Sunday 26 August 2012

And that wraps up the Central Coast Feis for 2012

Many thanks to the Ku-Ring-Gai fathers who not only ran the score tallying process, but also kept ChaosCentral supplied with electronic versions of the marks, so that you, the readers, could get the information quickly :)

Next week we will be at the Southern Stars Feis in Adelaide - a fantastic feis and a great warm-up for the Nationals.  See you online then!

Results - 15 Years & Over

15 Years Elementary

1 Erin Fidgeon McLoughlin-O'Brien
2 Sarah Kiernan McLoughlin-O'Brien
3 Laura Stevenson Carroll

15 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Nicole Spinks Halloran
2 Zoe Thornthwaite creer
=3 Isobel Featherston Creer
=3 Erin O'Callaghan Carey
5 Ciara Joyce Ku-Ring-Gai
6 Roisin Finnegan Currie-Henderson

16 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Ceridwen Radcliffe Liz Gregory (ACT)
2 Morgan Crammond Halloran
3 Tara Fitzgerald Halloran
4 Thomas Hughes Maher
5 Angelica Kross Derwent

17 & 18 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Ceili Moore Aisling
2 Jess Carruthers Maher
3 Emily Stinten Maher
4 Alexandra Lemon Higgins

19 & Over Intermediate/Open

1 Xander Cross Halloran
2 Adrian Sutton Ni Piobaire
3 Siobhan White Wollongong
4 Elena Barrett-Hough Creer
5 Sally Thompson Ku-Ring-Gai
6 Katie Giles Carroll

15 Years & Over presentations!

And then we pack up and travel back to the nerve centre from which we launch the photos onto - some time after 1930....

Final section on stage now

Six dancers, three more pieces of music, then presentations!

Nearly there....

Soft shoe rounds are almost complete, only a few more age groups to go....

Soft shoe dances now on stage

That means n about ten minutes, presentations will start.  Well, after the last of the hard shoe dancers finished their re-dance :)

The Great Cupcake disaster of 2012!!!

As is our wont, ChaosCentral was languidly stretched out across a number of seats towards the rear of the hall.  As it happened, those seats were occupied by Siobhan White or, more accurately, her cupcake, which she had placed there for safe keeping as an energy boost or treat after her hard shoe round.

Of course, ChaosCentral was unaware of the prior location of said cupcake, and in the process of disporting across the chairs, also caused an unexpected and undesired change in the shape and location of said cupcake.  But only became aware of that when Siobhan innocently enquired "Are you sitting on a cupcake?"  Of course, the immediate answer was "No", but after 10ms of checking it was changed to "Oops!"

So, another ChaosCentral triumph and an additional skill to the resume - Cupcake Destroyer to the ID community.

The photo shows Siobhan bravely continuing to her hard shoe round after the terror of the event.
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Hard shoe rounds now called to marshalling

And in a Gourmet Food update, then canteen is still doing strong business, although the cappuccino cart departed the scene some hours ago :(

My goodness, we are racing along!

Only three more set dancers to go, then the hard shoe and soft shoe rounds and we are don - aprt from presentations of course :)

Feis and marshalling scenes...

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And now the 15 Years & Over have been called to marshalling

Set dances about to start....

Another short break...

We are again/still ahead of time, so we are enjoying a short break in the proceedings :)

Results - 13 & 14 Years

13 Years Elementary
1 Rebecca Fayers Derwent

13 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Alex Makin Halloran
2 Abbie Tierney McLoughlin-O'Brien
3 Erin Kavanagh Creer
4 Catherine Hughes Maher
=5 Sinead Considine Ku-Ring-Gai
=5 Jade Kyte Derwent

14 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Huw Radcliffe Liz Gregory (ACT)
2 Kyra Webb Wollongong
3 Madeleine Yeaman Creer
4 Bethany Hammond Walton

13 & 14 Years presentations on now :)

Gourmet food update

Just announced - ham and egg muffins on sale at the canteen - only $2, so eat up :)

You know you want to, you can always dance it off later....

The soft shoe dancers are on stage now

And having a bouncy time indeed!  The 15 Years & Over will start after presentations, but the hall seems less full than it should be at this time of the competition....

Perhaps the seniors are all outside practising....?

There are only three more groups of dancers to compete, so we should have results starting in around five minutes.

Hard shoe round now underway

And the hall is still warm and comfortable!  In our constant effort to keep the reading public updated with the latest trends, we again ventured to the canteen, this time to try a hot dog.  ChaosCentral gives it two thumbs-up and Julia, who tagged along for verification purposes, also recommends the toasted sandwiches and honey-joys.  The latter, of course, being quite inferior to chocolate crackles :)

The feis is still on time and after presentations the final section of the day, 15 Years & Over, will have their opportunity to shine.

Results - 11 & 12 Years

11 Years Elementary

1 Ciara-Lee Wood Ku-Ring-Gai
2 Teresa McIntyre Aisling
3 Lara Cole Reilly

12 Years Elementary

1 Belinda Clover Ku-Ring-Gai 29
2 Tahlia Black Derwent 12
3 Darcy Archer Ku-Ring-Gai 5
4 Daniel Kross Derwent 93
5 Jared Kross Derwent 94

11 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Rachel White Halloran
2 Ashleigh Rollason Creer
3 Amy Mountford Creer
4 Sian Hamilton Creer
5 Erin Burt Creer
6 Niamh Mack Carey
7 Gabrielle Irving Creer
HC Renee Doughty Creer
HC Georgia Jose Creer

12 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Bridie O'Neill Carey
2 Matthew Lambert Carroll
3 Caitlin Kersivien Maher
4 Caragh Hayes Halloran
5 Isabelle Shelley Halloran
6 Stephanie Baker Ku-Ring-Gai
7 Holly Gibson Halloran

13 & 14 years called to marshalling

They are slowly drifting in, like tumbleweeds in a gentle breeze.  It seems the older the age groups become, the less stressed they are about getting to marshalling quickly.

And now we are on our way!

As we are now running about 15 minutes early, we are having a little break...

11 & 12 Years presentations are on now!

11 & 12 Years soft shoe dancers now on stage

Presentations soon!

More feis scenes….

 11 & 12 Years discussing tactics?

The workers!

The anxious watchers…..
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11 & 12 Years in marshalling

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Feis update

Miss Cathy has just requested the delivery of a lemon meringue cupcake to the announcer's table....and it has duly arrived :)

In other feis news, 11 & 12 Years dancers are about to start their hard shoe round.

11 & 12 Years in marshalling

 They are on stage doing their set dances now

Extra supplies!
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And the 11 & 12 Years are now on stage doing their set dances

And we are still on time, the canteen has plenty of food, the hall is warm and the technology is holding up!

Results - 9 & 10 Years

9 Years Elementary

1 Norrin Finnegan Reilly
=2 Camilla Kelgren Ku-Ring-Gai
=2 Niamh Marsden Ku-Ring-Gai
4 Claudia Balogh Simpson (ACT)
5 Lucy Hopkins Derwent
HC Caitlyn Minney Creer
HC Natalie Clover Ku-Ring-Gai

10 Years Elementary

1 Elise White Halloran
2 Amie Farrell Maher
3 Sharna Hall Derwent
4 Anna Duncan Liz Gregory (ACT)
5 Madison Joseph Maher
6 Caitlin Vines Derwent

9 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Liam Costello Creer
2 Roisin Hayes Halloran
3 Alexandra Vujevic Maher
4 Saskia Mulligan Ku-Ring-Gai
5 Natanhi Lonergan Walton

10 Years intermediate/Open

1 Danae Moore Aisling
2 Will Limbrey Carroll
3 Emma Farrell Reilly
=4 Holly Civdin Reilly
=4 Molly Kingham-Convey Derwent
6 Ashling Salvador Halloran
HC Kate Roche Derwent
HC Tara Slowey Maher

And now the 9 & 10 Years presentations :)

9 & 10 Years marshalling for their soft shoe round

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9 & 10 Years set dances are progressing nicely

Outside in the real world it is sunny and warm, the cappuccino cart is doing a roaring trade and the hall is about half-full of very content people.  And we are still running on time!

Beware of slow moving dancers

Sounds like a weather warning, but in this case it is a general ID warning.  In a move emulating the rapid response (!) of the senior sections in other competitions, the 9 & 10 Years are drifting in for their set dances, so tardy are they in their move to marshalling that only one competitor is there for the two sections.

So, they have been warned to move it or lose it :)

Results - 5, 7 & 8 Years

5 Years Elementary

1 Madison O'Brien Halloran
2 Ciara-Leigh Carey Carey

7 & 8 Years Elementary

1 Tara O'Connell Reilly
2 Sienna Pallone Halloran
3 Ireland Everett Carey

7 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Danah Pham Halloran
2 Jack Carey Carey
3 Brooke Mackenzie Cox
4 Caitlin Finnegan Reilly
5 Eloise Hawse Creer

8 Years Intermediate/Open

1 Isobel Chambers Aisling
2 Ellie Stoubidis Halloran
3 Michelle Hamilton Creer
4 Erin Browne Halloran
5 Connie Sutton Aisling
6 Grace Stevens Halloran
7 Erin Stinten Maher
HC Niamh D'Arcy Aisling
HC Jazmin Cleary Halloran
HC Jordyn Elliott Creer

Feis music update!

Just heard what must be the Disney version of The Story Teller set dance - complete with Disney-like harp background and a flourish/coda....most unusual!

The set dances are progressing nicely, with the 9 Years just finishing and the 10 Years about to start.

9 & 10 Years are in marshalling

Lined up and raring to go, we are on time and the sun is shining - what else could we want?

And now, presentations for 7 & 8 Years

So we are back on time!

Results - Beginners & Primary

3 Years Beginners

1 Cassidy Grima, Ni Piobaire
2 Sophie O'Brien, Halloran
3 Ellie Carey, Carey

4 Years Beginners

1 Gabrielle Rothfield, Caomhanach
2 Rebecca Pallone, Halloran
=3 Mia Tesorero, Higgins
=3 Ciara Kingham-Convey, Derwent

5 Years Beginners

1 Caitlin Hanratty, Derwent
2 Amelia Devine, McLoughlin-O'Brien
=3 Samantha Clover, Ku-Ring-Gai
=3 Charlotte Teichert, Caomhanach
HC Arianna Mulligan, Ku-Ring-Gai

6 Years Beginners

1 Mia Thomas, Halloran
2 Erin Duncan, Liz Gregory (ACT)
3 Corey White, Halloran
4 Jonah Pham, Halloran
5 Annika Eliasson, Ku-Ring-Gai
=6 Scarlett Appleyard, Caomhanach
=6 Kaitlyn Holland, Carey
8 Jessica Derwent, Derwent
9 William Rothfield, Caomhanach
HC Lile Roche, Derwent
HC Kristy Abrahams, Creer
HC Hannah Chalker, Ku-Ring-Gai

7 & 8 Years Beginners

1 Tamsyn Cairnes, Aisling
2 Eliza O'Brien, Ku-Ring-Gai
3 Charlotte Lineen, Caomhanach
4 Samantha Emeish, Halloran
=5 Nicole Quinn, McLoughlin-O'Brien
=5 John Stokes, Ku-Ring-Gai
HC Max Burt, Creer
HC Niamh Cassar, Creer
HC Maeve O'Reilly, Creer

9 & 10 Years Beginners

1 Ellen Quinn, Caomhanach
2 Rachel Kinsey, Caomhanach
3 Katie Walsh, Reilly

5 & 6 Years Primary

1 Lara Elliott, Creer
2 Niamh Canning, Maher
3 April Civdin, Reilly
4 Clodagh Flynn, Creer
5 Ruby Archer, Ku-Ring-Gai

7 Years Primary

1 Delaney Freys, Creer
2 Alyssa Gatehouse, Creer
3 Briana D'Agostino, Halloran
4 Scarlett Sweeney, Caomhanach

8 & 9 Years Primary

1 Ella Fitzmaurice, Reilly
2 Amanda Clover, Ku-Ring-Gai
3 Lauren Abrahams, Creer
=4 Lauren Begg, Derwent
=4 Natalie Clover, Ku-Ring-Gai
6 Chloe Baker, Ku-Ring-Gai

Slight pause going on

Don't know quite what....but the hall is buzzing.  It could be the great coffee from the cappuccino cart!

The 5 Years dancers are, confusingly, dancing in the 7 & 8 Years section.  Perhaps it would be better names the 8 Years & Under (except no 6 Years) section :)

Presentations for Beginners & Primary have finished

Now we are onto the next sections, 7 & 8 Years

Presentations for beginners & primary!

Gourmet food update update!

 Delivered fresh from the canteen, the King of Nibbles, a chocolate crackle, escorted by a freshly-made lemon meringue cupcake!  This is truly a gourmet food feis!
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Gourmet food update

As the soft shoe rounds are progressing, we thought it our duty to wander off in the general direction on the canteen to survey and sample their comestible delights (that is, food).  We tried their bacon and egg roll and it was wonderful.  Upon reflection, we were uncertain how wonderful, so purchased a second - confirmation, a great breakfast!!

And, to top of the food review, the cappuccino cart arrived and set up in the sun at the back of the Community Centre.  Sitting in the sun with a cappuccino and a bacon & egg roll, the music almost inaudible in the distance, it was almost as if we had arrived at a place where there was no Irish Dancing :)

Still, back to reality - the soft shoe rounds are nearly over and we should expect results around 1030.

Feis update

The Beginners and Primary dancers are on stage doing their hard show round and lots of proud parents are up the front filming them dancing.  The front row of seats has been set aside for this purpose and almost every group on stage has at least two people filming.  They will have wonderful memories for life!

The hard show round is almost finished and the soft shoe dancers have been called to marshalling.

All Beginners & Primary dances will be on LiveCam

As video and photography of Beginners and Primary dancers whilst dancing is now allowed, ChaosCentral will stream those sections to LiveCam.  So if friends of the dancers want to watch, let them know!

Feis scenes

 Canteen menu, good range of food

Hard at it preparing breakfast

And the rest of the canteen

Gerry is here

Liz is too

And Alison

Good practice area

And confortable places to sit, away from the music!
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Welcome to the Central Coast Feis 2012

Welcome to  beautiful winter's day in Berowra.  We have travelled to the most northerly part of Sydney for today's feis, set in the beautiful bushland of the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park.  The Community Centre in which the feis is held is a fantastic venue, a large hall, well heated, plenty of parking, great practice and changing facilities and a canteen!!  And a cappuccino cart for later in the day!  Oh joy!!

Warm-up Traditional & O/C Set dances will be performed 1st in all age groups in the Elementary, Intermediate, Open sections and no fee is payable to enter the centre on the day and it is a great centre!!!

The timetable for the feis is as follows:

0900 ALL Beginner & Primary Sections (3 - 10Yrs)
1030 7 & 8 Yrs Elementary, Intermediate & Open
1200 9 & 10 Yrs Elementary, Intermediate & Open
1345 11 & 12 Yrs Elementary, Intermediate & Open
1545 13, 14, 15 Yrs & Over Yrs Elementary, 13 & 14 Yrs Intermediate & Open
1700 15 Yrs & Over Intermediate & Open
1900 Results

The adjudicator is Bernadette Weeks ADCRG (NSW) and music is by iTunes.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Just waiting as they get themselves organised

There is a sense of excitement filling the hall, the Champions are out the back practising....wonder why if they are already that good?  Anyway, any moment the show will start.



Then Dance of Champions.....then run away to catch a plane home :)

Last section for the competition

Two 3-hand teams, then presentations, then Dance of Champions.

Two more teams sections to go!

And only three teams in total, so presentations should be around 1445, then Dance of Champions.

ChaosCentral has a plane to catch so the departure from the venue may be somewhat undignified.  Photos from teams and Dance of Champions may not be up until after we return home, some time after 2100....

LiveCam question from the interwebs

ChaosCentral was just approached by a parent and told that some people watching LiveCam noticed that it is pointed at marshalling and not showing them dancing on stage - and they wondered why as they would like to watch the team dancing.

ChaosCentral believes, quite possibly incorrectly, that the recent An Commisiun rule change allowed for the photography and videoing of beginner/primary dancers whilst they are on stage.  We are not aware that it extends to teams, hence our inability to stream team dancing.  Should we be wrong, or should that change, we would be very happy to stream team dancing.

Should any TCRG/ADCRG/TMRF or An Commisiun members read this and correct us (publicly or privately), we would be most grateful :)

Feis update

Just announced:  Food from the canteen is now half price.

So, those of you watching LiveCam and reading LiveCommentary, get down here now and buy some! If you are not from Canberra, it doesn't matter, phone through an order and they will leave it outside for you to pick up, the Canberra weather will keep it edible for days :)

On more feis related news, the junior teams are now in marshalling and somehow we have become 30 minutes late....

Sunday photos now available on

Lunchtime is almost over!

Starting with teams at 1330, then the Dance of Champions!

Results - 10 Years

1 Daryl Bailey, Simpson

1 McCawley Jordan, Liz Gregory
2 Hannah Walker Kent, Simpson
3 Brianna Harris, Simpson
4 Amelia Polsen, Simpson
5 Jasmine Fisk, Liz Gregory
6 Sarah Davis, Liz Gregory
7 Anna Duncan, Liz Gregory
8 Caitlin-Ann Barrow, Tir an Oir

Results - 9 Years

1 Sally McGavock, Liz Gregory
2 Charlie Town, Simpson
3 Erin Burke, Simpson
4 Shannon Gerrard, Tir an Oir
5 Claudia Balogh, Simpson
6 Alaska Kingston-Lee, Simpson
7 Matilda Bell, Liz Gregory
=8 Isabella McCann, Tir an Oir
=8 Lauren King, Simpson

Results - 8 Years

1 Grace Davis, Liz Gregory
2 Naomi Fifield, Tir an Oir

Results - 7 Years

1 Ruby Kelly, Simpson
2 Tara King, Simpson
3 Ella Borgo, Simpson
4 Georgia Alles, Simpson
5 Ruby McGavock, Liz Gregory
6 Alisha Zaidi, Tir an Oir
7 Mia Enright, Simpson
8 Hannah Zaidi, Tir an Oir
9 Ciara Jordon, Liz Gregory
=10 Chloe Johnson, Simpson
=10 Shona Barrow, Tir an Oir
12 Allison Williams, Tir an Oir
13 Dallandra McPhaill, Tir an Oir


After that minor technical glitch....

The 10 Years sets are about to start

The solo dancing for the day will be over once they finish.  After the presentations there will be a lunch break, followed at 1330 by Junior Teams and then finally, the Dance of Champions.

Now, four wise (feis) monkeys!

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9 & 10 Years sets now on stage

There are approximately 17 to dance, so results are more likely to be around 1230....

Feis update

With the soft shoe round over, there is time again for a break.  The adjudicators were seen leaving the building for a stroll in the Canberra sun - and there is some too!  The canteen is dispensing gourmet delights, including table service, or at least delivery, for the popular and queue-forming toasted sandwiches.

And for some reason, the chocolate crackles aren't selling well, although one adjudicator was spotted eyeing them with intent :)

The very excited sub-minors are clustering around the marshalling area, ready for their set dances and in many cases, they are accompanied by younger siblings who look envious and wanting to dance as well.

The adjudicators have returned, the sound of the St Patrick's Day set dance music is drifting through the air, now the Blackbird makes its appearance (musically, not ornithologically) and we are ready to go.

Results and presentations look to be sometime around 1200.

Soft shoe round is underway

Dancers are on stage two at a time, the 10 Years are nearly finished, so soon the rhythm of the set dances will grace our ears - and the adjudicators' too!

Three wise (feis) monkeys

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Feis update

The first round dancing has finished and, as we have so much time available to us, we are having a little break.  Having wandered outside in search of a cappuccino or latte, ChaosCentral has returned indoors empty handed.  A brisk 3km walk down to Dickson shops would result in a nice coffee but at the expense of too much time away - and the likelihood of getting some exercise.

So, unless the cappuccino fairy materialises here (no sugar thanks), it is instant or tea-bag.  Oh, to correct an incredible mistake from yesterday, the canteen *is* selling chocolate crackles, including a never-before-seen variety - gluten free.  I had no idea that there was gluten in chocolate crackles....ChaosCentral learns something new every day :)

10 Years ready to go

 And the sub-minors have been getting ready for their soft shoe round, so the feis is moving along nicely :)
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More marshalling moments...

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SUb minors in marshalling

 And now they are on stage for their hard shoe round

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