Sunday 16 June 2013

15 Years called to marshalling for their set dances

And the cafe outside the venue, that supplied cappuccinos, closed its doors before lunchtime, which seems odd given the large number of people who would have kept buying all through the afternoon...perhaps a QLD Sunday trading thing?

In feis related news, the hall is still about half full as the 15 Years ready themselves for their set dances. The 17 & 18 Years have been asked to collect their numbers as we take a very short break before the set dances.

Remember, ChaosCentral will be shutting LiveCommentary and LiveCam around 1630 to ensure the flight to SYD isn't missed.  However, we will try to get photos of the 17 & 18 Years in marshalling, but we won't be here for presentations.  If the results are sent to us, we will ensure that they are on LiveCommentary :)