Sunday 28 April 2013

And so the Claddagh Begginer, Primary and Elementary is over for another year!

Many thanks to those who fed and watered ChaosCentral and to Karen Heggie who provided the results.

See you next week at the Canberra Feis on Saturday and the Easter Feis on Sunday :)

Results - 12 Years & Over

Beginners  Premiership 12 & Over
1st Isabella Matthews Gra Na Rince
2nd Hannah Michel Carroll
3rd Sandra Brand Spreagadh Na Rince
4th Niamh Fleming McMahon
Primary Premiership 12 & 13 Years
1st Isabelle Dankers Walton
2nd Meg  Attard Higgins
3rd Beth Duck Reilly
4th Abby Fisher Rince Le Nor
5th Mikayla Klusenberg Gra Na Rince
Primary Premiership 14 & 15 Years
1st Isabella Highfield Rince Le Nor
2nd Adelaide Highfield Rince Le Nor
3rd Emma Jefferson Rince Le Nor
4th Brooke Winfield Higgins
Primary Premiership 20 Years
1st Emile Taylor Spreagadh Na Rince
Elementary Premiership 12 Years
1st Alannah Frawley Wollongong Acad
2nd Liam Thorne Halloran
3rd Paige Bowmer Bird Studio
4th Kate Woodbury Carroll
5th Matilda  Barwick Spreagadh Na Rince
6th Chloe Schulze Wollongong Acad
7th Madeline Bain Gra Na Rince
8th Sophie Miller Wollongong Acad
9th Kara Horsfield Gra Na Rince
Elementary Premiership 13 & 14 Years
1st Megan Donnelly Wollongong Acad
2nd Mairead Cargill Dwyer-Whelan
3rd Bryanee Jarrett Bird Studio
4th Chantelle Dankers Walton
5th Emer Brannelly Rince Le Nor
6th Ciara Sheehan Higgins
7th Sarah Neasy Claddagh Academy
8th Stephanie Raynes Halloran
Elementary Premiership 15 & Over
1st Caoimhe McEnallay Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Nicole Rood Rince Le Nor
3rd Natalie Jones Higgins
=4th Stephanie Dickson Rince Le Nor
=4th Caitlin McDermott Rince Le Nor
Elementary Premiership Adults
1st Louise Kathryn Poleweski Spreagadh Na Rince

Elementary Premiership dancers now on stage

Premiership dances have started

So presentations can't be far....

Nearly there!

Almost 1000 photos to upload for the Claddagh....after the last section finishes and ChaosCentral arrives back home after an hour long trek :)

Feis update

With only the older sections remaining to dance, the hall has now resumed the usual visual capacity - about 1/3 full.  Room to move, no queues for the food - oops, the canteen is closed :)

Well, we can see that we are in the home stretch and, to make matters interesting, having enjoyed using IFTTT all day, ChaosCentral seems to have exceeded an unpublished maximum number of automatic transfers - which means that this and all following comments won't automatically hit Facebook.

So I can say what I like about Kate Halloran with impunity :)

Novice Premiership 9 Years & Over

1st Sarah Tchepak Halloran
2nd Jessica Baron McMahon
3rd Kasey Salvo Halloran
4th Bailey Kramer Scoil Rince Coamhanagh

Beginners Premiership 9 Years

1st Genevieve Beck Wollongong
2nd Isabelle McPartlin Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
3rd Evie Lee Ryan Academy of Dance
4th Isabelle Rogers Carey
5th Alicia Van Den Braak Halloran

Beginners Premiership 10 & 11 Years

1st Eva Matthews Gra Na Rince
2nd Annika Humphries Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
3rd Jemma Copland Wollongong
4th Madisson Paull Kay Munro School QLD
=5th Patricia Motahari Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
=5th Taylor Mooney McMahon
7th Chantelle Walsh Spreagadh Na Rince

Primary Premiership 9 Years

1st Hannah Woodbridge Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
2nd Clare Dilley Wollongong Acad
3rd Fergus Wall Dwyer-Whelan
4th Gabby Rainey Dwyer-Whelan
5th Trinity Macann McMahon
=6th Bonnie Padron Halloran
=6th Tiarna Sherlock Wollongong Acad

Primary Premiership 10 & 11 Years

1st Tiarne Bear Higgins
2nd Bianca Keating Dwyer-Whelan
3rd Amber Baillie Wollongong Acad
4th Olivia Winfield Higgins
5th Madisson Paull Kay Munro School QLD
6th Teresa Minahan Claddagh
7th Georgia Wadley Carey
8th Anna Linehan Rince Le Nor
9th Erin Tabley Gra Na Rince

Elementary Premiership 9 Years

1st Liam McWeeney Walton
2nd Alannah Merchant Wollongong Acad
3rd Ellise Gray Halloran
4th Chelsea Smith Bird Studio
5th Gabriel Garcia Halloran
6th Bridie Brisco Cox
7th Lauren Frawley Wollongong Acad
8th Emma Pragnell Bird Studio

AA Alannah Hader Currie - Henderson
AA Lara Wishart Gra Na Rince
AA Ella Fitzmaurice Reilly Studio

Elementary Premiership 10 Years

1st Shannyn Merchant Wollongong Acad
2nd Camilla Kelgren Ku-Ring-Gai
=3rd Niamh Marsden Ku-Ring-Gai
=3rd Hannah Bartlett Maher
5th Leila McNamara Derwent
6th Finn McCloy Ni Piobaire
7th Jemima Barwick Spreagadh Na Rince
8th Ruth Taylor Dwyer-Whelan
9th Lauren Bowmer Bird Studio

Elementary Premiership 11 Years

1st Molly Kingham-Convey Walton
2nd Emma Farrell Reilly Studio
3rd Leanne Rood Rince Le Nor
4th Cait Roche Halloran
5th Emily Garcia Halloran
6th Chyene Rattenbury Derwent
7th Reece Smith Bird Studio
=8th Tara Slowey Maher
=8th Sarah Hannigan Reilly Studio
10th Elizabeth Tax Wollongong Acad
=11th Chloe Wiltshire Bird Studio
=11th Amie Farrell Maher

AA Lili Copland Wollongong Acad
AA Jessica Shaw Bird Studio
AA Madison Joseph Maher
AA Sharna Hall Derwent
AA Elise White Halloran
AA Ennaria Rourke Spreagadh Na Rince
AA Ebony Eathorne Derwent

9, 10 & 11 Years presentations!!!

Then only 12 Years & Over to go :)

Feis timing update...

ChaosCentral has just taken the opportunity to have a frank and detailed discussion with the Official Controller of Feis Timekeeping (Sydney Branch) who assured us that somewhere, in some universe using some yet to be discovered timekeeping system, we are actually on time.

Back in the real world, or something that passes for it where Irish Dancing is concerned, we expect to finish the competition before the school requires the hall tomorrow morning.  We think.  But don't quote us.

Feis update....

Yes, we are still dancing the Premiership rounds, but there is n end in sight as the dancers seem to be getting older are are in more sparkly dresses (technical term!)

ChaosCentral has dined superbly on good coffee (thanks Cecilia) and a chocolate crackle (thanks to - someone anonymous...) and is ready for presentations then the final section.  Any notion of finishing by the scheduled time is but a past dream...although the feeling in the hall is happy and entertained.

In fact, there are so many dancers her today in each of the sections, it is reminiscent of the early 2000s when dancing was peaking.  This must be a good sign?

Stay tuned for further updates once we have sampled the dinner MKR here though!

Premiership rounds for the 9, 10 & 11 Years are now underway

Maybe we are making up time?

Lost & found :(

Michelle Pham has lost a grey plastic bag with boys Haviana thongs with T. rex on them and a pair of check boy shorts.  They may have been taken by mistake.

Please contact her or me if you have found them.

Update to the update!

Sections 62, 63, 64 and 65 have been called to marshalling - there are 105 sections in the competition....

Feis update!

Well, it is still hot, inside and out.  The heating in the hall is very effective as a weight-loss measure but does nothing for the comfort of the dancers.  Still, they are putting on great performances.

We are working our way through the 9, 10 & 11 Years and there are fewer in these age groups than in the younger ones.  We are still around 45 minutes late, but everyone is smiling and the canteen is still doing a roaring trade :)

The place is still packed!!!

 Both levels are full, there is even a queue for the practice floor :)

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And now the 9, 10 & 11 Years are on stage!

Results - 7 & 8 Years

Novice Premiership 7 Years
1st Charlotte Broadley Cox
2nd Ciara Evans O'Cearbhaill
3rd Alyssa Davis Higgins
4th Abigail Morgan Cox
5th Georgia Briggs Spreagadh Na Rince
6th Sophie Salvo Halloran
7th Ellen Cooksey Rince Le Nor
8th Emily Hunt Spreagadh Na Rince
Novice Premiership 8 Years
1st Nicole Pacheco Higgins
2nd Sally Gordon Spreagadh Na Rince
3rd Meera Ramassauam Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
Beginners Premiership 7 Years
1st Matilda-Rose Hall Halloran
2nd Rachel French Halloran
3rd Rory Kinsella Dwyer-Whelan
4th Tara King Halloran
5th Jessica Derwent Derwent
6th Jonah Pham Halloran
7th Jennifer Farrell Reilly
8th Aleisha McGookin Currie-Henderson
9th Carissa Gallagher Halloran
10th Corey White Halloran
11th Kate Chatteur Dwyer-Whelan
12th Kasey Quigly Higgins
AA Mercedes Hastings Claddagh
AA William Rothfeild Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
AA Tylar Rumble Spreagadh Na Rince
AA Aidan MacSweeney Dwyer-Whelan
AA Lily Jagers Rince Le Nor
AA Sophia Nehme Rince Le Nor
AA Bridget Kearney Currie-Henderson
AA Lachlan Gillis Gra Na Rince
Beginners Premiership 8 Years
1st Evie Wightwick O'Cearbhaill
2nd Tilli McMahon Dwyer-Whelan
3rd Mika Singh O'Cearbhaill
4th Sofia Robinson Dwyer-Whelan
5th Gemma Boughan Gra Na Rince
6th Katie McPartlin Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
7th Hayley Yeoman Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
8th Kristy Walsh Spreagadh Na Rince
9th Isaac Fletcher Walton
AA Ashley Howlett Wollongong
AA Samantha Emeish Halloran
AA Taylah Kellermeier Spreagadh Na Rince
AA Sarah McPhan Wollongong
Primary Premiership 7 & 8 Years
1st Kaitlyn Holland Carey
2nd Emma Sacco Claddagh
3rd Kate Goranic Cox
4th Jess Whyburn Cox
5th Amelia Crilly Wollongong Acad
6th Bree Hayes Cox
7th Scarlett Sweeney Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
8th Niamh Canning Maher
AA Roisin Carey Dwyer-Whelan
AA Scarlett Pearce Dwyer-Whelan
AA Erin Caldwell Higgins
AA Katya Doyle Dwyer-Whelan
Elementary Premiership 7 Years
1st Mia Thomas Halloran
2nd Ryan Yeates Halloran
3rd Bella Masters Higgins
4th Jaeda Ross Wollongong Acad
5th Ella Jacob Halloran
6th Scarlett Appleyard Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
7th Chiara Peluso Reilly Studio
Elementary Premiership 8 Years
1st Maddison Paine Halloran
2nd Caitlin Finnegan Reilly Studio
3rd Jack Wardini Halloran
=4th Leah Kingham-Convey Walton
=4th Brianna Ross Spreagadh Na Rince
6th Tara O'Connell Reilly Studio
7th Amoretta Rourke Spreagadh Na Rince
8th Danijela Hader Currie - Henderson
AA Ireland Everett Carey
AA Caitlin Saville Derwent
AA Charlotte Lineen Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
AA Sarah Davidson McMahon


Premiership 2nd round now underway, so presentations can't be too far away...

We are probably running about 45 minutes on time for Irish Dancing :)

Gourmet food update

 Chocolate crackles have arrived!!!!!!  The day is complete….and there is also some more dancing :)
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Premierships for 7 & 8 Years now underway

First round done for some, but there are soooo many :)

Still high tide in the hall!!

 It is so full that they are sitting upstairs as well.  And, with it being a balmy 26C outside, it appears that the automatic hall heating has come on...
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More feis scenes...

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Marshalling scenes...

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Technology update...

It appears that running two mobile broadband modems, one on Optus and one on Telstra is working.

Added to the mix this year is a Canon 6D connected wirelessly to a Mac so that each photo is automatically downloaded from the camera to the Mac - and the Mac automatically copies it to another disk.  So three copies as soon as I take a photo!

The second Mac is running LiveCam and a third Mac (on standby) is ready to replace one that breaks - or it can be used as a guest LiveCommentary machine.  Added to the mix are two WiFi routers (one active and one on standby) and spare disks in case something fails.

Next step - automatically load photos to somewhere...LiveCommentary or or Facebook or....

Results - 6 Years & Under

Novice Premiership 4 & Under
1st Ellie Carey Carey
2nd Raphael Murphy O'Cearbhaill
3rd April Rose Hockley Spreagadh Na Rince
4th Charlotte Whyburn Cox
AA Olivia Higgins Higgins
Novice Premiership 5 Years
1st Leila Broadley Cox
2nd Holly Simpson Cox
3rd Erin Doyle Reilly
4th Sienna Petersen Halloran
5th Chloe Rogers Carey
=6th Erin Thistlethwaite Halloran
=6th Sienna Diamond Rince Le Nor
Novice Premiership 6 Years
1st Alannah Lock Higgins
2nd Keela Simpson Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
3rd Sue Kim Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
4th Riadh Bowler O'Cearbhaill
=5th Abigail Smith Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
=5th Estella Beltran Carey
7th Amelie McKay Halloran
8th Ruby Tyler Rince Le Nor
9th Angela Nicholson Halloran
10th Jessica Crawley Ryan Academy of Dance
AA Jemima Atkins Halloran
AA Charlotte Le Halloran
AA Eliza Watt O'Cearbhaill
AA Niamh Browne Halloran
AA Lachlan Hockley Spreagadh Na Rince
Beginner Premiership 4 & Under
1st Niamh McDonagh Halloran
2nd Tabitha Barwick Spreagadh Na Rince
3rd Vincent Pham Halloran
4th Cassidy Grima Scoil Rince Ni Piobaire
5th Sophie O'Brien Halloran
6th Tiahna Ross Wollongong
Beginner Premiership 5 years
1st Ciara Kingham-Convey Walton
2nd Ella Liang Halloran
3rd Mia Tesoriero Higgins
4th Heidi Chapple Halloran
5th Isla Lucchitti Wollongong
6th Charlotte McDonagh Scoil Rince Ni Piobaire
7th Elise Appleyard Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
Beginner Premiership 6 years
1st Isobel Munns Halloran
2nd Renae Swinkels Higgins
3rd Layna Phillips Spreagadh Na Rince
4th Sienna Devine Halloran
5th Olivia Wishart Gra Na Rince
6th Mia Robinson Wollongong
7th Shae Munro Halloran
8th Chantel  Galea Scoil Rince Ni Piobaire
9th Keeley Rogers Carey
10th Aoife Powell Dwyer-Whelan
AA Kaleah Gribble Spreagadh Na Rince
AA Julia Matthews Gra Na Rince
AA Olivia Pragnell Bird Studio
AA Yichen Zheng Dwyer-Whelan
AA Jemma Riordan Halloran
AA Alyssa Willard Rince Le Nor
Primary Premiership 6 Years
1st Amy Mason Wollongong Acad
2nd Caitlin Hanratty Derwent
3rd Gabreille Rothfeild Scoil Rince Coamhanagh
Elementary Premiership 6 & Under
1st Madison O'Brien Halloran
2nd Ciara-Leigh Carey Carey
3rd Brianna Woelms Walton
4th Aislinn Carey Carey
5th Malea Ross Wollongong Acad
6th April   Cividin Reilly Studio
7th Rose Lynch Maher
8th Harriet Hogben Scoil Rince Coamhanagh

7 & 8 Years are now on stage

Results from this morning's dancing will be available very soon, Karen Heggie is on to it!!!

Presentations about to start!

Feis update

There are so many dancers here!!  It is like high-tide at the beach, the hall is packed, the entry area is packed and the feis is running until after 8 tonight....

Apparently there are twice the competitors as last year, over 250 - this bodes well for the future as new schools bring new dancers which breathes more life into the Irish Dancing scene,

Coming up next - dance to the music!

Dancers have been called to marshalling for their second round

Only four viewers on LiveCam.....must be a slow day :)

The small Premiership dancers are on stage now!

The 4 Years are now doing their small that they are almost swallowed by the space on stage!

Later, there will be a dance to the music section where the smaller dancers will have an opportunity to have fun on stage.

6 Years & Under Premiership first round underway

 Meanwhile, the canteen is stocked with its regular array of wonderful food…but no chocolate crackles :(

Marshalling the younger dancers

And the hall is very full...
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We have vendors - and happy faces :)

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Welcome to the Claddagh Beginner, Primary & Elementary Feis

An unseasonable warm Sydney day has welcomed families to the Glenquarie Community Centre for another day of dancing and festivities.  This feis exclusively caters for the dancers early in their careers, and today we have dancers starting from 4 years old!

Our adjudicator is Sarah Sullivan (ACT) ADCRG and our music is by electronic device (I have it on good authority we are back to the MiniDisc).

It will be a long day, but one full of fun and excitement, with presentations after the end of each age section.  The expected timetable is as follows:

  • 8:15am - Doors open
  • 9:00am - 6yrs and Under
  • 12:15pm - 7 and 8yrs
  • 3:15pm - 9, 10 & 11yrs
  • 6:00pm - 12yrs and over
  • 7:30pm - Results for 12yrs and over
And a small warning, the internet connectivity here is so bad that I am using both Optus and Telstra wireless broadband connections, but each fluctuates between 1 and 2 bars of connectivity - hardly enough to maintain a decent video stream.  So LiveCam may come and go.....