Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Feile Tir an Oir is over!!

As the weather turns as cold and rainy as a summer day in Manchester (I know, I have worked there), the dancing is over for another year. The presentation photos will be available on some time after 2100 tonight.

The live commentary team looks forward to providing this service at the next Feis, the Claddagh Feis next weekend.

Results 7 years & 8 years

8 years Intermediate Premiership
1. Ellie Borg
2. Georgia Robinson
3. Jade Abbey
4. Sarah Cuneen
5. Chelsea Robertson

7 years & under Intermediate Premiership
1. McCawley Jordan
2. Sally McGavock
3. Serena Kim
4. Veronica Lynch

8 years & under Open Premiership
1. Daniel Brennan
2. Grace Connell

The final two dancers are now on stage - presentations soon!

More dancers waiting in marshalling

There are only 8 sections left for the Feis, each section has four or five dancers.
Currently dancing elementary soft shoe 8 & under.

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Presentations just completed for beginners sections

Lovely dancing form some of the beginners, this may have been their first Feis. We are now moving on to the Primary, Intermediate and Open sections for 8 and under ages.

Some very little dancers

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The final age groups are assembling

Now we have the littlies!! From under 5 years to 8 years, they are getting some practice in and will shortly assemble in the marshalling area.

Results 11years & 12 years

11 years Intermediate
1. Sarah Leach, Creer Harvey
2. Zoe Ching, Tir an Oir
3. Evangeline Cleary, Gregory
4. Declan Walker Kent, Simpson
5. Maeve Elrington, Gregory
6. Sally Hewatt, Gregory

12 years Intermediate
1. Emily Bell, Gregory
2. Ellen Davies, Simpson
3. Rodney Bailey, Simpson
4. Alanah Kerec, Gregory
5. Ashlyn Moloney, Tir an Oir

11 years Open
1. Ashleigh Blake, Simpson
2. Connor Costello, Simpson
3. Maria Lynch, Carey
4. Madeleine Byrne, Creer Harvey
5. Erin Young, Simpson
6. Zoe Ching, Tir an Oir
7. Evangeline Cleary, Gregory

12 years Open
1. Bonnie Parfitt, Simpson
2. Natasha Singh, Gregory
3. Elyse McDonough
4. Ellen Davies, Simpson

Set dances now underway

The 11 years and 12 years (Intermediate and Open) are now doing their set dances - we may have results by around 1400.

Future champion!

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11 years open dancers in marshalling

They are now dancing their soft shoe round, the 12 years Open is also marshalling for their soft shoe round.
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12 years Open in marshalling

The 11 years and 12 years are now doing their soft shoe round.
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Some 11 years Open in marshalling

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11 years Intermediate Premiership dancers in marshalling

They are now doinf their first dance, three at a time.

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Intermediate Premiership 9 & Under

1. Fiona Ballard Tir An Oir
2. Allanah Cunningham
3. Isabelle Shelley
4. Daniel Moloney

Intermediate Premiership 10 & Under
1. Catherine Back
2. Calum Jordan
3. Hannah Bailey
4.Corinna Dwyer

Open Premiership 9 Years
1. Allison Manuel
2. Bridie O'Neill
3. Leah Town
4. Kelanney Davey
5. Sophie Kelly
6. Fiona Ballard
7. Alanah Cunningham

Open Premiership 10 Years
1. Taillah McLoughlin
2. Taylor Carty
3. Catherine Back
4. Emmah McKeown
5. Catherine Lynch
6. Sinead Podesta
7.Calam Jordan
8.Corina Dwyer

10 years Open Premiership dancers marshalling for their set dance

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Some Open 9 years marshalling for their set dance

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9 and 10 Years have commenced their sets.

9 years & 10 years Open Premiership are now dancing their second round

9 years & 10 years Open Premiership in marshalling

Now dancing their hardshoe, three at a time.

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Some 9y and 10y Intermediate dancers in marshalling

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Coming up!

The results for the beginner and primary dancers were just held. There are lots of happy faces all around the hall!

The 9 and 10 Years Intermediate and Open Premierships are about to begin. First of all the Intermediate dancers and then the Open dancers. Separate championships for the intermediate and open sections.

Dresses for sale - I think I have spotted the latest Gavin!!

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The 9y & 10y sections have almost completed dancing

In the beginners and intermediate sections, there are only three or four dancers per section and they are on stage so quickly it is difficult to photograph them!

In the Premiership sections there are up to ten dancers

They are now dancing the 10y and over elementary

There are only about three dancers in each section so they are progressing through them quickly.

9years & over marshalling

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Welcome to Sunday at the Feile Tir An Oir

Today we will dance sections up to the 12 years age group, and they are starting soon with the 9 years and 10 years.

I m happy to report that the canteen is operating at full steam, selling home made scones amongst other delicacies. And they really are home made, they are made by Kathryn Trenholme's mother!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dancing has finished for the day!

Wonderful dancing, the adjudicator gave each dancer comments on their performance, and that is very helpful as we approach the state championships.

The live commentary will commence tomorrow morning at 0900.


Open Premiership 16 and Under

1. Jeremy Heggie Walton
2. Zoe Thomson Simpson
3. Sophie Pariftt Simpson
4. Jessica Manuel Simpson
5. Rachael Larnach Maher
6. Sarah Jarret Tir an Oir
7. Natasha Rangachari Gregory
8. Rebecca Tedeschi Tir an Oir

Open Premiership 18 and Under

1. Laura Hannon Simpson
2. Lara Corkhill Simpson
3. Bridget Spokes Simpson
4. Johanna O'Brien NZ
5. Asher Larnach Maher
6. Caitlin Ironside Simpson
7. Claire Petelczyc Tir An Oir

The adj Mary McElroy has been beautiful with all the dancers today. Presenting all the trophies and speaking/advising each child as she presents them with their trophy.

Results coming soon!


When you are attending tomorrow make sure you grab a scone. The scones have been lovingly made by Kathryn Trenholme's Mum and are yummy!

18y & under are now starting their set dance

Presentations for 16y & under and 18y & under will be held after this section

16y & under now doing their set dances - there are eight in the section

18 & under now dancing their soft shoe, two at a time.

Open Premiership 19 and Over

1. Rebecca Greenwood Gregory
2. Bethan Armstead Tir An Oir

Beautiful dancing!

The older dancers have been lovely this evening. So strong and dainty at the same time to quote a mum!

This moderator has a new found appreciation of the senior ladies. As my own child is getting a little older I now understand a little more the difficulties senior dancers have endured to keep dancing.

16y & under in marshalling

Now dancing their soft shoe, two at a time.
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18 & under Open Premiership in marshalling

Now dancing their hard shoe, two at a time.
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16y & under in marshalling

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