Monday 8 October 2012

NZ nationals results

All typed by hand by Leeann Doyle - thanks!!!
Under 7 Girls
1st Leah Lawson, Doyle Academy
2nd Claire Giles, Kildunne
3rd Jessika Huntley, Kerry
4th Imogen Rouse, O'Neill
5th Alisha Warwick, Kay Hallissey
Under 8 Girls
1st Abigail Warters, Kay Hallissey
2nd Brooke Elliot-Forster, Doyle Academy
3rd Amelia Coyle, Kerry
4th Amelia Sullivan, O'Neill
5th Bridgetta Coyle, Kay Hallissey
6th Elizabeth Sullivan, Kildunne
Under 9 Girls
1st Keely O'Grady, Doyle Academy
2nd Hannah Lowry, O'Neill
3rd Ruby Christensen-Walden, Kildunne
4th Danni Allen, O'Sullivan-Fox
5th Esme Hewitt, O'Neill
6th Charlotte Hardwick, O'Neill
7th = Julia Cotton, O'Neill and Rachel Tompsett, Doyle Academy
Under 9 Boys
1st Harrison Bisphan, Kay Hallissey
2nd Matthew Smail, Kildunne
Under 10 Girls
1st Ruby Jane McLachlan, Kay Hallissey
2nd Charlotte Crean, O'Neill
3rd Kayla Horlet, O'Neill
4th Shizuri Hayasaka, O'Neill
5th = Erica Le Pine Mesman, O'Neill & Esther Kozyniak, Kildunne
7th Medoe Kennedy, Kay Hallissey
8th Shivani Parbu, Kildunne
9th Elena Salmond, Kildunne
10th Sophie Williams, Doyle Academy
Under 11 Girls
1st Phoebe Rouse, O'Neill WQ
2nd Ciara Walshe, Doyle Academy WQ
3rd Johanna Scott-Rodriguez, Kerry WQ
4th Ellish Riley, O'Neill WQ
5th Yasmin Kelly, Kildunne WQ
6th Marion Hardwick, O'Neill
7th Megan Taggart, Kay Hallissey
8th Niamh Mortimer-Semple, O'Neill
9th Samantha Price, O'Neill
10th Jordon Hamilton, O'Neill
11th = Harriet Teichet, Kildunne & Danielle Marquet, O'Neill
Boys 9-11
1st George Nuzum, Doyle Academy
Under 12 Girls
1st Holly Lawson, Doyle Academy WQ
2nd Shonagh Lowry, O'Neill WQ
3rd Hannah Kim, Kay Hallissey WQ
4th Annabelle Rouse, O'Neill WQ
5th Isabel Sullivan, O'Neill WQ
6th Grace Boddington, Kerry
7th Erin Jensen, Kilkenny
8th Holly Dickison, Kildunne
Under 13 Girls
1st Olivia Ludgate, Kerry WQ
2nd Phoebe Hilliam, Kildunne WQ
3rd Shania Foon, Kildunne WQ
4th Kiera O'Brien, O'Neill WQ
5th Samantha Tait, Kerry WQ
6th Hannah Sinkins, Kildunne
7th Chelsea Gibson, Doyle Academy
8th Teighan Sinclair, Kay Hallissey
11-13 Boys
1st Mitchelle O'Hara, Kay Hallissey WQ
2nd Liam Mooney, Doyle Academy WQ
Under 14 Girls
1st Nicola Prebble, Doyle Academy WQ
2nd Vienna Williams, O'Neill WQ
3rd Kuni Colleen Vidal, Kildunne WQ
4th Georgia Christensen-Walden, Kildunne WQ
5th Olivia Dodson, Doyle Academy WQ
6th Shannan Hullet, Kerry
7th Rebecca Dillion, O'Neill
Under 15 Girls
1st Hannah Shackley, O'Neill WQ
2nd Eleisha Foon, Kildunne WQ
3rd Jessica Ludgate, Kerry WQ
4th Molly Farrant, Connolly WQ
5th Colleen Lynch, Kerry WQ
13-15 Boys
1st Harry Bartlett, Doyle Academy WQ
2nd Christy Jensen, Kilkenny
3rd Declan Weir, Doyle Academy WQ
4th Harry Adams, Doyle Academy WQ
Under 16 Ladies
1st Corey Bartlett, Doyle Academy WQ
2nd Neve Saris, Kildunne WQ
3rd Riana O'Neill WQ
4th Crystal Esposito, O'Neill WQ
Under 17 Ladies
1st Abigail Warrington, Kay Hallissey WQ
2nd Tegan Jennings, Kildunne WQ
3rd Tayla Kenyon, O'Neill WQ
4th Olivia Mortimer, Connolly, WQ
5th Kelsi Wallace, O'Neill WQ
6th Caitlin Casey, O'Sullivan-Fox
15-17 Boys
1st Lachlan Cassidy-Rowse, Kildunne WQ
2nd Caleb Hendry, Connolly WQ
Under 18 Ladies
1st Charlotte Wright, Kildunne WQ
2nd Rachel Hamilton, O'Neill WQ
3rd Sophie Dodson, Doyle Academy WQ
4th Aimee Brown, Connolly, WQ
5th Bridie Catherine Diver, Kay Hallissey WQ
6th Candice Berry, O'Sullivan-Fox
Under 19 Ladies
1st Ciara Chester-Cronin, Connolly WQ
2nd Stephanie McGimpsey, O'Neill WQ
3rd Juliet Sewell, O'Neill WQ
4th Brigid Lundberg, Kildunne WQ
5th Corinne Watson, Doyle Academy WQ
6th Zoe Masterson, O'Sullivan-Fox
Men 17 & Over
1st Taylor Hann, O'Neill WQ
2nd Christopher Hodgson, Connolly WQ
Ladies 19-21
1st Shannon Dilger, O'Neill WQ
2nd Victoria Sharps, Connolly WQ
3rd Charlotte Priestley, Connolly WQ
4th Kathryn Arnold, Kildunne WQ
5th Rosemanne Holmes , Kildunne WQ
6th Lianna O'Connor, O'Neill WQ
Ladies 21 & Over
1st Johanna O'Brien, Kay Hallissey WQ
2nd Briony Larsen, Kildunne WQ
3rd Donneyell Kiddie, Connolly WQ
4th Leeza Ericksen, Connolly WQ
5th Ruchel Fourie, Doyle Academy WQ
6th Emma Green, Kay Hallissey WQ
7th Erin Saunders, Kay Hallissey WQ
TIDA of NZ Travel Scholarship Winner:
Harry Bartlett, Doyle Academy, Auckland

Sunday 7 October 2012

Oops - a little early, one more team to go :)

Final team is now on stage

That means, very soon we will have presentations and the Parade of Champions!

Last group about to go on stage

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After those teams, the adjudicators need a break

Probably straight off to the cappuccino cart to get a caffeine top-up, perhaps a quick burger and chips as well?

Glitter control underway

The second hand dress committee is sweeping the stage and cleaning up all the remaining glitter, diamantes, hair pins and old dancers.  All but the latter will be used to fashion a new dress that will be raffled to an unsuspecting Australian dancer as a "new, fashionable Kiwi design" made from sustainable products and meeting all CLRG criteria.  Possible brand name is "Emperor".

There's something about NZ.....

Specifically, the internet....

So, have tried uploading close to 500Mb onto the website, and although the uploading is apparently successful as far as this end is concerned, the server has mainly empty files.  Close inspection of log files over the last couple of nights shows no operating/file system errors.

More detailed reading of the inter-webby thing suggests the problems are related to the actual method of connection, specifically the TelecomNZ internet point of presence and/or its network characteristics.  Exactly the same methods of uploading was used every day at the Australian that part is known to work.  The only thing that has changed is that we are using TelecomNZ, which seems to do something to the network traffic that is causing the problem.

So, unless we get to Massey University this afternoon, it is Monday lunchtime for all the photos....sorry :(

At least ChaosCentral knows the cause and possible solution to the problem.

Moving on to commission book teams

Or for the Australians, four hand teams.....and almost all are doing Humours of Bandon, not very funny for the musician or adjudicators.  Toothpicks for eyelids have been ordered.

Out and about the teams….

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Our happy adjudicators

 We'll see how they look after the teams :)
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Three hand composed has finished

Now, on to the four hand composed....or for Australian readers, four hand own choreography.

The cappuccinos are clearly having an effect on the teachers who attended the dinner last night at Aubergine's restaurant - their eyes are glued wide-open to the stage and they are mainly sitting in the front row.  A better view or so that people can't see their eyes?

Teams have been called to marshalling

It is all about to happen....

Getting ready for teams!

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Sunday is here!! And we are at the 2012 NZ Nationals

Today looks to be a beautiful spring day, there is the hint of sunshine, along with some cloud and drizzle but the sun may yet win through.  The venue is again buzzing with the excitement of teams and that is this morning's activity - Over 13 Teams.

We are expecting a start at around 10:00NZDT and, for those Australians reading, we hope you turned your clock forward last night as that will be 08:00EDT for you :)

Presentations expected around 12:00 and the Parade of Champions and then Scholarship announcements will follow.

All up, a great morning's dancing!

Nearly 300Mb of file copies last night didn't work, so we are trying alternate methods to get the presentations online ASAP.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Another day's dancing is over

As soon as someone gives me results, I will post them here :)

And at last, presentations :)

Last team section will start soon!

More teams!!!

Can't see us finishing in daylight today :)  More teams to come, we are up to the 9 to 13 8 Hand Composed (six teams) and there is still the Under 13 Open Composed to go (unknown number).

Then presentations....

Then packing up and finding a University wireless access...

Then....well, it should be around midnight by then - at least it is a 10:00 start tomorrow.

Another feis update!!!

So....the teams are powering along and now LiveCam has nearly tripled its audience to a shattering eight viewers :)

In the interim, ChaosCentral has prepared today's photos and will attempt to get all Friday and Saturday online, if a good high-speed and stable network can be found :)

Dancing ISN'T finished, but presentations will be soon!

A moment of commitment

A young dancer in the 4 hand had lost her shoe, the adjudicator rang the bell to stop, as soon as she noticed, rather than walk off to do up the lace, the ripped off the shoe, through it to the back of the stage and gave the look "I'm ready to go when you are Mr Adjudicator".  The cloud burst into applause at the commitment of the young dancer - the teams still had to retire from the stage to return later :)

Three and four hands have finished

Now the stage is being prepared for the Ceili dancing.....and ChaosCentral has given up on uploading files until getting access to a University network!

Teams are now dancing the 4 hand....

It's all happening here - providing you want teams :)

Teams update:

The three (count them, 3!!!) viewers watching LiveCam are being treated to some wonderful music from our musician, Anthony Davis, and also enjoying the atmosphere of the competition.

The Under 9 3 Hand composed have just finished, giving Anthony a short break to compose himself, or a few new tunes :) Anthony also has a CD of feis music for sale at the vendors, a great purchase for practising or, if you have no life, for listening to at any other time.

Now the 9 to 14 3 Hand Composed are on stage but ChaosCentral isn't photographing any of the teams dancing - it requires the skills of a feline handler because they are not unlike herding cats on stage, photographically :)

The things one sees at a fes….

 The famous teachers two-hand own choreography

2028 World Champion
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And we are done!!!

Solo dancing has finished for the competition, teams are hovering like swarms of angry bees...and ChaosCentral is going to figure out what happened to the files on the server....

Last set dance group about to hit the stage

All 3 hand teams have been called to marshalling...

General appeal

This afternoon or this evening, can someone take ChaosCentral to the closest University so I can use their network?  In the real world, I lecture so I can use their network free :)  Please see me at the front of the competition.

On to the set dances

Last solo sets of the competition, the audience is ready for the spectacle.  The announcers are getting the teams ready; at lunch, ChaosCentral suggested using a whip or a may be easier.

And now the adjudicators are ringing the bell for quiet - rowdy bunch!

Soft shoe rounds are underway

Friday photos on, and seem corrupt :(  Knew everything was going too smoothly....

Now starting the final solo sections for the day

1st round now starting

Feis update

There is a buzz in the auditorium.

It could be the bees that are venturing out once again as the weather has improved from rain and wind, to occasional sun and warm-ish, or it could be that there are only a few solo sections to go and the place is filling with teams.

Wigs, hairpins, spray - haven't seen any nail guns or hot-glue guns, frocks of all shapes and colours.  The ceili dancing is about to hit the competition and all is well.

The vendors should be doing a roaring trade in spare-parts for Irish Dancing as there is always a shortage of bits.  ChaosCentral is always surprised by how few vendors stock spare rolls of gaffer tape, also known as 100mph tape (something from ChaosCentral's youth) as this is an essential item in any feis bag, along with earplugs and tranquilisers.

File copying is almost complete and by the time dancing starts, all the Friday photos should be online and ready for your viewing pleasure....although it may be slow :)

Gourmet food update

Just had a wonderful lunch in the teachers room, asparagus fingers, mini club sandwiches, party pies and mini quiche.  Absolutely delicious and better than breakfast - which was a sneeze a and a quick look around!

Just had a discussion with a couple of prominent local dancing families and received some disappointing news; in NZ, apparently chocolate crackles and fairly bread are almost unknown since the 1960s - shows in how much of a time warp we are trapped at ChaosCentral :)


it is now lunchtime, we are right on time, but during lunch LiveCam will be off :)

File upload update - only 56Mb to go...

Only a few more sets to go before lunch!

Under 15 Girls sets now on stage

Only one more age group until lunch!

Soft shoe round has finished

A very short break, then on to the set dances.

Photo upload update - only 88Mb to go :)

Now moving to the second round for dancers...

And away we go with the 1st round...

Friday photo update

Only another 115Mb to upload, using two tin cans and a length of wet string between AKL and SYD.  The fact it is working at all is a miracle and we think we are the sole financial supporter of TelecomNZ with the data being pushed around :)

The photos should finally make it online some time after lunch, the file transfer has been going for 15 hours so far.....there are a lot of photos :)

And that's it for this morning's early dancers!

The adjudicators are now having a break, tea and coffee in the finest wedgewood cups and some cucumber sandwiches on the terrace.  The rest of us will have the instant coffee from the styrofoam cups and a lamb kebab!

When they return, it will be on to the next sections.

LiveCam now online again

Also, yesterday's photos are still loading to - there are lots of them!  Should be available some time this afternoon, they were loading all night and the last sections are going online now...

Senior Ladies set dances have finished...

The remaining sections will dance their sets next....

And the next sections have been called to marshalling for their first round!

Set dance update

The dancer who stopped, started, stopped etc. was allowed to re-dance after an appeal to the adjudicators and their mark will be adjusted to reflect this.  The dancer has been very unwell all morning and this may have affected them.

Set dance drama!!

A competitor waited for perhaps too long and then started, stopped, waited.....ChaosCentral has no idea what was happening, but someone must.  If they tell us, we will tell you :)

After some wonderful soft shoe dances...

We are almost ready for the set dances.  Of course, we also played hunt the sequin on the stage, the winner was Lisa Petri who spotted the most and directed the MC to them!

After a quick stage clean, soft shoe!

Where is LiveCam? Where are the photos?

Well, as so few people watched LiveCam yesterday, we are using the bandwidth to load yesterday's photos - so when they photos are up, LiveCam will be back :)

Senior dancers have just done their first round

And the Mens groups are about to start....


We are about to start dancing and the cappuccino cart still isn't open - well, apparently it is as the adjudicators have walked in with some......

Anyway, we are about to start another sparkling day of dancing....LiveCam will come online later...which shouldn't be a problem as for most of yesterday, nobody was watching!

Welcome to Saturday at the 2012 TIDA NZ Nationals!

Yesterdays cold, wet and windy weather has been replaced by.........Saturday.  An exact copy of yesterday, except more or the rain and wind.  But we are inside all day, so it doesn't matter, as long as the venue is waterproof and cyclone-proof :)

This is perfect weather for hot drinks and whitebait fritters, the latter being off the menu according to Mike Dilger in Christchurch, who reckons he ate all mine before they could be shipped up!

So, on to feis matters.  Today's dancing schedule is as follows:
09:00 Intermediate Girls Under 14
          Senior Adult Ladies 21 & Over
          Senior Men 17 & Over
          Intermediate Boys 13 to 15
11:00 Senior Girls Under 17
          Intermediate Girls Under 15
          Senior Girls Under 16
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Junior Adult Ladies Under 18
          Senior Boys 15 to 17
          Junior Adult Ladies Under 19
          Senior Adult Ladies 19-21
15:15 Teams - lots of them....Under 9 and Under 13
17:30 Presentations

So, a big day of competition and we will be here for all of it :)


Are too hard to publish simply...they are graphics in PowerPoint files and will take me an hour or so to do them....I am instead spending time getting the photos online :)

Friday 5 October 2012

Small update - bucket and mop to aisle 5 please

Seems to have been a little mishap backstage.....presentations continue!

Presentations happening now

Just like the Wolrds and Winter Solstice - adjudicator marks countdown :)

Dancing has finished for the day, now on to presentations!

And after that, lots of photo editing to get things online as quickly as possible :)

Some traditional sets, and its on to presentations!!

Set progressing nicely, presentations soon :)

Final set dances of the day!

2nd round dancers progressing nicely

Almost time for the set dances after the next 16 reels - then presentations...

And the last of the ages, the Sub-Minor Girls Under 9

Dancing.....something...they didn't announce it and we aren't good enough to guess!  Oops, they heavy jig was just announced....funny how the younger ones get to do the heavy and the younger ones get the light jig...seems unfair for the extra weight.

And the other age groups have been called to marshalling for their second round.

Elementary Girls Under 8 now doing their 1st round

Dancing the light jig - so we are informed :)

And now...

Junior Girls Under 13, Elementary Girls Under 8 and Sub-Minors Under 9.

Still no cappuccino.....or chocolate crackles.....or..

A short break before the last section of the day

The adjudicators have made good their escape for a stretch and some fresh air.  ChaosCentral did the same and also made for the cappuccino cart - alas, the queue was too long and would have prevented us from returning in time to photograph the dancers and keep up the stream of rambling comments.

So, here we are, caffeine free and relying on mental rather than chemical stimulation :(

Dancing will recommence soon and after these last age groups, presentations and prizes will be on LiveCam.  Speaking of which, the audience has plummeted from its peak of 8 down to 2 - and ChaosCentral is one of those two.  Beginning to think that LiveCam may not be a goer in NZ....

A call for quiet from the stage....

And also for the last three age groups of the day to come to marshalling.  Seems fairly quiet to ChaosCentral, but perhaps we are used to rowdy Australian crowds?

Haven't had time to do another gourmet food search, but we can report that the lunch was very nice indeed and supplied by the organisers too :)

Cupcakes but no chocolate crackles.  Whitebait fritters are being sourced by Mike Dilger....wonder if he has been told yet :)

Traditional set dances for the Under 7s on stage now...

Set dances underway

Some dancers with a change of speed :)

Soft shoe rounds are almost over

The Under 7s are very cute and possibly making their first appearance at a Nationals.  Bouncing across the stage in their soft shoes, smiling and having fun, the future of Irish Dancing in NZ.

Dancers have been called to marshalling for their set dances...

The competition is hotting up - Terry Gillan just took off his jacket :)

And dancers have been called back for their soft shoe rounds.  This is a fast feis, how wonderful :)

Junior Girls Under 12 hard shoe finished

Now moving onto the Elementary Girls Under 7, followed by the Junior Boys 11 to 13.

And the hard shoe rounds have started!

Presentations and streaming later today

Any time from around 1700NZDT, the presentations and prizes will be on LiveCam, so stay tuned from then to see the whole event!

We are about to start the afternoon's dancing, LiveCam will show the trophies and crowd as we can't broadcast the dancing :(

And this afternoon's dancers have just been called to marshalling, the adjudicators are having a quiet chat and enjoying their last few moments of relaxation, and ChaosCentral is enjoying the fact that all the technology is working without a hitch :)

Getting ready...

 Afternoon's dancers have been called to marshalling, we will start 15 minutes early and, in an unheard development for Irish Dancing, we will probably leave the venue whilst it is still daylight!

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Lunchtime feis photos

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