Saturday 21 May 2011

Feedback on multi-camera functionality.....?

As the more observant of you may have noticed, ChaosCentral is experimenting with a multi-camera setup for this and future competitions.  Due to the limitations of funding (this is free, after all), some compromises must be made.

So, these are the options I have experimented with:

  1. I can stream a single video view at a time, either the hall or the marshalling area and manually change the camera view whenever I remember; and/or
  2. I can stream multiple video views, as picture in picture, sort of a 2D mix; or
  3. I can stream multiple video views, as side-by-side streams but with the quality/field-of-view of both slightly reduced.
I would appreciate any feedback via Voy or email or Facebook or carrier pigeon; if the latter, could it also include a brown envelope containing non-consecutive used unmarked Australian currency to assist in the decision making process.  I have learned that this method is reputedly favoured by FIFA, various governments etc. :)