Monday 4 April 2011

Results - Sunday

Courtesy of the wonderful Karen Heggie, and with the assistance of a jam tin in Sydney connected by a very long piece of tight string to another jam tin in Christchurch, here are the Premiership results for Sunday at the AIDA NSW St Patrick's Day Premiership & Graded feis.

6 & Under Premiership
1 Imogen Ryan
2 Trinity Woelms
3 Jessica Kelly

15 Years Premiership
1 Eileen Wallace
2 Brianna Gardoni
3 Hayley Morris
4 Caitlin Devine
5 Joshua Taylor
6 Shaun Cameron
7 Alistair Bennett
8 Hayley Cannon
9 Lauren Maddock
=10 Kate Lynch
=10 Aislinn Podesta
12 Claudia Trejbal
13 Sinead Kyral
14 Rohan Mason

16 Years Premiership
1 William Bryant
2 Ceili Moore
3 Jasmine Morata
4 Riordan Cuneo
5 Lauren Harrington
6 Nicole Robinson
7 Lucy Edmont
8 Carly Chittendon
9 Emily Brough
10 Melinda Bearman
11 Jordan Molloy
12 Jess Curruthers
13 Brittany Fowler
14 Lauren Holmes
15 Jasmine Peters

17 Years Premiership
1 Jeremy Heggie
2 Anne Louise Bennett
3 Amy Longstone
4 Chelsey Priadko
5 Rachael Larnach
AA Tammi Curtis
AA Rebecca Tedeschi

18 Years Premiership
=1 Stewart McWhinnie
=1 Natasia Petracic
=3 Gabrielle Harrington
=3 Julia Baar
5 Rhiannon Black
6 Alicia Dunne
7 Alyssa Flynn
AA Felicity Robinson
AA Gannon Cuneo
AA Amy Ward
AA Jessica Brooks

19 Years Premiership
1 Alicia Bryant
=2 Kathleen O'Kane
=2 Taryn Priadko

20 & Over Premiership
1 Moira Callanan
2 Jonathan Daddo
3 Erin Wagner
4 Marie Sweeney
5 Jessica Denford
6 Bethany Armstead
7 Lauren Ward
AA Jenny Croft
AA Kate McCue
AA Ondine Kennard-King
AA Sarah Hockley
AA Sarah Healey

Saturday 2 April 2011

Results - 13 & 14 Years

13 years Premiership
1 Mikaela Gardoni, Halloran
2 Sarah Robinson, Aisling
3 Jayde Mason, Halloran
4 Mollie Brennan, Walton
5 Rosie O'Neill, Carey
6 Siobhan Hamilton, Maher
=7 Chloe Van Dyck, Halloran
=7 Jakub Kyral, Aisling

14 Years Premiership
1 Natalie O'Connor, Dwyer-Whelan
2 Harriet Ogilvie, Fenagh
=3 Alanna Chaumont, Walton
=3 Casey Cahlin, Walton
5 Emily McCredie, Aisling
6 Emily Palmer, Dwyer-Whelan
7 Nora Bakalla, Fenagh
8 Ciara Cummins, Fenagh
=9 Lucinda Petchell, Carey
=9 Corrine Tucker, Carey

Dancing has finished, presentations soon!

Remember, ChaosCentral will NOT be at the feis tomorrow, so please make your own arrangements for photos and results. If possible, we will post tomorrow's results very late Sunday night, if the owl gets them to us :)

On the home strait!!!

Only the soft shoe dances to go in the 13 & 14 Years, then presentations!

There is a slight delay

Just reorganising some paperwork for missing sections, and we are now underway again

13 & 14 Years Premiership now dancing

13 & 14 Years have been dancing for some time...

ChaosCentral has been distracted and not attending to LiveCommentary, as LiveCam is more compelling.....or not :)

We are approaching the end of the Graded sections and a long day is beginning to take its toll on everyone...the food and drink outlets are shut and one must brave the wilds of the general public area in order to find sustenance.

The feis is about one hour late, but everyone is good-natured about it.

Results - 11 & 12 Years

11 Years Premiership
1 Isabella Fitzpatrick, Halloran
2 Luke Chaumont, Walton
3 Bridie O'Neill, Carey
4 Jade McMartin, Halloran
5 Annie Devine, Maher
6 Naoise Champion, Walton
7 Imogen Ovijach, Knox
8 Alana Chapman, Walton
9 Christian Wardini, Halloran

12 Years Premiership
1 Maggie Devine, Maher
2 Jordan Walter, Halloran
3 Kieran Bryant, Halloran
4 Jonty Moore, Aisling
=5 Sinead Podesta, Maher
=5 Catherine Lynch, Carey
7 Caitlin Pellizon, Maher
8 Charlotte Fletcher, Walton

Sorry for the loud typing on LiveCam - when I hit the keys, I want them to *stay* hit :)

Feis update

11 & 12 Years have finished and we are awaiting the results - by my estimation, this puts us about 1 hour late....still within IDST tolerances :)

The last section of the day, and of this weekend for ChaosCentral, is the 13 & 14 Years.

11 & 12 Years Premiership soft shoe rounds now on stage

Hopefully, presentations will follow

11 & 12 Years Premiership dancers now on stage....

11 Years Premiership have been called to marshalling

11 & 12 Years are now on stage!!

We are now running about 30 minutes late.....on time by ID standards :)

Results - 9 & 10 Years

9 Years Premiership
=1 Daniel Brennan, Walton
=1 Christina O'Connor, Dwyer-Whelan
3 Ashling Munro, Halloran
4 Danae Moore, Aisling
5 Will Limbrey, Carroll
6 Alexandra Hennings, Carey
7 Jessica Taylor-Myles, Halloran
8 Rachel Vella, Maher

10 Years Premiership
1 Siobhan Lo, Fenagh
2 Ebony McMartin, Halloran
3 Nathan Ball, Carey
4 Katherine Wakeling, Maher
5 Jade Abbey, Carey
6 Nicholas Bakapoulos-Cooke, Currie-Henderson
7 Millie Jones, Derwent
8 Madeline Carroll, Halloran
9 Chelsea Moutia, Halloran
10 Niamh Mack, Carey
11 Rachel White, Halloran

9 Years are doing their soft shoe round

Presentations will follow....

10 Years Premiership first round completed

Now changing shoes for the second round, the 9 Years Premiership is about to start.

A short break....

Between the Graded and Premiership - everyone get up and have a stretch now....

The last few graded sections are in marshalling

Another four sections to dance, and then the 10 & 11 Years Premiership gets underway.

Afternoon dancing

We are about to start the afternoon sections with the 9 & 10 Years Graded, then Premiership.

Everyone is rested and relaxed from a good lunch, the competition was running on time and still is.....

Feis update

It is the lunch break - some time tomorrow whilst ChaosCentral is on a plan, all the section results for today only will be entered and placed on line - too hard to do it at the moment :)

Results - 7 & 8 Years

7 Years Premiership
1 Alana Loveridge, Halloran
2 Ashleigh Kelly, Walton
3 Liam Fitzgerald, Halloran
=4 Rose Hanratty, Halloran
=4 Ailie Russell, Fenagh
6 Emma-Kate Roma, Halloran
7 Erin Browne, Halloran

8 Years Premiership
1 Kahli Gilchrist, Fenagh
2 Grace Reid, Halloran
3 Natasha Ross, Aisling
4 Andy Carter, Carey
5 Mikayla White, Halloran
6 Jamie Munro, Halloran
=7 Genevieve Price, Currie-Henderson
=7 Teresa Lynch, Carey

Gourmet food update

The Irish Dancing health food shoppe has opened, with chips, wedges, pies, sausage rolls and fried fish. Not a chocolate crackle in sight :)

However, a recent dispatch from the Fishers Ghost Feis organisers intimated that a special chocolate crackle project was underway, the results of which may be available at the Fishers Ghost Feis later this year.

It is unknown whether the organisers of the World Championships in Dublin are aware of the importance of the chocolate crackle to Irish Dancing in Australia.

Presentations for 7 & 8 years about to start.....

Feis update

The last of the graded dancers have been called to marshalling in the 7 & 8 Years age groups. Following these last dancers, the Premierships will be danced, then prizes.

This is the first NSW feis for the year; it is wonderful to see the familiar faces back for another competition year, and also to see new faces of younger dancers competing for the first time. And, in at least one case, to see an old face in a new context - Kristen Piper and her school Scoil Rince Ni Piobaire. New dance schools starting can only strengthen the popularity of Irish Dancing and help it continue as older dancers leave over time.

Feis update

Today's Premiership sections:
  • In the 7 Years Premiership, 12 dancers are competing for the Claddagh International Trophy
  • In the 8 Years Premiership, 11 dancers are competing for the Irish Shop Perpetual Trophy
  • In the 9 Years Premiership, 14 dancers are competing for the ME Dunning Memorial Trophy
  • In the 10 Years Premiership, 20 dancers are competing for the Aer Lingus Perpetual Trophy
  • In the 11 Years Premiership, 15 dancers are competing for the IDTA St Patrick's Day Juvenile Trophy
  • In the 12 Years Premiership, 13 dancers are competing for The Kerrymens Association Perpetual Trophy
  • In the 13 Years Premiership, 12 dancers are competing for the Celtic Origins Trophy
  • In the 14 years Premiership, 16 dancers are competing for the St Patrick's Day Parade Committee Trophy

Feis update

Thea Ross has asked it to be known that she is doing her homework at the feis.

Welcome to the AIDA NSW St Patrick's Day & Graded Feis

Today we are at the beautiful St Mary's Band Club, in beautiful downtown St Marys. It is a fine Sydney autumn day and it may be a long one; the dancing schedule may run until after 20:00!

Our adjudicators are:
  • Kathleen McAleer ADCRG (VIC) and
  • Elizabeth Howe ADCRG (SA)
Today's dancing schedule is as follows:
09:30 7 & 8 Years Graded
11:00 7 & 8 Years Premierships
12:00 Lunch break & prizes
13:00 9 & 10 Years Graded
14:00 9 & 10 Years Premiership, followed by prizes
16:00 11 & 12 Years Graded
16:45 11 & 12 Years Premiership (and presumably prizes)
18:30 13 & 14 Years Graded
19:00 13 & 14 Years Premierships (and presumably prizes)

Please note that there will be NO LiveCommentary or LiveCam tomorrow, as your humble correspondent will be on a plane out of the country!