Saturday 18 May 2013

Gourmet food update

A hand-crafted, hand-delivered chocolate crackle has arrived at ChaosCentral, certainly something to power us through the day :)  And the in-house canteen is fairly groaning with comestibles of all varieties, both holt and cold, wet and dry, packaged and home-made.  Absolutely no doubt that dancers will be able to keep up their energy intake requirements without leaving the hall.

As the morning progresses, the hall bar heaters are making a feeble attempt to elevate the temperature, although of the eight in the large hall, only three appear to be working well - that is, we can see that they are glowing red.  The remaining devices are sulking at a low crimson-grey colour, suggesting that they are not interested in being part of this game :(  Just as well someone turned of the industrial scale room fan (complete with winglets) s it wasn't warming the room appreciably!

In feis related news, the 17 Years & Over dancers are racing through their soft shoe warm-up dancers, en route to the Premiership dancers.  It is easy tp hear many of the dancers as they leave the stage as their puffing and panting would make good competition to the steam trains that once ran just nearby :)