Sunday 18 May 2014

Sunday evening photos now online at

Results - 18 Years

1st  Shannon  Riley Walton
2nd Angelica Kross Derwent
3rd Erin Steer Creer

Results - 17 Years

1st  Zoe Thornthwaite Creer
2nd Cara Wiggins Halloran
=3rd Rebekah Attwood Halloran
=3rd Isobel  Featherstone Creer
5th Hannah  Thomas Walton
6th Hayley  Unsworth Higgins
7th Sarah  Fuller Walton
8th Roisin  Finnegan Ni Piobaire
9th Alexandra Broome Ni Piobaire

Dancing has finished for the feis!

About to take photos, but ChaosCentral has to thank Karen Heggie for providing the places for each section all weekend.  This wonderful service means that a) the places and names and schools are correct and b) ChaosCentral is less stressed from trying to type them in :)

Another small break, then soft shoe dances

Then presentations and photos will be available on after 20:00...

Time for a break!

We are running so efficiently and early, that the dancers are getting a ten minute break in which to relax, read some magazines and generally catch their collective breathes...

A couple of friends, and the last of the Graded dancers in marshalling...

We are moving along at a nice clip!

Reels have been called to marshalling!

Sunday PM photos now online at

The final section of the day, 17 & 18 Years, are now on stage

Still on time and everyone is happy...although the hall has emptied considerably and some of the 16 Years age group dashed out of the hall as if they had a party to attend!

Canteen seems to be slowly running out of food, although plenty of hot drinks on offer.

And traditional set dancers have just been called to marshalling.  We may even get to leave early...

Results - 16 Years

=1st Sarah Leach FGMA
=1st Derrick Attwood Halloran
3rd Caoimhe Mc Enallay Dwyer-Whelan
4th Meghan Shortland Currie-Henderson
5th Madeleine Yeaman Creer
6th Siobhan Van Ooi Dwyer-Whelan
7th Emma Costello-Grealy Claddagh
8th Miranda Smith Creer
9th Natalie  Jones Higgins

Results - 15 Years

1st  Emily Harmon Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Niamh Kennedy Walton
3rd Erin Kavanagh Creer
4th Naomi Mason Wollongong
5th Sinead Considine Coisceim
6th Abbie Tierney Coisceim
7th Jade Kyte Derwent
8th Megan Donnelly Wollongong
9th Sandra Brand Spreagadh
10th Emily Lyons Derwent
11th Rebecca Miller Wollongong

Premiership soft shoe round called to marshalling

We are STILL running on time :)  Presentations will be in about 30 minutes, then the final section of the day, the 17 & 17 Years.

AIDA NSW certainly know how to run a feis on time!

Graded dances have almost finished

Premiership dancers have been called to marshalling.

Intense concentration at the feis...

15 & 16 Years now on stage

And some happy people around the hall along with the dancers in marshalling...

Results - 14 Years

1st  Matthew Lambert Carroll
2nd Isabelle Geeves Ni Piobaire
3rd Alana  Chapman Walton
4th Naoise  Champion Walton
=5th Stephanie Baker Coisceim
=5th Clare Sultana Ni Piobaire

Results - 13 Years

1st  Ellie Borg Carey
2nd Michaela Mason Wollongong
3rd Kate Wakeling Maher
4th Jade Abbey Carey
5th Georgia Robinson Carey
6th Roisin  McHale  Cox
7th Alannah Frawley Wollongong
8th Elizabeth Wakeling Maher
=9th Chloe Schulze Wollongong
=9th Georgia Jose Creer
11th Gabi Irving Creer

14 Years Premiership second round in marshalling

So presentations are not far off!

13 & 14 Years Premiership dancers now on stage

Sunday AM photos now online at

13 & 14 Years have been called to marshalling

We are early!

So early that we are having a little break, the stage has been vacuumed and shampooed, people are having their nails done and hair set and there is a general feeling of relaxation throughout the hall :)

Results - 12 Years

1st  Holly Cividin Reilly
2nd Charlotte Smith Wollongong
3rd Madeline Osbon McBrearty
4th Meg Van-Ingen Ni Piobaire
5th Laura Jelovic Currie-Henderson
6th Tara Slowey Maher
=7th Frances Juriansz Currie-Henderson
=7th Elise White Halloran

Results - 11 Years

1st  Ruth Taylor Dwyer-Whelan
2nd Kaitlin Weeks Ni Piobaire
3rd Hannah Bartlett Maher
4th Saskia Mulligan Coisceim
5th Ryan  Barlow Maher
6th Andy Carter Carey
7th Leila McNamara Derwent
8th Natahni Lonergan Ni Piobaire
9th Camilla Kelgren Ryan
10th Bethany Evans Maher

12 Years second round now on stage

Presentations to follow and - like yesterday - we are running early!

11 & 12 Years Premierships second round now on stage

With a suitably enthralled audience :)

12 Years Premiership dancers called to marshalling...

Around the feis...