Sunday 30 July 2023

Results - 10 & 11 Years

Section 99
Intermediate/Open Championship
10 Years
1st 14 Emmerson Bishop Halloran Academy
2nd 189 Leon Russell Scoil Rince Creer
3rd 173 Alannah Petkovich Brosnan Academy
4th 198 Jonathan Smirniotis Cox Academy
5th 10 Isla Behrens Walton Studio
CA 78 Nuala Fashoyin-Champion Walton Studio
CA 199 Hamish  Smith Higgins Academy
Section 100
Intermediate/Open Championship
11  Yrs
1st 111 Scarlett Honan Walton Studio
2nd 131 Sheena  King Halloran Academy
3rd 156 Ailie McDonagh Halloran Academy
4th 224 Stella Turner Cox Academy
Section 101
Novice/Beginners Championship
10  Years
1st 159 Lara-Rose Mills Halloran Academy
Section 102
Primary Championship
10  Yrs
1st 142 Gianna Locke Scoil Rince Creer
2nd 227 Lucy Wager Callanan Academy
3rd 85 Leah Garvan Brosnan Academy
4th 213 Jade Taylor Brosnan Academy
5th 229 Audrey White Scoil Rince Creer
Section 103
Elementary Championship
10 & 11 Years
1st 125 Anastasia Keller Dwyer Whelan Studio
2nd 84 Celeste Gardiner Brosnan Academy
3rd 30 Maya Capon Kwok Dwyer Whelan Studio
4th 37 Imogen Catt Higgins Academy
5th 237 Tiffany Zhang Spreagadh na Rince
6th 190 Brendan Russo Cox Academy
7th 35 Sofie Carroll Carey South West Academy
8th 199 Hamish  Smith Higgins Academy
9th 143 Myrah Lorraine Brosnan Academy
CA 238 Millicent Cargill Dwyer Whelan Studio
CA 56 Amy De Ridder Derwent Studio
CA 227 Lucy Wager Callanan Academy

Results - 6 Years and Under Mixed, Novice and Beginner


Results - 6, 7 & 8 Years

Section 58
Intermediate/Open Championship
7  Yrs
1st 53 Chloe Davies Halloran Academy
2nd 118 Priya Irwin Higgins Academy
3rd 73 Leila Elia Halloran Academy
4th 113 Eden Hough Halloran Academy
5th 196 Sadbh Sheridan Penrith Gaels Maher Lenihan
6th 128 Hannah Kilpatrick Brosnan Academy
7th 20 Liliana Burnett Brosnan Academy
CA 176 Matilda Pierce Brosnan Academy
CA 46 Éabha Connolly Cox Academy
Section 59
Intermediate/Open Championship
8 Yrs
1st 178 Charlotte Priestland Halloran Academy
2nd 151 Caoimhe McAtamney Kennedy Studio
3rd 132 Trasa King Halloran Academy
4th 62 Keela Devine FGMA
5th 255 Nneka Fashoyin-Champion Walton Studio
=6th 95 Lilly Green Higgins Academy
=6th 202 Olive Smith Penrith Gaels Maher Lenihan
Section 60
Novice Championship
7 & 8 Years
1st 165 George  Moussa Dwyer Whelan Studio
2nd 222 Sean Toher Kennedy Studio
3rd 81 Tristan Francis Callanan Academy
4th 3 Emily Andersen Cox Academy
5th 174 Matthew Petkovich Brosnan Academy
Section 61
Primary Championship
7  Years
1st 39 Annabelle Christie Carey South West Academy
2nd 157 Ava McGrath Walton Studio
3rd 83 Cian Fucile Scoil Rince Creer
Section 62
Beginners Championship
7 & 8 Years
1st 119 Bonnimae Jarrett Higgins Academy
2nd 104 Sophie Harney Higgins Academy
3rd 75 Nevaeh Farrugia Higgins Academy
4th 97 Ella Hajjar FGMA
5th 4 Kimberly Axiak DCI Dance
6th 1 Bridgid  Allan Dwyer Whelan Studio
Section 63
Primary Championship
8  Years
1st 214 Orla Taylor Kennedy Studio
2nd 121 Tyghe Jessing Dwyer Whelan Studio
3rd 195 Chloe Sheary Dwyer Whelan Studio
Section 64
Elementary Championship
7  Years
1st 152 Darcy McAteer FGMA
2nd 46 Éabha Connolly Cox Academy
3rd 150 Liam Masters Higgins Academy
4th 39 Annabelle Christie Carey South West Academy
5th 217 William Thompson FGMA
Section 65
Elementary Championship
8  Years
1st 67 Gloria Duffy Cox Academy
2nd 106 Harper Hartge Penrith Gaels Maher Lenihan
3rd 202 Olive Smith Penrith Gaels Maher Lenihan
4th 254 Claudia Passe-de Silva Cox Academy
=5th 93 Isla Green Brosnan Academy
=5th 121 Tyghe Jessing Dwyer Whelan Studio
=5th 214 Orla Taylor Kennedy Studio
8th 211 Mikayla Tarlinton Carey South West Academy

Saturday 29 July 2023

Results - 17 Years & Over


Results - 14, 15 & 16 Years


Results - 9, 12 & 13 Years

Section 20

Intermediate/Open Championship

9 Yrs

1st 66 Arlena Duffy Cox Academy

2nd 216 Grace Thomas Walton Studio

3rd 18 Maisie Brown Higgins Academy

4th 149 Ruby Masters Higgins Academy

5th 110 Hayley Holland Cox Academy

6th 206 Bronagh Stapleton Walton Studio

7th 91 Mackenzie Goodsir Higgins Academy

8th 77 Sienna Farrugia Higgins Academy

9th 45 Oisin Connolly Cox Academy

CA 96 Ruby Griffiths Kennedy Studio

CA 129 Mia Kilpatrick Brosnan Academy

CA 19 Ella Bryant Walton Studio

Section 21

Intermediate/Open Championship

12  Yrs

1st 25 Clodagh Canning Brosnan Academy

2nd 107 Indigo Hawkins Halloran Academy

3rd 171 Keira O’Dwyer Dwyer Whelan Studio

4th 212 Bethany Taufer Halloran Academy

5th 239 Dawn Yeates Carey South West Academy

6th 127 William Kemp McBrearty Academy

7th 92 Faith Green Brosnan Academy

8th 70 Hazel Eades Dwyer Whelan Studio

CA 21 Issei Byrne Scoil Rince Creer

CA 86 Chloe Gates Scoil Rince Creer

Section 22

Intermediate/Open Championship

13  Years

1st 235 Cadence Woelms Walton Studio

2nd 146 Charlize  Main Elia Halloran Academy

3rd 186 Kai Robinson Dwyer Whelan Studio

4th 204 Amelia Smith Higgins Academy

5th 188 Kiera Rothfield Walton Studio

Section 23

Novice Championship

9 Years

1st 13 Lawrence Bertram Dwyer Whelan Studio

2nd 89 Eloise Goode Cox Academy

3rd 22 Sophie Byrnes Cox Academy

Section 24

Beginners Championship

9 Years

1st 138 Poppy Lawrence Kennedy Studio

2nd 57 Matthew de Vos Higgins Academy

3rd 185 Henry Rodden Callanan Academy

Section 25

Primary Championship

9  Years

1st 82 Kayla Frauendienst Cox Academy

2nd 180 Hannah Reid Scoil Rince Creer

3rd 160 Ellenora Miner Callanan Academy

4th 99 Boh Handisides Callanan Academy

5th 139 Ciara Lee Brosnan Academy

6th 138 Poppy Lawrence Kennedy Studio

Section 26

Elementary Championship

 12  Yrs

1st 232 Ellie Whittaker Cox Academy

2nd 87 Lauren Gavin Higgins Academy

3rd 58 Claire de Vos Higgins Academy

4th 153 Myra McCann Carey South West Academy

Section 27

Elementary Championship

9 Years

1st 206 Bronagh Stapleton Walton Studio

2nd 91 Mackenzie Goodsir Higgins Academy

=3rd 77 Sienna Farrugia Higgins Academy

=3rd 129 Mia Kilpatrick Brosnan Academy

5th 45 Oisin Connolly Cox Academy

6th 82 Kayla Frauendienst Cox Academy

7th 23 Makayla Callan Brosnan Academy

8th 19 Ella Bryant Walton Studio

9th 161 Phoebe Mitford Carey South West Academy

10th 99 Boh Handisides Callanan Academy

CA 88 Sienna Glass Higgins Academy

CA 160 Ellenora Miner Callanan Academy  

Welcome to the 2023 Maureen Whelan Memorial Feis

A beautiful winter's day has dawned and dancers and their support teams have made the long trek to Berowra; for ChaosCentral, it us just up the road so a sleep-in was had :)

As we are still editing AIO photos, this welcome message will be updated later with more details and photos.  However, results will still go up as soon as they become available.

Sunday 18 June 2023

Results - 9 & 10 Years


9 & 10  Years Novice Championship
1st265Lara-RoseMillsHalloran Academy
2nd10Lawrence Bertram Dwyer Whelan Studio
3rd93EloiseGoodeCox Academy
4th19SophieByrnesCox Academy
9 Years Beginners Championship
1st24ElsieCamilleriPenrith Gaels Maher Lenihan
2nd55Matthewde VosHiggins Academy
9 Years Primary Championship
1st85KaylaFrauendienstCox Academy
2nd171Ellenora MinerCallanan Academy of Dance
3rd149CiaraLeeBrosnan Academy
4th112BohHandisidesCallanan Academy of Dance
5th23Ryan McGintyDerwent Studio
10 Years Primary Championship
1st88Leah GarvanBrosnan Academy
2nd249SeanTurnerReilly Studio
3rd231JadeTaylorBrosnan Academy
4th281Giana LockeScoil Rince Creer
5th198LouannRevelCallanan Academy of Dance
AA223SkylarSpencerMcBrearty Academy
AA251LucyWagerCallanan Academy of Dance
AA53AmyDe RidderDerwent Studio
9 Years Elementary  Championship
1st95MackenzieGoodsirHiggins Academy
2nd136Mia Kilpatrick Brosnan Academy
3rd75SiennaFarrugiaHiggins Academy
4th90Sienna GlassHiggins Academy
5th91HarperGleigHiggins Academy
6th16EllaBryantWalton Studio
7th144Elin KocharCox Academy
8th85KaylaFrauendienstCox Academy
9th21Makayla Callan Brosnan Academy
AA96EvieGormanScoil Rince Creer
AA131AveryJohnstonScoil Rince Creer
AA174PhoebeMitford Carey South West Academy
10 Years Elementary  Championship
1st87CelesteGardinerBrosnan Academy
2nd11EvieBickerstaffSpreagadh na Rince
3rd264Liesel ParrottMcGrath ACT
4th278AkinaTsoiDerwent Studio
5th34Imogen CattHiggins Academy
6th198LouannRevelCallanan Academy of Dance
AA148AvenLaveeMcBrearty Academy
AA276AltheaChanDerwent Studio
AA274EloiseWeaverMcGrath ACT
9 & 10 Years Boys Intermediate/Open Championship
1st211LeonRussellScoil Rince Creer
2nd219Jonathan SmirniotisCox Academy
3rd220HamishSmithHiggins Academy
4th45Oisin Connolly Cox Academy
9  Years  Intermediate/Open Championship
1st64Arlena DuffyCox Academy
2nd238GraceThomasWalton Studio
3rd162RubyMastersHiggins Academy
4th116HayleyHollandCox Academy
5th106RubyGriffithsKennedy Studio
6th280Bronagh StapletonWalton Studio
7th5Audrey-Grace ElizabethBartlHalloran Academy
8th95MackenzieGoodsirHiggins Academy
AA236Vanessa Ying Rong TeeScoil Rince Creer
AA75SiennaFarrugiaHiggins Academy
AA91HarperGleigHiggins Academy
10  Years  Intermediate/Open Championship
1st111ChloeHalloranHalloran Academy
2nd13EmmersonBishopHalloran Academy
3rd192AlannahPetkovichBrosnan Academy
4th9IslaBehrensWalton Studio
5th154ClaireLorrainePenrith Gaels Maher Lenihan
6th78NualaFashoyin-ChampionWalton Studio