Sunday 29 May 2011

Welcome to the Tara Feis for 2011

It is a brisk and foggy morning in Canberra today.  As ChaosCentral motored from our luxury accommodation in a shoebox in town to the feis venue, we passed through several cloud systems at road level and noted that the temperature had dropped below zero.

Today we are enjoying the Tara Feis at the Calwell High School Auditorium.  The dancers will be competing on a purpose-built dance floor of championship size, and then some.  The dance floor takes the whole of the floor level, with the adjudicator sitting at the same level and spectators in tiered seating behind.  There is so much room that one could hold two competitions at the same time!

The adjudicator for today is Ms Donna Cannon ADCRG and the dancing schedule is as follows:

0845 - 1130 – 4yrs – 8yrs Beginner sections, premierships and charity reel
1030 - 1245 – All age primary sections, premierships and charity reel
1145 - 1245 – 9yrs and over Beginner sections, premierships and charity reel
1245 - 1400 – 7, 8, 9, &10yrs open/inter set & premiership
1400 - 1530 – 11 , 12, 13yrs open/ inter set and premiership
1530 - 1830 – 14yrs and over open/inter sets and premiership.