Sunday, 11 August 2019

Results - 8 Years & Under/15 Years & Over

16 Years & Over Elementary Premiership
1st Therese Smith Carroll
2nd Laura Stevenson Carroll
18 - 19 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership
1st Michaela Mason Walton
2nd Ebony McMartin Halloran
3rd Niamh Carter Carroll
20 Years & Over Intermediate/Open Premiership
1st Charlotte Fletcher Walton
2nd Bryanee Jarrett Bird
3rd Naomi Mason Walton
4th Bethany Thomson Bird
5th Lucy Stafford Spreagadh Na Rince
7 - 8 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership
1st Niamh Canadas Reilly
2nd Clodagh Canning Penrith Gaels Maher
3rd Allie McDonagh Halloran
4th Rose Montgomery Higgins
5th Natalie Williams Higgins
6th Eabha Morrissey Sheard
7th Charlotte Tompson Higgins
15 - 16 Years Intermediate/Open Premiership
1st Liam Costello McGahn Lees Creer
2nd Sally McGavock McGrath
3rd Isobel Chambers FGMA
4th Lucy Hopkins Cox
5th Ashleigh Kelly Carey SW
6th Andy Carter Carroll
7th Amoretta Rourke Spreagadh Na Rince
8th Natalie Bebek Tir an Oir
9th Grace Stevens Cox
10th Lauren Jennings Spreagadh Na Rince

Results - 8 Years & Under

3 - 4 Years  Beginners Premiership
1st Lilly Green Higgins
2nd Blair Thiselton Halloran
3rd Maggie Kennedy Sheard
4th Sadbh Sheridan Penrith Gaels Maher
5th Charlotte Priestland Halloran
5 - 6 Years  Beginners Premiership
1st Maisie Brown Higgins
2nd Lydia Chang Rince Le Nor
3rd Audrey-Grace Bartle Halloran
4th Emmerson Bishop Halloran
5th Scarlett Horne Higgins
6th Noemie Leddett Cox
7th Arlena Duffy Cox
8th Amelia Tauffer Halloran
9th Nuala Fashoyin Walton
=10th Sofie Carroll Carey SW
=10th Rosheen Newson Carey SW
12th Mikayla Mackney Carey SW
13th Sophi Shi Rince Le Nor
14th Ella Bryant Carey SW
=15th Makayla Callan Penrith Gaels Maher
=15th Isabelle Lawrence Higgins
17th Charlotte Sawyers Carroll
18th Sophie Roberts Kennedy
19th Eloise Atkinson Creer
20th Kano Ando Cox
21st Eliza Bryan Sheard
22nd Ailish O'Reilly Callanan
23rd Victoria Wulff Callanan
7 - 8 Years  Beginners Premiership
1st Erin Sherry Derwent
2nd Lilly Fardella DCI
3rd Bethan Welsh Kennedy
4th Niamh O'Rourke Higgins
5th Neve Smith Cox
6th Charlotte Sweeney Kennedy
7th Ellie Whittaker Cox
=8th Ruby McAlister Higgins
=8th Lauren Gavin Halloran
10th Anastasia Keller McGrath
11th Angelica Shields Carroll
12th Caitlin Velloff Halloran
13th Myra McCann Carey SW
6 - 8 Years  Primary Premiership
1st Bethany Tauffer Halloran
2nd Jane Wallace Creer
3rd Rosalie Snowden Callanan
4th Molly Lemaire Penrith Gaels Maher
5th Dawn Yates Carey SW
=6th Rudy Alvares Creer
=6th Grace Sharp Derwent
8th Nicole Alvares Creer
9th Alex Thomson-Frain Creer
10th Lucy  Roberts Kennedy
7 - 8 Years  Elementary Premiership
1st Natalie Williams Higgins
2nd Zoe Jasczyk Sheard
3rd Lily Taylor Sheard
4th Katie O'Loughlin Higgins
5th Saoirse Ryan Kennedy
6th Charlotte Thompson Higgins
7th Emma Lilly Cox
8th Bridget Brown Rince Le Nor
9th Leah Wallace Creer
10th Bronte Wildman Penrith Gaels Maher

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Results - 11 to 14 Years

11 - 13 Years  Primary Premiership
1st Charlotte McDonagh Penrith Gaels Maher
2nd Lauren Hughes Carroll
3rd Holly Baguley Carroll
13 & 14 Years  Intermediate/Open Premiership
1st Danah Pham Halloran
2nd Trinity Woelms Walton
3rd Bella Masters Higgins
4th Chloe Dyde Carey South West
5th Jade Dacey Sydney
6th Ruby McGavock McGrath
7th Noah Bilotta Halloran
8th Kaitlyn Holland Carroll
11 & 12 Years  Intermediate/Open Premiership
1st Brianna Woelms Walton
2nd Amy Mason Walton
3rd Mia Robinson Halloran
4th Ciara Leigh Carey Carey South West
5th Emma Halamkova Walton
6th Sophie Salvo Halloran
7th Hannah Cole Higgins
8th Olivia  Hayes  Halloran
9th Ilelu Philma Sheard
10th Renae Swinkels Higgins
11th Braiden Hanley Halloran
12th Amelia Chenhall Halloran
13th Emily Sawyers Carroll
14th Cara Britton Kennedy
11 Years  Elementary Premiership
1st Alice McRae Cox
2nd Amelia Chenhall Halloran
3rd Breanna Kerr Carroll
4th Alex Sacco Carroll
12 -14 Years  Elementary Premiership
1st Isaac Fletcher Walton
2nd Caitlin Calvert Carroll
3rd Poppy Tomczynkski Bird
4th Emma Sacco Carroll
5th Mary Rowe Carroll

Some of the wonderful trophies

Many of the trophies awarded in this feis have come from older competitions, including the Fisher's Ghost Feis.

Results - 9 & 10 Years

9 & 10 Years  Primary Premiership
1st Hannah Teichert Sydney 
2nd Phoebe Zein Kennedy
9 & 10 Years  Elementary Premiership
1st Abby Cameron  Higgins
2nd Amelia Smith Higgins
3rd April Rose Hockley Spreagadh Na Rince
4th Charlotte Hughes Penrith Gaels Maher
5th Cora Tully Tir an Oir
9 & 10 Years  Intermediate/Open Premiership
1st Niamh McDonagh Halloran
2nd Cadence Woelms Walton
3rd Aleira Grey McGrath
=4th Kai Robinson Halloran
=4th Elixis Hanley Halloran
6th Luca Bella Solomons Walton
7th Tara Goldsbury Sheard
8th Maeve Joyce Sheard
9th Sienna Knight Sheard
10th Amelia Smith Higgins
11th Tara Fague McGrath

Welcome to the 2019 Fleadh Cheoil Feis

An Antarctic-like day greets us in Sydney for the first day of competition.  Whilst not actually snowing at the venue in Wests Leagues Club at Lumeah, it is snowing to the south in Goulburn and to the west in the Blue Mountains, and the wind chill from the snow makes it cold outside.

Why not come inside to enjoy the warmth and an Irish Dancing competition?

ChaosCentral is a little late this morning, having been distracted by other activities, so on with the main show :)

This weekend's competition is adjudicated by:
Liam Ayres ADCRG (VIC)
And as a bonus, on her L Plates for adjudicating, is:
Jennifer Bird TCRG
The L Plates are on the back, so not visible in the photos - and what a fine pair they make :)

Our schedule for the weekend is:


  • 0930 All 9 & 10 Years
  • 1115 Results and lunch
  • 1215 All 11-14 Years
  • 1500 Lunch
  • 0900 8 Years & Under Novice, Beginner, Primary and Elementary
  • 1215 Results and lunch
  • 1315 8 Years & Under Intermediate/Open, All 15 Years & Over
  • 1530 Results
And remember to be here early, there is plenty of parking and sections may start 30 minutes earlier than the published times.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Feile Tir an Oir

ChaosCentral has ventured from Sydney to beautiful, sunny but crisp Canberra for the 2019 Feile Tir an Oir.  We are at Dickson College where the parking is plenty, the stage is spacious and the canteen is always ready to provide all dancers and support teams may need.

A slightly shorted competition than in previous years, but still a great lead-up to the ACT State Championships in just a few weeks.

Our adjudicator is Kate Hartley ADCRG (QLD)

Timetable for the weekend is as follows:

Saturday 1400

  • Intermediate Premiership 14 & under dancing for The Sullivan Family Trophy
  • Intermediate Premiership 15 & over dancing for the Trophy donated by Maryanne McManus
  • Open Premiership 14 & under: 13 years Trophy donated by Mary McElroy, 14 years The Parker Family Trophy
  • Adults Advanced Premiership

Saturday 1540 
  • Open Premiership 16 & under dancing for the The Petelczyc Family Trophy
  • Open Premiership 17 & over: 17 & 18 Trophy donated by the Cunich Family, 19 & over The Stephen Pearce Memorial Cup
Sunday 1000
  • Beginners Reel 8 years & over
  • Beginners Reel 7 years & under
  • Novice Jig
  • Beginners Jig 8 years & over
  • Beginners Jig 7 years & under
Sunday Approximately 1020
  • Beginners Premiership 8 years & over
  • Beginners Premiership 7 years, Trophy donated by Stephanie Fereday
  • Beginners Premiership 6 years & under, Trophy donated by Leah Gerrard
  • Primary Reel 7 & under
  • Primary Reel 8 & over 
  • 12, 13, 14. Beginners Premierships
  • Primary Jig 8 & over
  • Primary Jig 7 & under
  • Primary Traditional 8 & over
  • Primary Traditional 7 & under
1115 ?
  • Intermediate Premiership 8 years, The Saunders Family Trophy
  • Intermediate Premiership 7 & under, The Roden Family Cup
  • Open Premiership 8 & under, The Bremer Family Trophy
  • Primary Premiership 7 & under
  • Primary Premiership 9 & under 
  • Primary Premiership 10 & over
  • Intermediate Premiership 11 & 12 years, 12 years The Greg Grocott Memorial Trophy, 11 years Trophy donated by Sarah Sullivan
  • Intermediate Premiership 10 years, The Leolyn Trophy donated by the Little Family
  • Intermediate Premiership 9 years, The Moriarty Trophy donated by Kathryn Trenholme
  • Open Premiership 11 years, 11 years The Solomon Family Trophy
  • Open Premiership 12 years, 12 years Trophy donated by the Byrne Family
  • Open Premiership 10 years, Shandon Trophy by the Petelczyc Family
  • Open Premiership 9 years, Erin’s Hope Trophy donated by Siobhan ni Fhaolain
Dancing and presentation photos on late Saturday and even later Sunday!