Sunday 15 June 2014

Results - 15 & 16 Years

1 Jordan Walter Halloran
2 Caitlin Pellizzon Maher
3 Ashley Cottell Wollongong
4 Catherine Hughes Maher
5 Kyra Webb FGMA
6 Naomi Mason Wollongong
7 AbbieTierney Coisceim
8 Madeleine Yeaman Scoil Rince Creer
HC Erin Kavanagh Scoil Rince Creer
HC Jade Kyte Derwent
HC Emily Lyons Derwent

Results - 19 Years & Over

1 Elena Barrett-Hough Scoil Rince Creer
2 Lauren Ward Carroll
3 Xuan Luu Le Nor
4 Jenny Croft Maher
5 Sally Thompson Coisceim
6 Jess Carruthers Maher
7 Bernadette Neasy Claddagh
8 Katie Giles Carroll
HC Moira Neasy Claddagh
HC Sarah Healey Le Nor
HC Jacquelyne Broome Piper

The feis must nearly be over - the canteen is packing up :(

15 & 16 Years about to start their soft shoe round

And then presentations and run away home whilst it is still daylight :)

ChaosCentral is now surrounded by OAPs in sparkly outfits and soft shoes...

19 Years & Over called to marshalling for their soft shoe round

Premiership dances now on stage...

Running on time to a happy but sparsely populated hall...

And now the 15 & 16 Years have joined marshalling with the OAPs

Results - 7 & 8 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Ella Walters Reilly
2 Chelsea Lindsell Liz Gregory
3 Rachel French Halloran
4 Ella Jacob Halloran
5 Madison O'Brien Halloran
6 Mia Thomas
HC Amy Mason Wollongong
HC Lily Fury Scoil Rince Creer
HC Bree Hayes Cox

More Seniors

Some more senior than the others... :)

The Senior Dancers' set dances are now underway

OAPs, ready to go!

Almost there!! The last Premiership section is about to start...

And the 19 Years & Over and the 15/16 Years are beginning to warm up!

ChaosCentral seems to be sitting in the middle of a creche...

Premiership dances still going...

But we are well ahead of time and the dancers are clearly having a good time!

Now dancing the Premiership rounds

Not too long to go until presentations :)

And lunch, the gourmet treats at the canteen are soup, hot dogs (somehow that doesn't sound right when listed as a pair...), toasted sandwiches and....chocolate crackles!

Still going....traditional sets now on stage

Feis update

And now for some light contrast, as the 6 & 7 Years are marshalling and dancing, 19 Years & Over dancers are arriving and getting ready :)

We are still running early, at least 30 minutes early - how wonderful!

The 7 & 8 Years massing in marshalling!

Results - 5 & 6 Years Elementary

1 Ciara Kingham-Convey Walton
2 Niamh McDonagh Halloran
3 Gabrielle Rothfield Coamanach

Results - 5 & 6 Year Primary

1 Tabitha Barwick Spreagadh na Rince
2 Isaac Bartlett Maher
3 Leila Broadley Cox
4 Holly Simpson Cox
5 Sienna Diamond Le Nor
HC Sophie O'Brien Halloran
HC Heidi Hanson

Results - 6 Years Beginner

1 Medeea Maria Pandrea Halloran
2 Georgia McDonell Le Nor
3 Lila Eversgard Blackbird
4 Mackinley Canning Maher
HC Mina Choi Scoil Rince Creer
HC Ava Diamond Le Nor

Results - 5 Years Beginner

1 Kaliyah Castillo FGMA
2 Sophia Parsons Le Nor
3 Lucy Middleton Le Nor
4 Natalie Petkovich Halloran

7 & 8 Years in marshalling - and we are running early!

Feis update

There has been a sudden influx of new dancers!!  The 6 & 7 Years age groups are arriving and the hall is looking like a full-scale feis, with parents, families, dancers, dresses, make-up, play sets, creches, stuffed toys and food spreading out across every seat, spare horizontal surface and now, even some vertical surfaces (Dancing Dads leaning against poles and walls).

The canteen should do a roaring trade, it is warm inside and yucky (technical term) outside.

And we are about to start our presentations - early :)

6 Years & Under excited in marshalling :)