Sunday, 22 March 2015

And that's the Tara Feis for 2015

Full of fun, unexpected interruptions, great food and dancing - a credit to teachers new and old :)

Final sections' results will be posted later...but the photos are already online!

Presentations now on!!!

Only a few more soft shoe rounds to go..

Despite all the fire drama, we may finish on time :)

Feis update

We are now dancing our way through the hard shoe rounds of the Premierships...with only a few sections to dance their soft shoe rounds, we could even have presentations around 1730 or so.

Have searched the venue all day for the guest commentator, but she seems to have misplaced the address or the date or the enthusiasm or... :)

And the final section of the day, 10 Years & Under, are now on stage

More assorted results...

Presentations now on stage!

Results posted soon...

Soft shoe rounds about to start

Premiership dances now underway...

Must be getting close to presentations!

Around the feis...

Set dances still underway...

Feis update

Because of the fire alarm and general things that go bump in the feis, we are running about two hours late.  Nothing could prevent it, but at least it is sunny outside.  Oh yes, we are inside :(

Plenty of food, great coffee, fun people and Irish Dancing, what more could one want?

Results - assorted age groups...

Text versions available later...

The Great Fire Alarm of Tara (Feis) 2015 :)

We are back, hotter than ever but safe and sound!



Now the alarms are becoming very insistent that we leave :)

But we are still thinking about it...

Certainly drowns out the music :)

Feis update:

The fire alarm has just gone off - possibly a false alarm, but if the sprinklers go off, there will be a lot of wet wigs and dresses :)

The 13 & Over Open dancers are now on stage

This grouping covers everyone from 13 to OAP, so there is quite a spread of dancing, but the numbers are manageable in the sections...

The results from yesterday and today's competition are in the old-fashioned, analogue (paper) format, so at some time after the feis, I will transcribe them and then put them online...

Presentations about to start!

Open Premiership 11 & 12 Years now on stage

And the hall is filling with seniors...

Warm-up dances are over, set dances about to start

These will be followed by the Premiership dances and then presentations.

Somewhere, out in the real world, a guest commentator is probably trying to raise the energy and interest to visit....

Around the feis...


11 & 12 Years Open and 11 Years & Over Intermediate now dancing

Gourmet food update - there are chocolate crackles!!!

And Gerry is hard at work as always :)

Welcome to Sunday!

The hall is slowly filling with dancers and support teams, anticipating a morning of fun on stage :)

The cafe is open and ChaosCentral is about to try their wares - stay tuned for a report!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Almost presentation time!

The last section is about to start...then on to presentations.

The results will be posted here later tonight, once the elves have transcribed them from their original runic sources...

The sound of hard shoes gracing the stage can only mean one thing!

More dancing!

Of course the quality of comment should improve tomorrow when an experienced Guest Commentator is expected to visit :)

What we can tell you is that 11 Years & Open dancers have just left the stage and Primary Premiership 9 & 10 Years hard shoe round are about to dance.

8 Years & Under Beginners & Primary have finished, now the 9 Years & Over Beginner & Primary are on the stage

This is the last section of the day.

But we have gourmet food...

And lots of helpers...

Fresh coffee!

And a happy adjudicator :)