lauren Dowsett, O'Connor
14th. Stephanie Harders, Rabusin
15th. Erin Lenders, McAleer
16th. Kate Duscher, Rabusin

16 Years Traditional Set section

1. Caitlin Roberts, Cosgriff
2. Samantha Dennis, Palmer TAS

17 Years Ladies Championship

1st Natasia Petracic, Halloran
2nd Victoria Sharps, Kay Hallissey NZ
3rd Julia Baar, Aisling
4th Johanna Daly, McAleer
5th Hayley Delaney, McAleer
6th Christine Fuller, McAleer
7th Natasha Forrestrer, Rabusin
8th Alicia Dunne, Walton
9th Mia Trofimovs, Chirstine Ayres
10th Georgia Alfonso, Christine Ayres

17 Years traditional set dance

1st Madeleine Glover, Ceide
2nd Laura McBride, McAleer

ALSO, the McAleer team have presented this weekend's sportsmanship award to Madeleine Glover (17 Years Ladies) from WA :):). This perpetual trophy is awarded to someone who Kathleen and Fiona McAleer feel have shown amazing sportsmanship across the competition.

18 Years ladies

1st Kaia Lang, Kilmurray
2nd Caitlin Costello, Kilmurray
3rd Christina Loritisch, McAleer
4th Aisling McGing, Cosgriff
5th Catherin Musgrave, Liz Gregory ACT
6th Bree Buchanan, Rabusin
7th Danielle Resiak, Sullivan ACT

Results coming...

Hold on tight, results are on their way!! :)

Another one happy to finish!

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17 years recall finished!

Recall round is finished for the 17 years ladies... Well done to all competitors!

Just about to commence the traditional set round :)


17 Years are approaching the end of their sets

Only another three dancers to go, then the 18 Years, with results expected around 1330.

No sign of our guest commentators, or chocolate crackles - could there be a link between these two things?


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Marshalling scenes

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17 years recall numbers have been announced...

And the recalls are...

1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16.

Congratulations ladies! Best of luck for your final round!!

And the 18 years ladies sets are on stage now :-)

Time for a break :-)

The 17 years ladies and 18 years ladies have now completed their soft shoe rounds and the 16 years will be preparing for their sets side stage!!

Good luck everyone!!

18 Years marshalling for their soft shoe round

And the last of the 17 Years soft shoe round
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16 years recall numbers have just been announced...

And the numbers are...

1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 25.

Congratulations ladies and good luck for your final round!!

The 18 years ladies have just taken to the stage for their first round. Good luck and have fun :-)

And the 17 years girls are now preparing for their soft shoe round!!

And now I'm off for some coffee.

17 Years in marshalling

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