Sunday, 6 March 2016

And...that's all folks!

Another AIDA feis done and dusted...many thanks to Karen Heggie for providing all the results, otherwise you would be getting (probably) wrong chicken scratchings as recorded by ChaosCentral.

Good luck to all the World's dancers, ChaosCentral is still persona non grata and won't be there, but there will be hundreds of others posting fabulous photos :)

Results - 8 Years Premiership

8 Years Premiership
1st Ciara Kingham-Convey Walton
2nd Brianna Woelms Walton
3rd Mia Tesoriero Halloran
=4th Kyle Faber Carey
=4th Medeea Pandrea Halloran
=6th Heidi Chapple Halloran
=6th Destiny Juul McBrearty

Results - 7 Years Premiership

7 Years Premiership
1st Niamh McDonagh Halloran
2nd Tabitha Barwick Spreagadh
3rd Penelope Armbruster Claddagh
4th Natalie Petkovich Halloran
5th Sophie O’Brien Halloran


8 Years Premiership soft shoe round now on stage!

And we are almost there...

We seem to be enjoying (?) a small hiatus in the competition...nothing is happening and nothing has been announced.  Our expectations are that the 7 & 8 Year Premiership rounds will be danced next..whenever that is...and we will then have results.

We are running just a little late, but will definitely get out during the daylight hours :)

This morning's photos are on, this afternoons will arrive later today...

Making our way to the Premiership dances

Not too long now...

Gourmet food update

Today, ChaosCentral has sampled the canteen's extensive menu...several times.  The bacon & egg roll was wonderful; the loose-leaf tea (gently constrained in an artisan muslin-like flavour-enhancing enclosure) was served in the finest faux-china which was made from free range and organic trees, responsibly harvested by lumberjacks only dancing to jig-time music.  A chocolate brownie was just delivered and, whilst clearly not a chocolate crackle, it did live up to the marketing hype from the CousensPalmer FlimFlam marketing agency.

All the food is highly recommended and, buyers with a keen sense of timing should be able to pick-up a bargain once the half-price sale is announced; purchasers are advised to consume their goodies as soon as possible :)

More photos from around the feis...

Almost feels as if we are in wind-down mode!

Even with the airconditioning running, there are still lots of programmes doing double-duty as fans :)

And the final section for the day, 7 & 8 Years, are about to take the stage

Results - 6 Years Premiership

6 Years Premiership
=1st Tiahna Ross Wollongong
=1st Cadence  Woelms Walton
3rd Matilda  Gold Walton

Sunday AM photos now online at

Premiership second round about to start...

Then onto presentations!

6 Years & Under now on stage

Dancing and smiling and having a great time...even in their hard shoes, the sound they make is so soft!

We are watching the future of Irish Dancing on stage, right now :)

Results - 10 Years Premiership

10 Years Premiership
1st Trinity Woelms Walton
2nd Ryan Yeates Halloran
3rd Roisin Carey Dwyer Whelan
4th Rachel French Halloran
5th Ella Walters Reilly
6th Chiara Peluso Reilly
7th Sienna Castillo FGMA
8th Chelsea Lindsell Gregory
9th Ella Jacob Halloran
10th Kate Goranic Cox
11th Angus Limbrey Carroll

Results - 9 Years Premiership

9 Years Premiership
1st Madison O’Brien Halloran
2nd Ella Kennedy McBrearty
3rd Jenna Murphy McBrearty
4th Mia Robinson FGMA
5th Emma Halamkova Halloran
6th April Cividin Riley
7th Eimear Lucey Dwyer Whelan
8th Jemima Atkins Halloran
9th Sophie Salvo Halloran
10th Renae Swinkels Higgins

Feis update

Just waiting for the 10 Years soft shoe round to get their time on the stage...whilst we wait, the hall is filling with families, dancers and support crews for the 6 & 7 Years, so space is becoming tight.  On the positive side, there will be a good sized audience for the 9 & 10 Years presentations :)

Premiership soft shoe rounds about to start

And then the results and presentations :)

We're next...!

9 & 10 Years Premiership called to marshalling

The will intermingle the dancers, probably in groups rather than 9s dancing at the same time on stage as the 10s :)

Photos from around the feis

Great canteen food :)

Sunday at the feis

What a wonderful day!  Beautiful sunshine, happy dancers and parents and a canteen full of goodies...and a BBQ!!!!

The 9 & 10 Years are now on stage and, once ChaosCentral gets settled, there will be lots of photos and progress updates!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Results - 16 Years Premiership

16 Years Premiership
1st Isabella Fitzpatrick Halloran
=2nd Matt Lambert Carroll
=2nd Luke Chaumont Walton
4th Annie Devine Maher
5th Tanya Ojala FGMA
6th Holly Gibson FGMA
7th Stephanie Baker Champion
8th Caitlin Kersivien Halloran
9th Ben Seal FGMA
=10th Caragh Hayes FGMA
=10th Sarah  Neasy Claddagh

Results - 15 Years Premiership

15 Years Premiership
1st Siobhan Lo McBrearty
2nd Chanel Wardini Halloran
3rd Teisha Hedges Bird
4th Katherine Wakeling Maher
5th Rachel White Halloran
=6th Niamh Gallagher Halloran
=6th Jade  Abbey Carey
8th Isobel Kanaley Dwyer Whelan
=9th Ysabel Hardge Maher
=9th Georgia Robinson  Carey
11th Elizabeth Wakeling Maher
12th Erin Burt Creer
13th Michaela Mason Wollongong
14th Roisin  McHale  Cox
15th Brendan Tracey Carroll
16th Kate Woodbury Carroll
17th Sian Hamilton Creer
18th Abbey Fisher Le Nor
19th Amy Mountford Creer

Dancing for the day has finished!

Worlds' dancers are on stage having a practice of their set dances, then we will have results!

Last few photos before the results

Feis update

ChaosCentral can sense that the day is drawing to an end...the temperature has reduced from "melt plastic" to "why am I still wearing this dancing dress", the canteen has held its half price sale, and the hall has emptied sufficiently that people can try to cluster around the airconditioning outlets.

The 15 Years hard shoe round is about half way through, the 16 Years are considering migrating from the (slightly) cooler air to the marshalling area in response to the call for their attendance, and people are relaxed.

We are running pretty much on time and look forward to photographing the final sections very soon - photos will appear on later tonight.

15 & 16 Years...

And the Carroll School encampment, under the airconditioning :)