Saturday, 30 June 2018

And the 15 Years & Over have taken to the stage

The little jiggers have left the building and the big end of town are now making themselves comfortable on the stage.

The gourmet food has been excellent and ChaosCentral had been well fed and watered!

The competition is running smoothly, on-time or early and the hall is now almost warm...the heaters have been switched off, so that must be a good sign :)

Results - 8 Years & Under

7 & 8 Years Beginners Premiership 

  1. Sienna Barclay Sheard Academy
  2. Evelyn Smith Carroll
  3. Myra McCann Claddagh Academy
4 Years and under beginners Premiership 

  1. Ruby Masters Higgins
  2. Masie Brown Higgins
  3. Harper Glieg Higgins
  4. Lilly Green Higgins 
5 & 6 Years Beginners Premiership 
  1. Daina Carey Carey South West
  2. Katie O’Loughlin Higgins
  3. Eili Considine Sheard Academy
  4. Jane Wallace Scoil Rince Creer
  5. Scarlette Horne Higgins
  6. Emma Lilley Cox Academy
  7. Ruby Alveras Scoil Rince Creer
  8. Molly LeMaire Penrith Gaels Maher
  9. Charlotte Sawyers Carroll
7 & 8 Years Primary Premiership 
1  Charlotte Hughes Penrith Gaels Maher
2  Leah Wallace Scoil Rince Creer
3  Maeve Joyce Sheard 
4  Iona Duguid Carey South West
5  Jade Curraey Cox Academy
=6 Alex Thomson-Frain Scoil Rince Creer
=6 Nicole Alveras Scoil Rince Creer
8 Dawn Yeates Claddagh Academy 

6 Years Primary Premiership 
  1. Rose Montgomery Higgins
  2. Daina Carey Carey South West
7 & 8 Years Elementary Premiership 
  1. Natalie Williams Higgins
  2. Keira Rothfield Sydney Academy
  3. Amelia Smith Higgins
  4. Hannah VanReyk 
  5. Charlotte Thompson Higgins
  6. Ashling Considine Sheard Academy
  7. Tara Goldsbury Sheard Academy
  8. Emily Hawke Cox Academy
  9. Sienna Knight Sheard Academy
  10. Clodagh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
8 Years Open Premiership 
  1. Neala Chaston Carey South West
  2. Indigo Hawkins Hallaron 
  3. Hannah Vanreyk Piper-Hunt Academy

Little Jiggers on stage before the presentations :)

Around the feis...

Welcome to the first ever Feladh Cheoil

A chilly morning greets us at Ambarvale High School, the location of the first Fleadh Cheoil and the first new Irish Dancing competition in Sydney for some years.

We are in the school hall which is spacious and with an excellent sound system; it is, however, slightly cool inside despite the wall heater, so dress for the season :)  There is a great range of vendors and gourmet food provided by a hard-working group of parents.  Parking is plentiful and, if retail therapy is needed to counter the dancing, there is a shopping centre over the road from the school.

Our adjudicator is Elizabeth Lewis SDCRG, with music by iDevice.

At the moment, dancers are on stage getting some practice and as the day progresses, we will have some photographic highlights and results.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Results - 15 Years & Over

15   Years & Over Beginners Championship
1st Megan Gilbody Halloran
15 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship
1st Liam Costello McGahan Lees Creer
2nd Niamh Marsden Sydney Academy
3rd Mikayla White Halloran
4th Lucy Hopkins Cox Academy
5th Roisin Hayes FGMA
6th Kaitlin Weeks Penrith Gaels Maher
7th Lucy McLaughlin McBrearty
8th Lauren Jennings Spreagadh na Rince
16 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship
1st Will Limbrey Carroll Studio
2nd Christina O’Connor Dwyer Whelan
3rd Kyra Atherton McBrearty
4th Elliot Sutton Walton
5th Rachel Vella Penrith Gaels Maher
6th Holly Cividin Reilly Studio
7th Leanne Rood Rince Le Nor
8th Madeline Osbon McBrearty
17 & 18  Years Intermediate/Open  Championship
1st Luke Chaumont Walton
2nd Isabella Fitzpatrick Halloran
3rd Michaela Mason Carey South West
4th Roisin McHale Cox Academy
5th Siobhan Lo McBrearty
6th Rachel White Halloran
7th Sarah Neasy Claddagh Academy
8th Ben Seal FGMA
9th Abbey Fisher Rince Le Nor
10th Daniel Kross Derwent School
19 & 20  Years Intermediate/Open  Championship
1st Jordan Walter Halloran
2nd Emily Harmon Dwyer Whelan
3rd Naomi Mason Carey South West
4th Mairead Cargill Dwyer Whelan
21  Years & Over Intermediate/Open  Championship
1st Morgan Crammond Halloran
2nd Jack Kearney Currie Henderson
3rd Lauren Hurst McBrearty
4th Tamara Flynn Penrith Gaels Maher
5th Jess Carruthers Penrith Gaels Maher
6th Zoe Thornthwaite Scoil Rince Creer
7th Rhiannon Black Walton
=8th Kathryn Johnson Rince Le Nor
=8th Xuan Luu Rince Le Nor
10th Bernadette Neasy Claddagh Academy
11th Angelica Kross Derwent School

Seniors are now dancing

ChaosCentral has been rather quiet on LiveCommentary...because looking at the viewing statistics, people really aren't looking at the site any more...apart from the results pages.

So whilst I ponder whether it is worthwhile continuing this site, or moving everything across to Facebook, here are some photos from around the championships.

Results - 6 & Under

4 Years & Under Championship
1st Ruby Masters Higgins Academy
2nd Maisie Brown Higgins Academy
=3rd Grace Thomas Halloran
=3rd Audrey-Grace Bartl Halloran
5th Makayla Callan Penrith Gaels Maher
6th Harper Gleig Higgins Academy
7th Emily Grace Stewart Kennedy School
8th Lilly Green Higgins Academy
AA Joshua Hendriks Scoil Rince Creer
AA Sophie Gulaboski Halloran
AA Alannah Cole Dwyer Whelan
5 & 6 Years Novice Championship
1st Isla Behrens Walton
2nd Nuala Fashoyin Walton
3rd Scarlett Horne Higgins Academy
4th Niamh O’Rourke Higgins Academy
5th Millie Cargill Dwyer Whelan
6th Annabelle Leggott Higgins Academy
7th Anabelle Tudberry Halloran
8th Philippa Smith Rince Le Nor
AA Ciara Byrne Dwyer Whelan
AA Ruby McAlister Higgins Academy
6 Years & Under Beginners Championship
1st Eili Considine Sheard Academy
2nd Emily Browne Spreagadh na Rince
3rd Maya Capon Kwok Callanan Academy
4th Emily Chrostowski FGMA
5th Emma Lilley Cox Academy
6th Katie O’Loughlin Higgins Academy
7th Ciara O’Brien Sheard Academy
8th Molly LeMaire Penrith Gaels Maher
9th Niamh Cox Kennedy School
10th Jane Wallace Scoil Rince Creer
AA Lyla Muckian FGMA
AA Nyah Cox FGMA
AA Charlotte Sawyers Carroll Studio
AA Zara Connolly Kennedy School
6 Years & Under Mixed Championship
1st Daina Carey Carey South West
2nd Isabel Li Rince Le Nor
3rd Rose Montgomery Higgins Academy
4th Holly Sinnott Dwyer Whelan
5th Hayley Lam Derwent School
6th Mae Bremner Carey South West
7th Emily Shan Rince Le Nor
AA Alannah Petkovich Halloran
AA Saoirse Ryan Kennedy School

Results - 6, 7 & 8 Years

7 & 8 Years Novice Beginners Championship
1st Niamh Canadas Reilly Studio
2nd Anabel Glengarry Kennedy School
3rd Aelis Pellegrin Scoil Rince Creer
4th Penelope Corish Dwyer Whelan
5th Niamh Ennis Dwyer Whelan
6th Zoe Taylor Kennedy School
7th Phoebe Zein Kennedy School
AA Alice Butler Dwyer Whelan
AA Lauren Gavin Halloran
7  Years Primary Championship
1st Charlotte Thompson Higgins Academy
2nd Hazel Eades Dwyer Whelan
3rd Georgina Reynolds Spreagadh na Rince
4th Lily Taylor Sheard Academy
5th Leah Wallace Scoil Rince Creer
6th Jade Curraey Cox Academy
AA Eden Wong Rince Le Nor
AA Jessi Heitmann Ryan Academy
8 Years Primary Championship
1st Maeve Joyce Sheard Academy
2nd Madeleine McGimpsey Sydney Academy
3rd Abbey Cameron Higgins Academy
4th Annabelle Ho Rince Le Nor
5th Amelia Smith Higgins Academy
6th Ivy Te Hira Derwent School
7th Neve Miranda Carey South West
8th Charlotte Hughes  Penrith Gaels Maher
9th Ilana Boyd-Clark Ryan Academy
AA Iona Duguid Carey South West
AA Andrea Wong Rince Le Nor
AA Annabelle Sam Derwent School
AA Sylvia Bakalian Rince Le Nor
7 & 8   Years Elementary Championship
1st Luca Bella Solomons Walton
2nd Molly Van Der Weegen Walton
3rd Tara Goldsbury Sheard Academy
4th Claire Turner Reilly Studio
5th Eabha Morrissey Sheard Academy
6th Sarah Conroy Reilly Studio
7th Natalie Williams Higgins Academy
8th Keira O’Dwyer Dwyer Whelan
9th Clodagh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
10th Hannah Van Reyk Piper Hunt Academy
11th Nouria Hilal Dwyer Whelan
12th Kiera Rothfield Sydney Academy
13th Molly Fury Scoil Rince Creer
14th Ashling Considine Sheard Academy
AA Sienna Knight Sheard Academy
AA Emily Hawke Cox Academy
AA Zara Gorman Reilly Studio
AA Katherine Derwent Derwent
6 & 7 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship
1st Piper Hough Halloran
2nd Sheena King Halloran
3rd Indigo Hawkins Halloran
4th Aoibhe Carty Dwyer Whelan
5th Bridget Brown Rince Le Nor
8 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship
1st Neala Chaston Carey South West
2nd Cadence Woelms Walton
3rd Tiahna Ross Carey South West
4th Matilda Gold Walton
5th Aleira Grey McGrath ID (ACT)
6th Keira Chapple Halloran
7th Kate Gorman Halloran
8th Samantha Lloyd McGrath ID (ACT)
AA Adela Chrostowski FGMA
AA Chloe O’Brien FGMA
AA Johanna Brown Rince Le Nor

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Results - 13 & 14 Years

13 & 14  Years Elementary Championship
1st Christina English Rince Le Nor
2nd Isaac Fletcher Walton
3rd Ashley Howlett Derwent School
4th Amy McGrath Dwyer Whelan
13 Years Intermediate/Open  Championship
1st Danah Pham Halloran
2nd Imogen Ryan McBrearty
3rd Sahara Ashby Crocker School (QLD)
4th Brooke MacKenzie Cox Academy
5th Chloe Dyde Carey South West
6th Liam McClafferty Carey South West
7th Jessica Smith Jackson Studio (QLD)
8th Scarlett Pearce Dwyer Whelan
9th Anna Burke Reilly Studio
10th Sophie Dart McBrearty
AA Sofia Robinson  Dwyer Whelan
AA Caitlin Finnegan Reilly Studio
AA Catherine Farrelly Dwyer Whelan
AA Cassandra Steenbeeke Penrith Gaels Maher
14 Years Intermediate/Open Championship
1st Ailie Russell McBrearty
2nd Ellie Stoubidis FGMA
3rd Aidee Doyle Reilly Studio
4th Liam Fitzgerald Halloran
5th Rose Hanratty Halloran
6th Hannah Duck Cox Academy
7th Natalie Bebek Tir an Oir (ACT)
AA Ethan Costello Scoil Rince Creer
AA Michelle Hamilton Scoil Rince Creer

14 Years set dances now on stage, results and presentations to follow

13 Years set dances about to start

14 Years in marshalling...and behind the scenes

The Executive Director (in white) has an assistant