Saturday 31 July 2010

The day has come to an end!

So that's it for today.  Well done to all the dancers and we'll be back tomorrow from 9.45.  Sweet dreams!  Over and out!!!!

19 and Over

1. Jacqueline Gregory (Gregory)
2. Bridget Spokes (Simpson)
3. Claire Petelczyc (Gregory)

16 and Under

1. Kelsey Burns (Simpson)
2. Zoe Thomson (Simpson)
3. Edmund Hallissey (Gregory)
4. Dianna Resiak (Simpson)
5. Brooke Haling (Simpson)
6. Jade Goodwin (Simpson)
7. Rachael Larnach (Maher)
8. Alessia Simpson (Maher)
9. Chelsea Kean (Simpson)
10. Kaitlyn Lewis (Simpson)
11. Sharni Watson (Gregory)
12. Natasha Rangachari (Tir an Oir)
13. Sarah Jarrett (Tir an Oir)
14. Rebecca Tedeschi (Tir an Oir)

18 and under

1. Jessica Manuel (Simpson)
2. Sophie Parfitt (Simpson)
3. Laura Corkhill (Simpson)
4. Asher Larnach (Maher)
5. Caitlin Ironside (Simpson)
6. Katherine Musgrove (Gregory)
7. Ian Petelczyc (Gregory)
8.  Danielle  (Sullivan)

Just waiting for results now

Just waiting for results now

Final section for the day is now in marshalling

Now dancing the 18 & Under sets, six dancers, then presentations.

I will try to get today's photos uploaded after I have checked in to the hotel, so perhaps some time around 2030?

16 and Under Sets

16 and Under are now dancing their set dances.  The section is almost done and then the 18 and Under will be ready to do their sets.

The 19 & Over have returned for their sets

In total, there are around 26 sets to dance before presentations, so why not go to the LiveCam site at and listen to them?

18 & Under are back in marshalling for their soft shoe round

Nice low-level buzz in the hall, and I can report that the cupcakes are excellent :)

19 and Overs are back!

19 and Overs are back for their soft shoe.  And so it begins all over again.

18 & Under in marshalling for their hard shoe round

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Open Premiership 18 Years and Under

The 16 and under section is complete and the 18 and under is about to begin.  The 18 and Under are dancing for the Cunich Family Trophy.  Eight dancers are lined up for this section.

16 & Under in marshalling

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16 Years and Under Open Premiership

The 16 Years and Under are dancing for the Petelczyc Family Trophy.    Thirteen dancers listed in programme and thirteen are lined up to dance.

Open Premiership 19 Years and Over

The 19 Years and Over have finished.  Of the six dancers in the program only three danced.

Now marshalling for the 19 & Over and the 16 & Under

Results - 14 Years Open Premiership

1. Lauren Meredith (Simpson)
2. Hayley Cannon (Reilly)
3. Ceridwen Radcliffe (Gregory)
4. Caitlin Cherryh (Gregory)

Results Open Premiership 13 Years

1. Emilie McCredie (Aisling)
2. Natasha Singh (Gregory)
3. Lauren Stals (Gregory)
4. Ellen Davies (Simpson)

Intermediate Premiership 15 & Over

1. Rebecca Tedeschi (Tir an Oir)
2. Bethany Armstead (Tir an Oir)
3. Fiona Hanrahan (Tir an Oir)
4. Diana Fifield (Tir an Oir)

Results Intermediate Premiership 14 & Under

1. Rodney Bailey (Simpson)
2. Alanah Kerec (Gregory)
3. Ashlyn Moloney (Tir an Oir)

The very well stocked canteen

And Liz!!
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And just the general business of getting ready...
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The dancers have returned to dance their sets

We should be on schedule for the remaining age groups to dance, starting at 1600.  The hall is about half full and nice and warm, and the canteen at the back has all the goodies one would expect....except no chocolate crackles :)

In marshalling

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Dancers are now on stage for their soft shoe round

The 13, 14 and 15 Years sections are on the stage!!

As there are relatively few competitors in this afternoon's age groups, they are dancing each section sequentially, with age groups doing their hard shoe, then changing when all age groups have danced and all age groups then doing their soft shoe.  At least that is what I think I heard :)

They are dancing on the stage, two at a time.  For those who have been to Dickson College, it is a large stage in both width and depth and has a very good sound.  The adjudicator, who is perched on a somewhat small elevated set of block, has an excellent view and can hear every beat and shuffle.

Trophies and competitors....

In the 14 Years & Under Intermediate, there are three dancers competing for The Sullivan Family Trophy.

In the Senior Girls Intermediate, there are four dancers competing for a trophy donated by Maryanne McManus.

In the 13 Years Open, there are five dancers competing for a trophy donated by Mary McElroy.

In the 14 Years & Under Open, three dancers are competing for The Parker Family Trophy.

In the 16 Years & Under Open, there are 13 dancers competing The Petelczyc Family.

In the 18 Years & Under Open, there are six dancers competing for a trophy donated by the Cunich Family.

In the 19 Years & Over Open, there are six dancers competing for the Stephen Pearce Memorial Cup.

Welcome to the Feil Tir An Oir!!

This weekend, we are in the ACT with the Feis held at Dickson College.  Canberra is cold and windy today, even though the politicians are not here, but out hustling for votes.  Today's program is as follows:

1430 13 & over Elementary and Intermediate, 13 & 14 Open
1600 15 & over Open

The adjudicator is Breeda Pierce ADCRG (QLD).

Sunday 25 July 2010

And so the Claddagh Feis draws to an end for 2010

A fun weekend, the feis was on-time or early and everyone was well fed!!

We look forward to providing this service for you next weekend at the Tir an Oir in the ACT.

Results - 16 Years

1 Zoe Thomson, Simpson ACT
2= Chelsey Priadko, Halloran
2= Dianna Resiak, Simpson ACT
4 Erin Lenders, McAleer VIC
5= Tammi Curtis, Walton
5= Olivia McKenzie, Carey
7 Emma Woodbury, Carroll

Results - 15 Years

1 Ceili Moore, Aisling
2 Conor Simpson, Simpson ACT
3 William Bryant, Halloran
4 Jasmine Morata, Halloran
5 Kelsey Burns, Simpson ACT
6 Meagan Carter, Halloran
7 Jade Goodwin, Simpson ACT
8 Daniel McNamarra, Wollongong
9= Chelsea Kean, Simpson AT
9= Ellen Parker, Halloran

15 Years soft shoe finished

Now awaiting the final round of the day, the 16 Years soft shoe, of which there are only six.....

hey mum!!

:) from zoe xx

15 & 16 Years have returned to marshalling for their soft shoe round

Presentations will follow, probably early;  it is scheduled for 1900, but it could be as early as 1800 at the rate we are going!

15 Years now doing their hard shoe round

LiveCam now pointing at a new wall!!

With better sound of the dancing too :)

Sets are finished

They are now going to dance the 15 Years hard shoe round, followed by the 16 Years hard shoe round, then their soft shoe rounds.

Getting ready...or relaxing!

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LiveCam back to regular (?) service....

15 Years called to marshalling for their sets

The 15 & 16 Years are assembling in marshalling for their set dances

In the 15 Years, there are 16 dancers competing for The Finneran Family trophy.

In the 16 Years, there are eight dancers competing for a trophy donated by Larissa Wright.

15 Years in marshalling for their set dances

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Results - 14 Years

1 Eileen Wallace, Wollongong
2 Caitlin Devine, Maher
3 Brianna Gardoni, Halloran
4= Shaelli Kelly, Mulcahy-Hayes VIC
4= Hayley Morris, Halloran
6 Ceridwen Radcliffe, Gregory ACT
7 Chelsea Rafter, Aisling
8 Kate Lynch, Halloran
9= Lauren Meredith, Simpson ACT
9= Megan Patterson, Gregory ACT

Results - 13 Years

1 Natalie O'Connor, Dwyer-Whelan
2= Brittany McBride, McAleer VIC
2= Chloe Lenders, McAleer VIC
4 Emily McCredie, Aisling
5 Kristian Ciciulla, Rabusin VIC
6= Lauren Hurst, Fenagh
6= Natasha Singh, Gregory ACT
8 Elyse McDonough, Creer-Harvey
9 Nessa Salvador, Halloran
10 Emily Palmer, Dwyer-Whelan
11 Zoe Thornthwaite, Creer-Harvey
12 Isobel Fetherston, Creer-Harvey
13 Nicole Spinks, Halloran
14 Megan Yanz, Aisling

Technical difficulties at ChaosCentral!!!

The power supply for the video camera has died, so there will be no LiveCam until I finish typing in the results, and then use the internal webcam/mic for the remainder of the feis!

Last dancers now on stage, presentations next!

A dancer on stage has had an injury, LiveCam audio is muted whilst they are attended to.

The 14 Years soft shoe round in now underway.

14 Years are starting to marshall for their soft shoe round

There are 18 dancers in this section, results are scheduled for 1600 and we are, still, on time or a little early.

The cappuccino cart has now left for the day, but the BBQ is still going strong as is the canteen.  The hall is still cold :(

14 Years back for their hard shoe round

And some sustenance from the canteen
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13 Years are back in marshalling for their soft shoe round

And the 15 & 16 Years are starting to arrive and fill the hall.

Gourmet food update:
The canteen is still going strong, and the MasterChef finalists from the Halloran School are still working hard on the BBQ.  Yesterday's mystery disappearance of chocolate crackles is no closer to a resolution, with exactly no clues to the culprit being offerred.

Feis update:
We are running a little early, this is, of course, a very good thing as it means we will probably finish the feis somewhere near on-time :)

13 Years hard shoe round almost finished

Only a few more dancers to go.....

13 Years in marshalling - and others....!

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13 Years in marshalling for their hard shoe round

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More of the shy 14 Years

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Some more 14 Years

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Feis friends

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13 Years in marshalling

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