Saturday 21 May 2011

Welcome to Saturday at the NSW AIDA Graded and Reserve competition

This weekend we are at Hornsby, home to two of Sydney's Irish Dancing Schools and, geographically about as far away as one can get from the remainder of the Irish Dancing world and venues where competitions are held in Sydney.  For one glorious weekend of the year, ChaosCentral can rouse itself from slumber, grab a cappuccino and check the international straw futures, and then depart from Chez Chaos, arriving at the venue five minutes later!

We are at the Hornsby RSL Memorial Hall, adjacent to the railway station, the RSL, and sundry food venues.  We also have a packed hall!!

The adjudicators for this feis are:

  • Eileen Mulcahy ADCRG VIC and
  • Vicki Lynagh ADCRG QLD
The patron of this feis is Janice Currie-Henderson ADCRG.

Today's timetable is as follows:

0900-1200 7 & 8 Years Graded
                  7 & 8 Years Reserve Premiership
1200 Prizes
1215-1315 4,5 & 6 Years Graded
                  6 Years & Under Reserve Premiership
1315-1345 Lunch break and prizes
1345-1700 9 & 10 Years Graded
                  9 & 10 Years Reserve Premiership
1700-1915 17 & Over Graded
                  17, 18, 19 & 20 & Over Reserve Premiership