Sunday 22 May 2011

Technology update

Again, I apologise for the interruption to your viewing pleasure, but we have been fine tuning (read breaking) the LiveCam technology to improve the service we can deliver.

So, now ChaosCentral can comfortable provide a three-camera service, dependant on lighting and our ability to get location and power.  This also means we are using multiple screens so we can monitor and mix the video screens and part of the interruptions was to upgrade firmware on the wireless routers and devices we are using to provide this service.

Hopefully this will now work for all future competitions.

Again, we would appreciate feedback on the preferred screen layout:

  1. I can stream a single video view at a time, either the hall or the marshalling area and manually change the camera view whenever I remember; and/or
  2. I can stream multiple video views, as picture in picture, sort of a 2D mix; or
  3. I can stream multiple video views, as side-by-side streams but with the quality/field-of-view of both slightly reduced.