Sunday, 19 May 2013

Welcome to a chilly Sunday at the NSW AIDA Reserve Premiership and Graded Competition

Autumn has struck Hornsby!!  It is completely clear but very chilly as we enter the Hornsby War Memorial Hall which, this morning, has neither fan (thank goodness) nor temperamental bar strip heaters operational.  However, the hall will soon be full of people and their excitement will warm the place up in no time.

Todays dancing schedule is as follows:

15 & 16 years
Graded​ 9.30am – 10.30am​
Premiership​10.30am – 11.20am​
Results ​

13 & 14 Years
Graded ​11.45am – 1.15pm
Premiership​ 1.15pm – 2.15pm
Results​ & Lunch

11 & 12 years
Graded​ 3.00pm – 4.45pm
Premiership​ 4.45pm – 5.45pm

As yesterday ran perfectly on time and, at some points, early, we can look forward to another day of on-time dancing!