Sunday 9 June 2013

Welcome to Sunday at the McAleer Feis

As someone commented last night, all the visitors seem to have brought the fine weather and, according to Fiona Holmes, the wonderful mild weather.  ChaosCentral is looking forward to the mild temperature reaching double figures!  But it is a wonderful day outside and of course, we are inside all day :)

The dancers are using the dead stage time to warm-up and are creating quite a sound.  You can see and hear this right now on LiveCam.  It is warming up to be a great day, soon thge hall heating should kick in and we will all be happy.

Today's dancing schedule is as follows:

  • 0930 Under 16 Girls, Under 17 Girls
  • 1230 Results/Lunch
  • 1330 Under 18 Girls, Under 19 Ladies, Under 20 Ladies
  • 1630 Results
  • 1715 15 & Over Men, 20 & Over Ladies
  • 2030 Results/Senior Champion of Champions