Sunday, 29 May 2011

And so the Tara Feis draws to a close

It has been a fabulous feis and without the help of Colleen Manuel, the results would never have been entered and the sanity level at ChaosCentral would have been much, lower....

Remember, photos on will be after midnight tonight.

See you all at the Gold Coast Feis next weekend.

19 Years and Over Premiership

1. Chris Murphy Simpson
=2. Caitlin Ironside Simpson
=2. Laura Hannon Simpson
=4. Bridget Spokes Simpson
=4. Laura Barry Walton
6. Kathleen O'Kane Carey
7. Moira Callanan Walton
8. Eleanor Finneran Halloran
9. Kate McCue Carey
10. Laura Corkhill Simpson
11. Danielle Resiak Simpson
12. Tahleasin Parker Tir An Oir
13. Siobhan White Wollongong
14. Stephanie Fereday Tir An Oir
15. Bethany Armstead Tir An Oir

17 and 18 Years Premiership

1. Jessica Manuel Simpson
2. Amy Longstone Carey
3. Julia Baar Aisling
4. Sophie Parfitt Simpson
5. Dianna Resiak Simpson
6. Anjuli Kaney Gregory
7. Rebecca Tedeschi Tir An Oir

16 Years Premiership

1. Conor Simpson Simpson
2. Ceili Moore Aisling
3. Kelsey Burns Simpson
4. Jade Goodwin Simpson
5. Brooke Haling Simpson
6. Sharni Watson Simpson
7. Rachel Shanks

15 Years Premiership

1. Lauren Meredith Simpson
2. Megan Palmer Gregory
3. Ceridwin Radcliffe Gregory
4. Megan Paterson Gregory

Results 14 Years Open Premiership

1. Natasha Singh Gregory
2. Emily McCredie Aisling
3. Lauren Stals Gregory
4. Emily Palmer Dwyer Whelan
5. Bonnie Parfitt Simpson
6. Nessa Salavador Halloran
=7. Casey Cahlin Walton
=7. Emily Bell Gregory
9. Cara Wiggins Aisling
10. Shannon Browne Halloran
=11. Jennifer Murray Halloran
=11. Ellen Davies Simpson
13. Rodney Bailey Simpson

Final dancer of the day, presentations next

Feis update

The 19 & Over section will be adjudicated by Geraldine French ADCRG as Donna Canon ADCRG had to leave to catch a flight home.

ChaosCentral did offer to lend a hand by adjudicating the last section, but after the laughter died down it was agreed that someone who actually knows what is going on would be much better placed. We are all in safe hands :)

Feis update

We are now into our last two sections for the feis and they are all dancing well.  The floor is excellent and provides both a great sound and a great view for the audience.

It is also cooling down again, with people getting back into their coats and sending children out to gather firewood.

17 & 18 Years set dances are underway

15 Years & 16 Years are doing their set dances

14 Years set dances now underway

Set dances are now underway

Then presentations, and a looooong drive home.

Photos on after midnight!

19 Years & Over are doing their soft shoe round

Set dances for all age groups will follow....

Soft shoe sections are progressing

14 & 15 Years have finished, the remainder are in marshalling awaiting their turn.

We are running about 45 minutes late and it is getting dark outside - that also means cold!  So all this dancing is, at least, keeping us warm.

19 Years & Over now doing their hard shoe round

All the other age groups are in marshalling with their soft shoes on

17 & 18 Years hard shoe round is underway

The marshalling area behind ChaosCentral is now awash with senior dancers getting ready - what a sight!!

14 Years and Over - and there are lots - are on stage now

Dancing two at a time, and smiling at you in MarshallingCam :)

Results - 13 Years Premiership

1. Ashleigh Blake, Simpson
2. Conor Costello, Simpson
3. Erin Young, Simpson
4. Declan Walker Kent, Simpson

Results 12 Years Premiership

1. Jordan Walter Halloran
2. Catherine Back Simpson
3. Jonty Moore Aisling
4. Kiana Main Simpson
5. Emily Harmon Dwyer Whelan
6. Hannah Bailey Simpson
7. Calum Jordan Gregory
8. Taylor Carty Tir An Oir

Results - 11 Years Open Premiership

1. Allison Manuel Simpson
2. Isabella Fitzpatrick Halloran
3. Leah Town Simpson
4. Bridie O'Neill Carey
5. Kelanney Davy Simpson
6. Sophie Kelly Simpson
7, Naoise Champion Walton
8. Fiona Ballard Tir An Oir
9. Alanah Cunningham Tir An Oir

11 & 12 Years Open set dances have finished

Another four dancers, then presentations!!  We are running about 30 minutes late, so on-time by Irish Dancing standards :)

Music Technology Central

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We are whipping through them now and the sets have begun.

Round 2 Begins

The first round is now complete and the 11 Years commence their soft shoe.

Feis update

Whilst your trusty correspondent was typing in the results and ensuring that there were no more camera malfunctions, the feis progressed to the 11, 12, 13 & 14 Years age groups, who have almost finished their hard shoe dances and are marshalling for their soft shoe.  MarshallCam provides a good insight into what they are doing whilst waiting...

Gourmet Food Update
Thanks to Cara Wiggins, ChaosCentral has been replenished with more wonderful chocolate crackles!!  And the canteen run by the Simpson parents is going strong with hot and cold food, cakes, drinks and all manner of wonderful things.

Results - 10 Years Open Premiership

1 Isabella Mosser, Aisling
2 Lara Haynes, Simpson
3 Niamh Mack, Carey
4 Georgie Robinson, Carey
5 Zoe Hoare, Simpson
6 Sarah Cuneen, Simpson

Results - 9 Years Open Premiership

1 Christina O'Connor, Dwyer Whelan
2 Danae Moore, Aisling
3= Daryl Bailey, simpson
3= Daniel Brennan, Walton
5 Ashling Munro, Halloran
6 Sophie Liang, Halloran
7 Hannah Walker Kent, Simpson
8 Aisling Salvador, Halloran
9 McCawley Jordan, Gregory

Results - 8 Years Premiership

1 Charlie Town, Simpson
2 Sally McGavock, Gregory
3 Mikayla White, Halloran
4 Matilda Bell, Gregory
5 Jamie Munro, Halloran
6 Erin Burke, Simpson
Adj Shannon Gerrard, Tir an Oir

Results - 7 Years Open Premiership

1 Emma-Kare Romah, Hlloran
2 Liam Fitzgerald, Halloran
3 Ashleigh Kelly, Walton
4 Alana Loveridge, Halloran
5 Isobel Chambers, Aisling

Final dancer in the section has left the stage due to a technical fault

Its not only me having problems - the iPod decided to stop part way through the dancer's set, so a new device is being sourced....

Just in time for presentations, MarshallingCam is now working...

Presentations are next!

Nice lights!

This venue has lovely lights and its so nice to see all the costumes all glittery and lit up!!!!  More new dresses again this week.  Lots of lovely dresses and lets not forget the vests too!

Open sections are continuing

The Open sections are continuing.  The 7, 8, 9 and 10 Years are all on their second round and Monica is asking everyone to get their IPODS ready for their sets.

The Opens have commenced

The Open Championship sections have commenced starting with the 7 Years.   Its still pretty cold in the venue but everyone seems happy.

Don't forget if you are coming to the Tara Feis to print off your programme from the Simpson Website (

Junior Open dancers in marshalling

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Feis update

The adjudicator has eaten lunch at her desk, now that's dedication :)

The feis is continuing with the intermediate and open sections for the 7, 8, 9 & 10 Years age groups.

On the technology front, the MarshallingCam has decided to take its bat and ball and go home..we will continue to beat it until it either breaks or complies with our wishes.

Results - 11 & 12 Years Beginner Premiership

1 Mikayla Hespe, Simpson
2 Ashleigh Harris, Simpson
3 Dian Brennan, Simpson
Adj Grace Murphy, Gregory
Adj Jackie Beanland, Simpson

Results - 9 & 10 Years Beginner Premiership

1 Amy King, Simpson
2 Amelia Polsen, Simpson
3 Brianna Harris, Simpson
4 Gina Esposito, Simpson
Adj Emily Chifley, Dimmock
Adj Caitlin Hirschfeld, Dimmock
Adj Lucy Francis, Tir an Oir

Results - 10, 11, 12 & 13 Years Junior Primary Premiership

1 Rebecca Symonds, Simpson
2 D'arcy Schofield, Simpson
3 Kate Symonds, Simpson
4 Madison Vickery, Simpson
Adj Amy King, Simpson
Adj Dian Brennan, Simpson

Results - 8 & 9 Years Minor Premiership

1 Alaska Kingston-Lee, Simpson
2 Monique Swan, Tir an Oir
3 Jasmine Fisk, Gregory
4 Miranda James, Gregory
5 Jasmina Frawley, Dimmock
6 Caitlin-Ann Barrow, Tir an Oir
7 Anna Duncan, Gregory
8 Isabella McCann, Tir an Oir

Results - 6 Years & Under Primary Premiership

1 Jessica Kelley, Walton
2 Danah Pham, Halloran

Feis update

LiveCam is now online, although I am having some problems getting the web camera to work this week....still, audio is fine and presentations will work as well!

The Primary sections are still going strong....

Primary Sections

So we've moved right along now to the Primary Sections which have now commenced.

8 Years Beginner Premiership

1. Claudia Balogh Simpson
2. Miranda James Gregory
3. Lauren King Simpson
4. Jade Plaistow Dimmock
5. Tara Plant Simpson
6. Amy Todd Gregory

7 Years Beginner Premiership

1. Phoebe Liang Halloran
2. Michaela Birch Simpson
3. Imogen Warren Simpson
4. Naomi Fifield Tir An Oir
Adj Justine Murphy Gregory
Adj Sienna Pallone Halloran

6 Years Beginner Premiership

1. Danah Pham Halloran
2. Chloe Johnson Simpson
3. Jack Carey Carey
4. Ella Borgo Simpson
5. Ruby McGavack Gregory
6. Mia Enright Simpson
Adj Shona Barrow Tir An Oir
Adj Niamh Prior Dimmock

5 and Under Beginner Premiership

1. Madison O'Brien Halloran
2. Ruby Kelly Simpson
3. Ciara-Leigh Carey
4. Tara King Simpson
5. Ciara Johnson Gregory
6. Alisha Zaidi Tir An Oir
Adj Hannah Zaidi
Adj Erin Duncan Gregory

Beginner section presentations about to begin!

Blocks are being set up for the results.  The trophies all look lovely.  And the sashes gorgeous!

6, 7 & 8 Years Charity Reel dancers are in marshalling and on stage

The Charity Reel is an extra dance to raise funds for Breast Cancer research.  All the trophies are donated by Simpson Dancers so all the entry fees for these reels goes to charity - there are no expenses or overheads to deduct.

What a great idea!!

Gourmet food update

Good news if you are a teacher....
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Marshalling scenes

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8 Years Premiership now dancing

This will be followed by the Charity Reels and then presentations.

Dancing schools taking part in the Tara Feis

Lots of school taking part today in the Tara Feis.  We have competitors from Aisling, Dimmock, Gregory, Simpson, Walton, Carey, Dwyer Whelan, Halloran, Tir an Oir and Wollongong.

Marshalling ladies hard at work

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Gourmet food update

Bonnie Parfitt has just delivered a plate of chocolate crackles to ChaosCentral, and they look and smell wonderful.  Further updates will confirm their taste - which I am certain will be fabulous.

Update:  YUM!! Chocolate crackles with marshmallows and smarties embedded - thanks Bonnie :)

Dancers in marshalling

And the 5 Year & Under Beginner Premiership dancers have just been called to marshalling
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Beginner Sections

Milton is off taking lots of photos and I'm in control!!!!  We are making our way slowing through the Beginner Sections.  

The 6-8 Years are dancing their reel now in separate age groups.  They are about to start the beginner treble jigs.

Its very cold.  Me being a Canberran isn't feeling too bad but Milton is freezing.

All under 8 jigs just finished

The reels have been called to marshalling and the 5 Years and Under are now on stage.

Beginners sections are dancing

We are dancing our way through the soft shoe rounds of the younger ages for beginners.  They are very enthusiastic, and look so small on the large dance floor.  However, the adjudicator has a perfect view of them and the dancing area is well lit....although from ChaosCentral's viewpoint, the adjudicator is developing icicles as it is very cold in the auditorium.  Temperature is, however, a relative feeling - we were informed by a Canberra native that they found the auditorium temperature (currently not in double digits) perfectly acceptable and "quite mild really".

Only servers to confirm our opinion of Canberra natives :)

Perpetual Trophies and competitors

7 Years and Under Open Premiership - Monica Simpson Perpetual Trophy - 6 dancers
8 Years Open Premiership - Kathleen Simpson Perpetual Trophy - 7 dancers
9 Years Open Premiership - Young Family Perpetual Trophy - 9 dancers
10 Years Open Premiership - Bailey Family Perpetual Trophy - 6 dancers
11 Years Open Premiership - Town Family Perpetual Trophy - 9 dancers
12 Years Open Premiership - Dwyer Family Perpetual Trophy - 10 dancers
13 Years Open Premiership - Hoare Family Perpetual Trophy - 5 dancers
14 Years Open Premiership - Miss Brown's Fancy Perpetual Trophy - 14 dancers
15 Years Open Premiership - Balogh Family Perpetual Trophy - 4 dancers
16 Years Open Premiership - Back Family Perpetual Trophy - 7 dancers
17 & 18 Years Open Premiership - Lewis Family Perpetual Trophy - 7 dancers
19 Years and Over Open Premiership - Haling Family Perpetual Trophy - 16 dancers

The feis is getting underway

The adjudicator has arrived and the younger sections have been called to marshalling....

More feis scenes

Gerry is here with all sorts of essentials

Canteen is in full swing

Look at the cupcakes!!!
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Feis scenes

The marshalling ladies

Reception area

Trophies and wonderful sashes
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Feis scenes

The dancing area is huuuuuuuge

The adjudicator gets a nice desk lamp and the audience is behind in the tiered seating
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Welcome to the Tara Feis for 2011

It is a brisk and foggy morning in Canberra today.  As ChaosCentral motored from our luxury accommodation in a shoebox in town to the feis venue, we passed through several cloud systems at road level and noted that the temperature had dropped below zero.

Today we are enjoying the Tara Feis at the Calwell High School Auditorium.  The dancers will be competing on a purpose-built dance floor of championship size, and then some.  The dance floor takes the whole of the floor level, with the adjudicator sitting at the same level and spectators in tiered seating behind.  There is so much room that one could hold two competitions at the same time!

The adjudicator for today is Ms Donna Cannon ADCRG and the dancing schedule is as follows:

0845 - 1130 – 4yrs – 8yrs Beginner sections, premierships and charity reel
1030 - 1245 – All age primary sections, premierships and charity reel
1145 - 1245 – 9yrs and over Beginner sections, premierships and charity reel
1245 - 1400 – 7, 8, 9, &10yrs open/inter set & premiership
1400 - 1530 – 11 , 12, 13yrs open/ inter set and premiership
1530 - 1830 – 14yrs and over open/inter sets and premiership.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sincere thanks to Karen Heggie

Without her assistance, ChaosCentral would have been typing in results in the usual fashion, making mistakes and annoying people.  Karen kindly provide the results on USB, allowing them to be posted very quickly and keeping the insanity level where it normally resides :)

Results - 16 Years

1 Daniel McNamara, Wollongong
2 Ellen Parker, Halloran
3 Jordan Molloy, Walton
4 Alexandra Lemon, Higgins
5 Mindy Bearman, Walton
6 Ellen O'Neill, Creer-Harvey
7 Jacob Bilotta, Halloran
8 Zoe Vesey, Gra Na Rince

Results - 15 Years

=1 Thomas Hughes, Currie-Henderson
=1 Morgan Crammond, Ku-Ring-Gai
3 Hannah Hayes, Aisling
4 Kate Lynch, Halloran
5 Tamara Flynn, Maher
6 Aislinn Podesta, Maher
7 Hayley Cannon, Reilly
8 Bridget Diggins, Dwyer-Whelan
9 Grace Lilly, Higgins
10 Vanessa Hild, Creer-Harvey
11 Alycia Nix, Fenagh
=12 Alistair Bennett, Aisling
=12 Rohan Mason, Wollongong

The 16 Years have finished dancing....and all dancing has now finished

Presentations and results will be soon, and photos can be expected on some time around 2100.

LiveCam and LiveCommentary will next be available on Sunday 29-MAY-2011 at the Tara Feis.

And so the 15 Years Premiership draws to an end

The final dancer in this age group has left the stage and only the 16 Years soft shoe round of the Premiership remains to be danced.  And just as well, the light from outside has faded and the lighting in the hall only provides us with a "romantic" the last sections will be photographed using a flash :(

15 Years Premiership soft shoe round is about to start

16 Years doing their hard shoe round of the Premiership

As with the 15 Years, they are dancing two at a time.

Premiership dancers have been called to marshalling

Hope they have time to catch their breath!

Nice sunlight is streaming through the north-western window providing interesting lighting for the LiveCam hall view.  It also means that almost ll photos taken at this competition on both days have been without using a flash.  ChaosCentral really enjoys non-flash photography, because there are no red-eyes to remove......and the photos look more natural.

Premiership dancers are now on stage....

Soft shoe sections are progressing...only a few more dancers to go

Then three dancers doing Traditional Sets, and on to the Premiership.

In the 15 Years Premiership, there are 13 dancers competing.
In the 16 Years Premiership, there are 11 dancers competing.

Shoe change!!!! 15 & 16 Years are sauntering back to marshalling and have hit the stage

And the stress of the weekend is beginning to show as we slowly wind our way to the end of the feis.

On an "abuse of technology" note, a close relation of ChaosCentral has been conducting a conversation by SMS with another dancer who is less than 10m away - I could have supplied them with some string and a couple of jam tins and it would habe made the conversation faster and cheaper :)

Gourmet Food update
There is none - sigh....

15 Years & 16 Years have been called to marshalling

This is the final age group of the day....and we are exactly on time!!

Results - 12 Years

=1 Emily Harmon, Dwyer-Whelan
=1 Emmah McKeown, Creer-Harvey
3 Sinead Podesta, Maher
4 Charlotte Fletcher, Walton
5 Erin Kavanagh, Creer-Harvey
6 Naomi Mason, Wollongong

Results - 11 Years

1 Georgia Butler, Creer-Harvey
2 Naoise Champion, Walton
3 Caitlin Kersivien, Maher
4 Alana Chapman, Walton
5 Oisin Braddock-Hanratty, Walton
6 Stephanie Baker, Ku-Ring-Gai

11 & 12 Years dancing has finished, presentations soon

11 Years Premiership dancing has finished

The 12 Years Premiership dancers will doe their soft who dance, then on to presentations - still running early!!

11 & 12 Years have been called to marshalling for their soft shoe round

There has been a small slip on the stage

The adjudicators rang the bell, the dancers retired and are now back dancing without incident.

12 Years now doing their hard shoe round

11 & 12 Years Premiership dancers have been called to marshalling for their hard shoe round

11 & 12 Years Traditional Set dancers are now on stage!!

They will be followed by the Premiership rounds.

The hall is beginning to fill with the dancers from the final age group, the 15 & 16 Years.  At the moment there are plenty of spare seats and it not likely that it will be as full as Saturday morning.

Gourmet Food update
Not a chocolate crackle to be seen, although Julia did bring some rice paper rolls and sushi back form the shops.  Despite earlier warnings, the water doesn't appear to have run out either!

Feis update

We are on time, the dancing floor is wonderful, the audience have been fed and watered and the world is still here.

The last sections for are dancing their soft shoe round, soon we will start the Traditional Set dances (9 competitors), then the Premiership dances.

In the 11 Years Premiership there are 11 dancers competing.
In the 12 Years Premiership there are 9 dancers competing.

11 & 12 Years have been called to marshalling for their soft shoe round

11 & 12 Years are now on stage!!

Why are there still LiveCam dropouts?

LiveStream provides the video feed service - although I have an excellent internet connection, the LiveStream server keeps dropping the connection.  Sorry, but this is out of my control....

Lunch break!!!

We are running early, so we can all have a nice long lunch, returning at 1245.  Of course, how nice it may be without water or chocolate crackles is debatable, but I'm sure we can all make-do :)

Results - 14 Years

1 Elyse McDonough, Creer-Harvey
2 Sinead Hickey, Fenagh
3 Erin O'Callaghan, Carey
4 Ciara Joyce, Ku-Ring-Gai
5 Isobel Featherston, Creer-Harvey
6 Zoe Thornwaite, Creer-Harvey
7 Jack Kearney, Currie-Henderson
8 Shannon Browne, Halloran
9 Cara Wiggins, Aisling

Results - 13 Years

=1 Brianna Dragisic, Walton
=1 Chloe Van Dyck, Halloran
=3 Maria Lynch, Carey
=3 Megan Ross, Aisling
5 Madeleine Yeaman, Creer-Harvey
6 Ebony Dark, Derwent
7 Ashley Cottell, Wollongong
8 Mandy Reeley, Ni Piobaire

13 & 14 Years have finished, presentations very soon

14 Years are back for their soft shoe round

Presentations to follow!!

13 Years are now doing their soft shoe round

Once again we appear to be early - what a fabulous situation for an Irish Dancing competition :)

13 Years Premiership hard shoe round has finished

The 14 Years are ready in marshalling for their hard shoe round, and the 13 Years have been called to marshalling for their soft shoe round.

Feis update

The adjudicators have announced that dancers appearing out-of-order (not broken, just numerically confused) will not be allowed to dance in the Premiership, and that they should get themselves to marshalling ASAP.

Dancers will be on stage in pairs - bor both hard shoe and soft shoe.

Premiership dancers have been called to marshalling

In the 13 Years Premiership, 13 dancers are competing.

In the 14 Years Premiership, 17 dancers are competing.

13 & 14 Years now dancing their sets

13 & 14 Years about to dance their sets

The adjudicators are taking a short break and the dancers are changing shoes and moving to marshalling.

It has just been announced that there may be a water problem - a break in the mains or something similar, so everyone is being advised to race off to the toilets and/or fill their water bottles as there may be no water available later in the day.  Once again, a warm welcome to the shire where we are approaching the 19th Century and all the services it can provide with great anticipation :)

Technology update

Again, I apologise for the interruption to your viewing pleasure, but we have been fine tuning (read breaking) the LiveCam technology to improve the service we can deliver.

So, now ChaosCentral can comfortable provide a three-camera service, dependant on lighting and our ability to get location and power.  This also means we are using multiple screens so we can monitor and mix the video screens and part of the interruptions was to upgrade firmware on the wireless routers and devices we are using to provide this service.

Hopefully this will now work for all future competitions.

Again, we would appreciate feedback on the preferred screen layout:

  1. I can stream a single video view at a time, either the hall or the marshalling area and manually change the camera view whenever I remember; and/or
  2. I can stream multiple video views, as picture in picture, sort of a 2D mix; or
  3. I can stream multiple video views, as side-by-side streams but with the quality/field-of-view of both slightly reduced.

Feis update

Sorry for the LiveCam instability, but I did say that this weekend was one for experimentation - and there is nothing quite like practicing on a live patient!

The 13 & 14 years are dancing their soft shoe round - should have the video stream up soon.

Welcome to Sunday at the NSW AIDA Graded & Reserve Premierships

A crisp morning, not as warm as yesterday and, probably as a great surprise to thousands of Americans, the world didn't end last night, so we are all able to dance today.

Todays timetable is:

0900-1215 13 & 14 Years Graded and Reserve Premiership
1215-1245 Lunch
1245-1500 11 & 12 Years Graded and Reserve Premiership
1500-1715 15 & 16 Years Graded and Reserve Premiership

Adjudicators are:

  • Eileen Mulcahy ADCRG (VIC); and
  • Vicki Lynagh ADCRG (QLD).

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Results - 17 Years & Over

17 years

1 Caitlin O'Connor  Dwyer-Whelan
2 Monique Hearn Aisling
3 Hannah Eve Walton

18 years

1 Laura Parr Dwyer-Whelan
2 Rhiannon Jones Maher

19 years

=1 Michelle Armstrong Wollongong
=1 Jacqueline Broome Maher

20 & over

=1 Alexis Tamp Walton
=1 Mary McMurtie Dwyer-Whelan
3 Ondine Kennard-King Higgins
4 Siobhan White Wollongong
5 Sarah Hockley McMahon
6 Tegan Horwood McMahon

17 & Over Premiership first round is finished

They are marshalling for their soft shoe round, followed by presentations.

17 & Over Premiership now dancing

Followed by on after 2000.

17 Years & Over age groups are now dancing their soft shoe round

The sounds of the senior sections...

Beautiful rhythm and timing, and as they walk past ChaosCentral as they leave the stage, many of them are puffing like steam engines!

If only ChaosCentral was that fit or had that skill :)

Switching back to marshalling camera only

In low light (the hall lights have been turned down) the web camera doesn't perform so well :(

17 Years and Over are now dancing

This is the last section for the day and, sadly, the hall is not very full.  Those of you watching LiveCam can see, from time to time, a view from the back of the hall to the adjudicators - lots of empty seats for the most experienced dancers in the competition.

In the 17 Years Premiership, four dancers are competing.
In the 18 Years Premiership, four dancers are competing.
In the 19 Years Premiership, two dancers are competing.
In the 20 Years & Over Premiership, eight dancers are competing

Results - 10 Years

1 Ebony McMartin Halloran
2 Jade Abbey Carey
3 Millie Jones Derwent
4 Chelsea Moutia
5 Rachel White Halloran
6 Niamh Mack Carey
7 Gabrielle Irving Creer-Harvey
8 Renee Doherty Creer-Harvey
9 Erin Burt Creer-Harvey
10 Bridget Kirwan Dwyer-Whelan
11 Michaela Mason Wollongong

Results - 9 Years

=1 Kyra Atherton Fenagh
=1 Christina O'Connor Dwyer Whelan
3 Madeline Osbon Fenagh
4 Brodie Bilotta Halloran
5 Molly Kingham-Convey Derwent
6 Holly Civdin Reilly

Technology wins again - cameras don't work when presentations are on

And now that they are finished, they work fine - H2O therapy for the hardware tonight :)

9 & 10 Years presentations now on!!!

And we are running at least 30 minutes early - how wonderful!!!!

10 Years now on stage for their soft shoe round

10 Years Premiership first round completed

9 Years Premiership second round are in marshalling and ready to go!

And now for your weather update......

It is cooling down in Hornsby, the sun is slowly setting and as it does, the hall is cooling and the offset provided by the hot air (no committee report as yet) won't be enough to keep the temperature comfortable.  Either the heaters will be switched on, or people will get out their snuggle blankets and start a new fashion revolution.....or not.

9 Years Premiership first round completed

10 Years are in marshalling, ready to go.  They are dancing three at a time, so we are making a cracking pace :)

9 Years have been called back to marshalling for their soft shoe round.

Feis update

9 & 10 Years sections will dance interleaved and we seem to be running early - still!!!

9 & 10 Years are doing their Traditional Set Dances

Following this will be the Premiership dancers.

In the 9 Years Premiership, 9 dancers are competing.

In the 10 Years Premiership, 19 dancers are competing.

9 & 10 Years are doing their soft shoe dances

Feis update

The 9 & 10 Years dancers have almost finished their hard shoe round in the Graded Section and the soft shoe rounds have been called to marshalling.

It is a wonderfully warm day in the shire (Hornsby Shire, there is more than one shire in Sydney) and all the hall windows have been opened to allow the hot air to escape.  Of course, where the hot air came from is yet to be investigated, a commission will be formed and a report is expected some time in the next geological era, as per Federal Government standards.

There is a good crowd of spectators, family and friends, all enjoying a great day's competition.

9 & 10 Years now on stage doing their first round

Lunch break!!!

ChaosCentral will be back around 1345 - off to the Mens' Creche :)

Results - 6 Years & Under

1 Imogen Ryan Fenagh
2 Trinity Woelms Walton
3 Caitlin Finnegan Reilly
4 Eloise Hawse Creer-Harvey

Gourmet food update

An extensive search has been undertaken, including massed parties of trained bushwalkers, six Australian Quarantine sniffer dogs and body scanners at the entrance - but not a single chocolate crackle has been found.  On the other hand, Natasha Ross did provide some wonderful small cookies which were greatly appreciated.

As this is a hall, there are no food facilities provided within, but there is an RSL next door, a Cheesecake shop 20m up the road and a Westfield over the road - however none have chocolate crackles :(

Feedback on multi-camera functionality.....?

As the more observant of you may have noticed, ChaosCentral is experimenting with a multi-camera setup for this and future competitions.  Due to the limitations of funding (this is free, after all), some compromises must be made.

So, these are the options I have experimented with:

  1. I can stream a single video view at a time, either the hall or the marshalling area and manually change the camera view whenever I remember; and/or
  2. I can stream multiple video views, as picture in picture, sort of a 2D mix; or
  3. I can stream multiple video views, as side-by-side streams but with the quality/field-of-view of both slightly reduced.
I would appreciate any feedback via Voy or email or Facebook or carrier pigeon; if the latter, could it also include a brown envelope containing non-consecutive used unmarked Australian currency to assist in the decision making process.  I have learned that this method is reputedly favoured by FIFA, various governments etc. :)

Feis update

The 4, 5 & 6 Years are dancing their soft shoe round, there is a small audience in the hall and from time to time they are a little noisy, but the dancers and adjudicators are coping with it.

The 6 Years & Under Premiership has four dancers competing.

After the presentation for this age group, there will be a short lunch break - and ChaosCentral has spotted the local Mens' Creche just 30m up the road and will probably visit it during the break!

Sincere apologies for the break in transmission

ChaosCentral was so proud of having three cameras online, it decided to improve the network connectivity by altering a small parameter in the setup.

30 minutes later, in between photographing the presentations and trying to fix what I "improved", we are now back online.....

And the youngest age groups are now on stage, 4, 5 & 6 Years.....and these are the champions of tomorrow!!

Results - 8 Years Premiership

1 Grace Reid, Halloran
2 Mikayla White, Halloran
3 Liam Costello, Creer-Harvey
4 Natasha Ross, Aisling
5 Jamie Munro, Halloran
6 Natahni Lonergan, Walton
7 Noirin Finnegan, Reilly
8 Veronica Lynch, Carey
9 Teresa Lynch, Carey

Results - 7 Years Premiership

1 Ashleigh Kelly, Walton
2 Rose Hanratty, Halloran
3 Emma-Kate Roma, Halloran
4 Isobel Chambers, Aisling
4 Erin Browne, Halloran
6 Connie Sutton, Aisling

8 Years Premiership are now dancing their soft shoe round

7 & 8 Years are in marshalling for their soft shoe round

8 Years Premiership are now dancing their hard shoe round

And we appear to be running early - very early :)

Feis update

The Graded sections are almost finished and soon the Premiership dancers will be on stage.

In the 7 Years Premiership, 12 dancers are competing.
In the 8 Years Premiership, 14 dancers are competing.

All premiership dancers have been called to marshalling.

And LiveCam multi-camera technology is in the experimentation stage - but it works!!  Keep watching for improvements.....

The 7 & 8 Years Premiership dancers will be interleaved - or at least, their sections will dance on on stage in combined streams :)

Welcome to Saturday at the NSW AIDA Graded and Reserve competition

This weekend we are at Hornsby, home to two of Sydney's Irish Dancing Schools and, geographically about as far away as one can get from the remainder of the Irish Dancing world and venues where competitions are held in Sydney.  For one glorious weekend of the year, ChaosCentral can rouse itself from slumber, grab a cappuccino and check the international straw futures, and then depart from Chez Chaos, arriving at the venue five minutes later!

We are at the Hornsby RSL Memorial Hall, adjacent to the railway station, the RSL, and sundry food venues.  We also have a packed hall!!

The adjudicators for this feis are:

  • Eileen Mulcahy ADCRG VIC and
  • Vicki Lynagh ADCRG QLD
The patron of this feis is Janice Currie-Henderson ADCRG.

Today's timetable is as follows:

0900-1200 7 & 8 Years Graded
                  7 & 8 Years Reserve Premiership
1200 Prizes
1215-1315 4,5 & 6 Years Graded
                  6 Years & Under Reserve Premiership
1315-1345 Lunch break and prizes
1345-1700 9 & 10 Years Graded
                  9 & 10 Years Reserve Premiership
1700-1915 17 & Over Graded
                  17, 18, 19 & 20 & Over Reserve Premiership

Sunday, 15 May 2011

And so the Penrith Valley Feis is over for 2011

A wonderful time was had by all and the organisers are looking forward to seeing you again in 2010.

Next weekend, LiveCommentary and LiveCam will come to you from Hornsby and we look forward to using you as guinea pigs for the multi-camera setup :)

Results - 16 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1 Ceili Moore, Aisling
2 Kelsey Burns, Simpson
3 Daniel McNamarra, Wollongong
4 Jade Goodwin, Simpson
5 Jessica Carruthers, Maher
6 Nicole Robinson, Aisling
7 Brooke Haling, Simpson
8 Jordon Molloy, Walton
9 Emily Brough, Carey
10 Carly Chittendon, Carey
11 Sharni Watson, Simpson
12 Eileen O'Neill, Creer-Harvey
13 Kaitlyn Lewis, Simpson
14 Alexandra Lemon, Higgins
15 Lauren Holmes, Carroll

Results - 15 Years Intermediate/open Premiership

1 Shaun Cameron, Maher
2 Joshua Taylor, Dwyer-Whelan
3 Eileen Wallace, Wollongong
4 Ceridwen Radcliffe, Gregory
5 Caitlin Devine, Maher
6= Lauren Meredith, Simpson
6= Tom Hughes, Currie-Henderson
8 Tamara Flynn, Maher
9 Morgan Crammond, Ku-Ring-Gai
10 Alistair Bennett, Aisling
11 Vanessa Hild, Creer-Harvey
12 Hayley Cannon, Reilly
13 Aislinn Podesta, Maher
14 Shannon Riley, Claddagh
15 Lauren Maddock, Maher

Results - 15 & 16 Years Elementary Premiership

1 Ashling Rudge, McMahon
2 Caitlin Apcar, McMahon
3 Erin Steer, Creer-Harvey

The dancing has finished for the day!!

Now on to presentations!!!!

Last section for the day now dancing

The 16 Years set dance has just started and when they finish, presentations will be done.

Photos will be available on from around 2000.

15 Years & 16 Years are doing their set dances

Presentations will follow that.

Feis update

The hall has emptied, the only people here now are the 15 & 16 Years dancers and support crews...the vendors have packed up and left and the food service has stopped....

So, the soft shoe round is almost finished, they are dancing two at a time, and we will move into the final sections, the set dances.

15 & 16 Years have returned to marshalling for their soft shoe round

These last sections are racing through!

15 Years & 16 Years are doing their hard shoe round

This is the last section of the day and we are running on time.  The hall has a small audience, although the numbers in this age group are very good compared to previous years.

Technology update:
Surprisingly, everything is working...however we will seek to rectify that next week.  From next week, ChaosCentral will be experimenting with a multi-camera LiveCam to perfect (or totally wreck) the technique in time for the Gold Coast, McAleer and other major competitions.  Feel free to provide feedback on Voy from next week.

Results - 14 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1 Harriet Ogilvie, Fenagh
2 Alanna Chaumont, Walton
3 Bonnie Parfitt, Simpson
4 Emily McCredie, Aisling
5 Erin O'Callaghan, Carey
6 Lauren Stals, Gregory
7 Cara Wiggins, Aisling
8 Zoe Thornthwaite, Creer-Harvey
9 Ellen Davies, Simpson
10 Sarah Fuller, Walton
11= Casey Cahlin, Walton
11= Lucinda Petchell, Carey
13 Hannah Thomas, Walton
14 Isobel Fetherstone, Creer-Harvey
15 Ciara Joyce, Ku-Ring-Gai
16 Shannon Browne, Halloran
17 Jennifer Murray, Halloran

Results - 13 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1 Connor Costello, Simpson
2 Mikala Gardoni, Halloran
3 Jenika Curtis, Halloran
4 Jayde Mason, Halloran
5 Ashleigh Blake, Simpson
6 Siobhan Hamilton, Maher
7 Erin Young, Simpson
8 Meghan Ross, Aisling
9 Bethany Hammond, Carroll
10 Madelein Yeaman, Creer-Harvey

13 Years presentations will start in a few minutes

We will get the results to you as soon as possible, but if you want the results hot off the presses (electronic though they may be), tune into LiveCam and see and hear it as it happens.

Like Eurovision, but for Irish Dancing only!!!

14 Years set dances now underway

This will be followed by presentations and results - it looks like we are still running on time!

The ritual....

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Dancing friends

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13 & 14 Years now dancing their sets

13 & 14 Years have been called to marshalling for their soft shoe round

ChaosCentral would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the lack of photos in LiveCommentary and the poor lighting in LiveCam.  Unfortunately, our commentary position doesn't allow us to capture and hold dancers to and from the stage, so we can't provide you with "on the spot" photos of them.  And, the lighting in the marshalling area is such that one needs the eyesight of an eagle using night-vision glasses - something that our ageing video camera doesn't have.....

We are back from lunch!!

And the 13 & 14 Years Intermediate/Open dancers are on stage doing their hard shoe round.  They are dancing two at a time to a small but appreciative audience.

Lunch break!!!

We are running early, everyone is happy, the air conditioning has moved from antarctic to mid-temperate, the results are on the board.

Results - 12 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1 Catherine Back, Simpson
2 Maggie Devine, Maher
3 Jonty Moore, Aisling
4 Tailah McLoughlin, Simpson
5 Jordan Walter, Halloran
6 Charlotte Fletcher, Walton
7 Sinead Podesta, Maher
8 Emma McKeown, Creer-Harvey
9 Catherine Lynch, Carey
10= Caitlin Pellizzon, Maher
10= Emily Harmon, Dwyer-Whelan

Results - 11 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership

1 Isabella Fitzpatrick, Halloran
2= Allison Manuel, Simpson
2= Luke Chaumont, Walton
4 Oisin Braddock-Hanratty, Walton
5= Sophie Kelley, Simpson
5= Kelanney Davy, Simpson
7 Annie Devine, Maher
8 Caitlin Kersivien, maher
9 Anastasia Stinten, Maher
10 Clare Sultana, Maher
11 Naoise Champion, Walton

Results - 13 & 14 Years Elementary Premiership

1 Ashley Cottell, Wollongong
2 Emma Costello-Grealy, Claddagh
3 Mandy Reeley, Ni Piobaire
4 Renee O'Connor, Halloran
5 Miranda Smith, McMahon
6 Kyra Webb, Wollongong
7 Siobhan Vanool, Dwyer-Whelan
8 Roison Finnegan, Currie-Henderson

Results 0 11 & 12 Years Elementary Premiership

1 Clare Sultana, Maher
2 Stephanie Baker, Ku-Ring-Gai
3 Jacob Stals, Gregory
4 Laura Barrett-Hough, Creer-Harvey
5 Caragh Hayes, Halloran
6 Evangeline Price, Currie-Henderson
7 Niamh McKervey, Maher
8 Sarah Neasy, Claddagh
9 Annelise Roberts, Ku-Ring-Gai
10 Cassandra Hammond, Carroll

Results - 12 Years & Over Primary Premiership

1 Natalie Jones, Higgins
2 Sinead Rooney, Higgins
3 Ellen Spasojevic, Higgins
4 Louise Southall, Higgins
5 Rebecca Miller, Wollongong
6 Brooke Winfield, McMahon

11 & 12 Years dancing has finished

Presentations and results very soon - we are 45 minutes early - HOORAY!!!!

Feis scenes

Dedication.....or just colouring-in?
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Gourmet food update

Yes, its that time of day again! The Irish Dancing Health Food stand is open and doing a roaring trade - no chocolate crackles though....
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Feis update

The 11, 12, 13 & 14 Years hard and soft shoe rounds have finished, the dancers are now marshalling for their sets.  It appears that we are running on time this morning!

11 & 12 Years dancers now in marshalling for their soft shoe round

The last dancers are finishing their hard shoe dances, and the hall is very attentive.  The club has set the air conditioning to antarctic, perhaps in the hope of increasing hot food and drink sales - if they don't increase the temperature, we will have competition ice-skating on the stage and snow-ball fights in the hall :)

Gourmet food update:
First three chocolate crackles of the day dispatched, thanks to Elizabeth Larnach.  There were more to be had, but ChaosCentral's dietary UberFuhrer (also known as Julia) insisted that one was enough and that a total daily intake of three was too many.  Perhaps ChaosCentral can distract her with the offer of new hard shoes?

And they're off and, dancing...

The 12 Years have hit the stage (figuratively) and are doing their hard shoe first round, three at a time.

Sunday dancing programme

The adjudicator for this feis is Susan O'Brien ADCRG (Sydney) and the program of dancing is as follows:

0930 12, 13 & 14 Years Primary
        11, 12, 13 & 14 Years Elementary
        11 & 12 Years Intermediate/Open
1230 13 & 14 Years Intermediate/Open
1445 15 & 16 Years Elementary, Intermediate/Open
1645 Results

In the 12 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership, 11 dancers are competing for the Ellaby-McNeill Perpetual Trophy, donated by Claddagh International.

In the 13 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership, 11 dancers are competing for the Gwen McBride Memorial Trophy, donated by Jeannette Mollenhauer.

In the 14 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership, 17 dancers are competing for the Carroll Family Trophy, donated by Margaret Carroll.

In the 15 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership, 17 dancers are competing for the Larnach Family Trophy, donated by the Larnach Family.

In the 16 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership, 10 dancers are competing for the Robyn & Ted Glibbens Memorial Trophy, donated by Kelly Quigley.

And, power is now available, so LiveCam is now running!!

Welcome to Sunday at the Penrith Valley Feis

A crisp Sunday morning has arrived, and so have the Irish Dancers!!  The early sections are in the hall and are ready for a 0930 start.  Unfortunately, there is no power on-stage or back-stage, so nothing is happening any time soon - stay tuned...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Results - 19 Years & Over Intermediate/Open Premiership

1 Bridget Spokes, Simpson
2 Taryn Priadko, Halloran
3 Jonathan Daddo, Walton
4 Caitlin Ironside, Simpson
5 Laura Barry, Walton
6 Marie Sweeney, Maher
7 Jenny Croft, Maher
8 Kate McCue, Carey
9 Kathleen O'Kane, Carey
10 Siobhan White, Wollongong
11 Ondine Kennard-King, Higgins
12 Danielle Resiak, Simpson
13 Moira Callanan, Walton
14 Moira Neasy, Claddagh
15Sarah Hockley, McMahon

Results - 17 & 18 Years intermediate/Open Premiership

1 Jeremy Heggie, Walton
2 Amy Longstone, Carey
3 Rhiannon Black, Walton
4 Gabrielle Harrington, Halloran
5 Anne Louise Bennett, Aisling
6 Dianna Resiak, Simpson
7 Jessica Manuel, Simpson
8 Rachael Larnach, Maher
9 Sophie Parfitt, Simpson
10 Monique Hearn, Aisling
11= Elena Barrett-Hough, Creer-Harvey
11= Bernadette Moloney, Claddagh
13 Bernadette Neasy, Claddagh
14 Emma Woodbury, Carroll

Results - 18 Years Elementary Premiership

1 Katie Giles, Carroll
2 Rhiannon Jones, Maher
3 laura Stevenson, Carroll

Cancel that - have moved positions and will show the presentations!

17 Years & Over presentations won't appear on LiveCam as the stag is being disassembled and we will lose power and camera position....

Dancing has finished, presentations soon!

Remember, results for the 17 Years & Over sections will be around 2000 as we must vacate the hall ASAP :)

Final section for the day is now in marshalling

20 Years and Over set dances.....should be around 10 dancers.....

The day is coming to an end, the technology is playing up....

It appears that the "leave by 1600" wasn't an enforceable requirement, so the set dances are continuing.....not sure what will happen about the presentations.  ChaosCentral can assure you that the results for the older age groups and the photos won't be up until around 2000 as there is the small matter of the drive home.....

Assuming that the technology holds up, and it is becoming a little flakey as the day progresses....

Soft shoe sections are progressing

But vendors have packed up and there is only 15 minutes until we have to be out of the hall...sure to be an exciting 15 minutes.....

17 Years & Over soft shoe rounds are now underway

It will be a race to the set dances...then perhaps they can all do the St Patrick's Day together on stage - as a non-contact dance :)

Feis update

Well, it will be an interesting section....we have around thirty dancers in the premiership sections, only one hour in which to dance all the sections with all their is, apparently, a requirement that the feis vacate the hall at 1600 - it is now 1500.

Speed dancing?

Slight LiveCam hiccup, normal service has resumed...

18 Years & Over are now on stage

Results - 8 Years Open

1 Sally McGavock, Gregory
2 Kahli Gilchrist, Fenagh
3 Charlie Town, Simpson
4 Grace Reid, Halloran
5 Natasha Ross, Aisling
6 Veronica Lynch, Carey
7 Teresa Lynch, Carey

Section 16 Inter/Open 7 Years and Under

1. Ashleigh Kelly Walton
2. Aille Russell Fenagh
3. Imogen Ryan Fenagh
4. Olivia Kennedy Halloran
5. Rose Hanratty Halloran
6= Erin Stinten Maher
6= Emma Kate Roma, Halloran
8 Erin Browne, Halloran

Section 15 8 Years Elementary Premiership

1. Roisin Hayes Halloran
2. Mikayla White Halloran
3. Natahni Lonergan Walton
4. Saskia Mulligan Ku-Ring Gai
5. Kaitlin Weeks Ni Piobaire
6. Noirin Finnegan Reilly
7. Genevieve Price Currie-Henderson
8. Georgia Herbert Wollongong
9. = Niamh Marsden Ku-Ring-Gai and Jamie Munro Halloran

7 Years and Under Elementary Premiership Results

1. Alana Loveridge Halloran
2. Trinity Woelms Walton
3. Erin Browne Halloran
4. Grace Stevens Aisling
5. Natalie Miralles Walton
6. Nina Ball Carey
7. Isobel Chambers Aisling
8. Niamh D'arcy Aisling

Results 7-8 very shortly. 17 and over waiting patiently

17 and 18 Years are waiting very patiently!  Their sections were supposed to start at 1.15pm.   Blocks are being placed on the stage now so results  for the 7-8 Years imminent!

Dance Schools

In this section there are dancers from Maher, Fenagh, Liz Gregory, Halloran, Simpson, Aisling, Carey, Watson and Ku-Ring Gai.  Quite a mix!

Section 19 Intermediate/Open Set Dance 8 Years

The 8 Years traditional has begun.  Fourteen dancers listed in this section.

Section 18 7 Years and Under Intermediate/Open Traditional Commences

The traditional dances have commenced.  Eleven dancers are listed in this section and they are dancing three at a time.  We started with Blackbird and have now moved to St Patrick's Day  Everyone seems to be dancing very well.  I'm seeing some lovely dresses.  I'm not really familiar with these age groups so I'm not sure which dresses are new but they are all lovely!

The feis is running late at the moment.  Probably around 90 minutes.

Struggling to figure out where we are up to!

Hi Everyone

I'm finally organised!  And figured out we are up to the 8 Years Inter/Open Premiership.  It's the soft shoe round so we are nearly done.

The Intermediate/Open Set Dance 7 Years and Under is being marshalled.  I guess they will be dancing traditional dances rather than sets.

7 and 8 Years Elementary, Inter/Open

The 7 and 8 Years have completed the premierships.

ChaosCentral is going on a break to regain its composure...

All this typing is stressful as ChaosCentral has never picked up the art of touch-typing!

Luckily, we are surrounded by far more talented guest presenters who can not only touch-type, but actually really know things about Irish Dancing, the latter of which ChaosCentral is sadly deficient...

So, until the normal programme resumes, you will be in the gentle caress of our anonymous contributor, only known as C from Canberra :)

Results - 9 & 10 Years Primary Premiership

1 Isobel Kinny, Maher
2 Elise White, Halloran
3 Amie Farrell, Maher
4 Amy King, Simpson
5 Tara Slowey, Maher
6= Matilda Barwick, McMahon
6= Ennaria Rourke, McMahon
8 Madison Joseph, Maher
9 Aisling Tufrey, Maher
10 Thomas Kearney, Currie-Henderson

Results - 7 & 8 Years Primary Premiership

1 Georgie Purcell, Maher
2 Eleftheria Stoubidis, Halloran
3 Jemima Barwick, McMahon
4 Aidee Doyle, Maher
5 Mitchell Carroll, Halloran
6 Silvana Hautrive, Maher
7 Camilla Kelgren, Ku-Ring-Gai

Results - 5 & 6 Years Primary Premiership

1 Jessica kelly, Walton
2 Caitlin Finnegan, Reilly
3= Lily Kenna, Fenagh
3= Danah Pham, Halloran
5 Belle Blandin de Chalain, Maher

Results - 9 Years & Over Beginners Premiership

1 Isabelle Geeves, Ni Piobaire
2 Amy King, Simpson
3 Sophie Miller, Wollongong
4 Sophie Hannigan, Reilly

Results - 7 & 8 Years beginner Premiership

1 Phoebe Liang, Halloran
2= Finn McCloy, Maher
2= Lauren King, Simpson
4 Meghan Wilson, Maher
5= Olivia Bourke, Knox
5= Liam McWeeney, Walton
7= Rachel Barker, Reilly
7= Chloe Baker, Ku-Ring-Gai

Results - 6 Years Beginner Premiership

1 Danah Last, Halloran
2 Maddison Paine, Halloran
3= Ruby McGavock, Gregory
3= Brianna Ross, McMahon
5 Sarah Davidson, McMahon
6= Amoretta Rourke, McMahon
6= Erika Pearl, Halloran
8= Brianna D'Agostino, Halloran
8= Ireland Everett, Carey
10 Tara O'Connell, Reilly
11 Patrick Wakeling, Maher
12= Bailey Crossman, Halloran
12= Jessica Luf, Maher

Results - 5 Years Beginner Premiership

1 Tara King, Simpson
2= Niamh Canning, Maher
2= Isabella Masters, Higgins
4 Niamh McMahon, Reilly
5 Ryan Yeates, Halloran
6 Emelia Lonergan, Walton
7= Bridget Kearney, Currie-Henderson
7= Emily Murphy, Maher

results - 3 & 4 Years Beginners Premiership

1 Ciara-Legh Carey, Carey
2 Brianna Woelms, Walton
3 Aislinn Carey-Walker, Carey
4Rose Lynch, Carey
5 Rebekah Pearl, Halloran

8 years and under sections have started, results in a moment for the earlier sections...

Getting ready....and the finished result!

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Feis scenes

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