Sunday 26 May 2019

Results - 9 & 10 Years Premierships

9 Years Premiership
1st Molly  Van Der Weegan Walton Studio
2nd Luca Bella Solomons Walton Studio
3rd Adela Chrostowski FGMA
4th Abby Cameron  Higgins Academy
5th Maeve Joyce Sheard Academy
6th Zara Gorman Reilly Studio
7th Kiera Rothfield Sydney Academy
=8th Ashling  Considine Sheard Academy
=8th Sienna  Wickens FGMA
10th Sienna Knight Sheard Academy
10 Years Premiership
1st Cara  Mirco FGMA
2nd Ellexis Hanley Halloran Academy
3rd Poppy Stirrit McBrearty Academy
4th Eric Lawonski Creer
5th Tabitha Barwick Spreagadh na Rince
6th Georgie  Corish Dwyer Whelan 
7th Makayla Bradbury Walton Studio

Results - 6 Years & Under Premiership

6 & Under Premiership
1st Ruby  Masters Higgins Academy
2nd Scarlett  Horne  Higgins Academy
3rd Isla Behrens Walton Studio
4th Mikayla Mackney Carey South West 
5th Molly LeMaire Penrith Gaels Maher
=6th Grace Thomas Halloran Academy
=6th Eili Considine Sheard Academy
=8th Caitlyn Farlow Higgins Academy
=8th Alannah Petkovich Brosnan Academy
10th Jane Wallace Creer
11th Audrey-Grace Bartl Halloran Academy
12th Chloe Halloran Halloran Academy
13th Isabella Hindson FGMA
14th Evelyn Bickerstaff Spreagadh na Rince
15th Claire Lorraine Penrith Gaels Maher
16th Leon Russell Creer

Results - 7 & 8 Years Premierships

7  Years Open Premiership
1st Sheena King Halloran Academy
2nd Rose Montgomery  Higgins Academy
3rd Holly Sinnott Cox Academy
4th Katie O’Loughlin Higgins Academy
5th Emily Shan Rince Le Nor
8  Years Open Premiership
1st Clodagh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
2nd Niamh Canadas Reilly Studio
3rd Claire Turner Reilly Studio
4th Eabha Morrissey Sheard Academy
5th Charlotte  Thompson Higgins Academy
6th Lily Taylor Sheard Academy

Saturday 25 May 2019

Results - 11 & 12 Years Premierships

11  Years Open Premiership
1st Isaaq Rai McBrearty Academy
2nd Gabrielle Rothfield Sydney Academy
3rd Orla Turner Reilly Studio
4th Isla Lucchitti Carey South West 
5th Holly Simpson Halloran Academy
6th Olivia Agostino Carey South West 
7th Olivia Hayes Halloran Academy
=8th Milla Costin Higgins Academy
=8th Sienna Diamond Rince Le Nor
12  Years Open Premiership
1st Sophie Salvo Halloran Academy
2nd Alannah  Lock Higgins Academy
3rd Harriet Hogben Sydney Academy
=4th Emily Guerrera McBrearty Academy
=4th Hannah Cole Higgins Academy
6th April Cividin Brosnan Academy
7th Ellie Gammel Creer
8th Sienna Devine Brosnan Academy
9th Jasmine Croft Halloran Academy

Results - 15 Years & Over Premierships

15  Years Open Premiership
1st Ellie Stoubidis FGMA
2nd Hannah Duck Cox Academy
3rd Lucy Woodbury Spreagadh na Rince
16  Years Open Premiership
1st Lauren Bowmer Brosnan Academy
2nd Andy  Carter Carroll
3rd Lauren Jennings Spreagadh na Rince
18  Years Open Premiership
1st Gabbi  Gold Walton Studio
2nd Ysabel Hardge Penrith Gaels Maher
3rd Erin Burt Creer
4th Georgia Robinson Carey South West
5th Brendan Tracey Carroll
6th Jade Abbey Carey South West 
=7th Ewan Huthnance Penrith Gaels Maher
=7th Niamh Carter Carroll
19  Years & Over Open Premiership
1st Benjamin Seal FGMA
2nd Bethany  Thomson  Bird Academy
3rd Alison Fisher Western Sydney Dance 
4th Louise  Poleweski Spreagadh na Rince
5th Lucy Stafford Spreagadh na Rince

Results - 13 & 14 Years Premierships

13  Years Open Premiership
1st Chiara Peluso  FGMA
2nd Mia Thomas Halloran Academy
=3rd Jade Dacey Sydney Academy
=3rd Ella Walters Sydney Academy
5th Angus Limbrey Brosnan Academy
6th Bella Masters Higgins Academy
7th Niamh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
=8th Lily Fury Creer
=8th Tara King Halloran Academy
10th Hannah Dale Creer
14  Years Open Premiership
1st Amoretta Rourke Spreagadh na Rince
2nd Olivia Donoghue Creer
3rd Scarlett Pearce Cox Academy
4th Eloise Hawse Creer
5th Maddison Paine Halloran Academy
6th Isaac Fletcher Walton Studio

Welcome to the NSW AIDA Graded Competition & Reserve Premiership!

Welcome to the 2019 competition, once again held at the beautiful Blacktown RSL.

The Sydney autumn keeps on giving wonderful weather, with today expected to reach 25C; unfortunately the weather isn't giving rain and Sydney is now about to enter water restrictions.

At the venue, there is plentiful parking outside and seating inside, the vendors are here and ready to meet your needs and the competition is about to start.

Our adjudicator is Maggie Gaffney ADCRG (VIC) and music by i/eDevice.

The weekend's dancing schedule is as follows:
0930 13 & 14 Years Graded
1015 13 & 14 Years Premiership
1115 Results & lunch
1215 15 Years & Over Graded
1415 15 Years & Over Premiership
1515 Results
1545 11 & 12 Years Graded
1700 11 & 12 Years Premiership
1830 Results & Finish

0930 7 & 8 Years Graded
1100 7 & 8 Years Premiership
1130 Results
1230 6 Years & Under Graded
1330 6 Years & Under Premiership
1415 Results & lunch
1445 9 & 10 Years Graded
1600 9 & 10 Years Premiership
1715 Results & Finish

Sunday 19 May 2019

Results - 17 Years & Over

17  Years Open Premiership
1st Will  Limbrey Brosnan
2nd Molly Kingham-Convey Walton
3rd Anna Duncan McGrath
18  Years Open Premiership
=1st Lara Haynes Simpson
=1st Roisin McHale Cox
3rd Michaela Mason Walton
=4th Rachel White Halloran
=4th Brendan Tracey Carroll
=6th Gabrelle Gold Walton
=6th Erin Burt Scoil Rince Creer
8th Ewan Huthnance Penrith Gaels Maher
19 & 20  Years Open Premiership
1st Annie Devine Brosnan
2nd Naomi Mason Walton
=3rd Bejamin Seal FGMA
=3rd Sarah Neasy Claddagh
5th Ashleigh Harris Canberra Irish Dance
6th Jacqueline Beanland Gregory
7th Emily  Abbott Derwent
8th Jared Kross Derwent
9th Daniel Kross Derwent

Results - 13 & 14 Years

1st Saoirse Hickey Spreagadh na Rince
2nd Sarah Summers Derwent
3rd Roger Lawonski Scoil Rince Creer
4th Erin Mclean Scoil Rince Creer
5th Isaac Fletcher Walton
6th Emma Sacco Carroll
7th Sophie Simpson Ryan
8th Sophie Mclean Scoil Rince Creer
AA Grace Brown Derwent
AA Indiana Huhndorf Scoil Rince Creer
AA Max  Burt Scoil Rince Creer
13  Years Open Premiership
1st Trinity Woelms Walton
2nd Rachel French Halloran
3rd Chelsea Lindsell Gregory
4th Ella Walters Sydney Academy
5th Francesca Kyral Walton
6th Jade Dacey Sydney Academy
7th Tara  King Halloran
8th Bella Masters Higgins
9th Niamh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
10th Tara King Gregory
11th Erin  Duncan McGrath
=12th Lily Fury Scoil Rince Creer
=12th Hannah Dale Scoil Rince Creer
14th Jaeda Ross Carey South West
AA Jessica Derwent Derwent
AA Oliver King Scoil Rince Creer
AA William Rothfield Sydney Academy
14  Years Open Premiership
1st Danah Pham Halloran
=2nd Brianna Ross Spreagadh na Rince
=2nd Liam McClafferty Carey South West
4th Anna Burke Reilly
5th Breana O'Toole Gregory
6th Amoretta Rourke Spreagadh na Rince
7th Brooke MacKenzie Cox
8th Jorja Lisle McGrath
AA Maddison Paine Halloran
AA Olivia Donoghue Scoil Rince Creer
AA Eloise  Hawse Scoil Rince Creer

Results - 9 & 10 Years

9 & 10 Years Beginners Premiership
=1st Charlize Main Carroll
=1st Emerson Radovanovic Derwent
3rd Emma Bourke Derwent
4th Samara Khan Scoil Rince Creer
9  Years Primary Premiership
1st Sophie Macri Rince Le Nor
2nd Neve Miranda Carey South West
3rd Andrea Wong Rince Le Nor
4th Annabel Glengarry Kennedy
5th Nina Russell Scoil Rince Creer
6th Jasmine Gregory Derwent
10  Years Primary Premiership
1st Connaugh Dane Carey South West
2nd Rhianna Downes Penrith Gaels Maher
3rd Rory Fraser Higgins
4th Anna Wallace Scoil rince Creer
5th Isabelle Mahony Derwent
6th Molly Bennett Ryan
9  Years Elementary Premiership
1st Amelia Smith Higgins
2nd Kiera Rothfield Sydney Academy
3rd Molly  Fury Scoil rince Creer
4th Zara Gorman Reilly
5th Abby Cameron Higgins
6th Isabella Moore Simpson
AA Johanna Brown Rince Le Nor
AA Charlotte Hughes Penrith Gaels Maher
AA Annabelle Ho Rince Le Nor
10  Years Elementary Premiership
1st Makayla Bradbury Walton
=2nd Sophia Parsons Rince Le Nor
=2nd Olivia Higgins Higgins
4th April Rose Hockley Spreagadh na Rince
5th Lisa Connolly Carey South West
AA Claire Kim Scoil Rince Creer
AA Eden Hosking Scoil rince Creer
9  Years Open Premiership
1st Tiahna Ross Carey South West
2nd Matilda Gold Walton
3rd Keira Chapple Halloran
4th Cadence  Woelms Walton
5th Aleira Grey McGrath
6th Emma Hill Simpson Academy
7th Niamh Kelly Anderson Scoil Rince Ni Kelly
AA Lily Sheridan Simpson
AA Luca Bella Solomons Walton
AA Samatha Lloyd McGrath Irish
10  Years Open Premiership
1st Cinta Devlin McGrath
2nd Iris Hanscombe McGrath
3rd Tabitha Barwick Spreagadh na Rince
4th Alexia Cusbert Scoil Rince Creer
5th Natalie Petkovich Brosnan
AA Eric Lawonski Scoil Rince Creer
AA Ellexis Hanley Halloran

Saturday 18 May 2019

Results - 15 & 16 Years

15 Years Open Premiership
1st Connie Sutton Walton
2nd Liam Fitzgerald Halloran
3rd Grace Stevens Cox
=4th Erin Fenwick McGrath
=4th Ethan  Costello Scoil Rince Creer
6th Hannah Duck Walton
7th Michelle Hamilton Scoil Rince Creer
8th Madeline Adamson McGrath
9th Lucy  Woodbury Spreagadh na Rince
16 Years Open Premiership
1st Liam Costello McGahan-Lees Creer
2nd Sally McGavock McGrath
3rd Claudia Bologh Simpson Academy
4th Grace  King McGrath
5th Mikayla White Halloran
6th Lauren  Bowmer Brosnan
7th Caitlyn Minney Scoil Rince Creer
8th Lauren  Jennings Spreagadh na Rince

Results - 11 & 12 Years

11 Years Beginners Premiership
1st Lauren Hughes Carroll
11 & 12 Years Primary Premiership
1st Mary Rowe Carroll
2nd Emily Swyers Carroll
3rd Caitlin Calvert Carroll
4th Breanna Kerr Carroll
5th Charlotte McDonagh Penrith Gaels Maher
6th Vesna Kenny Higgins
7th Sinead Hickey Spreagadh na Rince
8th Rachel Rosee Carroll
AA Kate Wallace Scoil rince Creer
AA Anastasia Woodbury Spreagadh na Rince
AA Tara  Quinn Scoil rince Creer
11 & 12 Years Elementary Premiership
1st Amelia Chenhall Halloran
2nd Riadh Bowler Sheard
3rd Caitlyn Chen Ryan
4th Kiedis Huhndorf Scoil Rince Creer
5th Isabel Hawkins Rince Le Nor
AA Eloise Smith Rince Le Nor
AA Lachie Hockley Spreagadh na Rince
11 Years Open Premiership
1st Emily O'Grady Simpson
2nd Brianna Woelms Walton
3rd Ciara Kingham-Convey Walton
4th Isaac Bartlett Brosnan
5th Kyle Faber Walton
6th Gabrielle Rothfield Sydney Academy
7th Heidi Chapple Halloran
8th Orla Turner Reilly
9th Sienna Diamond Rince Le Nor
10th Ruby Travers Simpson
11th Malea Ross Carey South West
12th Milla Costin Higgins
13th Mary Kearns McGrath
AA Olivia Agostino Carey South West
AA Cara Britton Kennedy
AA Braiden Hanley Halloran
12 Years Open Premiership
1st Amy Mason Walton
2nd Eimear Lucey Dwyer Whelan
3rd Sienna Devine Brosnan
4th Alannah  Lock Higgins
5th Hannah  Cole Higgins
=6th April Cividin Brosnan
=6th Abbey Rose Hanscombe McGrath
8th Harriet Hogben Sydney Academy
9th Ellie Gammell Scoil Rince Creer
10th Sophie  Salvo Halloran
11th Amelie Havard Dwyer-Whelan
AA Llelu Philmara Sheard
AA Chelsea Kim Scoil Rince Creer
AA Jade Dixon Scoil Rince Creer